April 1st – 7th, 2019

The astrology for this week of April 1st through the 7th of 2019 gives us the push to tie up loose ends, strategize our next moves and then launch forward with new creative ventures, keeping in mind the restraints and obstacles we might encounter as we move forward.

This is the first full week of Mercury direct, Mercury having ended its three-week retrograde cycle last week. Whenever Mercury changes direction, things can get squirrely and so it may have proven during the past few days and even as we start this week.

This week begins with us likely to be highly emotional, very moody. Water issues may be significant, as I experienced this past Friday and over the weekend as water issues from above seeped through our wall and into our carpeting. I also heard from people who felt their lives found them behind the eight ball, feeling victimized by the vagaries of their life’s events. While our emotions and mood swings can be rather extreme as we start this week, we all need to chill and not make rash decisions, decisions that would be more from knee jerk emotional reactions rather than clear delineation of the situation[s].

If we could spend some time in pleasant reveries at the beginning of the week, we can reinvigorate ourselves, tap into our soul and strengthen our spirit. Meditations, whether in strict meditation pose or the quiet times along a waterway, may help break us from the frenzy of the mundane world and lessen any emotional heaviness that could bring us down.

With Mars having entered Gemini this past Sunday, we now are in the vortex of a Mutable T-Square with Mars in Gemini, Jupiter in Sagittarius, and the Stellium of Venus, Mercury and Neptune all in Pisces. There can a whirlwind of energy prompting us to activity, even frantic activity, and it would be wise that we constantly tap the brakes to prevent us from lurching into being a runaway train.

Until Friday, we are on a waning Moon with the latter part of the week being on the dark side of the Moon. It would be better for us to complete tasks and conclude matters. We might be champing at the bit to get on with things, but preparation would be better suggested than launching forward.

Friday has the Aries New Moon. Although we began the Spring season back on the 20th of March at the Vernal Equinox with the Sun entering Aries to begin the astrological new year, the real trigger to the Spring season comes with this Aries New Moon on Friday the 5th.

With its imprint being on the next two weeks, this New Moon can trigger our creative juices flowing. We might seek to spread our wings, explore new venues to express our talents, and we may feel as though the world is our oyster. Confident and exuberant, we could discount any obstacles that are liable to stand in our way, an attitude that can spell trouble as we proceed.

The weekend might have us on a shopping spree as we look to spruce up our environment, add to our wardrobe for warmer weather, and have a personal makeover. How we appear may be significant as we recognize that first impressions often dictate as to how we are seen.

Monday, April 1st – Don’t Play Me for a Fool – Moon Void-of-Course, Mars, Uranus. Monday begins the week with the Moon Void-of-Course with the Moon completing its transit of Aquarius without making any connections to the planets. The Moon moves into Pisces where today the Moon squares Mars and the Moon sextiles Uranus. The day begins with our one-on-one interactions with people. We may be considering our future options, but let’s not count heavily on someone’s opinion, for today is April Fools’ Day, and their input might not be reliable but only a goof. It would be better for this day to be slow starting, whether we take the time to enjoy a leisurely coffee or talk up our weekend’s activities. As the day progresses, we could be playing catch up, trying to cover various bases unattended or dealing with pressing demands. If we rush ourselves, we might gloss over details, negate significant points, so it would be wise for us to pull back on the accelerator. Speed might likely only create greater problems for us. Even if we are helter-skelter in our approach, we can get a grip, utilize time management skills, and be highly productive as the day proceeds. This is a day when we can work smarter rather than harder, even if we go from an idling manner, to some hiccup of overdrive, and before we settle into an effective and streamlined operation.

Tuesday, April 2nd – Dream a Little Dream – Venus, Mercury, Neptune. Tuesday has the Pisces Moon conjunct the Stellium of three Pisces-transiting planets: Venus, Neptune and Mercury. Mercury conjuncts Neptune. Our moods and emotions may be ratcheted up severalfold today, and our thoughts could be dictated by how we feel rather than rational analysis. Let’s be careful when making decisions today, and it might be better to postpone significant decisions for a day when our reasoning could be sharper and more insightful. Certainly our intuitive sense can be strong today. Our ‘inner knowing’ may be spot on, but knowing and executing are two totally different matters. This Tuesday is a good time for reflecting and contemplating rather than implementing. Our compassion may be engaged, so we also have to be wary how much we are willing to do for someone. Service could easily morph into self-sacrifice. Getting out into nature, observing the natural cycles in living, and enjoying uplifting scenes would be a healthy tonic for our spirit and our soul. There are times when we need to step off the track of our daily ordinary affairs in order to take time for ourselves. This Tuesday could be one of those days when we choose to feed our soul.

Wednesday, April 3rd – Being Effective with Just Enough – Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course. No matter what we did yesterday, we could have found our batteries recharged with us feeling reinvigorated. Wednesday allows us to be highly effective, especially in the morning hours. The Moon completes its transit of Pisces with the Moon today sextile both Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn, and the Moon square Jupiter. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost eleven and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Pisces and before the Moon enters Aries late in the day. We can tidy up our space, bring matters to completion, and prioritize our activities. Highly effective and productive early in the day, we might then assume that we can take on ever more, and there lies the crux of a problem today. We could get carried away by our abilities that we just add on more and more to our ‘to do’ list. Before we add additional items to accomplish on this Wednesday, we might prefer to relish what we have achieved without feeling that we have to do ever more. This Wednesday is focused more on completion and subtracting from our projects rather than adding on more and more. New beginnings are better initiated after the New Moon on Friday. Clearing the decks and making space for the new is a far better use of this Wednesday.

Thursday, April 4th – Wanting to Get on With It – Mars. The Moon in Aries today sextiles Mars. We could be all over the place today, alighting briefly here before flying off to some other situation over there, and on, and on. Although we might want to start up any number of projects today, it would be suggested that we pull in the reins. We are on a waning Moon and we are on the dark side of the Moon prior to tomorrow’s New Moon. Today would be best served stirring up the pot and not dishing out the ingredients. There can be a great deal of chatter today, and we need to bear in mind that talking the talk does NOT equate to the ability of walking one’s talk. We may want to get on with things, but it would be far better for us to clear space in anticipation of the launching period over the next two weeks triggered initially by tomorrow’s New Moon. We can notate our ideas and what we hear today with the recognition that we are likely getting only sound bites or tidbits rather than the full and comprehensive concept flushed out. Successful accomplishments are all a matter of timing, and today would be premature to rush ahead. Let’s shuffle the many ideas and possibilities we conceive without putting elbow grease behind them. Finishing the completion of our Spring cleaning and clearing out of old matters that we don’t wish to engage during this Spring would be a good use of today’s amped-up energy.

Friday, April 5th – Spring Has Sprung – Aries New Moon, Sun, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter. Although the Spring season officially began with the Vernal Equinox on the 20th of March as the Sun entered Aries to start the astrological new year, the true beginning to the Spring season begins with the Aries New Moon. Today, we have the Aries New Moon with the Sun Moon conjunction in the 2nd decanate of Aries [Leo]. This New Moon influences the next-two week period up to the Full Moon on the 19th, but it also impacts the Spring season. This is a highly creative time, and we may choose various venues in which to express our creative talents. Although we can be excited by our prospects and confident of our abilities, we have to be wary of irrational exuberance whereby we assume that everything will go our way with no obstacles to impede our successful procession. And therein lies a problem. Our optimism and sense of infallibility might lead us to gloss over things, take on too much, and skip significant particulars to any of our projects. We need to keep in mind the admonition that ‘the devil is in the details’.

Saturday, April 6th – New and Different Streamlined – Uranus. The Moon moves into Taurus on Saturday where today the Moon conjuncts Uranus. We could have an itch to buy something just to add a little flair to our lives. Whether the purchase is for our home, our wardrobe or a personal makeover, we may be looking at shaking things up to add a little spice to our life. Some of our involvements today could be unexpected. We may well engage surprising events, since it adds sparkle and gives further indication that Spring is revealing its promise of rebirth, renewal and renaissance. If we do go shopping, we need to be careful of impulse purchases. Something can grab our attention and our interest, and we could go for it no matter the cost. If we do any impulse buying, let’s keep the receipts in case we later suffer from buyer’s remorse. No matter what our plans for this day might be, spontaneity can be calling us, so let’s enjoy moments of stepping off the track of our usual experiences and of our commitments to engage opportunities of the unexpected. We are interested in the new and the different but won’t waste our time on anything that doesn’t excite us or that would bog us down.

Sunday, April 7th – Well Put Together – Venus, Neptune, Saturn, Mercury. The Moon continues its transit of Taurus on Sunday with the Moon sextile both Venus and Neptune both in Pisces, and the Moon trine Saturn. Mercury sextiles Saturn. We can blend our intuitive sense with our critical analysis to devise the most effective means to accomplish our goals, all the while that we are presenting ourselves as well put together. Appearance and content match smartly. We can begin some of our seed planting today, starting up projects we wish to pursue during the springtime. Not only can we see the end goal. We are highly perceptive and crystal clear in regard to the steps along the way from conception through implementation to achievement. No matter what we are doing today, we can be highly successful. All bases are covered, and we seem impressive both in style and in substance. This Sunday is a primo day to either execute or prepare. Everything seems seamless and effortless, a perfect combination that can win even the most ardent naysayer to our cause.