April 22nd – 28th, 2019

The astrology for this week of April 22nd through the 28th of 2019 might have us feeling like we have the hiccups. Occasional eruptions may seem like blips on the screen with glimpses of good times to catch our breath and to ready ourselves for the next round of burps.

The week begins with Earth Day, and today’s social warriors [or whatever they’re calling themselves] could be out and about pontificating and creating trouble for all concerned. The focus can be on ‘ME’ with a tendency towards the outlandish and with little regard to the impacts on other people.

After a highly energetic first day of the week, a desire to skip the fight and enjoy a flight might have us feeling good about ourselves, so long as we are distant from our normal obligations and have nothing to contend with.

The mid-part of the week can be explosive. Like a volcano percolating below the surface ready to vent, there can be personal eruptions and certain crash-and-burn scenarios playing out. Caution is called for mid-week with the recognition that we may not be able to enforce our will but rather must conform to the collective consensus.

The latter part of the week might have us picking up the pieces, dealing with a cleanup of any messes that may have been created, and trying to focus on the truly meaningful without getting waylaid by the superfluous.

Plans for our future could come with heavy costs, and our attention span may be minimal, more along the lines of dealing quickly with issues without drawing upon due diligence.

The weekend is a time for us to slow down and not to ‘rush the river’. We may have a liability of wanting to get on with things, but a hyperactive attitude could prove costly both fiscally and physically. Let’s slow down and avoid accidents. We may have some fun activities over the weekend, but we need to make choices, be selective, and not assume that we can do it all.

The weekend closes out with us enjoying the company of a special someone or taking a powder and getting out of town to enjoy the burgeoning blossoming of Spring. Nature provides us a mirror of rebirth and renewal.

Monday, April 22nd – Why Ask for Directions – Lunar T-Square, Mars, Neptune, Sun, Uranus. Monday begins the week with the Sagittarius Moon triggering a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Mars and the Moon square Neptune. The Sun conjuncts Uranus. This is Earth Day, and it might also be a day when we stomp our feet and reinforce the idea that we are here and are meant to be here. This Monday might seem all about ‘ME’ with our tendency to do what we want, the way that we want to do it. We may be so self-absorbed on this Monday that we choose to do more than humanly possible and all on a whim, spontaneously, with little forethought to a plan of action. Fast out of the gate, we could be all over the place on this Monday. Being impetuous, we do face the liability of accidents. Our desire to spread our wings and engage any number of activities could lead us to being careless and doing things in a half-ass manner. Let’s try to get a grip on the energies today and not be pushed around by the energies. Time management is called for and the willingness to make our plans before shooting out of the starting gate.

Tuesday, April 23rd – Catch a Wave, Sitting on Top of the World – Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Uranus. After what could have been a crazy-making Monday, Earth Day, when we might have had our head in the clouds but our feet hardly anywhere near the ground, Tuesday is one of those days when we can be sublimely idling, feeling upbeat, and enjoying all the bounteous gifts that life can offer. The Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Jupiter before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for eleven hours with the Moon making no connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before the Moon enters Capricorn late in the day. To end the day, the Capricorn Moon trines Uranus. There are times when we need to step away from our mundane affairs, take the time to enjoy ourselves, and recharge our energy. Today is one of those days. We could call this a ‘mental health’ day, for this Tuesday can recharge our creative juices, build up our confidence, and inject greater optimism in us. Stepping off the track and considering the larger picture, the broader realm, would allow us to take off our blinders with the narrow focus of doing the same thing day in, day out and provide a broader perspective regarding our life’s journey. If we would take the time for a ‘mental health’ spa day, we might find that late in the day we are reinvigorated and can figure out different ways by which to accomplish our goals. Sometimes stepping away from our routine allows us to see things from a fresh viewpoint and opens up alternatives of which we might not have otherwise been aware.

Wednesday, April 24th – Bombs Away – Sun, Venus, Mercury, Pluto retrograde. Yesterday provided us an opportunity to boost our confidence, engage our enthusiasm and exhibit our exuberance for all the good things in our life. Wednesday may have us back in harness of our regular obligations. We might not like dampening our spirit by attending to our routine tasks, but sometimes duty calls, and this Wednesday is one of those days. Today, the Capricorn Moon trines the Sun, and the Moon squares both Venus and Mercury both in Aries. This is a day for us to get serious about our responsibilities. We can rear and buck against what we need to do, but we’re only like to exhaust ourselves with pressing demands still waiting for us to address them. If we would attend to what we need to deal with, then we could be highly effective. Why grouse and whine when we can just take care of what we need to do and then have times for our own creative pursuits? This Wednesday also has Pluto turning retrograde, a shift in direction that requires us to be extremely cautious in whatever we do. The shift in direction of Pluto can be explosive — with incidents of bomb blasts, violent eruptions and crash-and-burn events. Let’s be careful out there and not be so self-absorbed that we ignore any warning signs.

Thursday, April 25th – Picking Up the Pieces – Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course. After a day that was liable to be explosive, Thursday might have us picking up the pieces. The Moon continues its transit of Capricorn with the Moon today conjunct both Saturn and Pluto. The Moon sextiles Neptune. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over thirteen and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Capricorn and before the Moon enters Aquarius early on Friday morning. The past few days could have had us throwing our fate to the winds with a blowback to knock us back into our senses. We can draw upon our intuitive sense today to figure the right trajectory and the right methodology to accomplish our goals. We might not want to deal with the specifics, but we might have experienced the truth to the saying that ‘the devil is in the details’. Over the past few days we may have glossed over situations, focusing more on the big picture and getting things done, rather than paying close attention to the particulars. Today may be a day for us to have nose to grindstone, but in so doing we can accomplish a lot and bring conclusion to various activities.

Friday, April 26th – Cost of the Future – Uranus, Sun, Venus. We may not have arrived to the summer regimen of taking Fridays off, but this Friday could have us champing at the bit to get the weekend started. The Moon moves into Aquarius where today the Moon squares both Uranus and the Sun both in Taurus. The evening has the Moon sextile Venus. Making our plans for future events, we have to be certain that we account for the costs. We need to be wary that our excitement doesn’t blind us to the expense involved. We might be so taken by possibilities that we’re willing to invest in them at any cost. This is a day to watch out for hucksters and snake oil salespeople. Someone might suggest something that is appealing to us based largely on it being unique, different and engaging. Let’s be certain to look under the hood before we buy the car. Everything may not be the way it is presented and as the old saying warns us: ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’. The evening hours can be delightful. Whether we spend it with a special someone or alone, we can fully enjoy our time discussing or thinking about all the options that lie ahead of us. Let’s remember that attitude makes all the difference. Either we can be negative and miserable, carping about every little thing, or we can be positive and upbeat, seeing the beauty and blessings all around us. Our choice, always our choice.

Saturday, April 27th – Which Way, Whatever – Mercury, Mars, Neptune. Saturday continues with the Moon in Aquarius with the Moon today sextile Mercury, and the Moon trine Mars. Mars squares Neptune. This weekend can be a highly pleasant weekend, a time when we can enjoy the company of other people and when we can engage activities that are new to us. This is a weekend for us to take off the blinders in order to see all around and consider the alternatives and options we might choose to engage. Making plans on this Saturday before we bolt out the door would be suggested, even if we recognize that our plans, all of our plans, are tentative based upon how we feel in the moment. Otherwise, if we go into the day without having itinerary in hand, we could be all over the place, trying to do too much and doing so without considering the conditions or circumstances in which we are operating. The liability to accidents can be strong due to our haste and many distractions. By Sign we have been dealing with and will continue to deal with a Mutable Sign T-Square with Mars transiting Gemini, Jupiter transiting Sagittarius, and Neptune transiting Pisces. Such a T-Square can ratchet up our nervous energy with the liability of our running around and sometimes without cause, purpose or clarity. The Mars square Neptune cautions against haste, jumping to conclusions and water-related matters, such as intense storm systems. Caution is called for on this Saturday with the suggestion of heeding the lyrics from Simon and Garfunkel’s The 59th Street Bridge Song:
“Slow down, you move too fast
You got to make the morning last”

Sunday, April 28th – Easy on My Mind – Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course. Sunday can be a day to kick back and just enjoy ourselves. In the early morning hours the Aquarius Moon sextiles Jupiter. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost twelve and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aquarius and before the Moon enters Pisces in the evening. This Sunday is a day to engage activities that lift our spirits. We may choose re-creational events whether we participate or just observe. No Debbie Downers for us today. We could be feeling optimistic, confident, exuberant and enthusiastic, attitudes that are contagious and might heighten our ‘feel good’ disposition. Whether we stay home, just hang out and recharge our batteries, or we head off, go out of town, and excitedly explore the broad expanse; this is a day that provides us a tonic and a major uplift. We can see that everything and everyone are beautiful today. What a wonderful day for us to spread our wings and glide along the air currents. We might choose to engage good times with good friends or just fly solo, but today is a day when we are likely carried up, up, and away. It would be hard to imagine a more upbeat day to end the week and prepare for the week ahead than this Sunday.