November 5th – 11th, 2018

The astrology for this week of November 5th through the 11th of 2018 can add greater luster and exuberance to the lifting of our spirits that we may have felt thanks to last week’s two Sign changes.

This week gives us two more Sign changes as Uranus retrogrades back into Aries for its last fling of its seven-year transit of the Cardinal Fire Sign, and Jupiter exits Scorpio to enter its own Sign of Sagittarius.

While we haven’t had much Fire since the second week of September, this energy shifted last week with Mercury entering Sagittarius and is stoked by Uranus and Jupiter moving into Fire Signs this week.

The week begins with us interested in what is going on with other people. Our compassion can be surely engaged and we are likely to be desirous of change. What we need to realize during this paradigm shift is that change is a constant, continuous twists and turns, many of which are unanticipated and largely unexpected. For many of us, we may feel as though we have entered the Fun House with sloping floors, altered walls and jagged ceilings. Trying to maintain balance during these times can be a gargantuan task but best engaged by having a sense of bemusement at human foibles and at the foibles of our own.

Mid-week gives us the Scorpio New Moon in the second decanate of Scorpio [Pisces] and the Sun Moon conjunction trine Neptune in Pisces, Neptune being the Ruler of Pisces. Our spiritual nature may be heightened but so too could a sense of savior or victim. Our emotions can be ratcheted up significantly, and we have to be wary of either entering a pity party or lording over the rest of humankind. This is a time and a two-week period when we can let our light shine no matter how vast the realm of darkness might seem.

The latter part of the week could have us feeling on cloud nine, feeling upbeat, confident and probably a great deal thankful in the US that the midterm elections are finally over. Is anyone happy with the results? Or will we find something, anything, to grouse about?

Before we come to the weekend, we may choose to go off on a lark, step away from our normal routine, remove the blinders, draw upon peripheral vision and get out of town, whether we do so literally or figuratively. The end of the week would be a good time for us to draw upon the philosophical and acknowledge the sentiment that ‘things work out in the end’.

The weekend allows us to take a breather, gather our energy and engage with those people with whom we share like sentiments. After we have recharged our batteries, we can close out the weekend feeling revitalized and better able to focus on our personal goals and what is truly important for us to pursue.

Monday, November 5th – Birds of a Feather – Pluto, Mars. Monday begins the week with the Moon continuing its transit of Libra with the Libra Moon square Pluto and late in the day the Moon trine Mars. It’s the day before the mid-term elections in the US, and we might be fully aware of how heated and divided our country has become with the polarizations and political correctness being like a razor’s edge. Few people want to hear anything other than the affirmations of their own convictions, and this Monday with heightened elections fever can bear witness to this fact. Discussions about the state of the world could easily set someone off, and it would be wise to keep one’s political thoughts under wraps. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or someone somewhere else, discussions today could trigger major pushbacks and sometimes from unlikely sources. With people’s conscious attention or subconscious distraction being on tomorrow’s election, this Monday can be slow going as far as getting things done and being productive. We may be able to deal with the basic necessities of our routine but advancing forward today could seem too heavily tinged with various unknowns. Let’s do what we need to do today and let our goals wait for better times. The evening hours might allow for better-greased wheels in regard to our future developments. The annoying political ads, the stack of political mailers and even people’s vehemence may die down with the recognition that the election is pretty much a fait accompli save for the final votes tomorrow and the results tomorrow night and on Wednesday. If we need support or encouragement today, it would be wise to seek out someone or those people who are on a similar wavelength. Drawing upon someone who disagrees with our beliefs would be like poking the bear with similar nasty results.

Tuesday, November 6th – Seeking Light in Darkness – Venus, Moon Void-of-Course, Uranus, Saturn, Sun, Neptune, Uranus Aries. Tuesday, the mid-terms Election Day in the US , begins with the Libra Moon conjunct Venus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost five hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before the Moon enters Scorpio where today the Moon opposes Uranus, right before Uranus exits Taurus to retrograde back into Aries, and the Scorpio Moon sextiles Saturn. We might choose to enlist the camaraderie of those special people in our life. With many people having frayed nerves from the state of the world, more the world-at-large possibly than their own personal world, we could seek refuge and comfort with those folk we are especially in synch with. Change is in the air. We might have felt it last week with the Sign changes of Mercury entering Sagittarius and Venus retrograding back into its own Sign of Libra. This sense of change may be heightened by Uranus retrograding back into Aries today and by Jupiter entering its own Sign of Sagittarius on Thursday. Although we often feel prey to the vagaries of these times, and these times speak to dramatic and sudden changes, we can also recognize that our own personal journey is not determined by the world-at-large, no matter its influence or its impact, as much by our own personal choices, some of which could be as simple as our attitude — the proverbial sense of seeing the half glass of water as either half empty or as half full. No matter how much of an Eeyore we might be, there is a lightening going on, a more upbeat attitude, and a greater positivity on the horizon. This is a day for us to affirm, similar to the smallest flashback, that the light does dispel the darkness.

Wednesday, November 7th – Alternate Realities – Neptune, Scorpio New Moon, Sun, Pluto. Wednesday gives us the Scorpio New Moon with the Sun Moon conjunction in orb of a trine to Neptune and a sextile to Pluto. After all the ooh-haa of the US midterm elections, the votes have been cast and the new Congress decided. Perhaps we can breathe a sigh of relief that much of the posturing could be over. But to borrow from Yogi Berra: ‘it ain’t over ‘til it’s over’, and the election campaigns seem to segue from one to another with little time, if any, in between. There will be people disappointed by the results, as we saw with the 2016 presidential election, when those discouraged by the results decided it was best to resist. Fortunately, no matter how engaged we might get with each election cycle, we can also distance ourselves from all the bickering and haranguing and detach ourselves from the hurly burly to concentrate on our own personal realm. This day and its imprint on the next two weeks allows us to get back to our own reality and focus on the truly meaningful in our lives. Our sense that there is something more beyond the mere mundane activities of our daily life can instill a greater sense of our spiritual being. Our compassion may be engaged and our desire to be a shining light to other people might have us sharing our feelings and offering perspectives other than those presented by general consensus. This is a day when people could be looking at situations from various facets, from understanding that things do eventually work out in the end no matter the bizarre twists and turns in the interim, to an appreciation that there is a natural unfolding that occurs in a most unexpected manner as we move further into the paradigm shift of asequential reality. Some people may rail against what they perceive to be going on with a sense of being victimized by others. Let’s remember, and always keep in mind, that according to Buddhism reality is an illusion. We can engage our illusions about life, make judgments about the state of affairs, but in truth our opinions truly do not matter as life unfolds in its own organic manner. These next two weeks offer us the energy configurations to go within, meditate on our journey, and consider what our life purpose is truly all about.

Thursday, November 8th – Lighten Up – Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Jupiter, Jupiter Sagittarius. Thursday begins with the Scorpio Moon square Mars. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for eight hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before the Moon enters Sagittarius where today the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, which today has Jupiter exiting its year-long transit of Scorpio to enter it year-long transit of its own Sign, Sagittarius. Anger and frustration could bubble up late on Wednesday, early Thursday, especially if we feel that our future plans are being blocked or frustrated by the macro environment or by our own lack of necessary resources. No matter how intense the flailing about might be, this Thursday can’t help but lighten up things, offer greater enthusiasm, confidence and exuberance. Thursday is the day of Jupiter, and we have Jupiter highlighted not only by its day, or by the Moon moving into Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, but also by Jupiter moving into Sagittarius and the Sagittarius Moon conjuncting Jupiter. Increasing optimism might prove contagious. There can be a strong ‘feel good’ disposition with the sense that ‘happy days are here again’. While the tenor of this day, and to some large degree the next twelve months, is expansionary, expansion is great, as long as it is moderated, and doesn’t spill over into excess. We can become highly philosophical, take a longer view of things, and consider the larger implications of everything that is going on. Today is a good day to consider how we shall be choosing to spread our wings, since we are moving into a wing-spreading phase of life.

Friday, November 9th – High Hopes – Mercury, Neptune, Venus, Mars. Friday has the Sagittarius Moon conjunct Mercury, and the Moon square Neptune. Venus trines Mars. We can be upbeat today and talking about all the neat things we intend to do. Where a problem could arise is our lack of thinking things through. This is one of those days when we might be operating on a ‘wing and a prayer’ with blind faith and the assumption that it’s all good. We may have some high hopes for ourselves and not only for today but for the foreseeable future. Our interactions with other people can be fun get-togethers with much chatter and conviviality. There’s nothing like a mutual admiration society, but we might consider being cautious about being egged on or egging on someone regarding high flying prospects with a tendency to run with them without considering the how, the why or the unforeseen consequences. If we could get out of town, we are likely to do so. Certainly, our thoughts and our interests are far afield. Our work may suffer since due diligence is liable to be lacking. While confidence and optimism are far better than pessimism and depression, let’s recognize that we could be over the top. Reining in irrational exuberance might be difficult and disheartening but the alternative could have us running away with ourselves to where and to what only heaven knows.

Saturday, November 10th – All Friends Together – Venus, Mars, Uranus. Saturday has the Moon finishing its transit of Sagittarius with the Moon today sextile Venus in Libra, the Moon sextile Mars in Aquarius and the Moon trine Uranus in Aries. Late Saturday, the Moon exits Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. This Saturday can be a highly pleasant day spent in creative pursuits with that special someone or with good friends. We are looking to enjoy ourselves, and we are willing to do so by impulsive and spontaneous moves. This is a day when the world may seem a fascinating and magical place. The more we can be open to the possibilities, embrace the awe and wonder of childhood, the more surprising events can open to us. This is not a day to sit still, but rather a day to be out and about. No itinerary is necessary, only the thrill of being in motion and letting he day unfold as it will. One of the great things about doing new and exciting things is the opportunity to discover different aspects about ourselves and about other people that we just have not been aware of. This Saturday can be a day of discovery — discovering new elements to our own being, new facets to someone else, new interests we might wish to pursue, and new activities to engage. Late in the day, the Moon exits Sagittarius to enter Capricorn. Let’s step off the track today and take the path less traveled.

Sunday, November 11th – Reinvigorated and Back at It – Saturn, Sun, Pluto. Sunday has the Capricorn Moon with the Moon today conjunct Saturn. The Sun sextiles Pluto. There are times when we need to recharge, refresh and reinvigorate. Thursday afternoon through Saturday offered us the opportunity to do so, thanks to the Sagittarian influences and especially with Jupiter now transiting through Sagittarius. If we had followed the suggestion, then yesterday might have been a rather magical time of ‘good times with good friends’. There could have been a taste of magic and mini-miracles in the air if we took the time to look up, step out and allow ourselves to be ‘in the flow’. Whether we took advantage of the energies of the past few days or were merely carried along, we all got some sort of transfusion. Today may have us back focused on what we need to do, our responsibilities and our obligations. Although we often think of Saturday as the day to do our weekend errands and the usual minutiae of our lives that we cannot accomplish during the week, hopefully we put our ‘to do’ list on the counter and instead used yesterday to catch the wind and ride the air currents wherever they may have taken us. This Sunday allows us to get back on track, serious with what we need to get done. This is a good day for us to bulk up our intentions, prioritize our activities, and focus on the truly essential in our lives. It would be wise to keep in mind that later next week we are moving into the last of the year’s Mercury retrogrades, so it would be wise to accomplish the especially important situations we wish to address before we come to next weekend. We can make our list today, check it twice, and deem a best practices strategy to move ahead. Even if we would prefer to laze about and continue riding the wind of the past three days, life is about cycles and that cycle has ended for the time being and the cycle of getting things done is now upon us. Time management and expeditious means would allow us to get more done in a shorter period of time than usual. We just have to appreciate the transfusion of energy the past few days have given us and use it as high octane to deal with what we need and want to get done.