October 14th – 20th, 2019

The astrology for this week of October 14th through the 20th of 2019 has us clearer thinking and able to draw upon both our reasoning mind and our intuitive sense to devise a visionary projection grounded by practical application.

The week begins with us in the US celebrating the holiday of Columbus Day transitioning into Indigenous Peoples Day. Not only are social norms transitioning to be politically correct. We too are transitioning, and we might give thought to how we can transform our lives in order for them to be more on track with our true purpose and soul destiny.

As we start the week, we are likely to determine what we want to be rid of and what we wish to pursue. Our game plan of elimination and build anew can be astute and adept with some of our decisions and intended actions guided by an inner knowing of how best to proceed through the twists and turns of our daily life.

We do need to find a balance between old and new without discarding relevant or important matters for the sake of cleaning up our messes. We also have to be wary not to incorporate distractions that solely make us feel good.

The second half of the week could have us entertaining any number of possibilities but without due diligence leading up to a crescendo of self-engaged confusion and cases of ‘too muches’.

The weekend may prove a healthy respite from our mundane matters, a time when we can regroup, recharge, and focus on the truly important components of our living. We just need to avoid our compassion leading us down the pathway of self-sacrifice as we end the weekend.

Monday, October 14th – Never a Void – Moon Void-of-Course, Uranus, Mercury, Saturn, Sun, Pluto. Monday begins the week with the Aries Moon Void-of-Course with the Moon making no connections to the planets today as the Moon finishes its transit of Aries. Shortly after midday EDT, the Moon enters Taurus where today the Moon conjuncts Uranus. Mercury sextiles Saturn, and the Sun squares Pluto. The universe abhors a vacuum, and whenever space develops, something moves in to fill it. And so we might feel on this Monday. Certain matters we may have held dear over the past might no longer work for us. We can be doing a major inventory-taking of our life’s various involvements, considering what works for us and what we need to be rid of. This is a day for paring down. By eliminating the superfluous that only takes up our time and space, we create that vacuum. Towards the end of the day, we might determine new participations and new interests to fill the void we have created. The most important characteristic of this day is NOT to recreate the past. Let’s focus on the truly significant, get rid of the outmoded and look to incorporate factors that are streamlined and more aligned with where we want to go rather than where we have been.

Tuesday, October 15th – Critical Mass – Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury. Tuesday continues with the Taurus Moon with the Moon today trine Saturn, and the Moon sextile Neptune. The Moon opposes both Venus and Mercury both in Scorpio. Mercury trines Neptune. There are times, and especially during this paradigm shift, when the empirical just does not work and is downright wrong. This Tuesday could be one of those days. We have to be careful that our due diligence today does not put blinders on us, narrowing our vision solely to what is straight in front of us and losing sight of peripheral vision. We can engage critical analysis to the point that we concentrate on the details and lose consideration of the big picture, akin to losing sight of the forest for the trees. Whatever we are determining today, it would be essential that we not obsess or get wrapped up in the specifics. Instead, we need to step back, ponder, assess and weigh whether the particulars add or subtract from our larger picture of plans and goals. We might become hypercritical today and so tight-fisted that we forego opportunities that would need some time to flower. This is a day for us to reflect and consider the possibilities rather than negating them out-of-hand if all the ingredients don’t seem to measure up. Like life itself, this Tuesday is a question of balance with the balance today being between our reasoning, rational mind with its critical analysis and our intuitive sense with its imagination and ability to ‘know without knowing’.

Wednesday, October 16th – All About Timing – Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course. Wednesday begins with the Taurus Moon trine Pluto. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost eighteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Taurus and before the Moon enters Gemini late in the day. This is a day for us to focus on the truly significant matters that will advance our primary interests. We can be sharp and attentive to what needs to get done today. Once we set on what we intend to do today, we could be unstoppable. We are taking into account the big picture, determining the most effective ways to achieve our goals, and not allowing any minor detail to fall between the cracks. The timing this day may be nose-to-grindstone with our concentration focused on what we need to do and little distraction to the superfluous. Figuratively, this is a day when we could virtually move mountains. No funny business for us today, for we might have a serious attitude of getting things done. We can take things one-by-one, and each item we have on our ‘to do’ list today will be resolved, completed and have us done with it. Let’s be certain of our conclusions, since the end of the week might have us reconsidering with the liability of things once addressed and dealt with unraveling due to indecision, re-evaluating and second guessing. Today is a day for us to finish up certain matters and then eliminate them from our reconsideration.

Thursday, October 17th – What Others Might Think – Mars. We do not live in a vacuum but tend to be social animals. Thursday can give proof to the idea that we are largely impacted by our environment and what other people say. The Gemini Moon today trines Mars. In discussions today, we might learn of suggestions that raise concerns about what we have done, how we have done it, or what we are doing. We may be a little too susceptible to input from sources other than our own. If we did not bring closure to certain matters yesterday, then today could have us rethinking what we have done and what we are doing. Whenever we are doing something, we are largely drawing upon our own sense of the characteristics of the project we are working on. Whether we enlisted suggestions from someone or drew upon information we gleaned in dealing with the situation, we addressed the issue from what we knew of it. We might not always have full information relevant to the successful completion of a particular matter, and that could give rise to our wondering if we have truly addressed all the components. This Thursday can have us too engaged in what someone else might think. They may suggest other ways we could have dealt with the matter at hand, or they might put a kibosh on what we have done. This is a day for us not to go back over matters we have already resolved, for otherwise we could spend the day spinning our wheels. Hopefully, we completed certain matters yesterday with the knowledge we had at the time and can move on. Conversations today can be light and airy and it would be wise to keep them on something of a superficial level.

Friday, October 18th – Running in Circles – Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Jupiter, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course. If we entertained questions yesterday regarding what we have done and what we are doing, this Friday can have us reopening certain matters we once thought resolved, second-guessing ourselves with the result of us running in circles and engaging a world of confusion. The Gemini Moon today triggers a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon square Neptune and the Moon opposed Jupiter. The saving grace may come late in the day as the Moon trines the Sun before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for eight and a half hours during the overnight with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Gemini and before the Moon enters Cancer on Saturday morning. We could be all over the place on this Friday. Perhaps we are trying to do too much before the weekend, but whatever we are doing we are liable to gloss over the particulars, skip significant issues, and take on too much. We might assume that we are adept at juggling and multi-tasking, but this Friday could prove us wrong. There is a saying ‘let sleeping dogs lie’, and it would be a suggestion we might need to embrace on this Friday. If we start reconsidering matters once thought resolved, we could open up a can of worms with various threads and trajectories that might unravel what we had already completed. This is a day that calls for us to slow things down, constantly apply the brakes, and not fall into a loop of questioning with various alternatives that might only be needless diversions and largely irrelevant to the situation. Today demands an inner filter to keep us from participating in distractions and from reopening cases already closed. While yesterday could have had us listening to someone’s suggestions with ill results, today we can draw upon a trusted confidante to steer us away from engaging the ‘too muches’.

Saturday, October 19th – Smarter, Not Harder – Uranus, Mercury, Pluto. Astrology is all about ‘right’ timing, and this Saturday could give evidence of that truth. Yesterday may have had us running around, getting involved in too many things, and winding up exhausted and with various loose threads. This Saturday is far better in getting things done and doing so in streamlined ways and with an incisive perception. The Moon moves into Cancer where today the Moon sextiles Uranus. Mercury sextiles Pluto. If we created a jumble for ourselves yesterday, this Saturday allows us to cut away the ties that bind. We may make changes to how we are doing things and where we are doing things. Any changes we institute or that arise could prove helpful and beneficial, especially in the long run. This would be a good day to get our house in order. We can make adjustments easily and quickly with the realization that what once worked for us no longer works for us under present circumstance. Saturday may be a day when we engage the idea of ‘out with the old, in with the new’. Change is a continuum despite our tendency to want the fixity of conditions. Our clarity of thought may be profound whereby we can look at a situation, see the substance of the matter, and then utilize the most effective means to accomplish what needs to be done. This is a day when we can embrace the wise advice to ‘work smarter, not harder’.

Sunday, October 20th – Either Or – Lunar T-Square, Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Lunar Grand Trine, Venus, Neptune, Mercury. Sunday could be one interesting day and may be a reflection of the conundrum of these times. We have two quite different energy configurations, and the success of our day may be largely determined as to which way we choose to go. On the one hand, we have a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Cancer Moon square Mars in Libra, and the Moon opposed both Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn. On the other hand, we have a Water Grand Trine with the Moon trine Neptune in Pisces and the Moon trine both Venus and Mercury both in Scorpio. Venus sextiles Saturn. This day is indicative of the challenge during this paradigm shift. Either we can buy into the old mindset of the progression in sequential order of beginning, middle and end, and with our being in total control of conditions and situations [a fallacy of our conditioning and our arrogant, narcissistic mindset]. Or we can accept that we are co-creators with the universal unfolding during this entry into asequential reality where things occur in a most random, even inexplicable, manner with its gifts of seemingly magic and mini-miracles. While we might seek to engineer this Sunday in accord with our wishes and those of someone else and with a sense of obligation and commitment; this day is better served by our being more receptive and open and allowing the day to unfold. As the twelve-step program suggests, by ‘letting go and letting god’ [or the universe unfolding] things may go easily and more effectively than if we try to use our brain and brawn to make things so in accord with our personal whims. We do not have to make things difficult for ourselves. On the contrary, we just have to be in harmony with the natural rhythms. Let’s choose the latter, go with the flow, and not try to control the situations.