April 16th – 22nd, 2018

The astrology for this week of April 16th through the 22nd of 2018 brings us various changes with some of the changes feeling like a bungee cord of flying out into space only to be snapped back to grounded reality.

We are under the influence of this past Sunday’s Aries New Moon with a strong Uranus quality, and we have come off the three-week Mercury retrograde as of this past Sunday morning. We might feel as if it’s full steam ahead, but just as we move forward assertively, we may have occasions of snap back. Let’s just be certain that any snap back doesn’t hit us on the backside or trip us up.

Although we may be raring to get into our springtime activities, we are likely to take things step by step, looking where we are stepping in order to avoid stepping in it. It would be important for us to be astute as to where we place our energies and also marshal our resources so as not to overpay or be overly indulgent.

The mid-week period has Saturn turning retrograde. While the Mercury retrograde could have created misunderstandings, confusion and monkey wrenches in the spokes of our wheels [and I was subject to a double charge on my credit card bill], Saturn retrograde increases the likelihood of delays with consequent frustrations that things seem to take longer than we like.

Later in the week, the Sun exits Aries to enter Taurus. We may be far less impetuous and more willing to take things step by step. We might still be interested in juggling any number of things, but we can be more cognizant of our trajectories with a greater appreciation of taking well-considered measures.

The weekend can have us spending quality time at home or with family. With Pluto turning retrograde, we need to be wary of blasts, implosions and explosions. Old issues not properly dealt with could force us to take care of outstanding matters. This may be a time when we determine whether we have ‘built upon rock or built upon sand’.

Monday, April 16th – Finding Our Pace – Uranus, Saturn. Monday begins the week with the Moon finishing its transit of Aries and with the Aries Moon conjunct Uranus. The Moon then goes into Taurus where today the Moon trines Saturn late in the day. Our sleep state Sunday night, early Monday morning may have been active with thoughts and dreams impelling us to step away from the ‘tried and true’ and launch forward into activities that are far more self-focused and would allow us greater freedom of movement and more passion in our daily affairs. While the thrust of energy can be part of this two-week period, thanks to the impact of yesterday’s Aries New Moon signature, we may find that our impulsiveness tendencies become less of a trigger with us taking the time to evaluate our intentions and consider a best practices approach to develop our plans strategically for successful results. We may awaken on this Monday in full thrust mode, but as the day progresses we could find our pace and engage a more attuned rhythm.

Tuesday, April 17th – Right Actions – Neptune, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Venus, Saturn retrograde. Tuesday is a day when we can achieve successful results. We just have to be wary that we don’t overdo — take on too much, spend too much, or by overly optimistic. The Taurus Moon today sextiles Neptune, the Moon trines both Mars and Pluto both in Capricorn, the Moon opposes Jupiter, and the Moon conjuncts Venus. Venus opposes Jupiter, and Venus trines Pluto. Saturn turns retrograde for its five-month retrograde cycle. This can be a highly productive day. By planning out our schedule and drawing upon the expertise of someone with a detached perspective to our projects, we could virtually move mountains today. It would be wise for us to prioritize our activities, focus on the most significant and not be distracted by over confidence. Things may move forward quickly and effectively today, but the key to accomplishment lies in strategizing and right action. We might be more willing to take things one at a time, but we could also be enamored with our abilities and consequently try to do more than humanly possible. Let’s try to take things from start to finish and not leave a number of different matters unresolved. Saturn turning retrograde today enters a cycle when delays and frustrations could dog us over the spring and summer months.

Wednesday, April 18th – New Dawns Breaking – Mercury, Sun, Uranus. Wednesday has the Moon entering Gemini where today the Moon sextiles Mercury, the planetary ruler of Gemini. The Sun conjuncts Uranus. We may be considering all possibilities, and then some, and especially those prospects that are different from our usual patterns. We are looking to be free, independent, to put our individual mark upon our activities, and may be more interested in the concepts than the steps necessary to realize our intentions. Today is a day when we could have the gift of gab, talking a good game and crowing our own accomplishments. We may feel that the world is our oyster. It’s not bad for us to give thought to a wide palette of prospective engagements as long as we keep in mind that from the many we are likely to narrow down to a selective few. This Wednesday may be more of a broadening time, and a time when we might consider nothing to be impossible, but it would be wise to remember that everything is easier in concept than in actual manifestation. Let’s enjoy this day and the feeling of a greater burst of sunshine within our being.

Thursday, April 19th – Overly Stimulated – Neptune, Sun Taurus. Yesterday might have had us throwing wide the realm of possibilities. Nothing could have seemed too much for us or too far-fetched to accomplish. We can continue in that vein on this Thursday with the Moon continuing its transit of Gemini and the Moon today square Neptune. We could have the liability today of following illusions and delusions. We might be easily deceived by what we want to hear or what we want to see rather than the hard cold reality of what is. On both Wednesday and Thursday of this week we need to engage braking action. We can allow ourselves flights of fancy without making long-term commitments of time or money. What we see might not be what we get. Due diligence is called for and a conservative approach to our engagements. Earlier in the day, we could be anywhere and everywhere with a liability towards confusions. Late in the day, the Sun exits Aries to enter Taurus and ends the Stellium of three planets in Aries, a powerpack in the Cardinal Fire Sign that has gone on for the past six weeks. The impetuousness of early Spring could be tempered by taking a more patient, step-by-step approach. From the impulse of new directions we may move into greater seed planting of our intended new trajectories — from concept into manifestation.

Friday, April 20th – Straightening Up – Uranus, Sun, Mercury. Friday begins with the Moon finishing its transit of Gemini with the Moon sextile Uranus. The Moon then goes into Cancer where today the Moon sextiles the Sun and later in the day the Moon squares Mercury. We may awaken with a spring in our step. We have ideas as to what we might want to do in the future with the recognition that we may not be there now but that we can get there at some point down the road. We could realize that we need to do first things first, and one of the first things we might be looking at is straightening things up, clearing things out and readying ourselves for springtime planting, no matter what the seeds may be. This Friday can be an exciting day when we commit to putting down roots of new projects and determine that we need to secure our base of operations before launching forward. As the day progresses, we are liable to have commitments that seem more like obligations than what we might truly want to do. There are times when we have to do what we have to do and it is far better for us to engage our obligations without whining and grousing about it. An attitude of accepting our commitments gracefully would prevent us from exhausting ourselves or shooting ourselves in the foot. As the Nike slogan reminds us: ‘Just do it’.

Saturday, April 21st – Smooth and Soft Beats Hard and Tough – Saturn, Mars, Pluto, Lunar Grand Trine, Neptune, Jupiter. Saturday can prove to be a paradoxical day, and the way it turns out is dependent upon the way we choose to play it. The Cancer Moon today opposes the three Capricorn-transiting planets of Saturn, Mars and Pluto. The Cancer Moon today also triggers a Water Grand Trine with the Moon trine Neptune in Pisces and the Moon trine Jupiter in Scorpio. We may have made certain commitments or have certain obligations on this Saturday, and there can be a push-pull between what we feel we want and what we have said we would do. The interesting thing about this day, and often one of the ‘ah-has’ in our life experience, is the reality that there are times when the things we really don’t want to do turn out to be or open the door to some of the best things we could ever have imagined. This Saturday could be like one of those days. There can be some interesting opportunities to this day and opportunities that might arise from dreaded responsibilities. This is a day for us not to force anything but rather to go ‘with the flow’. If we are sensitive to what is around us and don’t dig in our heels, we could experience some heart-warming incidents and feel spiritually nurtured by our involvements. As the wise saying goes: ‘life’s too mysterious, don’t take it serious’. This is a day to lighten up, let go of expectations and be open to receive. There can some surprising goodies to this Saturday.

Sunday, April 22nd – Don’t Mess with Mother – Venus, Uranus, Sun, Pluto retrograde. This Sunday is Earth Day, although what once was Earth Day has morphed into April being Earth month. But isn’t every day Earth Day for those of us who spend our time on the Earth? Sunday begins with the Moon finishing its transit of Cancer with the Moon today sextile Venus and the Moon square Uranus. The Moon then exits Cancer to enter Leo where today the Leo Moon squares the Sun. The more significant energy configuration to this day is Pluto turning retrograde. Whenever Pluto turns direction, whether from direct to retrograde or retrograde to direct motion, the energy is ratcheted up with expressions of explosions, bomb blasts, people acting out, volcanic eruptions, major storm systems and / or earthquake activity. In other words, this day can have a major release of energy. Being Earth Day, we might be made more aware of the force of nature and may be reminded that it is best if we not mess with Mother Earth. For so long, humanity has assumed that it could do whatever it wanted to do based upon its own desires and intentions with little regard of the dynamics of the Earth and minimal understanding of natural law. Every now and then, universal law steps up and makes humanity take notice and reminds us that things go swimmingly when we are in synch with the natural flow and can be quite disastrous when we are conflicted with natural law. Today is a good day to reclaim our reverence for our Mother Earth and the dynamics of natural law and with the appreciation of the paradigm shift with us moving from sequential reality where things go from beginning through the middle to the end and a nice wrapped up conclusion and with us moving into asequential reality where life unfolds in a non-linear form and focuses on process rather than completion with so-called random happenings that open the way to perceived magic and mini-miracles.