June 10th – 16th, 2019

The astrology for this week of June 10th through the 16th of 2019 can have us on a roller coaster of intense energies and quiet times with us juggling all sorts of things with a tendency to over schedule and the possible liability of exhausting ourselves.

There is a lot of stop-and-go this week thanks to long periods of the Moon Void-of-Course.

The week starts with us trying to take care of our regular obligations all the while that we are looking to expand our range of activities. We may consider summer travel plans or just take off. Our confidence can be high, our feelings upbeat. It would be wise for us to take the time to develop a plan of action by considering all that we want and need to do and to prioritize our scheduling. We do need to be careful that we don’t get caught up in a mesh of activities, ideas, and involvements. We could have so much going on that we find ourselves running around in circles.

As the week progresses, we may seek out collaboration for our projects. Having the support of someone can lighten our load and might keep us on track by reason of their detached perspective. Personal needs could conflict with professional responsibilities, so we’ll need to find a balance in our juggling act of having so many things going on.

The end of the week can have us sorting through, filing, and clearing out some of the debris that often gums up our life. We may not want to do an inventory taking, but it would be wise for us to see what is important and fulfilling compared to what is only a waste of our time. The more we discard the irrelevant, the more we can focus on the truly essential and still have time to enjoy ourselves. Otherwise, we could feel depleted with physical exhaustion morphing into bouts of depression. Why go there when paring down our involvements can make room for more enjoyable pursuits and a less heavy sentiment?

We’re moving into summertime, and we want to engage pleasurable activities without feeling the weight of the world hanging over us.

The weekend is a good time for us to spread our wings and explore new terrain. We just need to have itinerary in hand with various options to prevent us from flying around in circles without direction, without intention.

Monday, June 10th – All This and More – Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course. Sunday night, early Monday morning might not provide us with the most restful sleep. A sense of overwhelm with us considering all that we have to do could contribute to restlessness and anxiety. The early morning hours of this Monday has the Virgo Moon triggering a Mutable Sign Grand Cross with the Virgo Moon opposed Neptune in Pisces, the Moon square the Sun in Gemini, and the Moon square Jupiter in Sagittarius. The Moon does trine both Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost twelve and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before the Moon enters Libra in the evening. The Sun opposes Jupiter. This day might have us acting helter-skelter, going from one thing to another to yet another quickly but with little rhyme or reason to our actions. If we would take the time to plan out our day and utilize time management skills, we are less liable to be running around without accomplishing a great deal, just wearing ourselves out. Strategizing our day and prioritizing our activities could prevent us from being overly confident with the assumption that we can do it all. This is a day to avoid an adrenaline rush to get on with it before we’ve decided what to get on with. Trying to do too much today could wind up with us in a shambles of our own making. Let’s slow down and not move too fast.

Tuesday, June 11th – Friendly Persuasion – Venus, Mercury. Tuesday has the Moon in Libra with the Moon trine Venus in the morning hours, and the Moon square Mercury later in the day. Relationships could be great fun as we start the day. People can be chatting up each other with a tendency to see the bright, light side of things. The upbeat attitude may be contagious as we feel ourselves affirming other people as they affirm us. We might reach out to a number of different people, for we are feeling like we want to know what is going on with them and their plans for the days ahead. This reach out is all well and good, but our exuberance could get us entailed with someone’s problems. Let’s keep in mind the karmic affirmation that we can help someone lift their burden, but we cannot carry it for them. We may offer wise suggestions to someone as to how best to address their issues, but getting overly involved in their situation could be a no-win scenario. Moderation is called for along with the due diligence in regard to what and how we can help someone. Otherwise, we are liable to become resentful for feeling taken advantage of.

Wednesday, June 12th – Put on a Happy Face – Lunar T-Square, Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course. Similar to Monday, Tuesday night and early Wednesday could be less than restful sleep. We might have a great deal on our mind, and much of it associated with our sense of responsibility and needs of someone other than our own personal needs. Also similar to Monday, this Wednesday has a long Moon Void-of-Course with all the energy occurring early in the day. Today, the Libra Moon triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon square Mars in Cancer, and the Moon square both Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn. The saving grace, if we can call it such, is the Moon sextile Jupiter and the Moon trine Sun, again another similarity to Monday when we had the Sun opposed Jupiter. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for close to thirteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before the Moon enters Scorpio early on Thursday. We could have a lot going on this Wednesday. We may have certain responsibilities to fulfill and might have commitments made to someone or to other people that we have to address. We have to be wary that we don’t buy into the sentiment of ‘there but for the grace of god go I’, since such an attitude could have us feeling that we should and can take on other people’s issues. With the extremes in society often being narcissism and empathy, we have to be wary that we don’t become co-dependent to someone’s ‘needs’. Balance in relationships is a challenge, but the stronger the level playing field, the healthier our relationships will be. This Wednesday might provide us a mirror regarding how we are dealing with our relationships.

Thursday, June 13th – Unexpected Expenses – Uranus. This roller coaster week with high intensity energy one day followed by a less energetic day continues with Thursday being a toning down from yesterday. The Moon today moves into Scorpio, where today the Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus. Whether repairs or buying basic necessities, this Thursday could be one of unexpected expenses. No matter what our plans might be, we should have our eyes wide open and work with peripheral vision. Something may arise out of the blue upsetting our best-laid plans. Our emotions can be heightened thanks to the Scorpio Moon triggering by Sign a Water Grand Trine with Neptune in Pisces and both Mercury and Mars in Cancer. This Grand Trine will be exact tomorrow heightening our emotions, but we might be feeling moody and emotional today. Let’s avoid resentment or jealousy, for how we feel may not be well communicated. Despite costs we may not have planned for, this is a good day to strip away the superfluous and especially any excesses we may have indulged earlier this week.

Friday, June 14th – Measure Twice & Cut Once – Lunar Grand Trine, Mercury, Neptune, Mars, Saturn, Pluto. Friday can be one primo day, if we draw upon our intuitive sense and utilize practical sense. In carpentry, sewing and other hands-on activities, there is the saying to ‘measure twice and cut once’. The same thing can be said of this Friday. Friday has a kite pattern chart with the Scorpio Moon triggering a Grand Trine with the Scorpio Moon trine Neptune in Pisces, and the Moon trine both Mercury and Mars both in Cancer. The Moon also sextiles both Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn. Mars trines Neptune, and Mars opposes Saturn. The tail to the kite is the Saturn Pluto conjunct by orb and both sextile by orb the Moon in Scorpio and sextile by orb the Neptune in Pisces. Although there can be a great amount of energy to push forward, it is important for us to realize that certain impediments may get in the way. These obstacles can take the form of time, monies, or other responsibilities. Things may not be easy going, but we could assume that things will work out — things always do work out but not necessarily in accord with our wishes. This day calls for us to take the time to plan out our movements, evaluate our actions and check our progress twice, and then proceed, all the while recognizing that there could be collateral issues of which we cannot possibly be aware until we move along our trajectory.

Saturday, June 15th – Taking a Flyer – Venus. Saturday has the Moon moving into Sagittarius where late on Saturday the Moon opposes Venus. As opposed to yesterday or tomorrow, there is not a great deal of energy on this Saturday. This is a good day for us to take off, explore, and spread our wings. We might not feel any pressing commitments, but can actually just take the day as it comes. Getting out of our familiar terrain might lead to interesting discoveries. Much may have been coming at us this week, and today would be a day to sort through everything that has been going on. It would be easier for us to understand all the recent incoming by being away from familiar surroundings. We are less likely to allow our personal biases color some of the incidents that have gone on. The evening hours may provide fun social get-togethers. This is a day when we may wish to engage more rather than less but without feeling pressure to perform or to accomplish.

Sunday, June 16th – Chasing Rainbows – Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, Saturn. We started the week with a thrust of energy, have gone through a roller coaster of high energy and low energy during the week, and end the week on this Sunday optimistic, confident, and possibly slightly deluded. The Moon continues its transit of Sagittarius with the Moon today conjunct Jupiter, and the Moon square Neptune. Friday had Mars trine Neptune, and Mars opposed Saturn, and we follow that today with Mercury trine Neptune, and Mercury opposed Saturn. Jupiter squares Neptune. Today is a day when we are likely to believe what we want to believe no matter the empirical evidence to the contrary. We can buy into any illusions today if it makes us feel right and bubbly. Looking at hard cold reality today could prove disappointing and depressing, so we might choose instead to put on our rose-colored glasses to see the world as idyllic with us being rewarded for our false optimism with assumptions that everything is going our way. This Sunday demands that we not lose our critical thinking to wish fulfilling. Let’s keep in mind that perspective is everything. Although it is important that we maintain a positive attitude and see the potentials in every thing, it is also essential that we not look only at the positives and discount completely all the negatives. This day asks us not to be blinded by our hopes and wishes but rather to maintain clarity in our thought and caution in our actions.