September 16th – 22nd, 2019

The astrology for this week of September 16th through the 22nd of 2019 gives us a kick in the backside and impels us to move forward with our involvements.

We may feel ready to take on the world as we begin the week. We are likely to be in an expansive mood even to the extent of feeling like a law unto ourselves, which could generate a problem. If we try to overextend and go too far, we have to be careful not to be slapped back. Pushback is a nasty thing but sometimes necessary when we try to push against the tide.

As the week progresses, we have the opportunity of realizing both the cycles of astrology and also the magic of things occurring in a most unexpected manner.

The mid-week period has a major energy shift with Saturn ending its four and a half month retrograde cycle. Whenever Saturn is retrograde, things take a lot longer to accomplish. There tend to be delays and frustrations with things just not coming together smoothly, effortlessly. With Saturn direct and the Earth Grand Trine triggered mid-week, we can move things forward smoothly, easily and expeditiously.

We might surprise ourselves as to how much we can accomplish with less sweat of the brow than we might have experienced over the late Spring and through the Summer.

This is the last full week officially of the Summer season, and we might choose the end of the week and the weekend to have one final summer blowout.

The weekend could have us running around, participating in all sorts of activities and with a tendency of more rather than less as far as our activities but less rather than more in the time spent with each event.

We have to be careful not to wear ourselves out with a lot of running around. We also need to be wary that we don’t dampen someone’s enthusiasm or that someone doesn’t dampen ours.

Monday, September 16th – All Well and Good Until – Jupiter, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course. The week begins with the Moon in Aries and the Aries Moon trine Jupiter, and the Moon square Pluto. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for eighteen and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Aries and before the Moon enters Taurus on Tuesday morning. We could start the week with all flags flying with us feeling confident and enthusiastic and filled with a sense of invincibility. This is a day for us to stretch our wings and broaden our reach. We may have a sense that everything is going our way and that nothing can stop us. Such an attitude may be all well and good until we hit some bumps along the way. On a tear of doing what we want to do and the way that we want to do it can bang up against restrictions or standards and block us from moving forward. Like air let out of a tire, suddenly our momentum might hit some impediments along the way or come to a screeching halt. The key to this day is not getting ahead of ourselves. By tempering our exuberance we could keep aware of the circumstances and conditions around us and navigate any obstacles that might arise as we forge ahead.

Tuesday, September 17th – Down a Notch or Two – Uranus. Tuesday has the Moon moving into Taurus where late in the day the Moon conjuncts Uranus. We might have started the week yesterday filled with optimism and confidence but also with irrational exuberance. We might have felt that what we wanted was destined for us to get until we ran smack dab against hard, cold reality. Braking action might have slowed us down or had us come to a screeching halt. Tuesday slows things down, allows us to take things step-by-step. With the Moon in Taurus, the Grand Trine in the Earth Element is energized. We can take on a more practical approach, be less self-absorbed, and more aware of the parameters in which we are operating. As we slow things down, we might also get out of our own way and be more open to the input of the universe. This is a day when we can have ‘ah-ha’ moments of realizing that there may be better ways to accomplish our goals than our self-imposed plans. Remember that during these times of the paradigm shift, we have the opportunity and the challenge of letting go of trying to be in total control of our circumstance and instead be open to the magic of the universal unfolding. We can become aware of the natural cycles and the moments when unexpected situations arise that grease our wheels and make things easier for us than our intended ways. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week can be highly effective and successful days to address mundane matters and move us ahead in achieving our goals.

Wednesday, September 18th – Releasing the Bonds – Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Mars, Pluto, Saturn direct. Although Wednesday is often considered ‘hump day’ coming at the mid-part of the workweek, this Wednesday can be highly productive and could have us feeling like we are moving along on greased wheels. The Taurus Moon today sextiles Neptune and the Moon fully implements the Earth Grand Trine with the Moon trine Mars in Virgo and the Moon trine both Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn. Saturn ends its four and half month long retrograde cycle and turns direct. We may feel as though a weight has been lifted from our shoulders. While certain matters may have taken longer than we liked, or we felt frustrated by delays or by issues unresolved as a result of Saturn retrograde, Saturn turning direct releases some of the bonds that might have thwarted our forward movement. This Wednesday can be a highly productive day. We are likely to be practical and focused both on the small details and also on the big picture of our goals. We can make great headway on this Wednesday and can blend our intuitive sense of things with a practical application. This is a day when we can get things done.

Thursday, September 19th – Can Do – Sun, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars, Pluto. Thursday continues with the Taurus Moon with the Moon today trine the Sun. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for seven hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Taurus and before the Moon enters Gemini late in the day. Mars trines Pluto. This mid-part of the week [Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday] can be highly productive days, days when we can accomplish a great deal and be successful in addressing pressing matters and persevere in advancing toward our goals. Our determination might be unstoppable, and we are unlikely to brook any interference. Once we set into motion on this Thursday, we are able to focus on the long-term plans while taking care of all the necessary details as we go along. Tuesday, and especially Wednesday and Thursday, may be highly productive days, so let’s accomplish as much as we can while the wind is to our back. While it would be wise for us to have our nose to the grindstone Wednesday and Thursday, the energy shifts later on this Thursday. Late in the day, the Moon moves into Gemini and we might lose our focus and concentration. The evening hours could have us involved in conversations and considering a broad palette of possibilities.

Friday, September 20th – Besties – Venus, Mercury. Friday has the Gemini Moon trine both Venus and Mercury both in Libra. Although we have been so absorbed with what we wanted to get done for much of this week to the neglect of the people in our lives, this Friday has us giving attention to those special people in our life. Whether we got a lot done over the past three days or not, this Friday is a day when we give more attention to our relationships. This Friday can be a ‘reach out’ day, whether we connect with people by phone, text, or in person. We are interested in getting together with people, hearing about what they’ve been doing, and using them as sounding boards for our plans and intentions. This can be a fun day, and we might choose to step away from our responsibilities to enjoy ourselves, and we might easily justify our actions by recognizing how much we achieved other the past few days. Like the Christian Bible suggests in Ecclesiastes, there is a time for everything, and in that spirit there is a time to work and a time to play. We may have done the work the past three days, and this day may allow us to play. This Friday is the best day of the week to engage in pleasurable activities, since Saturday and Sunday may prove dicey.

Saturday, September 21st – Run Around – Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, Sun. Two different energy configurations are in play during these recent weeks. On the one hand, we have an Earth Element Grand Trine that supports practical application and ease of manifestation. This mid-week had the Earth Grand Trine highlighted. On the other hand, we have the Mutable Sign T-Square that triggers anxiety and a liability of acting like a chicken with its head cut off, just running around. Saturday has the Mutable Sign T-Square accentuated as the Gemini Moon triggers a Mutable Grand Cross with the Gemini Moon opposed Jupiter, the Moon square Neptune in Pisces, and the Moon square both Mars and the Sun both in Virgo. Jupiter squares Neptune. This Saturday may have us trying to do too much. As if we had started the day with several double espressos, we might be wired and racing from one thing to another to yet another. Unfortunately, there may be little rhyme or reason to what we are doing. Our intent might be more constant motion rather than a determined outcome. We have to be wary that this intense energy doesn’t trigger our anxiety where we are looking for some negative incident at every turn. If we lose ourselves in fantasies and illusions, we could make some bone-headed decisions and some badly conceived actions. This Saturday calls for us to tone things down, slow our pace and consider what we are going to do before we initiate movement.

Sunday, September 22nd – Better Alone – Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Saturn. Saturday may have been a day when we were off the wall with all sorts of racing around, whether our races were physically in a great deal of movement or our racing was in our mind with our imagination running rampant and with a liability of extremes between irrational exuberance and frightening despair. We could easily have exhausted ourselves yesterday, and this Sunday might best serve as a retreat. Sunday has the Moon in Cancer with the Moon early in the day sextile Uranus, and the Moon square Venus late in the day. Mercury squares Saturn. If we could blow off whatever we have scheduled and just enjoy some alone time that might be our best choice for this Sunday. Doing what we want to do with no pressure to do anything may be preferable on this Sunday. If we have to oblige social obligations, we have to be sensitive to other people’s feelings. Relationships today could prove dicey, and it would be best to avoid contentious discussions for even the best intentions could be perceived as slights or misunderstood. Going it alone today might be the wisest choice.