May 7th – 13th, 2018

The astrology for this week of May 7th through the 13th of 2018 could prove challenging if we let down our guard, accept things at face value, and make baseless assumptions. This week calls for us to engage due diligence, take a wait-and-see attitude and move cautiously forward.

No rushing the river this week, please.

The week begins in something of a confused state. We may want to be fast out of the starting gate as the week commences, but the liability to pushback could be strong. Let’s be wary of arguments, banging up against impediments in our way and allegiances that might be transitory at best, false at the worst.

If we are not astute, calm and patient, we could rush into situations headstrong and determined but without a clear idea as to the conditions of what we are engaging. Never more has the cautionary warning ‘haste makes waste’ been as evident as we might witness early this week.

Our sights may be on the distant horizon and our future goals, but we could lose sight of what is right in front of us. Let’s keep in mind that every journey, every project, begins with a first step and let’s avoid leaping before we look.

The mid-part of the week can be highly emotional. Our moods may be generally on the upswing with the sense that we might have dodged a bullet or only been grazed at the beginning of the week. It would be important for us not to let down our guard. We can correct any missteps we might have made early in the week, tie up loose ends of outstanding matters and begin again certain projects that got off to a bumpy start.

With the right priorities at the end of the week, we may be able to virtually move mountains with our dogged determination and assertive forcefulness. We can focus both on the grand scale of the big picture and the particulars of the specific details. Nothing is likely to fall between the cracks.

The weekend is Mother’s Day weekend. If we are traveling, it would be wise to add on extra time since there can be unexpected situations to slow us down. While we may be taking a walk down Memory Lane that this weekend often entails, there could be some startling revelations that put a new spin on things.

Monday, May 7th – Who Play the Fool – Venus, Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Neptune. The week begins on this Monday with the Moon in Aquarius and the Moon trine Venus and the Moon square the Sun. Mercury squares Pluto, and Venus squares Neptune. We may have the best of intentions as we start the week, but as the saying goes: ‘the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions’. We cannot discount our own involvement in the liability of this day. Discussions can turn into heated arguments with people unwilling to hear anything other than their own opinion. Receptive listening might not be in the cards as everyone is convinced of their right beliefs and unyielding to entertain any input that is contrary to their understanding. Added to a potential belligerent attitude, relationships could get somewhat squirrely with an attitude that ‘if you’re not with me, you’re against me’. Although this disposition is presently en vogue in our society, it does not make for easy interactions except with those who ‘yes’ us and agree with us. Talk about putting on blinders and being comfortable in our own messes. This is a day when like the age old game ‘button button who’s got the button’, we might be asking ‘who play the fool?’

Tuesday, May 8th – Want It Now – Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Sun. Whether we shot ourselves in the foot yesterday by being obstreperous or felt that we had been used and abused, Tuesday is a day when we might choose to salve any wounds. Even if we got through yesterday unscathed, this Tuesday is a day when like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory we might cry out: “I want it now”. Immediate gratification could know no bounds today. The Aquarius Moon squares Jupiter, and the Moon sextiles both Mercury and Uranus both in Aries. The Sun opposes Jupiter. We could go into excess mode, spending more than appropriate, expanding beyond our capabilities and ratcheting up the balance on our credit cards. Like a kid in a pastry shop, we might be easily attracted to things that put a smile on our face and make us feel good on the short term with aches and pains later on. Bargains today may create buyer’s remorse tomorrow. Let’s allow ourselves some enjoyment without going overboard. Taking the time to savor whatever we choose to engage might prevent us from the mores, wanting more, more, and then still some more.

Wednesday, May 9th – Foresight and Application – Saturn. The first two days of this week could seem over the top. Fortunately, Wednesday tones things down. The Moon in Pisces sextiles Saturn. We can be adept at planning things before engaging, using a well-considered strategy and then proceeding in an orderly and effective manner. We might have to correct missteps of the past two days, but we have the patience and the intuitive sense to consider what pieces fit into what puzzle. This Wednesday can be a highly effective day as long as we go slowly and take things step by step. We may have been in high gear the past two days and even suffered the consequences as a result, but this Wednesday allows us to slow things down and deal with what needs to get done. This day is more effective to completions and tying up loose ends than initiations. Friday and the weekend have a better energy for beginnings. This Wednesday and Thursday are more geared to tweaking and completing.

Thursday, May 10th – Orderly Progression – Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, Sun, Pluto. The volatility of these times is similar to a metronome swinging to extremes until finally finding a balance point. In our daily lives, these extremes can be emotional with swings between irrational exuberance and downright despair until we find a balance point of non-attachment [sometimes uttered as ‘whatever’]. The extremes can also be our modes of activity between forging ahead aggressively by letting the chips fall where they may and total passivity of being solely reactive to situations until we find a rhythm and pace of employing patience and orderly progression. While the earlier days this week could have had us bursting forward and at times without due diligence, Thursday provides the energy for us to be astute, adept and highly effective in our involvements. The Moon continues its transit through Pisces with the Moon today conjunct Neptune, the Moon trine Jupiter, the Moon square Venus, the Moon sextile the Sun, and the Moon sextile Pluto. This is a day when we might have the sense, the inner feeling, that we not only know the right moves. We could also feel confident that we can turn anything that seems a puzzling maze into a well-orchestrated labyrinth that leads to the center and the accomplishment of our goals. The main thing on this Thursday is for us not to be distracted or diverted from focusing on the most significant activities on this day. We may know that we can be highly productive today. We just need to prioritize our engagements and not try to take on too much. We may be highly resourceful using exactly what we need to achieve our results without overdoing or using too much of our resources. Someone might choose to give us advice or suggestions, but it would be wise for us to keep our own counsel and recognize that we truly have the answers to ‘right’ action and ‘right’ direction for ourselves.

Friday, May 11th – Building on Our Strengths – Mars, Sun, Pluto. Whether we initiated projects yesterday or fine tuned some of our involvements, Friday allows us to build upon our greater confidence that we might have felt yesterday. Earlier in the week, our confidence might have been more bluster than reality, akin to the concept that ‘a strong offense is a good defense’. Yesterday, we could have felt a greater recognition and appreciation for our capabilities and our talents — nothing braggadocio, just a realization regarding the experience and the expertise that we bring to our engagements. Friday begins with the Moon finishing its transit of Pisces with the Moon sextile Mars early in the day prior to the Moon moving into Aries. The Sun trines Pluto. We may have lined up our ducks in a row, made proper preparations for a best practices approach to advancing our interests and prioritized our schedule of activities. Friday is a day when we have the wherewithal to engage our passion and determination to forge ahead and put our individual mark upon our various engagements. We may display a strong presence, a solid state of being that can be appealing and commands respect. We are less likely to be coming from ego today, more likely to be expressing our essence. There is no need for us to prove, justify or second guess, for we may feel more ‘in the zone’ and able to get things done, even to the point of virtually moving mountains.

Saturday, May 12th – Hasty Wasty – Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, Mars. Thursday and Friday could have been highly productive days when we might have been productive and successful in our efforts. Saturday might prove a different story. The Aries Moon today squares both Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn. Mercury squares Mars. Responsibilities and commitments can put a damper on our day. We may prefer to do something other than our obligations, but obligations could rule and we might have to just grin and bear it. Where a problem could arise is in our attitude and the acceptance of what we have agreed to do on this Saturday. Let’s keep in mind that this weekend is Mother’s Day weekend. Instead of just doing what we need to do, some of which may be to address errands associated with tomorrow’s Mother’s Day, we could become argumentative, dig in our heels and whine about. In order to address our scheduled plans, we might try to rush through the day in order to save some time for us to do what we want to do. Like the old saying that ‘haste makes waste’, trying to get things done quickly may also lead to our doing them in a perfunctory manner by glossing over significant factors and neglecting certain important details. Either we need to do our commitments right or bow out of them. The alternative attitude might be anger and resentment, which would be evident to all concerned.

Sunday, May 13th – Memories and Insights – Venus, Mars, Uranus, Mercury, Mercury Taurus. Sunday is Mother’s Day, the day we celebrate the woman who brought us into this life on the earth plane. The day begins with the Moon finishing it transit of Aries with the Moon sextile Venus, the Moon square Mars and the Moon conjunct Uranus. Mercury conjuncts Uranus just prior to Mercury moving into Taurus today. With Mercury now in Taurus we have a Mutual Reception highlighting Mercury and Venus as Mercury is now in the Sign ruled by Venus and Venus is transiting Gemini, the Sign ruled by Mercury. As the Moon enters Taurus, the Moon conjuncts Mercury. This day may be a day of gathering with family whether we participate in Mother’s Day celebrations or we reach back to our roots by phone, Skype, text, email or other forms of communication. While everything can be largely upbeat, there can be some interesting twists and turns to the day. Some ‘ah ha’ moments may reveal startling insights, greater understandings of where we have been and where we could be heading. Unexpected situations might happen with a strong sense of serendipity or being in the right place at the right time. If we are traveling today, it would be wise to keep our eyes open, add on extra time and be aware of alternate routes or conveyances. This Sunday may make us aware of the new normal of asequential reality where things occur in a most unexpected manner.