March 4th – 10th, 2019

The astrology for this week of March 4th through the 10th of 2019 may have us mixed up, messed up and trying to take the bull by the horns. It would be wiser to be perceptive rather than aggressive this week.

We begin the week pleasantly enough, and we might reach out to someone with whom we can enjoy a good laugh, great reminiscences and exhilarating plans for the future. We all need moments of uplift, and we could get some to begin the week. And such an engagement may be a welcome relief prior to the Mercury retrograde on Tuesday and the strong Neptune influence of the New Moon with its impact on the fortnight ahead.

The mid-week period is a highly emotional one with the Pisces New Moon that impacts the next two weeks and the end of the winter season.

Wednesday also has Uranus exiting Aries to enter Taurus for its six+ year transit of the Fixed Earth Sign.

We might ‘feel the earth move under our feet’ [to borrow from Carole King], whether the movement is figurative or literal. Certainly a lot of shifts and changes are likely to occur this week. Let’s avoid feeling victim to whatever we witness or experience. Much of it is static occurring due to the transition swings indicative of our paradigm shift. Few people are comfortable with drastic change and even less so when they feel the change is beyond their control and something they have to adjust to. These times call for us to fully embrace the saying: ‘adapt or die’.

The latter part of the week and into the weekend may have us gung-ho to emphasize our personal interests. We might feel behind the eight ball, but we’re unwilling to play the victim silently and preferably not at all.

The weekend is a time for us to clean up and clear out as we prepare for the advent of Spring. The weather may not be indicative of springtime, but the spring into daylight savings time is a good indication that Spring is not far away and that the days in the northern latitudes are growing in light. Let’s appreciate the longer days compared to the beginning of the year. We might feel the lingering grasp of winter but we can also recognize that we are no longer in the dead of winter. The weekend would be a good time to both tidy our messes and to prepare for the days ahead.

Monday, March 4th – How Do You Do – Jupiter. Monday starts the week with the Moon in Aquarius and the Moon sextile Jupiter. We may choose to reach out to friends near and far. We are interested in other people’s experiences, their involvements, and their suggestions regarding some of our proposed plans. Not only can input clarify our intentions and provide some solid recommendations. Interactions with other people could be like a gathering of the Mutual Admiration Society. Everyone may be encouraging each other, wishing each other well, and advocating for each person’s individual projects. This Monday can be a very upbeat day, a day when we assume that nothing is impossible. Although riding on a ‘high’, we have to be wary of making long-term commitments or investing too much of ourselves into any one particular activity. Our sense of exuberance might have no limits or parameters, and we need to keep in mind that Mercury is about to turn retrograde tomorrow. Whenever Mercury is about to turn retrograde, thoughts, ideas and actions can get very squirrely. This day is best suited to chatting up people, considering our options but waiting to implement and launch our new plans until after Mercury turns direct on the 28th of the month, a time that also has us in the early stages of the astrological new year.

Tuesday, March 5th – Which Way Corrigan – Uranus, Mercury retrograde. Tuesday finishes the Moon’s transit of Aquarius with the Moon sextile Uranus before the Moon enters Pisces early in the day. Mercury turns retrograde. This is the last day of the Uranus transit of Aries. Tomorrow, Uranus exits Aries to enter Taurus for its six+ year cycle of the Fixed Earth Sign. The completion of the Uranus transit of the Cardinal Fire Sign might signal the conclusion of a seven-year cycle when we could have made certain transformations both in our sense of Self and in our activities with us seeking greater autonomy in everything we do. This is a day for us to consider the changes we began or the changes that occurred to our sense of Self, to our lifestyle, and to our daily actions. We are also on the dark side of the Moon prior to tomorrow’s New Moon. Although it would be wise to reflect and contemplate the changes over the past seven years, let’s also realize that our clarity may be somewhat lacking. This Mercury retrograde can be especially vexing with Mercury retrograding through Neptune-ruled Pisces, a Sign of Detriment for Mercury, where Mercury is uncomfortable and tends towards diffuse thinking, increased anxiety even to the point of heightened fear and paranoia. Our emotions might sway our thinking and we could be prone to buying into the images and the hype without doing our due diligence or engaging our critical analysis.

Wednesday, March 6th – Fun and Games – Mars, Pisces New Moon, Sun, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus Taurus. Yesterday had Mercury turning retrograde for its three-week cycle through Pisces, and today we have the Pisces Moon triggering a New Moon with the Moon conjunct the Sun and the Moon conjunct Neptune. The Moon also sextiles both Mars in Taurus and the Moon sextiles Saturn in Capricorn. The Sun conjuncts Neptune. Uranus enters Taurus for its six+ year cycle through the Fixed Earth Sign. With the New Moon providing a signature imprint for the next two weeks through the end of the winter season at the time of the Vernal Equinox, these next two weeks could be especially soggy. Torrential precipitation may come with atmospheric storm systems, and we could have torrential mood swings. It will be essential for us to step away from the hurly-burly of our daily activities and take everything with a grain of salt. What we see and what we hear may not be the reality of the situation. On the contrary, we could be exposed to all sorts of appearances and presentations that may prove deceptive, illusory and downright confusing. To some large measure, it would be wise for us to keep our own counsel. Let’s be aware that often reality is nothing more than consensus opinion, what the general populace accepts to be true. But opinion may be just that, commentary, and not the true reality of what is really going on. The shift in Sign for Uranus from Aries into Taurus might also bring to conclusion a cycle that seemed to encourage narcissism and a strong self-focus to the point of self-absorption. With the end of this winter season having a great deal of influence both in Pisces with the Stellium of the Sun, Mercury and Neptune transiting the Neptune-ruled Mutable Water Sign and in the Earth Signs with Mars and Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn; we could use this two-week period as a time to formulate our springtime projects. We have to maintain faith, keep true to our own understandings, and develop our plans without being distracted by the static of the outside world or own niggling anxieties.

Thursday, March 7th – Goldilocks Syndrome – Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury. Thursday can be one of those days when we are considering whether our involvements are too much, too little, or just right. The Pisces Moon today squares Jupiter, the Moon sextiles Pluto, and the Moon conjuncts Mercury. The Moon then exits Pisces later in the day to enter Aries. This is a day when we could start off by being carried away with the idea of spreading our wings and taking on ever more. Unfortunately, our clarity may be lacking, and we could just pile on more and more. This is a day that calls for prioritization and focus, and the latter might be a tall order. We’re operating under the Mercury retrograde and a strong Piscean influence. Our imagination might carry us away. Distractions could entice us. And our reasoning may be more hopeful wishes than realistic assessments. Let’s keep in mind the concept of balance and synthesis. We could develop arguments for doing one thing, but it would be wise that we consider the potential liabilities associated with that one thing before we arrive at a more balanced conclusion. Like a metronome, we can go through emotional swings, dramatic shifts in our perspective, and rational and irrational judgments. If we take our time and sort things through we can turn the maze of confused thinking into a labyrinth of getting to the heart of any matter. Late in the day, we might feel more unbridled and ready to go into overdrive.

Friday, March 8th – Ah-Ha Moments – Venus. Friday has the Aries Moon sextile Venus. We may be feeling the itch of the impending spring season. We might want to get on with things. Certainly, this would be a day for us to test the waters of new projects to develop, new connections to engage and new creative ventures to pursue. We do not have to launch forward with a great burst of energy, but it would be wise for us to take into account options and alternatives that we might not otherwise have considered. Social get-togethers today can be fun and insightful. We don’t always have to have the answers, for sometimes the answers are provided to us. Let’s keep our antennae up on this Friday, since we might hear about something and become aware of something that entices us, draws our interest and provides either a streamlined method to achieve our goals or a trajectory that is different from the familiar and truly exciting.

Saturday, March 9th – Way Around It – Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun. Saturday gives us the Moon in Aries square the two Capricorn-transiting planets of Saturn and Pluto before the Moon trines Jupiter. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost fifteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aries and before the Moon enters Taurus early on Sunday morning. The Sun sextiles Saturn. This Saturday would be a good day to deal with our errands, responsibilities and our ‘to do’ list early in the day. There may be certain matters around our home or with our family that need attending to. Similar to when we were children and were told to do our homework before going outside to play, this Saturday for us adults is a day to take care of what needs to get done first before leaving our chores behind. As the day progresses, we can engage opportunities that allow us to spread our wings and soar with the eagles, either observing some fun event or participating in a re-creational activity. Utilizing time management skills can have us streamlining our day’s scheduled activities with creating greater ‘me’ time later in the day. Responsibilities first, fun second on this Saturday, for there’s no way around it effectively and productively.

Sunday, March 10th – Sense of Change – Uranus, Mars, Neptune. Sunday is the day in most of the US that we spring into Daylight Savings Time, lose an hour of sleep but gain an extra hour of daylight. Increasingly, we have the sense that Spring and then Summer are on the way. This Sunday has the Moon moving into Taurus where today the Moon conjuncts Uranus. No matter what our plans for this day might be, we could change our intentions on a whim and do something spontaneously. Mars sextiles Neptune. With the sense of change this day indicates, we could use this day to make changes around our environment. We might decide to purchase various items to beautify our environment or in preparation of our Spring plantings. If focused, we can accomplish a great deal. Once in gear, there may be no stopping us. Our persistence can be indomitable, and we might even feel propelled by a force larger than ourselves. The specifics and particulars can all fall neatly into place. We just have to trust our instincts.