September 23rd – 29th, 2019

The astrology for this week of September 23rd through the 29th of 2019 ushers in the autumn season with the Autumnal Equinox on Monday and gives us an up and down week similar to the season’s temperature variations.

We start the week with the Autumnal Equinox. Summer is officially over, and we have entered the autumn season. This shift in energy can impel us to get our house in order — tying up loose ends, straightening things, and dealing with outstanding matters.

We could surprise ourselves with how much we get done, and we might bask in the appreciation and encouragement of someone who lauds us with praise. It’s always enjoyable to have someone express gratitude for deeds well done.

Our moments of uplift and upbeat attitude early in the week could hit some snags mid-week. Assuming that things are moving smoothly along, we might seek to broaden our activities and engage new projects. The resources may be lacking, or we might not have fully considered the specifics in our plans. As a result, any extensions could be thwarted or restricted.

Instead of throwing in the towel regarding some of our intended prospects, it would be wise to keep in mind the cycles of life, the swings like the ocean tides of flows and ebbs. Right timing is everything, and our timing might be a little off with initiations premature.

The latter part of the week has us on the dark side of the Moon prior to the weekend’s New Moon. Waning Moons are always better for completions and resolutions, endings rather than beginnings.

The Libra New Moon on Saturday is truly the start of the autumn season, a time when we can launch our projects for the autumn. And we might do so with the support and assistance from someone who affirms that we can do whatever we set our mind to.

The weekend has some pleasant social interactions. We can realize how much better our life is made by the special people that we have in it.

Monday, September 23rd – Question of Balance – Neptune, Mars, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, Autumnal Equinox, Sun Libra. The week begins with the dying moments of the summer season and the beginning of autumn as the Sun exits Virgo and enters Libra at the Autumnal Equinox. We are at the start of the fall season, and the Sun’s entrance into Libra creates a Stellium in the Cardinal Air Sign as the Sun joins Mercury and Venus in Venus-ruled Libra. The Moon continues its transit of Cancer with the Moon today trine Neptune, the Moon sextile Mars, and the Moon triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Cancer Moon squares Mercury and the Moon opposes both Saturn and Pluto. Similar to the autumn season when we have variations in the temperature with some days reminiscent of the heat of the summer, other days indicative of the coming winter cold; this day may seem to have swings both in activity and emotion. With these times being a period of extreme disruptions, we might feel the pulls of the past restraining us from our intentions for the future. If we draw upon other people for their advice and their suggestions, we may find that people are gauging our actions more on who we have been in the past rather than who we intend to be in our future. Old and new could be in play today, so it might be essential to balance our past commitments with our new intentions. While a seesaw can go on during this Monday, it is important that we not take on a passive role, an attitude of things happening to us. Instead of being victim to circumstance, we can take a proactive role and be co-creators of our future with the universal unfolding with its various twists and turns. It’s all a matter of maintaining balance during seemingly chaotic times.

Tuesday, September 24th – Spring in the Step – Sun, Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter. The Moon enters Leo where today the Leo Moon sextiles the Sun, and the Moon squares Uranus. Mercury sextiles Jupiter. We can be feeling our oats today, looking to put our creative mark on all of our activities. Upbeat and inspired, we can encourage others just as other people can encourage us. This is a day when we may see things in all their brilliance and in their possible opportunities. We might be feeling confident, optimistic with a sense that everything will work out in our favor. Attitude certainly goes a long way in determining the outcome, but we do have to keep track of our finances. We could become so engrossed in our projects that we neglect any costs involved. Let’s blend our ‘can do’ disposition with a keen eye on the costs involved. Expanding our interests is favored today, but it would be suggested to do so with the concept of ‘moderation in all things’. We can be feeling good about things on Tuesday and Wednesday, have a spring in our step, and best results are likely to come about by our avoiding stepping on anyone’s toes.

Wednesday, September 25th – You Following Me – Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Saturn. The ‘feel good’ attitude that we may have had on Tuesday continues on into Wednesday. The Moon continues its transit of Leo with the Moon today sextile Venus, the Moon trine Jupiter, and the Moon sextile Mercury. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over eighteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Leo and before the Moon enters Virgo on Thursday. Venus squares Saturn. Our upbeat disposition and dramatic presentation can win someone to our cause today. We may feel like the grand marshal in a parade even if our parade is made up of our self and someone else. We do have to be collaborative, for if someone believes that we are merely thinking of our self and that we are solely self-absorbed, there could be a pushback later in the day. If our sudden good nature seems out of character, someone may try to put us back in the box of our old identity. Even if we are pursuing new interests and trying to gain the support of another person, we need to lead them gently, almost step-by-step in order to make it comfortable for them to accept and even embrace the change we’re looking to make. Let’s keep in mind that people recognize us by definition and their experience of us in the past and the identity we once might have embraced. Change is disconcerting for a lot of people, and yet, the times they are a’changing.

Thursday, September 26th – Fears of New Approaches – Uranus, Mercury, Pluto. Thursday has the Moon moving into Virgo where today the Moon trines Uranus. By Sign we have had since mid-August a Grand Trine in the Earth Element, a Grand Trine that continues into the first week of October. This energy configuration has provided the impetus for materialization and manifestation. We could have been highly productive and especially effective over the past six weeks. This Thursday reinforces the Earth Element. This is a day when we can incorporate new methodologies, engage new streamlining technologies, and shake up our daily routine. While we can be more effective with less expenditure of energy by implementing new ways of doing things, such changes might not sit well with everyone. This Thursday also has Mercury square Pluto. If someone feels threatened, they can be incredibly resistant to what we may suggest, and might even provoke discussions turning into arguments. However we might choose to validate our position, we may not be able to prove our point. What we could discover is the need to move from conceptualization to practical implementation. That may come tomorrow when we could show the truth to the old saying of ‘the proof is in the pudding’.

Friday, September 27th – Anxieties vs Realities – Saturn, Pluto, Mars, Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Jupiter. Over the past six weeks we have had two conflicting energy configurations: a Grand Trine and a T-Square. This Friday triggers them both. The Grand Trine in the Earth Element was engaged yesterday with the Virgo Moon trine Uranus in Taurus. Today, the Virgo Moon conjuncts Mars and the Moon trines both Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn. The T-Square in Mutable Signs is triggered today by the Virgo Moon conjunct Mars, and the Moon opposed Neptune in Pisces, and the Moon square Jupiter in Sagittarius. Talk about a conundrum! Talk about a fairly precise indication as to what has been going on! A sense of anxiety versus reality seems to be par for these present times. If we have fallen prey to our anxieties and concerns, we could have spent much of our time spinning our wheels focused on situations beyond our control and likely beyond direct impact to our lives. If we were not distracted by the crazies in the world, we could have accomplished a great deal, advancing our greatest ambitions and being successful with our daily lives. Today provides the push pulls between anxiety and reality. Since we all choose how we are going to deal with the energies, this Friday can be one where we focus and concentrate on what we need to get done and how we can best move forward towards our goals. Or we can get lost in the distractions, scatter our energies all over the place, and find ourselves running around but accomplishing little. Our choice, always our choice.

Saturday, September 28th – Good Guys – Libra New Moon, Sun, Venus, Jupiter. Although our seasons begin at the time of a Solstice or an Equinox, the season doesn’t truly begin until the New Moon in that Cardinal Sign. And so it is with this Saturday. Autumn officially began on Monday with the Autumnal Equinox as the Sun came into the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra. But it is today with the Libra New Moon that autumn truly begins in earnest. And what a beginning to have! Not only do we have a Stellium in Libra with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus all in the Venus-ruled Sign. We also have the two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, sextile one another. And add to this pleasant configuration that both Venus and Jupiter are in their own Signs — Venus in Libra, Jupiter in Sagittarius. With the New Moon providing the signature imprint for the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on the 13th, we are under fortunate aspects, the indication of which may be experienced on this Saturday. Not only can this day be highly pleasant with our relationships humming nicely along. We can feel inspired by someone and uplifted by the company we keep. If we can avoid our responsibilities and engage some idyllic respite with that special someone or those special people in our life, we may feel that we are literally walking on cloud nine. This day and this weekend could be close to ideal if we give our attention to our relationships. Our tasks and obligations can wait another day or so. Days like this Saturday are too few and are designed for our enjoyment. Let’s take this day as a glorious retreat from the hurly-burly, acknowledge our blessings and appreciate all the glorious gifts we have in our life.

Sunday, September 29th – Savor the Day – Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto, Mercury. Sunday continues with the Libra Moon with the Moon today square both Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn, and the Moon conjunct both Venus and Mercury, and the Moon sextile Jupiter. Yesterday’s Venus Jupiter sextile is reinforced by the Moon today. We might have the sense that our obligations are calling us, but this day and this weekend are geared less to our responsibilities and more to our having good times with good friends. Today provides a breather before this coming week’s intensity. Days like today and this weekend are times to savor the good life. We just have to watch that we are not overly indulgent over this weekend. If we have too good a time, we might pay the price. But this weekend is to en joy however and with whomever we choose to do so. We may have tasks to attend to but as the procrastinator would say: ‘why do today what can be put off until tomorrow?’