January 28th – February 3rd, 2019

The astrology for this week of January 28th through the 3rd of February of 2019 can have us planning and preparing before throwing wide open the door of limitless possibilities.

The week begins with us focused on what we need to address in order to get things completed, out of the way and providing necessary space for our new projects and activities. It would be wise for us to bring certain matters to closure, since much of this week will move us into an expansionary mode of considering all options and possibly not whittling down any of our future intentions.

The mid-part of the week could have us on an optimistic high, but we just have to be wary that our enthusiasm doesn’t become irrational exuberance. Our confidence might get the better of our sound judgment.

The end of the week and the early part of the weekend may be explosive, and it would be wise for us to tread lightly and maintain vigilance and awareness. Acting out can be rampant. Human actions, geophysical activity and atmospheric storms might be over the top, and caution in all actions and movements is highly suggested.

The weekend could have us attending to responsibilities before an interesting and surprising connection brightens our weekend and opens the door to exciting events and involvements.

Despite a liable ‘crash and burn’ incident at the end of the week and as we begin the weekend, the latter part of the weekend can be thrilling and enlivening.

Despite the intensity of these times, it would be wise to keep in mind the analogy of the mythological bird the phoenix burned on the funereal pyre to rise from its ashes and soar ever higher.

Monday, January 28th – In the Quiet Lies the Answer – Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course. Monday begins the week with the Scorpio Moon sextile Saturn, the Moon trine Neptune and the Moon sextile Pluto before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for sixteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before the Moon moves into Sagittarius tomorrow. This Monday could be a highly productive day when we can complete certain matters, devise our strategies for our future endeavors, and prioritize our activities. The main thing for us to avoid is knee-jerk reactions. We have already witnessed recent events where a ‘rush to judgment’ was a total misread of situations and circumstance. Despite the fact that many people wish to have a quick decision, too often we make our decisions without full information. The liability toward acting before considering the trajectory, the implications and the long-term consequences can always get us into trouble. This Monday is a day when it would be wise for us to take our time, ruminate about what we are doing, what we need to do, and what we might wish to do in the days ahead. Once we have considered our parameters, we can use much of this day in completions and conclusions, clearing the decks in order to have space whereby we can engage new activities or, at least, consider our prospects.

Tuesday, January 29th – Realm of Possibilities – Sun, Mercury. The Moon enters Sagittarius on this Tuesday, a day when the Sun and Mercury conjunct. The Moon makes no connections to the planets today, so the emphasis is primarily on the Sun Moon conjunction and the Sagittarian influence on our feelings. Our mind may be a whirl of possibilities, all with a focus on expanding our interests. We may feel inspired and buoyant and believing that all things are possible. And in truth, all things are possible and especially during this paradigm shift where we are moving away from the old paradigm of sequential, linear reality of beginning, middle and end, and moving into the new paradigm of asequential reality where things can occur in a most random and highly unexpected manner. While this ‘new normal’ may be disruptive and might seem as though security and stability are things of the past, this paradigm shift allows for changes and transformations and transitions to occur in a nanosecond of time and often without warning. These are exciting times and times that would affirm the Chinese proverb of ‘may you live in interesting times’, although that proverb is often seen as a curse by the rigid traditionalists. This Tuesday can be mind expanding au naturel without the need for mind altering ingestions. We can consider a wide realm of possibilities. Discussions with other people may revolve around plans and future intentions with people affirming their own and other people’s hopes and wishes. While the hard part could prove to be the implementation of our goals, this Tuesday is best served contemplating and luxuriating in the thrill of new adventures, different trajectories. During these times that so many find to be anxiety-provoking, it is wise to step away from the hurly-burly of consensus opinion about what is going on and take a walk on the wild side allowing our imagination to bathe in the fathomless pool of potential life-affirming altered realities. Let us dream!

Wednesday, January 30th – Without Getting Carried Away – Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter. Wednesday continues with the Moon’s transit of Sagittarius with the Moon today sextile both the Sun and Mercury both in Aquarius, the Moon square Neptune, and the Moon conjunct Jupiter. With the Sun and Mercury both moving into the second decanate of Aquarius [Gemini influence] today and with the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, this is a day when we could have boundless optimism. In fact, boundless might be the optimum work for this Wednesday. And therein may lie a problem, especially with those energy configurations are also influenced by the Moon square Neptune. This is one of those days when we could soar with the eagles with blind faith, assuming that everything will be all right, will work out right, even if we should fly too close to the sun. Today calls for, even demands, our reining in our exuberance and our desire to spread our wings into far distant realms and broadening our interests and activities. Yesterday and today might have us cavorting with the gods and goddesses and gender-neutral higher forces. We could even carry on our parade of good tidings and good feelings into tomorrow. Not that I intend to be a parade rainer, but let’s keep in mind the volatile roller coaster of life that we’re on. Times when we plummet to fathomless depths of despair, other times when we soar beyond the stratosphere into heavenly realms. It is likely that true reality is somewhere in between, and we might hit it every now and then as we carom between extremes. “Moderation in all things” is a wise idiom handed down through the ages, and one that we might wish to aspire to during these intense and volatile times, and an apt suggestion for this mid-week period.

Thursday, January 31st – Spirit in Action – Mars, Venus, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune. Our creative juices may be flowing on this Thursday. The Sagittarius Moon today trines Mars, the Moon conjuncts Venus, and the Moon trines Uranus. Late in the day, the Moon exits Sagittarius to enter Capricorn. Saturn sextiles Neptune. This is a day when we can put our spirit into action. We are not looking at stepping on anyone’s toes or playing one-upmanship. On the contrary, we could be at the top of our game, upbeat, dramatic, and presenting ourselves with style and with a well considered approach. If we have an argument or case to be made, this Thursday would be a primo day to do so. If we take the time in preparation, we can sense how best to weave our story. Nothing is likely to fall between the cracks. And our ‘feel good’ disposition may be contagious, whereby we gain advocates to our cause not only by the rationale of our argument but by our appearance and impression. We can have all flags flying on this Thursday. The one caveat to keep in mind during these volatile times is how things can change dramatically, unexpectedly and in a nanosecond or less. This Thursday could be close to perfect, tomorrow not so much.

Friday, February 1st – Aware, Mindful, Vigilant – Mars, Pluto. Yesterday could have been one of those days when we appreciate the world and our place in it. With a thrust of high energy and pleasing appearance we might have scored significant points yesterday and taken some of our involvements to a higher level and even begun a launch of new projects. Friday has the Capricorn Moon but with the Moon making no connections to the planets. We might assume that there isn’t much energy today. On the contrary, this Friday could be explosive. Two of the strongest physical energies, Mars and Pluto, are locked horns today with the square between them. This energy configuration can be like a tinderbox with a liable conflagration erupting at any time and by any spark. Friday, and especially the evening hours of Friday into the early morning of Saturday, calls for us to be on guard and cautious about whatever we are doing or saying. Things could be explosive — both in the natural world and in the human realm. Atmospheric storms may be intense. There might be geophysical activity of earthquake or volcanic activity. And humans can be acting out, raging with little reason solely with vehemence and violence. It is essential that we be aware, mindful and vigilant on this day. No knee-jerk reactions, since the pushback could be ever more severe. While it would be good for us to get our physical energy out by physical exercise, this is a day for conditioning and toning and not overdoing or pushing the envelope.

Saturday, February 2nd – Groundhog Day – Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, Mars, Venus, Uranus. Whether we experienced an explosion or implosion yesterday or just skated through the day oblivious, this Saturday is a day when we can pick up the pieces. The Capricorn Moon sextiles Neptune, the Moon conjuncts both Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn, and the Moon squares Mars. Late in the day, Venus trines Uranus. This is a day when we may be serious about cleaning out things that are no longer useful to us, all the while that we are developing the foundation stones of our future. Increasingly, we might come to an appreciation that our intuitive sense, our inner knowing, is a trusted guide as to what is truly going on. With all the illusions, delusions and deceptions being carried out during these times, we need to fall back upon our own sense of things without getting caught up in the crazy-making antics of other people or the consensus. We need not put on blinders and have tunnel vision on our own projects, but we needn’t be distracted by situations operating beyond our sphere of influence. Putting our trust in anyone or anything, including Punxsutawney Phil, other than our Self is a remedy for disaster. This life journey is our personal journey down our individual pathway. The exciting thing about our journey is the unexpected incidents that occur along the way — those indications of magic and miracles. The latter part of this day could provide one of those ‘ah-ha’ moments thanks to someone’s casual remark or suggestion.

Sunday, February 3rd – Feeling Bright on the Dark Side of the Moon – Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus Capricorn. Sunday begins with the Capricorn Moon square Uranus. The Moon then moves into Aquarius, but the Moon makes no further aspects today. Mercury sextiles Jupiter. Late in the day, Venus exits Sagittarius and enters Capricorn, triggering a Cardinal Earth Stellium as Venus joins Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. We are also on the dark side of the Moon, the end of the waning Moon, before tomorrow’s New Moon. Even if we have certain commitments or previous plans for this Sunday, we are likely to blow off our schedule and just do whatever catches our fancy. This is a good day to spread our wings, get out of Dodge, and explore the wide world. Of course, such a suggestion may only be for those few people who don’t have party plans and get-togethers with good friends to watch the Super Bowl. Since we are on the dark side of the Moon with the New Moon initiating new projects and being a better time to get things going, this day can be seen as a ‘mental health’ day when we choose to enjoy our self in whatever way we wish. Certainly, there are likely to be gatherings in sports bars and with friends in people’s homes with those big screen TVs, and the wardrobe for the day could be either the retro throwback colors of royal blue and yellow celebrating the L.A. Rams or white jerseys and navy pants for the New England Patriots. Whatever we choose to do today, let’s be upbeat, spread our wings and enjoy our interactions.