March 5th – 11th 2018

No matter what the weather might indicate, the astrology for this week of March 5th through the 11th can have us with a spring in our step and a sense that the season of renewal and renaissance – Spring – is soon upon us.

We start the week separating what we wish to engage in the days ahead from what we want to be rid of. We could be shifting our wardrobe in our closet, putting aside our winter clothes and bringing forward our spring ensemble.

This week sees a dramatic shift in energy, going from a strong emphasis on Pisces into a strong focus on Aries. We may feel betwixt and between the winter season and the spring season. In astrological terms, we are ending an annual cycle and about to enter a new annual cycle that begins with the Vernal Equinox on the 20th. Before we get there, we have strong indications of the impending Spring season.

Tuesday of this week sees Mercury and Venus both changing Signs, as both exit Pisces to enter Aries. We move from a Stellium of four planets in Pisces to a Stellium of three planets in the Cardinal Fire Sign as Mercury and Venus join Uranus in Aries.

We could be champing at the bit in the mid-week period, wanting to get on with things, wishing to put our individual mark upon our own projects. Let’s avoid our rush to initiation, for this week also has Jupiter turning retrograde raising the question as to whether we have the resources — time, money, talent — to start new trajectories for ourselves.

We are likely to be in a highly expansionary mood this week, wanting to forge ahead but liable not to consider the parameters or permutations of the changes we choose to make.

If we go impetuously forward, we might find the weekend draws us up short. We may have forgotten some of our responsibilities and obligations that come back to daunt us. We could also choose to step away from things, even if only partially resolved, in order to advance our personal interests and move forward in an impetuous manner. We are likely to be more interested in change and self-determination than considering either the short-term effects or long-term impacts that our impulsive actions might create. Let’s enjoy the thrust of energy we might feel this week but not go blindly headstrong into new directions.

Monday, March 5th – New Day, New Dawn – Uranus, Saturn. The early morning hours of this Monday finishes the Moon’s transit of Libra with the Moon opposed Uranus. The Moon then moves into Scorpio where later on this Monday the Moon sextiles Saturn. No matter what we have done over the weekend, whether accommodation or capitulation to someone else’s interests, we start the week wanting to strike out on a different pathway than what we have been doing and engage a journey that truly appeals to our independence, freedom and autonomy. We might be aware of some of our responsibilities that get in our way of taking new trajectories, and we could find ourselves determining what we need to remove from our lives in order to take advantage of new opportunities. This Monday allows us to tie up loose ends, line up our ducks in a row and concentrate on what is truly significant for us, all the while that we are completing those matters that could get in our way as we move forward. We may want to fully engage our spring season with as few brambles sticking to us as possible. First, we might have to conclude various issues in order to take advantage of initiations during our Spring.

Tuesday, March 6th – The Force IS With Us – Neptune, Sun, Pluto, Mercury Aries, Venus Aries. Tuesday has the Scorpio Moon with the Moon today trine both Neptune and the Sun, and the Moon sextile Pluto. Both Mercury and Venus exit Pisces, ending the Stellium in Pisces and creating a Stellium in Aries as Mercury and Venus join Uranus in the Cardinal Air Sign. This Tuesday is a powerful day. We may feel as though we have gained a second wind. We might feel as though on fire and ready to spring forward in new directions, placing our mark on our personal matters. Instead of rushing aggressively out of the gate on this Tuesday morning, it would be wise for us to take some time, consider where to place our energies and prioritize our activities. We may be feeling ‘Spring fever’ with its push towards impulsive and impetuous actions, but it would be far wiser for us to take some sacred moments of reflection and contemplation before rushing ahead. Having some quiet time could provide us with a deeper understanding, make us more fully aware of what is truly important to us and even provide the intuitive insight as to how best to proceed. Tuesday calls for braking actions and setting our goals in sight. Once we have determined a best practices approach, we can then move courageously ahead with full knowledge that we have done our due diligence and cleverly strategized our itinerary.

Wednesday, March 7th – Expanding Beyond our Parameters – Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Mercury. Wednesday has the Scorpio Moon conjunct Jupiter. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for thirteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before the Moon enters Sagittarius where the Sagittarius Moon on Wednesday evening trines both Venus and Mercury, both of which entered Aries yesterday. This is a day when we may have a quiet optimism, a confidence in our abilities and a willingness to focus on what we need to distance ourselves from in order for us to expand beyond our normal parameters. Let’s tie up loose ends, rid ourselves of extraneous matters in order to have the space for impending initiations. Late in the day we may be ready to launch forward with new projects and in new directions and primarily with the sense of our pioneering with machete in hand and ready to carve our own path.

Thursday, March 8th – Getting a Grip – Neptune, Jupiter retrograde. Thursday continues with the Sagittarius Moon with the Moon today square Neptune. Jupiter turns retrograde. Under the guise that anything is possible, we might start this day looking to expand beyond our daily routine. What we have to avoid is getting lost in space, entertaining even remote possibilities that have little in common with reality or that have any association with our own personality. Before we go off on a lark, it would be wise that we consider our resources. Do we have the time, the money, the talent and the inclination to pursue new involvements that could prove to be like a dog chasing its tail with us going round and round in circles and getting nowhere except exhausting ourselves and diminishing our resources? Today is a good day for us to engage our critical thinking and analyze our situation both in regard to what we are doing presently and what we wish to take on in the future. Let’s not get entangled in bright sparkly situations that seem so good from a distance but could prove exhausting and defeating once we participate in them. Today is a day for us to step away from our frenetic life pace, take some alone time and gauge what we have and what we wish to attain.

Friday, March 9th – With Little Trepidation – Sun, Mars, Uranus. The Sagittarius Moon today squares the Sun, the Moon conjuncts Mars, and the Moon trines Uranus. We start the day a little out of sorts. We may have some grand plans in mind but fearful that what we can achieve in concept might prove far more difficult in reality. Fear and anxiety can be toxic and could even lead to a catatonic state. Even if we go there at the beginning of the day with us questioning our motives and our abilities, we gain something of a second wind late in the day. Even if we were hesitant and tentative to begin this Friday, we may have a burst of energy later in the day, find our courage and garner a sense that we could even slay dragons. Although these are volatile times, with wild whipsaws between emotions, let’s try to maintain a semblance of balance where we don’t fall into despair or get irrationally exuberant, the type of disposition whereby we flip from a freeze point to reckless abandon. Life, and especially living now, is all about moderation in all things. If we swing wildly, eventually we’ll find the balance. Friday may start off sluggish but ratchets up the energy in the evening hours.

Saturday, March 10th – Demands and Obligations – Venus, Mercury, Saturn. The thing about astrology and about life itself is that it’s all about timing. While Wednesday and late Friday could have had us reaching for the high notes and we could have been quite sharp, Saturday might feel and fall a little bit flat. The Moon moves into Capricorn today and the Capricorn Moon squares both Venus and Mercury both in Aries, and the Moon conjuncts Saturn. Our responsibilities and commitments could put a damper on what we might prefer to do. We may feel as though our wings are being clipped with demands being placed upon us. We have an attitude choice, as we always do. Either we can deal with our obligations without grousing about them or we can resentfully deal with what we need to do all the while whining about having our wings clipped. What is important to keep in mind is the truth to the concept that each of us is building a suspension bridge from where we have been to where we want to go. In building this suspension bridge we may have to go back from where we came, deal with past and present tasks, while trying to find time to put energy towards our future goals. The tendency may be to go back and forth before we finish our suspension bridge, get to the other side and can cleanly cut the ties that bind. Our future is developing in our present, whether in conscious mind or in our supraconsciousness. We don’t have to give up our dreams no matter our present reality, but to try and escape the present is to lose the awareness and mindfulness along our journey. Let’s use this Saturday to clean things up and provide clear space for future endeavors.

Sunday, March 11th – Thinking Outside the Box – Neptune, Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Uranus, Sun, Pluto. Sunday continues with the Capricorn Moon with the Moon today sextile Neptune. Mercury squares Saturn, Mars trines Uranus, and the Sun sextiles Pluto. Our sleep state Saturday night and early Sunday morning can be anxious. We might be reflecting on past issues, taking a walk down Memory Lane but with the liability of seeing brambles and impediments rather than butterflies and unicorns. We may awaken Sunday morning with a sense of dread, and feeling like the half glass of water is half empty and emptying. We could have the sense of being blocked even to the extreme liability of the walls closing in on us. Sunday is a day for us to get out of our head and into our body. Physical activity can wipe away the mental cobwebs, give greater reality to a sense of movement, and take us from neutral where we are spinning our wheels into drive. What we have to avoid is trying to escape our doldrums by pushing aggressively ahead without considering direction or itinerary. We can go full force in a new direction, but it would be wise to give some thought to our intentions and to moderate our speed. If we would take the time to prioritize our plans, then we can move swiftly ahead without becoming accident-prone due to our rash actions. This is a paradoxical day, a day when the energies can shift dramatically, and we have already had repeated evidence of these volatile times when our emotions and actions can whipsaw from one extreme to the other. We need not be held back, but neither do we have to go full force in an aggressive and self-defeating manner. Considered assertiveness is positive, rash forcefulness could prove disastrous.