July 29th – August 4th, 2019

The astrology for this week of July 29th through August 4th of 2019 reinforces summertime fun activities all the while that ‘back-to-school’ sales remind us of the impending autumn.

The week begins with us on the ‘dark side’ of the Moon prior to the mid-week Leo New Moon. The start of the week also has us still in the grips of the Mercury retrograde, finishing just after the New Moon on Wednesday.

The early part of the week might be best served cleaning up messes that we have made or messes that we have encountered over the past three weeks, readying ourselves for some late summer fun, and preparing for the autumn ahead.

The mid-week highlights the Leo New Moon and Mercury turning direct. If we have not engaged summer activities with a vacation or staycation, these next two weeks are a primo period for us to do so.

We do need to budget our times and our finances. Feeling as if a weight has been lifted from our shoulders, we could go fast and furious to fully engaging our recreational, and re-creational, activities.

This push – pull between summer and autumn can be evident over the weekend with ‘back-to-school’ sales and tax holidays enticing shoppers to focus more on the autumn than the last gasps of summer.

This may be a week when we are balancing our desires for good times with the need to prepare ourselves for getting back on track of our everyday life experiences. We just have to be wary of trying to do too much and doing anything without fully accounting for the costs involved.

Monday, July 29th – Costly Fun and Fix Up – Uranus, Sun. Monday begins the week with the Moon entering its own Sign of Cancer with the Moon sextile Uranus. The Sun squares Uranus. With us being on the ‘dark side’ of the Moon prior to Wednesday’s New Moon and the liability for things to get ever more convoluted thanks to Mercury about to finish its three-week Mercury retrograde, this early part of the week cautions us to go slow, deal with insignificant issues and not begin anything important. Cautions are all well and good, advice not always taken. We might wish to fix things up around our home, buying certain accoutrements in preparation for the autumn, all the while planning for a possible late summer blowout of good fun events. We can be impetuous today and lose sight of our budgeting or the possible drains on our finances. We live in a time of entitlements and immediate gratification with our slogan often being ‘live for today’ with little worry about tomorrow. No matter what our expenses today might be, let’s try to avoid digging a bigger debt hole for ourselves. We could make a game for ourselves, a challenge, to see how much ‘bang for the buck’ we can get both in our immediate expenditures and in our plans for recreational activities.

Tuesday, July 30th – Keeping it Real – Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury. Tuesday continues with the Cancer Moon with the Moon today trine Neptune, the Moon conjunct Mercury, and the Moon opposed both Saturn and Pluto. Our feelings can be ratcheted up severalfold today. We might feel victim to circumstance with a sense that things are piling up against us. Let’s avoid the moody morass and the histrionics and keep in mind that this Mercury retrograde has been a doozy. If you haven’t been negatively impacted from this Mercury retrograde, then you should count your blessings. I’ve seen stuff, and I could tell you stories about this squirrely Mercury retrograde. Today would be a good day to rid ourselves of old stuff that no longer work for us. The more we can have a blank slate to begin our autumn foray, the less entangled we’re liable to be in old messes. Reflections can take us on a walk down Memory Lane as we give thought to past experiences and situations that have led us to where we are today. Let’s keep in mind that much of our past is like water under the bridge, it’s gone but past memories are not always forgotten. Although our imagination is heightened, it would be suggested that we avoid traipsing into la-la-land but instead try to keep all things real. Taking some time to enjoy the comforts of home would be far better than trying to accomplish too much, for achievements today might be like rolling a boulder up a mountain — arduous with concern that the boulder could roll back on top of us.

Wednesday, July 31st – Given a Break – Venus, Uranus, New Moon, Sun, Mercury direct. The Moon exits Cancer and moves into Leo on this Wednesday. The Leo Moon today conjuncts Venus, the Moon squares Uranus, and the Moon conjuncts the Sun at the time of the Leo New Moon. Shortly after the New Moon, Mercury turns direct ending its three-week retrograde cycle that may have made navigating difficult if not accident-prone. Virtually every day of these past three weeks, I have seen at least one motor vehicle accident. Late in the day, we’re done with the Mercury retrograde but its ‘shadow’ lingers on until August 14th when Mercury reaches the degree at which Mercury had first turned retrograde. With the New Moon late on this Wednesday, we have the signature imprint for the next two weeks up until the 15th of August. This Wednesday kicks off a two-week period when we might be looking for a final summer blowout. Whether we actually book travel or stay at home, we are likely to be more interested in foreign intrigues rather than merely what’s happening on our neighborhood block. With things getting back to the ‘normal’ of our daily lives as we come into mid-August, now is a time for us to bulk up on summertime fun activities and social get-togethers.

Thursday, August 1st – Far and Away – Jupiter, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course. Thursday continues with the Leo Moon with the Moon today trine Jupiter and the Moon conjunct Mars later in the day. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for sixteen and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before the Moon enters Virgo Friday morning. Thursday can have us feeling inspired, upbeat and with incredible energy. No matter what we are doing today, we may have the sense that everything is going our way. We might be peddling as fast as we can on this Thursday. Our optimism, self-assurance and determination could virtually move mountains. No nay-sayers for us today, for we are only interested in the good news and exciting activities. We can be highly dramatic with our presentations truly appealing. We do have to avoid being self-involved to the point of narcissism, but our exuberance and enthusiasm may prove contagious with everyone we meet contributing to a general ‘feel good’ attitude.

Friday, August 2nd – Preparations – Uranus, Venus. Friday has the Moon moving into Virgo where late in the day the Moon trines Uranus. Venus squares Uranus. Whether we are taking time off on vacation or stalking the stores for ‘back-to-school’ sales and autumn preparations, this is a day when we might put the cart before the horse. We may start the day in an impetuous manner, more interested in bursting forth without considering where we are going, what we are doing, or keeping budget in mind. Any tendency to act before giving serious thought to what we intend to do and the costs involved could prove expensive. If we are shopping today, we might spend more than appropriate. If we are traveling, our expenses may be greater than we had anticipated. This day can start with a frenzy of activity. It would be important for us to slow things down with a reining in of our spontaneity. Relationships may be a little dicey with an unexpected characteristic shown by our self or by someone else. Despite all the fire, and the likely fire in our belly, this is a day not to step on any toes or to overdo. Late in the day, we can better figure out how best to proceed with our projects and how we might have to make amends to someone if necessary.

Saturday, August 3rd – All Over the Place – Saturn, Pluto, Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Neptune. Saturday continues with the Virgo Moon with the Moon trine both Saturn and Pluto. While these energy configurations would assist us in dealing effectively with what needs to be done, addressing the specifics of our particular involvement all the while keeping in mind the big picture or our intended goal, we are also dealing with a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon square Jupiter, and the Moon opposed Neptune. Similar to yesterday, we need to get a grip on what we are doing and how we are doing it. If we focus on taking things step-by-step, concentrate on the details, then we could be highly accomplished today. Where a problem might arise is trying to take on too much, getting easily distracted, and preferring being somewhere other than where we are. If we move too fast today, we could wind up in a dizzying whirlwind and waste what could otherwise be a highly productive day.

Sunday, August 4th – Serenity Now – Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course. Late Saturday, early Sunday, the Virgo Moon sextiles Mercury. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for nine hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Virgo and before the Moon enters Libra today. The Libra Moon makes no connections to the planets today. The frenzy of yesterday may have wiped us out. Some of us may have been on a shopping spree, whether to deal with ‘back to school’ supplies or autumn wardrobe purchases. States offering a tax-free weekend might have been the signal for the herd mentality to go out and spend. Whether we were productive or just running around yesterday, this Sunday can be a day when we take things down a notch or two. The opportunity for quiet and enjoyable engagements could offer us moments of bliss, brief respites from the frenzied activity of our lives. This Sunday would be a great time to enjoy the simple things of life and to relax and re-create. Even if we have become wired to go non-stop and to be constantly active, this Sunday might be a day for us to embrace serenity and find ourselves in a gentle, happy place. Time spent with that special someone or the special people in our life can provide a natural tonic that allows us to appreciate all that we have, all that we have been given.