August 13th – 19th, 2018

The astrology for this week of August 13th through the 19th of 2018 gives us the last week of the Mercury retrograde and preparations to get back on track of our familiar and routine.

For many people, this week is the start of the school year with school openings and orientations. And the energy supports the idea of putting things in order, closing out our summer engagements and tying up various loose ends.

The week begins with us highly motivated and productive. Priorities are set and we are looking at how we can best accomplish our goals.

Interactions with other people early in the week can provide a solid sounding board for some of our ideas and enjoyment of the camaraderie.

Towards the latter part of the week, we might be engaged in paring down, ridding ourselves of the extraneous as we concentrate on the truly significant.

During this week, let’s keep in mind that we are finishing up the three-week Mercury retrograde cycle. Any reworking and tweaking of our creative projects are best accomplished now, especially with the idea of cutting back on the superfluous to focus on the substance and essence of our expression.

The weekend may have us spreading our wings, giving thought to traveling out of town and grabbing for some of the summer gusto before the summer is gone and but a trace memory of what could have been.

The weekend comes to closure with Mercury turning direct on Sunday. Although we can celebrate the end of this Mercury retrograde, which may have proven a doozy for more than one of us, let’s keep in mind that in switching direction and in switching gears, things could get convoluted with delays, frustrations and missteps. Let’s watch our step, go slow and be mindful of the conditions around us.

Monday, August 13th – Up and At ‘Em – Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto. Monday gives us the Moon in Virgo with the Moon today sextile Jupiter, the Moon opposed Neptune and the Moon trine Pluto. No matter what our plans might be for this week, we could be fast out of bed and ready to take on the world. For some people, today is the start of the school year or the beginning of school orientations. Even if we have no connection whatsoever to school involvements, there can be something in the air that draws us to a recognition that the time is nigh for us to get back into our familiar routine. We may have a lot on our plate, or we might put a lot on our plate, as we start the week. It would be wise for us to plan our schedule, prioritize our activities and keep in mind that we are still under the Mercury retrograde. Forethought and strategic consideration of our day would prevent us from spinning our wheels and allow us to use our time management skills to be highly productive and effective. We might accomplish a great deal today if we stay focused and not be distracted by exciting distractions.

Tuesday, August 14th – For Another Day – Mars, Saturn, Venus, Mercury. Late on Monday and early on Tuesday morning, the Virgo Moon trines Mars before the Moon moves into Libra where today the Moon squares Saturn, the Moon conjuncts Venus, and the Moon sextiles Mercury. If we left something undone yesterday, we can tie it up on this Tuesday morning. We may feel somewhat blocked or constrained by what we need to do. Rather than whining and moaning about our responsibilities, let’s expeditiously do what needs to get done in the morning hours. We might dread certain reconnections today, but we could be pleasantly surprised by the outcome of our encounters. After any initial pullback into unresolved matters to be resolved, the energy shifts dramatically with the Moon in Libra conjunct Venus and the Moon sextile Mercury. A get-together with a friend or colleague can be a warm and inspiring time. One of our great joys in this life journey is meeting with remarkable people that we engage along the way. This Tuesday can be an especially pleasant time and might serve as a well-deserved ‘time out’ when we can step away from our obligations and take the time to luxuriate in conversation and the beauty of our natural surroundings. Attitude and disposition often define our appearance and our sense of well-being, and today could have us feeling as though we are walking on cloud 9 as someone we share time with both encourages us and inspires us. This is a day for us to stop and smell the flowers and fully appreciate the blessings in our daily lives.

Wednesday, August 15th – Fun and Games – Pluto, Sun. Tuesday and Wednesday may have us in a tug of war between the obligations of our routine life and the creative ventures of our self-expressions. Similar to yesterday when we had a push pull between our responsibilities and our desire for fun times, this Wednesday can have our responsibilities beckoning us, all the while that we wish to participate in pleasurable activities. Today, the Libra Moon squares Pluto and the Moon sextiles the Sun. On both Tuesday and Wednesday, the morning hours call for us to attend to our tasks, deal with our responsibilities and tie up loose ends in order to avoid tripping over our obligations. If we take care of business early on these two days, then the latter part of both days can be pleasant excursions into summertime fun activities or allow us time to engage our creative projects. Our routine life can be calling us to get back on track, but it does not necessitate our closing the door on enjoyable summertime activities. Balancing the two may seem like a juggling act but may prove only to be a question of effective time management.

Thursday, August 16th – Dose of Reality – Mars, Uranus, Saturn. The early morning hours has the Moon in Libra conclude its squares to the Capricorn-transiting planets as the Moon today squares Mars. The Moon then goes into Scorpio where today the Moon opposes Uranus and the Moon sextiles Saturn. The obligations that might have dampened the past two days end on this Thursday with our tying up our obligations and dealing with what needs to get done. If we have effectively managed our time, then we might have been able to both take care of our responsibilities and enjoy some quality time with good friends. Thursday allows us to look at our engagements and see how we can pare down some of our involvements. Thursday and Friday allow us to focus our lives on the truly significant. We may be doing some clearing up and cleaning out today. We might also be looking at our recent expenditures and take a cold, hard look at our finances. While we could have had some impulse purchases over the summer period, we can get a handle on our budget and our financial picture. This is a good day for us to step back into reality, to step away from needless expenses, and to create a new template for the routine year ahead. We might still have the tendency to buy something on impulse, and we could easily justify it as a necessary cost. Should we go there, let’s just keep our receipts in case of buyer’s remorse sobering us up later.

Friday, August 17th – All This And More – Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto. None of us like to feel constricted or constrained. We far prefer to toss off any feeling of shackles with a sense of being able to do what we want, the way that we want it and often with little regard to the costs involved. Friday could be one of those days when we are not willing to be held back and instead are looking to spread our wings. All in the morning today, the Scorpio Moon squares Mercury, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, and the Moon trines Neptune. Late in the day, the Moon sextiles Pluto. The day may start with us choosing to do whatever we wish to do, even when our common sense indicates that our choice might not be the right choice. We’re not as interested in listening to reason or heeding our own cautionary inner voice as we are doing what we want with little regard to the costs involved. Before we start the day, it would be wise for us to have our schedule in mind and a rein on our finances. We could easily get carried away by our desires and by our fantasies. Unfortunately, reality may have little hold on us. No matter what we do early in the day, we could get a better grip on our actions later in the day. Even if we make a mess for ourselves and of our situation early in the day, we can clean up our messes later in the day. The extremes of excess might take a hold on us early in the day, only to have us pare down our involvements later in the day. No judgment, but the less the wide swings of the metronome of our lives, the better able we shall be to maintain balance and a sense of equilibrium.

Saturday, August 18th – Little Help From A Friend – Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus. Saturday begins with the Scorpio Moon square the Sun, and the Moon sextile Mars. The Moon then exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. Mercury sextiles Venus. We may have various errands to do, and the more we accomplish early in the day, the more likely we can spread our wings, soar with the eagles and broaden our reach in the second half of the day. Someone can show their appreciation for us, and we might find ourselves in the company of a mutual admiration society. Social engagements can be fun and inspiring and self-affirming. No one is likely to criticize one another but rather gain assistance from each other. We might have the feeling that we are all in this together and could be supportive of each other’s efforts, especially our personal creative ventures. Let’s keep in mind that Mercury is about to turn direct early on Sunday morning, and we know what that entails. Things can get convoluted with missteps, misdirection and a sense of things going strangely awry.

Sunday, August 19th – Faith Restored, Faith Renewed – Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury direct. Can we call out a ‘hallelujah’? Late on Saturday, early on Sunday, Mercury ends its three-week retrograde cycle and turns direct. With the change in direction, we can start to straighten out any of the areas of our life that might have gone squirrely over the past three weeks. While we can now move in the right direction thanks to Mercury going direct, it’s wise to keep in mind that whenever Mercury is changing direction there is a ramp up of the ‘misses’ – misdirection, misstep, misunderstanding and all the other misses that indicate liable screw-ups. We shall be in the Mercury retrograde ‘shadow’ until the 1st of September when Mercury reaches the degree in Leo where Mercury initially turned retrograde. There can still be elements of confusion and lack of clarity, but at least we are well underway for smoother sailing. Mercury is turning direct in the second decanate, the Sagittarian decanate, of Leo. It seems fitting that this Sunday continues with the Sagittarius Moon with the Moon today trine Mercury, which has just turned direct, and the Moon sextile Venus, and the Moon square Neptune. The ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter trines Neptune. This Sunday can be a day of clarification, but we do need to move cautiously, be fully aware and mindful both of present circumstances and recent past mistakes. We may feel as though there is a brightening in the skies, a sense that no matter the stumbles along the way recently, that we have a far better grip on things now. Increasingly, we may have a greater sense that things truly do work out in the end and that while our faith in life and its unfolding may have been shaken, our faith in the goodness of life is being restored, our faith being renewed. Oh, happy day! We are ready and well prepared to spread our wings, broaden our reach and expand our activities.