October 29th – November 4th, 2018

The astrology for this week of October 29th through November 4th of 2018 provides a lightening up from some of the intensity we might all have felt over the past few weeks.

The seas may not part and the clouds might not totally lift, but this week offers a more upbeat quality and a more compatible approach in our dealings with other people. We could feel as if we have clambered out from under a rock and stared in relief at the sunlight.

The week starts with us dealing with our responsibilities but also offering comfort and sustenance to those in need. We may feel inspired to straighten up our home environment and add greater warmth to our personal sanctuary.

We might still have the sense that the world outside our own haven is an unwelcoming and roiling mess. Although internally we may feel stronger and more confident about our prospects, it would be wise for us to be discerning and selective with what and with whom we engage. Things may not be the way they appear. It is essential that we employ two of the keywords of these times: awareness and mindfulness.

We can advance our interests and progress with our plans, all the while maintaining vigilance with an appreciation that things can shift and change suddenly and dramatically as we go through the twists and turns indicative of this paradigm shift, the transformation of our being, the transformations in our society.

The mid-part of the week could experience some interesting and unexpected encounters. We have two Sign shifts mid-week ending the vehemence of the Scorpio Stellium as Mercury exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius and Venus retrogrades out of Scorpio to enter its own Sign of Libra. The Scorpio Stellium hath ended, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

We are likely to be breezy in our communications with a gift of gab but the chatter liable to be unfocused, overly optimistic and tending toward the glib. Mercury is in Detriment in Sagittarius, where our thoughts may be wide-ranging with a tendency to discuss many varied topics but without much depth to our consideration. We may place stronger emphasis upon wishful thinking than due diligence or analytical reasoning

Venus coming back into its own Sign of Libra, although still retrograde, could have us more considerate of other people, less jealous or holding back. Our relationships may have been rather testy over the past six weeks with a liability of either fully engaging passionately or cutting off people at the knees.

During this month of October, showing a repeat of many historic cycles, the equity markets have been bludgeoned with the US equity markets’ component of the Dow dropping some 2000 points, virtually an almost 10% drop that puts it in line with a market correction.

The shifts in these two planetary positions might alleviate the downward facing dog of the markets, although one has to question whether equity markets are manipulated with the slogan of the gambling world ‘the house always wins’.

While Halloween might provide us more treats than tricks, the energy shift can be somewhat disruptive and unbalancing.

We are ready to put our personal mark upon the world towards the end of the week, but due diligence is called for.

The end of the week and the early part of the weekend provide us the energy to straighten things up, clear things out and be more attentive to the specifics of our daily living.

We end the weekend seeking out good times with a good friend.

This week allows for a dramatic shift in the energies and the ability to lift off a shroud from us so that we can spread our wings and soar.

Monday, October 29th – First Things First – Saturn, Lunar Grand Trine, Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter. Monday begins the week with the Moon continuing its transit of its own Sign, Cancer. Today, the Cancer Moon opposes Saturn and the Moon triggers a Water Grand Trine as the Moon trines the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces. Mercury conjuncts Jupiter. Although we might have to address our routine obligations as we start this day, our comforting nature may have us going above and beyond in our helping out. Our compassion is engaged, and we are more than willing to have empathy for someone’s plight with a willingness to participate in helping them out and making the world a better place. We can be feeling upbeat and willing to stretch ourselves beyond our usual parameters. We might decide to make our home and personal environments welcoming sanctuaries to our family and extended family. While we might go about things quietly today, our spirit and essence are fully engaged. Whether by our actions or by our words, we can lift other people up and suggest the silver linings to any dark clouds they are facing. This is a day to give and to take the welcoming embrace of the goodness so abundant in our world and in our lives.

Tuesday, October 30th – On a Roll with Bumps in the Way – Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Venus. Tuesday continues with our ‘feel good’ disposition. The Cancer Moon opposes Pluto, and the Moon trines both Jupiter and Mercury both in Scorpio. Late in the day, the Moon enters Leo where tonight the Leo Moon triggers a Fixed Sign T-Square with the Moon square Uranus in Taurus and the Moon square Venus in Scorpio. We may be feeling on top of the world as we begin this Tuesday with a sense that whatever we want to achieve we can easily do so. Things always seem far easier in concept than in the practical accomplishment, and this might prove true today. Obligations may impose upon us, but we are more than willing to do whatever it takes no matter the obstacles in our way. The latter part of the day could thwart our great intentions. We do have to be cost conscious, for we might assume that money will ease our way. Spending our way out of a situation, or throwing money at a situation, could leave us down a hole we dig for ourselves but that we might be unable to get out from. Let’s not allow false optimism or overconfidence get the better of us. We could easily advance certain projects with the assumption that it will all work out in the end the way we want it to. Irrational exuberance can be a lethal flaw. Being aware of what the parameters are and accounting for unexpected variables and the law of unintended consequences may keep us focused, have us using due diligence and thereby our avoiding costly mistakes.

Wednesday, October 31st – Treat or a Trick – Sun, Venus, Uranus, Mercury Sagittarius, Venus Libra. Today is Halloween and although there might be a trick or two to this day, the energy shifts today provide us more of treats than tricks. The Leo Moon squares the Sun and Venus opposes Uranus just prior to Venus retrograding out of Scorpio and moving back into Libra. Mercury exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. The exit of these two planets from Scorpio ends the power pack in Scorpio, lessening the intensity and lightening up things. Although Mercury moving into Sagittarius has Mercury moving into a Sign of its Detriment where Mercury is not all that comfortable, the Venus shift moves Venus from a Sign of its Detriment, where Venus is not comfortable, into Libra a Sign that Venus rules. Late on Tuesday, early on Wednesday, there can be one more snap and a relationship issue. We might not be able to leave well enough alone and might go for the jugular before we become more collaborative and accepting of other people’s foibles. Although we can feel blocked early in the day, even unappreciated or under appreciated, early on, as the day progresses we are less likely to allow slight aggravations to get under our skin. We are likely to be feeling better about things and our relationships. More lighthearted and more upbeat, we could have a sense that a lot of the anger and frustration we may have felt or experienced in recent weeks can begin to melt away.

Thursday, November 1st – Running on Empty – Lunar T-Square, Mars, Jupiter. Thursday has the Leo Moon triggering a Fixed Sign T-Square as the Moon opposes Mars early in the day and the Moon squares Jupiter towards the end of the day. Although we could have experienced a second wind as a result of yesterday’s two planetary Sign shifts, we might feel blocked in our personal endeavors today. It would be wise for us to check whether we have gotten a little too self-absorbed, too concentrated on our own personal needs, all the while that we have given short shrift to what is going on with someone else. While someone can provide us an objective perspective on our plans, we are liable to have blinders on, unwilling to countenance any opinion other than our own. By refusing advice or suggestions, we could be like wrong way Corrigan, heading off in one intended direction but possibly going the entirely opposite way. Our pride could get in the way today and that can prove a costly error. It would be wise for us to be open to the suggestions and options that a different viewpoint might offer. If we hold tight with what we want to do and the way we want to do it without a detached critique, it could prove a costly mistake with us doing more or spending more than necessary and possibly even winding up with us creating a mess for ourselves.

Friday, November 2nd – Head in the Game – Venus, Lunar Grand Trine, Uranus, Saturn, Mercury, Sun. No matter how much we might have veered off course over the past few days, we can get back on track today. We begin the day in the early morning hours with the Moon completing its transit of Leo and as it does so the Moon sextiles Venus. The Moon then moves into Virgo where today the Moon squares Mercury, the Moon sextiles the Sun and the Moon triggers an Earth Grand Trine with the Virgo Moon trine Uranus in Taurus and the Moon trine Saturn in Capricorn. This is a day when we can be highly productive. We have our eye on the ball and able to draw upon the innovative and our own experience to move things ahead effectively. Not only can we be incredibly practical, working with streamlined methods to take care of the necessary details all the while that we have our long-term goals in mind. Our sensitivity is also highly acute with a strong intuitive insight. It is far better for us to draw upon how we feel about things than drawing solely upon empirical reasoning. Let’s keep in mind that these times speak to things happening in most unusual ways, the magic and mini-miracles that give lie to sequential happenings. Little could get by us today, for we have our head in the game, able to work with peripheral vision to see any unexpected situations arising and coming out of left field, and our sense of things and what is truly going on can be spot on.

Saturday, November 3rd – Fine Tuning – Neptune, Pluto. Saturday continues with the Moon in Virgo with the Moon today opposed Neptune and the Moon trine Pluto. Either we can be totally focused to do what needs to get done, or we could feel completely overwhelmed by everything we need to do. The former attitude would be a far better approach than the latter. Planning and prioritizing would go a long way to our feeling accomplished and checking off many items on our ‘to do’ list. Time management skills are called for today. We need not rush the river, jump the gun or storm out the door to try and do as much as possible today. On the contrary, this day might be slow starting with us thinking before engaging, looking at what we wish to achieve today before leaping at anything and everything. Making our plans and setting our priorities would allow us to check off more accomplishments than just racing forward helter-skelter. Once we get the rhythm and the pace of our day, we can pick up speed without negating any significant detail. This Saturday could be one of those days when we are participating in doing our errands and taking care of mundane affairs that we haven’t been able to accomplish before now.

Sunday, November 4th – Fall Back – Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury. Sunday begins with the Virgo Moon sextile Jupiter. The Moon then moves into Libra where today the Moon squares Saturn and the Moon sextiles Mercury. Late Saturday, early Sunday we might put finishing touches to some of our projects and to the straightening up we might have accomplished over the past two days. This Sunday in the US ends daylight savings time as we turn the clocks back and fall back for an extra hour of sleep. The downside to the time shift may be that although the morning hours will be brighter, the sun sets earlier in the afternoon with increasing darkness until the Winter Solstice. Our day could have us getting together with someone. We have to keep aware of the time change in order not to show up late for our planned engagement. Even if we would prefer to cancel out on a pre-arranged social occasion just to luxuriate at home, the event could be highly enjoyable and might stretch our mind. As the day progresses, we are likely to feel upbeat, wanting to spread our wings and looking for any excuse to step out of our familiar patterns. This could be a day to soar with the eagles and enjoy the participation with a special someone[s].