June 24th – 30th, 2019

The astrology for this week of June 24th through the 30th of 2019, the first full week of the summer season and the last week of June, could have us giving thought to our intended summer escapades with great relish of doing something out of our ordinary during these summer months.

We start the week in a dreamy, flighty manner, seeing all sorts of possibilities and infatuated with the prospects that are a great deal more realizable in the abstract than they might be in the practical. We can dream of what could be without giving much thought as to the means of achieving our desires. We may easily buy into the belief that ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’. And certainly during this time of paradigm shift, replete with incidents of magic and mini-miracles, we could seed our consciousness with the assumption that some of our hopes and wishes are truly our own personal manifest destiny.

The sense of summer upon us, we are likely to feel more fire in our belly, a feeling that is heightened as we begin the summer’s transits of the Fixed Fire Sign of Leo, first this week with Mercury entering Leo mid-week, followed early next week by Mars entering Leo. Our creative juices can be reinvigorated. In whatever format we choose, we are more likely to want to stand out in our own individual world rather than just fitting in to the larger world of society.

The latter part of the week could have us making alterations to our plans and purchasing items that give a fresh spruce-up to our environment. We want to put our mark on our activities and on our personal space with a desire to engage new aspects of ourselves and increase the sense of freedom and autonomy in our actions.

The weekend may have us all over the place, whether literally or figuratively. Standing still does not seem an option, as we look to explore and investigate all sorts of possibilities. We might not fully engage any one thing but rather take momentary visits in any number of situations that capture our fancy.

Monday, June 24th – Dream a Little Dream – Pluto, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Neptune. We start this week with the Moon completing its transit of Pisces and with the Moon today sextile Pluto and the Moon trine both Mars and Mercury. Venus squares Neptune. Late in the day, the Moon exits Pisces and enters Aries. Although we could be highly effective in prioritizing our activities and straightening up our matters, we can also seem infatuated more by the concept of possibilities than by our mundane, daily reality. We may have our head in the clouds on this Monday. Our emotions could be heightened, and we might be more engaged in lofty ideals than our present circumstance. This is a day for us not to buy into any presentations that seem too good to be true. What we see may not be what we get. If we could concentrate our attention on the steps necessary to realize our goals, then we are less likely to be swayed by the images, appearances, and even illusions that seem so inviting but without much to back them up.

Tuesday, June 25th – One Step Forward, Two Steps Back – Sun. The Aries Moon squares the Sun today. Some of our desires to start new projects, engage new activities might be hampered by either our own reticence or by our commitments. We may feel restraints to our initiations by family obligations. We could also have the sense that we just do not have the resources to effectively pull off some of our greatest ambitions. There are times when we stop our own ambitions by questioning whether we have the ability to handle anything more than our daily tasks. Often we put on the back burner our greatest hopes in the acceptance that we have certain responsibilities we need to attend to and that we will address our own personal wishes at a later time. Today is a day to ask ourself: ‘if not now, when?’ Many of us choose the complacency of discontent over the thrust of launching forward. We can come up with all sorts of excuses to keep from our initiations and put the brakes on our personal desires. Today could be one of those days when we stand in our own way. Even if but a slight adjustment to our day’s plans, let’s consider putting some energy, no matter how small or insignificant, towards the new and the different, any activity that truly speaks to us.

Wednesday, June 26th – Flying Tethered – Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Pluto, Mercury Leo. The Moon continues its transit of Aries today with the Moon trine Jupiter, the Moon sextile Venus, and the Moon square both Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn. Late in the day, Mercury exits Cancer to enter Leo. Wednesday can be a highly creative day, a day when we could be highly dramatic and willing to put our personal mark and our individual style on whatever we may be doing. We can feel optimistic and upbeat and might gain the encouragement of someone who urges us to go for the gold. While routine matters might interfere with our self-expressive activities, responsibilities do not have to ground us. On the contrary, like an accordion, we can expand into our own personal interests and contract back into the regular situations we need to address. This Wednesday is not an either – or day but rather a day when we can engage new activities all the while that we deal with what needs to get done. The evening hours puts more fire in our belly as Mercury exits Cancer to enter Leo. Mercury’s entrance into Leo will begin a parade into the Fixed Fire Sign, as Mars enters Leo next week, followed by the Sun and then Venus later in July. Summer is truly upon us, a season when we can step off the track of our ordinary life and take the time to recharge our batteries, create and re-create various aspects of our life.

Thursday, June 27th – Changing It Up – Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Sun. Thursday begins with the Moon finishing its transit of Aries, and as it does so the Moon squares Mars. The Moon then enters Taurus where today the Moon squares Mercury, the Moon conjuncts Uranus, and the Moon sextiles the Sun. The Sun sextiles Uranus. Whether we get away or stay around home base over the summer, this season impels us to take moments to reflect on where we have been, where we are, and where we are choosing to go. Feeling that something might not just be quite right, we could look at changing things up. Whether we participate in a major transformation or in minor adjustments, this Thursday is a good day for us to exhibit greater autonomy and a sense that we are more self-determining rather than just a cog in the wheel. Intention is the first step in making changes, and the beauty of these times of paradigm shift is the reality that we do not have to do it all. Once we seed our conscious to alter our life experience, then the universe can step in and grease our wheels of dramatic shifts. One of the gifts of the summer is that we are virtually given license to step away from the day-in, day-out, even if just for momentary interludes from our daily functions. Step-aways open the door for interruptions to our regularity and provide the opportunities for the new and the different to come forward.

Friday, June 28th – Perfect Order – Saturn, Neptune. Friday continues with the Taurus Moon with the Moon today trine Saturn and the Moon sextile Neptune. Although many of us take extended weekends in the summer, adding Friday to our weekend days, this Friday is a day not to lose to escapism but rather a day to get things in order. If we take our time and are willing to allow things to evolve in their own natural order without us doing too much pushing and pulling, then we might find that instinctively we are placing any number of things in their right order. We may feel as though we are guided today, that the right template for our action surfaces and that we have the ability to blend both our foresight and our practical approach to put things together effectively and with great style. If we would trust our instincts and ease up on our sense of controlling everything, we might find that things just naturally come together. Why make it hard on our self when things can occur far more easily? This is one of those days when things can fall into place easily, neatly and with great panache.

Saturday, June 29th – Finishing Touches and Good Times – Pluto, Mars, Mercury. Saturday has the Moon completing its transit of Taurus with the Taurus Moon today trine Pluto and the Moon sextile Mars. Later in the day, the Moon exits Taurus to enter Gemini, where the Moon tonight sextiles Mercury. Although our regular schedule often determines our focus on our responsibilities during the week with the weekend a time to do errands and to have some re-creational time, there is a paradigm shift where quality of time and the essential aspect of timing become highly significant. It’s summer, and we might all be in summer mode where we emphasize more on our re-creational time than on our regular maintenance time. This Friday and much of Saturday, however, are times when we can accomplish a great deal, and the ease of successfully dealing with mundane matters may be accentuated on Friday and Saturday. The more we address outstanding matters, sort through and straighten up our ordinary issues, the less entangled we may feel and the freer we could be to move on to other interests. By prioritizing our activities today, we could be expeditious and highly effective in putting the finishing touches on certain situations. The latter part of the day would be a good time to more fully engage weekend fun activities without the overhang of uncompleted concerns. Tonight and tomorrow are better suited to enjoying ourselves and exploring all the possibilities of creative outlets — good times with good friends.

Sunday, June 30th – This, That, And the Other – Jupiter. Sunday continues with the Gemini Moon with the Moon opposed Jupiter late in the day. Even if we feel that we are spinning our wheels, the excitement might be thrilling with us ‘loving the spin we’re in’. This Sunday may be a day when we are far more interested in sampling any number of things rather than a concentrated focus. Like a kaleidoscope, we might prefer the quickly altering perspective of this activity, that interest, and some other diverse experience. Nothing is too much for us today. We are likely to prefer quick glimpses into multi-varied experiences rather than a singular focus. Our mind is quick, and we are looking for the bright and sparkly to feed us and to further our curiosity. By broadening our perspective with quick albeit brief engagements, we both broaden our own viewpoint and open ourselves up to the wide realm of possibilities. Nothing is too much for us today as we journey into the vast realm of options and alternatives, many of which we might not have been aware. Sunday is an exhilarating day and can give us a transfusion of energy just by searching the four corners of the world, whether we do so literally or figuratively.