September 17th – 23rd, 2018

The astrology for this week of September 17th through the 23rd of 2018 brings us to the official ending of the summer season and the official beginning of autumn with intense, impetuous accelerations to spin out of summer only to be slowed down as we enter autumn.

Although the past weekend may have been highly productive and a time when we could have brilliantly strategized our plans to accomplish long-term goals, we begin this week with the hope that we can move assertively ahead on greased wheels. Unfortunately, we might feel as though we’re on a runaway train at the beginning of the week with a tendency to force things and forge ahead with an expectation that everything will go right. While we have the energy, enthusiasm and even itinerary in hand to advance quickly, unexpected factors could trip us up. We have to be especially careful that we don’t go off the rails by our haste or by neglecting unanticipated variables that we refuse to acknowledge.

The idea of slowing our momentum is suggested, but we might be too enchanted by possibilities and alternatives that we lose sight of the present conditions and immediate circumstances.

As the week progresses, our critical analytical thinking can improve and we could figure things out.

The end of the week and the weekend has both Mercury and then the Sun exiting Virgo to enter Libra and the beginning of the autumn season. With the two Virgo-transiting planets exiting the Mutable Earth Sign, there is a closure to the Earth Grand Trine that has gone on for the past four weeks.

Monday, September 17th – Thoughts into Action – Uranus, Saturn, Venus. We might have used this past weekend to figure things out and to plan our next steps in advancing our long-term goals. We begin this week with the Moon entering Capricorn and with the Moon today trine Uranus, the Moon conjunct Saturn, and the Moon sextile Venus. This is a day when we can initiate new projects or incorporate new means to accomplish our goals. Even if we start down new trajectories on this Monday, we could find that old or routine matters are calling for our attention. We could start this Monday with a burst of energy, only to feel the brakes being applied. Similar to life itself, there are times when we wish to move forward only to find that we have to go back and deal with certain matters before we can truly advance into our future. This Monday may be one of those days when we might start off developing new interests only to find that certain affairs need to be resolved before we can advance unhindered. The sense of start and stop might not be our favorite behavior pattern but it does allow us an opportunity to fine tune, tweak and rework before speeding headlong into our future. We don’t want to be encumbered by old issues, so let’s deal with what we need to complete and then feel free to progress with new intentions.

Tuesday, September 18th – No Stopping Us Now – Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter, Mars, Uranus. Tuesday can be a paradoxical day, but also a day when some of the start stop of yesterday may unleash a flurry of activity. We continue with the Moon in Capricorn with the Moon today sextile Neptune, the Moon conjunct Pluto, and the Moon sextile Jupiter. Mars squares Uranus. Although this day calls for us to take things step by step, trusting our instincts and confident in our abilities, we might be more impulsive in our actions. Feeling like nothing can stop us, we are likely to forge ahead but do so impetuously. This is a day when we might have a well-planned strategy in mind. Whether we adhere to our schedule or not, we can be more interested in the spontaneous and even a belief that we can determine the unfolding of things according to our will. We could be highly willful on this Tuesday and that could prove a grave problem. This is a day when our rushing ahead could prove the case of ‘haste makes waste’. We could be highly accident prone today with a tendency to try and force issues and try to achieve more in a shorter period of time than reasonably possible. If we could harness the energy today, then we could use a well-considered schedule to accomplish a great deal. The main thing is to prioritize our activities and then not to run away with ourselves. We might want to do what we want to do in whatever way we choose to do it, but planning and implementing a well-considered strategy would be far more effective than just rushing around willy-nilly.

Wednesday, September 19th – Back on Board – Mercury, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course, Uranus. Wednesday begins with the Moon completing its transit of Capricorn and trining both Mercury and Sun both of which are finishing their transit of Virgo. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for six and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Capricorn and before the Moon enters Aquarius later in the day to square Uranus. As long as we didn’t stub our toes yesterday, this day can be a highly effective and productive day. We can get a great deal done, especially in dealing with the small particulars in our daily life. Completion is a key factor for us today. We can bring various matters to closure and it would be wise to do so before we lose the Earth Grand Trine later this week as both Mercury and then the Sun exit Virgo to enter Libra. As Wednesday progresses, the energy dies down before the Moon enters Aquarius late in the day to square Uranus. With us betwixt and between the two seasons of summer and autumn, we might also feel betwixt and between our familiar, ordinary life and exciting new prospects we might engage in our future. Going back and forth between our routine and our desires could provide some wild swings. What we need to be cautious about is any tendency to invest too much into potentialities and lose sight of our regular tasks. As the saying goes: “the grass is always greener on the other side”. Let’s avoid any discontent with our set of circumstances. That doesn’t mean we negate our hopes and wishes, but it does mean that we need to tend to our obligations while we lay down the slats on the suspension bridge for us to get to the other side and into our future.

Thursday, September 20th – Making Do – Mars, Venus, Sun, Mercury. The Moon in Aquarius today conjuncts Mars and the Moon squares Venus. The Sun conjuncts Mercury. Although we all have blessings and many of us have abundance of good things in our lives, these times call for us to be wise stewards of our resources. Awareness and mindfulness are essential ingredients to counter the senses of entitlement that have become rampant in our society. The belief that we should all have what we want and virtually gratis is wrong thinking and a prescription for disaster in the days ahead when dislocations and disruptions to stability can become rampant. A push pull between betting the ranch by putting in all our chips and conserving our resources by enlisting innovative means is a tug of war that we might have already encountered and that we are likely to encounter in the days ahead. These times, and especially this week, when we have push pulls between the old and the new and our choices of how to venture forward provide us the testing grounds to develop our skill set for any more significantly challenging days ahead. Today, we may want to leap ahead, but it would be wise for us to engage our due diligence, consider the short-term implications and the long-term ramifications with an appreciation of the law of unintended consequences with unexpected situations arising as we move forward before we take any giant leaps. Like the saying cautions us we need to ‘look before we leap’.

Friday, September 21st – More of This and of That – Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury Libra. The Aquarius Moon squares Jupiter today before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over nineteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aquarius and before the Moon enters Pisces on Saturday morning. Mercury exits its own Sign of Virgo to enter Libra. This is a day when we may choose to be extravagant. With autumn fast approaching, beginning tomorrow, we might decide to add some autumnal decorations to our home or shop for our autumn wardrobe. A shopping excursion today can prove costly unless we maintain budget in mind. Easy access to finances by means of credit cards, ATMs, Apple Pay, Alipay and other forms of fast easy money provide a convenient way of paying for stuff without fully realizing its impact on our financial situation. With a greater interest in that special person or the special people in our life we can choose get-togethers for lunch or dinner. With this being the end of the Summer season, we might embrace an early Friday getaway whereby we put everything on hold come the lunch hour to enjoy an extended longer weekend. Increasingly, we are likely to become less critical and less adamant in our opinions and better able to see various sides to any question — what a refreshing shift from building the ramparts and storming the barricades.

Saturday, September 22nd – Finding the Balance, Maintaining Equilibrium – Uranus, Saturn, Autumn Equinox, Sun Libra. The Pisces Moon today sextiles Uranus in Taurus and the Moon sextiles Saturn in Capricorn. Towards the end of the day, the Sun exits Virgo at the Autumn Equinox and the Sun enters Libra. As it does so, the Sun ends the Earth Grand Trine that has gone for the past four weeks, a time when we could have been highly productive so long as we maintained focus. This is a day when we can blend old and new. We needn’t have a push pull between old and new but rather draw upon the expertise of our experience while considering new trajectories or new approaches to our routine matters. Feeling things out, sensing things from our inner knowing may prove far more reliable than merely analytical reasoning, for the games have changed, the rules have changed during this time of paradigm shift when we are moving away from sequential linear reality and moving towards asequential reality whereby things can happen in a most random and unexpected manner, the magic and mini-miracles of these times.

Sunday, September 23rd – Brain and Brawn Together – Venus, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury, Saturn, Mars. The Moon continues its transit of Pisces with the Moon today trine Venus, the Moon conjunct Neptune, and the Moon sextile Pluto. Mercury squares Saturn, and Mercury trines Mars. This Sunday can have us moody and emotional and liable to have difficulty fully expressing our feelings. We may be obligated to do something for someone and could feel imposed upon, but it would be wise for us to do what needs to be done or what we have committed to without grousing or whining about it. Relationships are often a question of a balancing act, balancing one’s personal needs with the needs of someone else. Even if we feel obligated to do something for someone today, let’s do it without feeling victim to our past commitment. We might find that the involvement is far easier and more pleasant than we imagined it would be. There is a strong sensitivity today. We could be like a dry sponge taking to water, soaking up the vibes of the environment and people around us. Getting down by the water, having a spiritual connection, and allowing ourselves to be receptive to things around us, all the while filtering out any static, can make this a highly pleasant day. Towards the end of the day, interactions end on an upbeat and energized note, even if some of the discussions earlier in the day took us on a meandering trip down Memory Lane. Let’s be aware that our emotions are heightened not merely by the energies of this day but also by our moving towards tomorrow’s Full Moon.