July 22nd – 28th, 2019

The astrology for this week of July 22nd through the 28th of 2019 encourages us to embrace the fun activities of summertime with high spirits and a more self-affirming attitude.

The week sees two Sign changes that spark our creative and recreational juices: the Sun moving into Leo to begin the week and Venus entering Leo over the weekend.

Whether we go off in search of good times or we stay put, this week is not to be missed for its upbeat and highly pleasant energies. We could write that this week might prove to be the best week of our summer with the caveat, of course, that Mercury is still retrograde. This week is the last full week of the Mercury retrograde.

We begin the week with a thrust of energy. We are feeling the heat of the summer, fire in our belly, and looking for outlets for our re-creational pursuits. We may feel that summer is slip sliding away, especially with the back to school sales and the beginning of the school year ever encroaching into our end of summertime. We might sense that we are only three weeks away from school starts, orientations and the ringing bell suggesting that we get back on track with our normal, everyday lives.

Push – pulls of necessary responsibilities versus fun activities could have us feeling torn in the mid-week period. While we may have countervailing influences tugging at us, the more we can effectively juggle our demands with our desires, the less likely we shall feel on overwhelm. Why go into burnout mode when the summertime is geared to respites from our ordinary lives?

The latter part of the week may be a time for us to get our house in order. We might be shopping for school supplies or our autumn wardrobe. If we are involved with our normal routine, we can put finishing touches on outstanding matters, all in preparation for a weekend of frivolity punctuated by good times and a wide array of activities.

The weekend could have us all over the place with a focus on good times with good friends. We are likely to be more interested in a wide palette of activities rather than a singular focus. We do have to watch that we don’t exhaust ourselves. We could start the weekend full-throttle only to find ourselves worn out by Sunday with a liability of doing too much, on overwhelm and ending the week in a state of confusion.

Monday, July 22nd – Fast Out of the Gate – Mercury, Sun, Sun Leo. In the early morning hours, the Moon completes its transit of Pisces with the Moon trine both Mercury and the Sun both in Cancer. The Moon then moves into Aries, and late in the day the Sun exits Cancer to enter its own Sign of Leo. If we can put our house in order after any possible hiccups that might have occurred on Sunday, then we could have most of this day as new starting points. The weekend may have been emotionally demanding, but Monday is a new day and starts a new week, and we might have more of an impetus to do what we want to. Not only are the season’s temperatures hot, but we could also be feeling hot with a fire in our belly and ready for new adventures where we can put our individual mark upon things. Late in the day, the Sun exits Cancer ending the Cancer Stellium of three planets in the Cardinal Water Sign, and the Sun enters Leo. Increasingly, we are interested in exploring venues for our own creative expression with the appreciation that creativity takes in a wide and diverse range of activities and projects. We are also moving into a peak period of fun summer activities. These next two to three weeks provide us opportunities to fully embrace summertime activities. Let’s enjoy the possibilities.

Tuesday, July 23rd – On All Cylinders – Lunar Grand Trine, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. The Moon continues its transit of Aries on this Tuesday with the Moon today triggering a Fire Grand Trine with the Aries Moon trine Mars in Leo, and the Moon trine Jupiter in Sagittarius. Later, the Moon squares Saturn. We may feel like we’re firing on all cylinders today. We can present ourselves in a powerful and dramatic manner. Whatever we choose to do today, we might feel like things are falling neatly into place. Imbued with indefatigable physical energy and strong self-confidence, we could virtually move mountains today. Such optimism comes with a warning and that is for us not to overdo. By trying to do too much and more than our capacity, we are liable to strain ourselves. Back issues can plague us if we overestimate our abilities. While we have this incredible burst of energy, let’s try to modulate it, pace ourselves and not overreach our abilities. Either a demand on us might take us off our track or our force of energy could have us accomplishing a great deal without fully considering finishing touches and skipping over important details. This is a day when we need to avoid getting too full of ourselves based upon our enthusiasm and exuberance. To be truly successful today, we need to be receptive to the interests of other people with whom we are involved.

Wednesday, July 24th – Comes Back to Bite – Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Venus, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun. Yesterday may have had us flying high but hopefully without flying too close to the sun. While things could have gone swimmingly for us yesterday, we also might have stubbed our toe later in the day. Yesterday may have been a primo day, this Wednesday less so. The Moon completes its transit of Aries today, and as it does so the Aries Moon triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon square Pluto in Capricorn, and the Moon square both Mercury and Venus both in Cancer. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for seven hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aries and before the Moon enters Taurus where later today the Moon squares the Sun. Mercury conjuncts Venus. We may have been operating on all cylinders yesterday with much of the day being like greased wheels with us moving along quickly and successfully until a slight bump in the road. Wednesday provides more bumps. Our ability to accomplish so much and even more yesterday could have a lot on our plate on this Wednesday. We might have our usual responsibilities to deal with and family matters calling for our attention. Suddenly, the free spirit and boundless energy of yesterday might give way to a sense of entanglement whereby we feel our wings being clipped on this Wednesday. Let’s appreciate the cycles in astrology indicative of the cycles in nature. We all experience ebbs and flows. We may have had the flow yesterday with today being more ebb-like. If we bit off more than we could chew yesterday, things could come back to bite us on this Wednesday.

Thursday, July 25th – No Stopping Us – Uranus, Mars, Jupiter. Thursday has the Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus, and late in the day the Moon square Mars. Mars trines Jupiter. As the saying goes: ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’. And so it may prove on this Thursday. By thinking outside the box and considering alternative means, we might be able to streamline our operations and achieve more easily today than what we might have found to be convoluted yesterday. If we set ourselves on a different trajectory, we might discover that we can be expeditious and more productive than if we merely slogged along. We can become impassioned by whatever we choose to do today. What we have to be wary of is a tendency, even a liability, of going at breakneck speed when we feel that we’re on the right course. Tuesday and Thursday of this week may have us operating at our optimum and going full speed ahead. Unfortunately in doing so, certain things can fall between the cracks and we might neglect important specifics. It would be wise for us when we have this incredible thrust of energy to apply the brakes every now and again. Let’s be successful without being negligent.

Friday, July 26th – Skillful and Expeditious – Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury. Much of this week may have had us operating at breakneck speed with liabilities of occasionally breaking our neck [hopefully only figuratively and not literally]. Friday is a day when we meld strategic planning with practical implementation. The Taurus Moon today trines both Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn and the Moon sextiles both Neptune and Mercury both in Pisces. By slowing things down, we can take an overview of what we are doing. We can prioritize our activities and focus on completing any tasks we wish to conclude prior to the weekend. Our intuitive sense may be heightened today with the ability of just ‘knowing’ how to put things together in a skillful and expeditious manner. Nothing is likely to fall between the cracks today. We may have an uncanny sense of what to do first, how to do it, and bring things to completion without leaving out any essential details. Our presentations can be appealing with an ability of knowing the right things to say to different individuals. This Friday could be a highly accomplished day without the stress or strain and without the overexertion we might have felt at other times during this week. We end the week on a high note ready to join the vast array of possibilities over the weekend. The evening hours offer pleasant times with family or friends.

Saturday, July 27th – Good Times – Venus, Sun, Venus Leo. We may have capped off Friday and the week with an enjoyable social encounter. Late Friday, early Saturday has the Taurus Moon sextile Venus. The Moon then moves into Gemini where today the Gemini Moon sextiles the Sun. Late in the day, Venus exits Cancer to enter Leo and triggers a Stellium in the Fixed Fire Sign as Venus joins the Sun and Mars in Leo. Saturday is a grand day for an adventure, sampling various events, engaging diverse activities, all with the idea that the more may prove merrier. We might go from one thing to another to yet another. We’re not interested in staying at any one thing for too long today. The adventure is in the kaleidoscope of different engagements. We are looking for good times with good friends. We can feel as though summer is truly reaching its peak with us in full swing of summertime activities. The Leo Stellium emphasizes creative ventures, whether the creativity is our own expression or we are observers to other people’s creative expressions. This weekend is a good time for us to get out of town and explore the far reaches of unfamiliar terrain or for us to stay put but act as an accidental tourist in our own environs discovering aspects that reveal exciting aspects of our own locale of which we have been unaware. This is an exciting weekend and a highlight for our summertime.

Sunday, July 28th – Too Much, Too Soon – Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course. Yesterday and today highlight the fun activities of summertime. Sunday continues with the Gemini Moon with the Moon sextile Mars and the Moon triggering a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Gemini Moon opposed Jupiter in Sagittarius, and the Moon square Neptune in Pisces. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for twenty hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Gemini and before the Moon enters Cancer early on Monday morning. Yesterday and today, we might feel as though ‘the world is our oyster’ with all sorts of options and a wide range of possibilities for us to try out. We still have the interest in exploring various activities, and we have the stamina to do so. With the Stellium in Leo that began late on Saturday we could feel as though we have gained a second wind. Our physical energy can seem indefatigable. But with so many alternative prospects, we could try to do too much and too soon to the point that we wind up spinning our wheels or trying to cover all bases and ending up in a world of confusion. The energy dies down later in the day, and the afternoon and evening hours might best be spent luxuriating with a friend or friends by the lake, seashore, or pool, or just taking in a movie. We could have spent a great deal of energy on Saturday and the first half of Sunday. As Sunday progresses, we might want to slow down and wind things down. The weekend can be great fun if we don’t overdo. After a vacation or a flurry of activity we often need some down time, like a vacation after our vacation, and this Sunday afternoon seems well suited for lounging about and quiet time with a good friend.