June 11th – 17th, 2018

The astrology for this week of June 11th through the 17th of 2018, the last full week of this Spring season, can have us on our toes as we try to navigate the twists and turns of various changes going on.

The week begins with us nose to grindstone taking care of what needs to get done and creating favorable impressions. We are on the dark side of the Moon prior to Wednesday’s New Moon, so the early part of the week may best be used for conclusions and completions, eliminations and clearing the deck prior to the New Moon with its thrust of energy towards summer gatherings, consideration of options and investigation of alternatives.

Not only do we have the New Moon mid-week, opening the door to a myriad of variables and opportunities, all with our intention of sampling and exploring possibilities.

We also have two Sign changes before we move into the second half of the week. Mercury exits its own Sign of Gemini to enter Cancer on Tuesday, followed shortly after the New Moon on Wednesday with Venus exiting Cancer to enter Leo. Our thoughts may turn to home and family, while a sense of romance in the air can lead to interesting infatuations.

We might experience difficulty with the changes this week as Venus squares Uranus on Thursday triggering a liable relationship upset, and Mercury opposes Saturn on Friday dampening our prospects and delaying our progress.

The weekend can be a fun and lively time. No matter the weather, we want to enjoy ourselves and may look to recreational pursuits and creative expressions.

With the swings this week, it would be wise to keep in mind the admonition: ‘moderation in all things’.

Monday, June 11th – Pleasant Surroundings – Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Venus. Monday begins the week with the Taurus Moon opposed Jupiter, the Moon sextile Neptune, the Moon trine Pluto and the Moon sextile Venus. This day could be a highly productive one, if we would take the time to schedule our activities and budget our resources. The liability to overspending today cannot be discounted all with the justification that we want things to look nice and feel right. We might be feathering our nest today, purchasing certain items to make the happy, safe space of our home both comforting and aesthetically pleasing. Instead of going for the sparkle and the glitter, let’s consider where we can add the most significant details at the least expense. Sometimes, less is more and this Monday might be one of those days. Our presentations today may be appealing and to the point. We can create certain moods and impressions, and all with the sense of rock solid reasoning. This is a day when appearance and substance could blend easily and may be hard to counter. Avoiding excess, we might have everything very much together today.

Tuesday, June 12th – No Jumping the Gun – Mars, Mercury Cancer. The Moon enters Gemini today and later in the day the Moon trines Mars. Mercury exits its own Sign of Gemini to enter Cancer. We are on the dark side of the Moon prior to tomorrow’s New Moon. We may be champing at the bit on this Tuesday, wanting to get on with things and with the determination to be fast out of the gate. All sorts of ideas could be flooding our mind with eager anticipation of setting new projects into motion. Although it might be difficult to restrain our impulse to move aggressively forward with some of our ideas, this day is far better suited to contemplation than implementation. Our thinking could be abstract, various possibilities without considering the specifics, much less the ways to accomplish our goals. A smorgasbord of possibilities is all well and good, but any buffet is best encountered by viewing all the options before filling up our plate. And so it is for this Tuesday. Let’s give thought to the myriad of potential involvements for us without definitively committing to any one thing or a host of things. Mercury moving out of Gemini and into Cancer may change our focus to concentrating on home and family matters. We can give thought to household fix-ups, family gatherings and a stronger sense of compassion for the special people in our life.

Wednesday, June 13th – Limitless Possibilities – Neptune, Gemini New Moon, Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Venus Leo. Wednesday begins with the Gemini Moon square Neptune. We may awaken somewhat dazed as far as what we should do and how we should perform. Confusion could be our starting point as we stare at the kaleidoscope of so many interests we could engage today. The early part of the day might best be served by winnowing down our intentions, culling our mindless diversions, completing certain projects and providing more of a blank slate for the Gemini New Moon to draw upon over the next fortnight. As the day progresses, the Moon conjuncts the Sun at the time of the Gemini New Moon. This New Moon is in the third decanate of Gemini with the Aquarian influence, an influence reinforced in the New Moon signature by Mercury sextile Aquarius-ruling Uranus and by Venus exiting Cancer to enter Leo. This day triggers the next two weeks with a desire on our part to be open and receptive to some of the magic and mini-miracles of the paradigm shift. No longer do we have to feel contained by believing that we are the ones to make things happen. On the contrary, we have the opportunity to open the door to synchronicity, the serendipitous state of being in the right place at the right time where things occur unexpectedly and with little effort on our part. Not only can we garner certain insights and be privy to surprising news. We may also get a bump up in self-confidence with a desire for us to show ourselves at our best with panache as if ‘puttin’ on the Ritz’.

Thursday, June 14th – Overboard – Uranus, Mercury, Saturn, Venus. Thursday has the Moon moving into its own Sign of Cancer with the Moon today sextile Uranus, the Moon conjunct Mercury, and the Moon opposed Saturn. Venus squares Uranus. This is a day when our interests may revolve around home, family, memories and ways by which we can balance and blend old and new. We start the day with a thrust of energy looking in new directions and seeking the means to streamline our regular routine. Our compassion can be engaged and we might find ourselves being counselor and comforter to someone going through a hard time. Let’s provide our support and suggestions but not get entangled in other people’s dramas. We could experience old matters coming back to haunt us. The more detached that we can view the past, the less likely we are to be judgmental or self-critical about things that have gone on. Too much water under the bridge for us to go through self-recriminations. We may easily go overboard on this Thursday, and no matter what we do, we are liable to find ourselves in a scenario of ‘damned if we do, damned if we don’t’. Although yesterday may have given us a thrust of energy and an ability to think outside the box to resolve our own problems and other people’s issues, not everyone is likely to be receptive to our advice or our input. This is a day to tread carefully, especially in regard to our relationship interactions. Someone might feel that we are grandstanding and being too big for our breeches.

Friday, June 15th – Feelings – Lunar Grand Trine, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Saturn. The liability to yesterday and today is proving the old saying that ‘no good deed goes unpunished’. Friday continues with the Cancer Moon with the Moon today triggering a Water Grand Trine as the Moon trines Jupiter in Scorpio and the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces. The Moon opposes Pluto just before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for the next fifteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before the Moon enters Leo early on Saturday morning. Mercury opposes Saturn. Our spiritual sense can be heightened today. Similar to yesterday, our compassion can be engaged. We may want to help, be of assistance with the appreciation that we are all in this earth life muddle together. Collaboration may be called for, unfortunately liable to be resented. We can certainly express our warmth and good feelings towards other people. But it would be wise for us to embrace the sentiment with no concern to its effect or result or consequence. If we have expectations regarding how our good deeds and good intentions are met, we could be sorely disappointed. Let’s be our own loving self without concern as to how our disposition or our actions are received. We also need to be wary of being taken advantage of today. A sense of balance in our giving, and our sensitive nature combined with tough love, would prevent us from taking away someone’s challenges and intruding upon their karma. Life is all about balance and if we fail to maintain balance then the whipsaws can occur with our good nature hitting us in the backside by getting us too fully immersed in someone else’s issues or someone’s resentment for our impeding on their self-determination.

Saturday, June 16th – Spotlight – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Mars, Venus. The Moon moves into Leo where today the Moon conjuncts Venus and the Moon triggers a Fixed Sign T-Square with the Moon square Uranus and the Moon opposed Mars. We might be a little too enamored with ourselves today and if we go there, we could wreak havoc. Our focus may be on having some good times, expressing ourselves and finding creative endeavors in which to participate. Fun might be the keyword for this day and in concept works smoothly and magically. In reality, however, this day could be somewhat frustrating with various starts and stops. If we have plans with other people, there could be a tug-of-war regarding what to do and how to do it. While we may want to grab for all the gusto on this Saturday, we have to be wary of not going too far or moving too fast. Taken with our own talents and abilities, we could become accident-prone, hasty in our actions and wasting our resources. This is a day for us to apply the brakes occasionally, consider our itinerary as we go along and be receptive to other people’s interests. This could be an exciting and exhilarating day. We just have to be aware of unexpected shifts and turns and not forge forward at breakneck speed. We can be standing in the spotlight today but let’s not forget the importance of collaboration.

Sunday, June 17th – All Hail the King – Jupiter, Sun. Sunday is Father’s Day, a day that calls up our connection with our father or the father figures that have come into our life at different moments. It is fitting that the day has the Moon continuing its transit through Leo, the Sign ruled by the Sun and indicative of the father and the archetypal Male energy. In our individual charts, the Sun is representative of our father and our relationship with our father, whether good, bad or indifferent. And that relationship impacts our relationship with Male energy. The Moon today squares Jupiter and the Moon sextiles the Sun to end the day. Whether we engage our father directly or in memory of times past, we might recall those times when the father in our lives was either overly present, pleasantly connected or missing in action. If we had or have complicated relationships with our father, today is a day when angst can come forward. Often we need to go back in order to go forward. There are times when it is essential that we release the ties that bind. The more we can use a detached perspective to reflect on our interactions with our father, the less judgmental and less attached or dependent we shall be to an old pattern, and a pattern that could be inhibitive to our growth and self-development. It would be wise for us to appreciate the fact that we all do the best we can with the skill set and psychological makeup that we come in with for this earth journey. This Sunday apart from ‘honoring’ our father is also a day for us to engage creative pursuits, participate in re-creational activities and feel warmed by the glow of our inner Sun.