July 1st – 7th, 2019

The astrology for this week of July 1st through the 7th of 2019 may have us engaging in summer fun activities, but it may not be all fun and games, since we might want to address significant issues before we come into the three-week Mercury retrograde cycle that starts late on Sunday.

We start the week more interested in juggling any number of things, arranging social get-togethers, and considering our summer celebrations.

Monday has Mars exiting Cancer to enter Leo providing us with a thrust of energy, a desire to put ourselves first, and an interest in our creative self-expressions and in our participations in fun activities.

The beginning of the week has us on the dark side of the Moon prior to Tuesday’s New Moon, a Solar Eclipse. Much of our focus over the next two weeks under the New Moon signature could be geared to family.

We have another Sign change on Wednesday with Venus exiting Gemini to enter Cancer, accentuating the comforts of home and family. We might be looking at doing some fixing up around our home, or we may consider traveling with family members as an entourage.

Many of us may be taking it easy this week, enjoying ourselves and taking some time off this week, what with the US holiday of Independence Day falling on Thursday.

We are in summer mode with a tendency to taper off from our normal routine and instead engage recreational activities and fun events.

If we do not go off and get away from our usual involvements this week, then the weekend would be a time to tie up loose ends, bring completion to important matters or just put significant decisions on the back burner.

Late Sunday, Mercury turns retrograde, and we all know what that means — Murphy’s Law is back in effect with its tenor being ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’. Aaargh!

Monday, July 1st – O Canada – Neptune, Venus, Mars Leo. Unless you’re Canadian or are traveling through Canada, you might not realize that July 1st is Canada Day. It is, but perhaps little noted, except in Canada and by Canadians. With so many Canadians visiting Florida in the winter months, we celebrate their civility and their genteel character. They bring us a breath of fresh air and a reminder of how pleasant social interactions can be. For all of us, this Monday begins with the Moon completing its transit of Gemini, and as it does so the Gemini Moon squares Neptune, and the Moon conjuncts Venus. Late in the day, Mars exits Cancer to enter Leo and a little later the Gemini Moon exits Gemini to enter Cancer. We might not be celebrating Canada Day today, but we are likely to be in a celebratory mood and wishing to spend time with that special person, or those special people, in our life. We could be aware of so many options that we just don’t know where to begin. If we don’t consider our plans for the day and the means to achieve our intentions, we might start the day spinning our wheels and running in place. We may be far more interested in our plans and our prospects than doing any routine work. This week does celebrate in the US Independence Day and we might use this Monday to figure out what we are going to do in celebration, in partying and certainly in having a good time.

Tuesday, July 2nd – Antennae Up, Staying Aware – Uranus, Cancer New Moon, Sun conjunct Moon, Solar Eclipse. The Cancer Moon sextiles Uranus, and the Moon conjuncts the Sun at the time of the New Moon, a Solar Eclipse. We are ready for changes in our life, no matter how seemingly insignificant they may be. We might be ever more aware of the paradigm shift whereby we do not have to do it all to effect change. Change is, a quality that is heightened by this paradigm shift into asequential reality. This is a day that calls for us to be mindful and aware of what might be changing even under our feet. Prodding the shifts, we might decide on this Tuesday and over the next two weeks to do an inventory taking of the stuff in our lives, see if we want to keep it all, or eliminate some of the clutter, in order to create space for the new and the different. If we would have our antennae up, be open to receive the unexpected and unanticipated, we could be privy to the magic of mini-miracles happening. Often we just slough off mini-miracles as coincidences… if you believe in such a thing as coincidence. However you choose to term these unusual events, this is a day when some interesting things can occur. We might decide to move things around in our home, or we might determine to create more space by getting rid of stuff that is only getting in our way. We may decide to take some time to pursue creative venues for ourselves with the recognition that creativity has a hugely broad definition and encompasses all manner of activities, the key being the ‘how’ we do the activity. As the saying goes: ‘the true art in life is the art of truly living’. Time for us to embrace our artist and our artistry.

Wednesday, July 3rd – Before We’re Out the Door – Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus Cancer. If we haven’t already taken off, whether our taking off was justified by Canada Day on Monday or by Independence Day tomorrow, we could be champing at the bit to tie up loose ends and bring things to closure or else put them aside in order for us to enjoy the rest of this week. It’s summer after all! Wednesday has the push pulls of the Cancer Moon trine Neptune, and the Moon opposed both Saturn and Pluto. We may have various matters to attend to, that we need to address, but our heart might not be in taking care of them. On the contrary, while we would prefer flying high and humming lilting refrains, there may be some outstanding issues that we just know we have to accomplish. The more we can get done in the morning hours, the better it would be, since the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost thirteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before the Moon enters Leo late in the night. Venus exits Gemini to enter Cancer. We may seek the comforts of home, even when we are traveling. The days of ‘roughing it’ when camping or traveling may be over, replaced by all the luxuries we want and expect on a daily basis. With the Moon moving into Leo late on this Wednesday we are moving into fun times in the summertime for the next few days if not through this coming weekend. It’s the major summer holiday long weekend upon us.

Thursday, July 4th – More, More, More – Mars, Mercury, Uranus. Thursday is July 4th, Independence Day in the US. And the energy configurations today go well with the celebratory mood of this annual event. The Moon in Leo today conjuncts both Mars and Mercury, and the Moon squares Uranus. This is a day when too much of a good thing might not be enough. We are feeling upbeat, looking for adventure in whatever we do. While this can be a highly creative day, many of us may choose to participate in fun activities with flags flying and our physical energy peaking. No matter what we choose to do today, we are in deed looking for good times. We do have to be careful that we’re not reckless or put ourselves in harm’s way. The liability of accidents as a result of not maintaining mindfulness or being too quick in whatever we are doing is strong today. Not enough could prove too much. Some of our choices today can also come with a heavy price tag — both physically and financially. Let’s try and tone things down, although such a suggestion may fall upon deaf ears. We are not looking for any limitations today, might push the pedal to the metal, as we seek the thrills and excitement to the extreme. We might be celebrating Independence Day, but we are also likely engaging our own independence from any restraints or restrictions.

Friday, July 5th – Too Much of a Good Thing – Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course. Friday continues with the Leo Moon with the Moon trine Jupiter early in the day. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for twenty-two hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before the Moon enters Virgo early on Saturday. We may continue yesterday’s festivities on this Friday. In the US, we are enjoying the long holiday weekend of Independence Day. We are at the height of the summer and may wish to spread our wings and participate in any number of fun activities. If we overdid it yesterday, and that possibility is a strong one, then we might temper our physical activity today. But we are in summer mode and looking for good times with good friends. People may be upbeat and enjoying themselves, spreading their wings and enthusiastic about the many varied involvements they can engage. This Friday can be marked off as a ‘mental health’ day, a day when we are not interested in any pressing demands but rather are taking the time to step away from the mundane, to relax, reinvigorate and re-create. Even though this may be a long weekend for many, or a time of summer vacation, the weekend might have us back attending to mundane matters.

Saturday, July 6th – Knocking it Out Expeditiously – Venus, Uranus. Saturday has the Moon moving into Virgo where today the Virgo Moon sextiles Venus, and the Moon trines Uranus. Whether we are consciously or instinctively aware of Mercury about to turn retrograde, we may already start to feel the liability to things getting convoluted. This Saturday and Sunday we might prefer to enjoy summertime festivities, but a sense of the Mercury retrograde could have us scrambling to tie up loose ends, bring things to completion and review significant matters to see if we need to do something immediately or can put things on the back burner until after Mercury turns direct at the end of the month. If we choose to attend to specifics and details, we can be extremely sharp, able to streamline operations, and knock things out quickly and effectively. The Virgo Moon triggers the Earth Grand Trine with the Moon today trine Uranus in Taurus, and tomorrow the Moon trine both Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn. This Grand Trine is in effect prior to Mercury turning retrograde late on Sunday. This weekend might also provide indications of what we can expect when the Earth Grand Trine is more fully engaged from mid-August into early October. Saturday and Sunday can be highly productive days if we maintain our focus and are not upended by the forthcoming upsets associated with the Mercury retrograde.

Sunday, July 7th – Scurrying Around Avant le Mercury Retrograde – Sun, Saturn, Pluto, Mutable Sign T-Square, Jupiter, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury retrograde. Sunday can be a push pull between concentrated focus and having too many things to contend with. Much of today’s energy occurs in the early hours of the day. The Virgo Moon continues its transit of Virgo with the Moon sextile the Sun and the Moon trine both Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn. Yesterday, we had the Virgo Moon trine Uranus in Taurus, so this weekend offers us the Earth Grand Trine. But the Virgo Moon also triggers a Mutable Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Jupiter in Sagittarius, and the Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces. The Moon goes Void-of-Course over thirteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before the Moon enters Libra early on Monday. On the one hand, we can be highly effective in dealing with any outstanding matters and necessary issues that we wish to complete prior to the three-week Mercury retrograde. On the other hand, we have to be wary of trying to do too much, trying to cover so many bases that we allow things to fall between the cracks and are diverted from our focus by distractions or the sense of overwhelm regarding everything that we are trying to do. Late in the day, Mercury turns retrograde through the rest of July with Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’ in force. Whenever Mercury changes direction, whether from direct to retrograde or from retrograde to direct motion, things get squirrely and convoluted. Travel schedules call for contingency plans. Communications can be off with misunderstandings and misinformation. Computer glitches may occur. Again, the Mercury retrograde brings to mind Murphy’s Law – yes, ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’. Focused attention, awareness and mindfulness are all necessary to be at their peak to avoid some of the craziness that can occur during Mercury retrograde.