December 24th – 30th, 2018

The astrology for this week of December 24th through the 30th of 2018 has us in full holiday mode. It’s Christmas week, and no matter how we celebrate the holiday, celebration is likely to be the order of the day.

The week begins with last minute holiday preparations. Our clarity may be lacking and in consequence we could be adding more than necessary. Whether as a result of the craziness we have felt or experienced over this passing year, we might be more committed than ever to make this year’s holiday a huge celebration. It would be wise for us to keep in mind that more is not always better.

Christmas Day on Tuesday into Boxing Day on Wednesday can have us engaging in pleasurable pursuits. We may be at our best, scintillating and expressive, during this mid-week period. Our upbeat feelings can be contagious and we are likely to salute each other with good cheer.

The latter part of the week may have us in clean-up mode. We could be tying up the loose ends of 2018 all the while preparing for the New Year celebrations. Although juggling might be part of our latter week regimen, it is important for us to keep all the balls in the air. If things are taking longer than usual, so be it. ‘Haste makes waste’, and we don’t want to close doors only to have them swing back and hit us in the backside. Addressing end of year matters would keep us from having to play catch-up early in the new year or would prevent us from making messy mistakes that would have to be reworked early in 2019. No, this is a time for us to be ‘one and done’.

The weekend has us back in holiday merry-making, but not everything is likely to be smooth sailing. Let’s enjoy our social interactions without feeling compelled to do too much. Someone could be like a bottomless pit whereby no matter how much we do, it still just might not be enough. Unless we are masochistic, there’s no time for going out of our way for someone who constantly needs more, more, more.

This week is a good week to address outstanding matters and to deal with those issues we do not want to bring into the new year. There’s time for social gatherings this week but more so over the weekend as we close out 2018 and before we enter 2019.

Monday, December 24th – Curve Balls – Mars, Uranus, Mercury, Neptune. Monday begins the week with the Moon finishing its transit of Cancer and with the Cancer Moon trine Mars and the Moon square Uranus. The Moon then goes into Leo. Mercury squares Neptune. We may have all sorts of plans for this day before Christmas, and we might be fast out of the starting gate. Unfortunately, unexpected situations could crop up that force us to realize that plans are best made in pencil with a large eraser. We may be trying to tie up loose ends, all the while that we have a foot out the door. We are moving into party mode. Where a problem arises, apart from unanticipated variables scotching our intentions, is that we might not be dealing from clear thinking and may have too much on our plate — both our own plans and those unexpected curveballs we have to address. Combine that with heavy going, and we could be easily frustrated in trying to get anything done. There can be travel delays, traffic problems and systems breaking down. On our trip back from Barbados yesterday, the airline computer system was down, forcing us to go on a wing and a prayer. Despite concerns raised, we did arrive safely and got back home without much incidence. It’s always wise to keep in mind what the English writer G.K. Chesterton wrote: ‘angels can fly because they take themselves lightly’.

Tuesday, December 25th – Good Times, Good Friends – Jupiter, Mercury, Venus. However we got to wherever we might have been going, this Tuesday is Christmas Day, a day when mundane life grinds to a halt. Whether we celebrate Christmas or not, this Tuesday can be a day when things slow down and there is less of a muddle going on. Today, the Leo Moon trines both Mercury and Jupiter both in Leo, and the Moon squares Venus. Conviviality could be a large part of this day, at least as we begin the day. We are likely feeling upbeat, inspired and enthusiastic. Our ‘feel good’ disposition may be contagious, and we can be spreading good cheer to those near and far. Although this Tuesday may be a highly sociable day and we might be feeling exuberant and enthused, we have to be wary that we are not so self-engaged that we become a little much for someone. If we are being too boisterous and self-focused, we could get some blowback from someone who feels we are becoming too arrogant and narcissistic. This is a good day for our social interactions so long as we are considerate of what is going on with our people. If we are only blowing our own horn today, we could have some telling us to ‘stuff it’ as they try to muffle our noise. This is a day to keep in mind the wise admonition: ‘moderation in all things’.

Wednesday, December 26th – On all Cylinders – Uranus, Sun. Wednesday has the Leo Moon trine Uranus. The Moon then moves into Virgo where today the Moon trines the Sun. While Monday might have had some unexpected curveballs that could have thrown us for a loop, surprising incidents today could put a smile on our face. Things seem to be easy sledding on this Wednesday with exciting news or events arising. If we could be open to whatever as we start this Wednesday, we might be privy to thrilling incidents. As the day progresses, we can look to deal with some of our obligations that we may have put aside in order to enjoy the Christmas holiday. The year is winding down, and we may wish to address certain matters prior to the end of the year and before we enter 2019. The second half of this Wednesday would be a good time for us to bring closure to outstanding matters with an intention to consider our resolutions for the new year. Old and new can be engaged today, the old in completions, the new in contemplations.

Thursday, December 27th – Too Much to the Point of Overwhelm – Saturn, Venus, Pluto, Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury. Thursday calls for us to strategize our day before heading out. The Virgo Moon today ratchets up the energy. We have the Moon trine both Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn, and the Moon sextile Venus. Taking the time to plan our trajectory and drawing upon a trusted confidante’s objective advice could go a long way towards making this Thursday a highly effective and productive day. Failing to consider our priorities, or failing to take into account time management abilities or failing to slow things down could wind up having us racing around in a topsy-turvy manner. While we have the good news of possibly utilizing due diligence and focus in planning our day, the bad news would be the Lunar T-Square with the Moon opposing Neptune, and the Moon squaring both Mercury and Jupiter both in Sagittarius. This Thursday then might prove that ‘more is less’ as we try to take on too much with the result of us not being particularly effective at doing any one thing. Like a dog chasing its tail, we might wind up going around in circles. This day is one of those either / or days. Either we can deal with outstanding issues one-by-one or we could spend the day spinning our wheels. There are times when taking things step-by-step is far more effective than trying to take on the whole enchilada and then some. This Thursday is one of those days.

Friday, December 28th – Time Out – Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Pluto. Friday brings closure to the week and begins the New Year festivities, as we look to engage a long holiday weekend. We start the day with the Virgo Moon opposed Mars. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost four hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before the Moon moves into Libra later in the day. Venus sextiles Pluto. We could be in high intensity mode as we start this Friday. Although proper planning with prioritization would have been a saving grace yesterday, we might have fallen prey to trying to accomplish too much. We sense the year winding down, and we know there are certain matters we wish to complete before we cross the threshold into 2019. But the tendency and liability may have been the sense of ‘just one more thing’, and we could bring that sentiment into this Friday. Again, the precaution is raised either of trying to do too much or of doing more without engaging due diligence. We may be scurrying around, tying up loose ends and bringing things to something of a conclusion as we start the day. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Virgo to enter Libra. We are moving into the weekend and may wish special time with a special friend or loved one. There can be feelings of deep connection with someone, a soulful connection, and one that makes us heart-warmed and appreciative of the special person and the special people in our life.

Saturday, December 29th – Unfinished Business – Sun, Saturn, Jupiter. Saturday has the Libra Moon square both the Sun and Saturn both in Capricorn, and the Moon sextile Jupiter. Nagging concerns of outstanding matters may have us stepping away from weekend festivities to take care of unresolved issues. We might have responsibilities to address, but we are not looking for them to put a damper on our weekend plans. The more we can accomplish early in the day, the more we can take time later in the day to step off the track and enjoy ourselves. Let’s keep in mind that we are about to enter a new year. We don’t want to bring old baggage into our new year, so it would be wise for us to deal with unresolved issues and not leave any unfinished business behind. Even if we would prefer to put certain tasks on the back burner, this is a day to take care of pressing demands and then enjoy ourselves later in the day.

Sunday, December 30th – There’s always One More Thing – Mercury, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus. Sunday continues with the Libra Moon with the Moon today sextile Mercury and the Moon triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon square Pluto and the Moon opposed Uranus. Although we might be made aware of ways to enlarge our operations and increase our activities, now is a better time for closure than for new beginnings. We can make our resolutions for the new year, but implementations are better served as we come into 2019. We might not wish to deal with old issues and pressing demands, but it would be wiser now to focus on completions and conclusions rather than new startups. The New Year always suggests the promise of better times ahead. Why would we want to be weighed down by unresolved matters that could actually prove an influence, even toxic, to anything we begin in the new year? This is a day for ‘out with the old’ but not quite ready for ‘in with the new’.