February 26th – March 4th, 2018

The astrology for this week of February 26th through March 4th can be joyous, uplifting and inspired.

The week begins with us feeling highly emotional and wanting the powers-that-be to do something, anything, to calm the turbulent waters and to put action to words. We may still be reeling from the recent tragedies that we have been exposed to with us seeking some semblance of peace and serenity in a highly chaotic world.

As the week progresses, we might realize that we are both the problem and the solution. Our problem may be our tendency to be overly impacted by situations that affect us but affect us only indirectly. Like a dry sponge taking to water, we soak up the goings-on in the world at large and especially those incidents that trigger a sense of powerlessness and victimization. Our solution can be our choice of attitude to the vicissitudes of life, our avoidance of knee-jerk reactions and a willingness to look at situations on a far deeper level than just superficial judgments in order for us to truly comprehend the various factors that contribute to the causations of some of the societal matters that lead to various bizarre actions.

We have the ability to draw upon wise counsel and sage advice from those with a more detached and objective viewpoint. As they assist in the tuning of our perspective, we could become laser-like and able to concentrate intently on the primary and most significant aspects of our projects and involvements. If we stay focused and avoid rushing forward or cutting corners, we can blend foresight, prioritization and a best practices approach to get even the most difficult task done.

The latter part of the week can be upbeat with a tendency for us to look on the bright side of life. We may far prefer the company of those who are enthusiastic and optimistic rather than the hand wringers consumed by negativity. There’s certainly enough to be concerned about in society, but a disposition of anxiety masks all the many blessings in our lives.

The weekend is a time when we might choose quality time with that special someone or those special people in our lives. Or we may decide on some alone time, a spiritual retreat whereby we step away from the material world’s machinations and escape into the reveries of mindfulness and a peaceful meditative state.

Monday, February 26th – Taming the Maddening World – Lunar Grand Trine, Venus, Jupiter, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. Monday begins the week with the Moon completing its transit of Cancer and reveals the paradox of these times. On the one hand, the Cancer Moon triggers a Water Sign Grand Trine as the Moon trines Venus in Pisces and the Moon trines Jupiter in Scorpio. On the other hand, the Moon triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon opposes Pluto and the Moon squares Uranus. Our compassionate, nurturing side may seek to provide solace to someone going through a particularly difficult time. The question of balance between service and self-sacrifice is often a fine line, and one that we might have to address on this Monday. If we allow ourselves to give into our emotions or a sense of ‘there but for the grace of god go I’, we could easily spend the day care taking, facilitating the needs of someone else even possibly to our own detriment. Should we go that route, we might postpone our own pressing demands and neglect our usual responsibilities. This is a day when the push pulls between our spiritual side and our material side may be in play. Instead of push pulls, the proper course of action may be integration of the two whereby we exhibit spirit in matter, equilibrium rather than a metronome of extreme swings. Later in the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost seven hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before the Moon enters Leo late in the day.

Tuesday, February 27th – Real and True – Venus, Pluto. Tuesday has the Leo Moon with the Moon making no aspects to the planets today. Venus sextiles Pluto, to be followed tomorrow by Mercury sextile Pluto. Tuesday is a day for us to draw upon the wise and trusted counsel of a sage confidante. Sometimes, we are too close to our own personal situations to see what is really going on. Someone other than ourselves can often serve as a good sounding board, providing a detached and objective perspective by which we can see more clearly our life path and the significance of the incidents occurring in our life. This Tuesday is one of those days when someone can provide clarity to our personal matters. Not only could we be directed towards the right trajectory. We might also find that someone provides us the specific means by which we can achieve our goals. We are not interested in shallow or superficial connections today. Rather, we are looking to those soul mate connections, contacts with people with whom we resonate on a very deep and intense level. This day can be a highly creative day, a day when we might choose to take center stage, but it would be wise for us not to put on blinders but rather be open to the tweaking and fine tuning that someone could offer us.

Wednesday, February 28th – All This and More – Lunar Grand Trine, Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto. Wednesday is the last day of February and the last day prior to tomorrow’s Virgo Full Moon. This Wednesday continues with the Leo Moon with the Moon today triggering a Fire Grand Trine with the Moon trine Mars in Sagittarius and the Moon trine Uranus in Aries. The Moon squares Jupiter. Mercury squares Mars, and Mercury sextiles Pluto. We could be gung-ho as we start this day, ready to expand our involvements and feeling that all is right in our personal world. We might feel that we can conquer any challenges and be successful at whatever we put our mind to. And there can be a great deal of truth to that sentiment. The key to this day is putting the horse before the cart. Instead of racing ahead as we begin this day, it would be wise for us to plan and strategize what we intend to do on this Wednesday. Our optimism and confidence in ourselves can be overwhelming, and therein lies a possible problem. We may be so enamored with our prospects and our ‘feel good’ attitude that we forge ahead without considering our conditions or the parameters in which we are operating. The liability to this positive energy day is trying to do too much, rushing ahead without planning, and assuming that everything will go our way just because our passion and determination deem it so. Brain needs to be enlisted with brawn to be most effective on this Wednesday. We can virtually move mountains today, but we might consider using a winch than putting the mountain on our back. This is a day for us to work smarter rather than harder.

Thursday, March 1st – Attention to Details – Saturn, Virgo Full Moon, Sun, Neptune, Venus, Jupiter. The Moon enters Virgo on this Thursday, the first day of March. The Virgo Moon trines Saturn and the Moon opposes the Sun and Neptune at the time of the Full Moon. Venus trines Jupiter, followed tomorrow by Mercury trine Jupiter. We can be highly astute as we step into the month of March. While we can blend our intuitive sense with a practical approach, we do have to be wary that we are not falling into some perfectionist strain or are willing to gloss over significant particulars. If we give in to anxiety, then we could find fault with what is going on inside us and be critical of everything around us. Why go there? Fortunately, we might find ourselves in the company of a great admirer and advocate that can help pull us from any sort of self-recrimination. This Thursday can be something of a wrap up day where we put finishing touches on certain matters. By avoiding too much critiquing of our own personal efforts or falling prey to any sense of powerlessness and victimization, this Thursday could be a time when we are highly effective, know exactly what needs to be done and accomplish it without a great deal of effort.

Friday, March 2nd – Sticking to the Path – Pluto, Jupiter, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Mercury, Venus. Friday has the Virgo Moon with the Moon trine Pluto, the Moon sextile Jupiter and the Moon triggering a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon square Mars and the Moon opposed both Mercury and Venus. Mercury trines Jupiter. We may feel that we can handle any number of things on this Friday, and we probably can IF we stick to our itinerary and not get swayed by distractions or by our anxieties. We are likely to be upbeat, optimistic and confident. It would seem as though everything is falling neatly into place. We just have to be wary that we’re not trying to fit too many things into place. Attention to details and staying true to our schedule allow us to accomplish a great deal more than just scurrying about helter-skelter. Our nerves could be a little frayed today with a liability to keeping busy no matter what our involvements might be. More today could prove to be less. Let’s put on the brakes frequently, evaluate where we have been and what we are doing, and focus on the truly significant. This can be a highly productive day if we don’t fall prey to blind faith and an assumption that everything is going our way with no possible pitfalls along the way. There are often challenges along our path and overconfidence could lead us astray.

Saturday, March 3rd – Down Time, Down Town – Saturn. The Moon moves into Libra on this Saturday and the Moon squares Saturn today. After what could have felt over the past few days as a rather wild ride — exciting, exhilarating but even nerve-wracking — this Saturday may be a day when we would like to call ‘time out’. We might prefer to moderate our activities on this Saturday even to the point of just lazing about. Nice concept, but the idea may not work in accord with our committed plans. We can find our obligations determining our course of action on this Saturday. If we have arranged plans with someone for this Saturday, even if we would prefer to just hang out at home, let’s engage our commitments without a whole lot of grumbling and grousing. Today it would be wise to go along to get along. Whatever we have scheduled, let’s try and enjoy our participation. We might be exhausted by the end of the day but we don’t have to moan and whine about our so-called sacrifices. If we take things slowly and not push ourselves through the day, we are less likely to flatline at the end of the day.

Sunday, March 4th – the Spiritual I – Pluto, Mars, Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus. This Sunday allows us to connect with our inner self. The Libra Moon squares Pluto, and the Moon sextiles Mars. The Sun conjuncts Neptune, and Mercury conjuncts Venus. Whether we have plans with someone or other people today, we may wish to step away into our own personal world and enter a realm of spiritual reveries. Our sensitivity can be highly enhanced today. We might feel like a dry sponge taking to water, soaking up the energies around us. Because we may be so highly attuned, it would be wise for us to be mindful as to where we place ourselves and with whom we get together. Our spiritual side can be fully engaged and with a strong degree of compassion and empathy. Let’s just be certain that we take care of ourselves first and that might entail taking walks in nature, quiet moments of reflection, and times spent in meditation. On this Sunday we can go very deep within, an engagement that we often defer due to the hectic pace of our lives and the frenzied activity of the world at large.