May 14th – 20th, 2018

The astrology for this week of May 14th through the 20th of 2018 opens a whole new world for us to become aware of, a world in which we may become increasingly involved during the spring of 2019 and on into 2026.

Welcome to the Uranus Taurus transit where the new normal could focus on whether we have built upon rock or built upon sand. Our sense of security and stability can be shaken as unexpected changes occur in many varied aspects of our living.

Scary? Doesn’t have to be if we use the next six months as a glimpse into the next seven years. Let’s keep in mind the wise saying that ‘forewarned is forearmed’.

We are never given more than we can handle, and this week is a week when much can be going on. Can we handle it? You bet we can, just like The Little Engine That Could.

We begin the week in a rather docile manner. We are on the dark side of the Moon prior to Tuesday’s New Moon and Tuesday’s entry of Uranus into Taurus.

The Taurus New Moon is a powerful configuration with its influence over the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on the 29th. We can virtually move mountains or at least be able to plant the seeds of our future goals and ambitions in fertile soil. We just have to be wary that we do not waste our resources, that we rein in our enthusiasm and that we utilize due diligence.

The mid-part of the week can prove dicey. Mars exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius and confronts Uranus. The energy configuration intensifies the liabilities to accidents. Keeping aware and mindful would go a long way to preventing bad situations, even if challenging incidents rise up out of nowhere. We have heard of recent air travel incidents with windows blown out in flight and other hazardous conditions with air travel.

Increasingly, we may be made ever more aware of the problems with our infrastructure. The lack of repairs and even basic maintenance could become ever more evident.

The latter part of the week and the weekend could have us tying up loose ends before engaging family celebrations, reunions or other social occasions.

This is a week of major energy shifts, all under the umbrella of the Taurus New Moon. We have Uranus entering Taurus, Mars entering Aquarius, Venus entering Cancer and the Sun entering Gemini to close out the weekend.

Monday, May 14th – Quiet Before – Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter. Monday begins the week with the Taurus Moon trine Saturn, the Moon sextile Neptune and the Moon opposed Jupiter. We are on the dark side of the Moon prior to tomorrow’s Taurus New Moon. We may start this Monday with nose to grindstone, prepared to do whatever needs to get done. We can accomplish a great deal by addressing our responsibilities. This is a day for completions rather than initiations. As the day progresses, we might have certain ideas as to what to do next. We might feel capable to take on more and unwilling to rest on the laurels of our achievements. It would be wise to restrain the impulse of taking on too much, even if we assume that the wind is to our back and that we can easily handle any number of things. If we give thought to what we might do next, let’s write our plans down in pencil with a large eraser rather than carving our intentions in stone. Not only are we on the dark side of the Moon. Various curveballs may be coming our way as a result of Uranus exiting Aries to move into Taurus tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 15th – Through the Looking Glass – Pluto, Taurus New Moon, Sun, Mars, Uranus Taurus. Tuesday is a monumental day, a day when we become ever more aware of the concept that ‘what we see may not be what we get’. The reflection of reality might only be illusory similar to the Hindu concept of the ‘veil of Maya’. The Taurus Moon today trines both Pluto and Mars both in Capricorn. The Moon also conjuncts the Sun at the time of the New Moon. The capper to the day is the exit of Uranus from Aries and its entry into Taurus. This transit of Uranus into Taurus is a brief prelude during this latter part of Spring through the Summer and into the mid-Autumn before Uranus retrogrades back into Aries for a last fiery hurrah and before Uranus enters Taurus again in the Spring of 2019 for its seven year cycling through the Fixed Earth Sign. This day with its impact both on the next fortnight and a brief glimpse into what might be going on for the next seven years is a powerful and significant signature. With an emphasis upon our goals and our ambitions, we can plant the seeds of new projects and give sustenance to our hopes and wishes. What we need to keep in mind is that every journey, every project, every intention has a life of its own and that we are not so much the masters of the unfolding as much as the co-creators with the varied twists and turns that the universe offers up. Uranus entering into Taurus creates a Stellium of three planets in the Fixed Earth Sign as Uranus joins Mercury and the Sun in Taurus. This day begins a time of planting seeds, prioritizing our interests and allowing the natural process of planting, gestation, germination, sprouting, and growing into the full flower of our projects, all with patience to allow things to develop organically, naturally. We do need to keep in mind that stability and security may be far more illusory with strong shifting tides occurring. Let’s make our plans and develop our plans with a recognition and appreciation that our plans may shift and change as we move forward through the process. Late in the day the Moon exits Taurus to enter Gemini.

Wednesday, May 16th – Too Far, Too Fast – Neptune, Mars, Uranus, Mars Aquarius. Wednesday has the Gemini Moon square Neptune. Mars exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius where today Mars squares Uranus that entered Taurus yesterday. As though we had gotten pumped up by yesterday’s solid thrust of energy, this Wednesday could have us acting Quixote-like with us tilting against windmills or forging ahead without focus and without direction. One of the problems of the last seven years as Uranus transited Aries was the liability of narcissism and increased arrogance on everyone’s part. A sense of entitlement and wanting what we wanted when we wanted it and how we wanted it could have seeped into our mindset, attitudes and behavior. This engrained pattern might be evident on this Wednesday. Unfortunately, engaging such a pattern might trigger a severe pushback. Accidents are likely as a result of carelessness and self-absorption today. We have to be careful in what we do and how we do it. As though dealing with a house of cards, one wrong move can topple everything and bring our plans down to nothing. Humility and mindfulness are called for as are respect and awareness of the twists and turns that this day might reveal. We can neither go blindly into the night nor be blinded by the light. If we go too far, too fast on this Wednesday, we are liable to crash. This is a day for us to put on the brakes and not get ahead of ourselves.

Thursday, May 17th – Sound Advice, Appropriate Steps – Venus, Uranus. Thursday continues with the Moon in Gemini with the Moon conjunct Venus today. The Moon then moves into Cancer where today the Moon sextiles Uranus. Whether we banged ourselves up yesterday or were able to skate by without injuring ourselves, this Thursday is a far more placid and more effective day. Yesterday we might have been acting like a bull in a china shop. Today we can be far less aggressive and far more pleasant. We may be open to talking things over with someone, drawing upon their advice based upon their experience and their detached perspective. Instead of racing ahead as we might have done yesterday, we can figure out the right steps whereby we could be hugely successful and accomplish more than our brash and forceful manner might have achieved. Yesterday’s pachinko machine energy of banging about may be replaced by the ease and grace of the Jordan Spieth ninety-foot birdie putt at the 2018 Sony Open. By taking our time, drawing upon sound advice and appreciating the magic of these times, things can fall neatly into place on this Thursday.

Friday, May 18th – Comforts of Home and Family – Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter. Friday has the Cancer Moon sextile Mercury, the Moon opposed Saturn and the Moon triggering a Water Grand Trine as the Cancer Moon trines Neptune in Pisces and the Moon trines Jupiter in Scorpio. Mercury trines Saturn. We may have responsibilities to address and matters to tie up before we come into the weekend. While we might not want to deal with our obligations but would prefer hanging out around home and engaging with family and friends, first things first. We can be highly astute as to how we can accomplish certain matters in a speedy and expeditious manner. Let’s go into hyperdrive to attend to the tasks at hand to start the day. Once we have taken care of outstanding issues, the latter part of the day would then allow us to luxuriate in the comforts of home and the enjoyment of ‘down time’ without feeling anxious by having unresolved situations hanging over us. The more we can clean up and clear out any encumbrances, the more we could have the weekend for home projects, social interactions and just having a good time.

Saturday, May 19th – Feathering the Nest – Pluto, Sun, Uranus, Mars, Venus, Venus Cancer. Saturday could have us involved in springtime home projects from plantings to summer preparations to sprucing up our environment. The Moon continues its transit through Cancer with the Moon today opposed Pluto and the Moon sextile the Sun. Later in the day, the Moon exits Cancer to move into Leo where in the evening hours the Moon triggers a Fixed Sign T-Square with the Moon square Uranus in Taurus and the Moon opposed Mars in Aquarius. Cancer exits Gemini to enter Cancer where today the Cancer Venus sextiles Uranus. Straightening things up around our home environment and adding a little spice or variety to our living space may be part of our Saturday agenda. We are more concerned with creating a comfortable and inviting home where we feel nurtured and where we can welcome people into a warm and happy space. Once we secure our home base with slight twists to our décor or adjusting the functional use of space, we could participate in fun events in the evening hours. We may have plans or commitments for the evening hours, but it would be wise for us to tone things down and not try to do too much or be too impetuous in what we might engage. There could be some unexpected twists and turns in the evening, and we have to be cautious in our actions to avoid accidents or exaggerated expenses.

Sunday, May 20th – Banging and Crashing – Mercury, Jupiter, Sun Gemini. Yesterday had the Moon triggering a Fixed Sign T-Square, and today the Leo Moon triggers another Fixed Sign T-Square with different players as the Leo Moon squares Mercury in Taurus and the Moon squares Jupiter in Scorpio. The Sun exits Taurus to enter Gemini. Sunday is a day when we might determine to ‘go for the gold’ and seek out any number of fun activities. We do have to be wary that in doing so we are not merely going for the gold but rather that we are spending a great deal of gold and monies in our enjoyment of pleasurable events. There can be a liability for us to feel that enough is never enough especially with the Sun moving into Gemini. We are entering a period of juggling ever more, sampling all sorts of things and more engaged with variety than the routine of habitual engagements. To avoid excess and overwhelm, it would be wise for us to create a budget for ourselves and plan out our expenditures in terms of monies, time and commitments.