February 12th – 18th, 2018

The astrology for this week of February 12th through the 18th is replete with the magic and mini-miracles becoming ever more evident during these times of paradigm shift.

This week is a week when serendipity and the unexpected are in play. We are likely to be far more interested in taking ‘the path less traveled’ than staying on the major freeways.

The week begins stoically enough. We are focused on what needs to get done and even enjoying being accomplished and fitting all the pieces of our daily activities neatly into place. We might have head down, nose to grindstone, but we’re doing it and doing it well.

As the week progresses we may get something of an itch, a desire to take off our blinders, look up and look all around. Our peripheral vision can provide us with some gleaming, exciting situations that seem to come out of the blue. Instead of concentrating on our daily routine, our attention can turn to options, alternatives and possibilities, even to the point of inviting into our lives the mini-miracles and magic that is part of this new paradigm.

Although we could suspend rational judgment and be liable to stretch beyond our limitations, the excitement lies in the unknown and we may find ourselves intrigued by what could be in a perfect world or, at the least, in an altered dimension of our reality.

The mid-week period has the Aquarius New Moon and Solar Eclipse. The Uranus and Aquarian energies are accentuated. People we encounter can provide an interesting mirror whereby we see in our reflection the changes and transformations that we have gone through. Life! What a kick with all its twists and turns that lead us into trajectories that we could have hardly imagined years, months, even days ago.

This is also the time of the Chinese New Year and the celebration of the new year of the yang brown earth dog.

Unconditional love, the beauty of the unique characteristics of the people in our lives and a sense of a brand new world can be strong themes at this time, for the next two weeks and with an influence over the next six months.

We may feel as though we are making a major crossing, that we are stepping across a threshold, leaving much of our past behind and entering a magical mystery tour. If we are attached to past ways and past identities, we could feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, whereby we are coming into a most bizarre time. If, on the contrary, we are excited about the prospects of change, we could welcome the unexpected situations and startling surprises that might come our way.

The end of the week and the weekend can be highly emotional. Our moods can be accentuated, and we might find it hard to get our sea legs during this time of major change. We could feel confused, our movements hesitant, all the while questioning whether our steps are in the right direction or if we’re likely to fall off the edge of the world. We are shifting into a time when letting go of total control over situations is essential and embracing the suggestion ‘let go, let god’.

The weekend sees both Mercury and the Sun exiting Aquarius to enter Pisces, creating a Stellium in the Mutable Water Sign as Mercury and the Sun join Venus and Neptune in Pisces. Let’s engage our faith, no matter how blind our faith might be, and release any feelings of anxiety or fearfulness.

We live in a kaleidoscope of colors, energies and feelings, and we always have the choice as to whether we see things in dark, somber colors or light, sparkly energies. Our attitude regarding how we see things in our life is our choice, always our choice.

Monday, February 12th – Resilient and Expeditious – Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter. Monday begins the week with the Capricorn Moon sextile Neptune in Pisces, the Moon conjunct Pluto and the Moon sextile Jupiter in Scorpio. This Monday can be a highly productive start to our week. We can blend our intuitive understanding with a practical sense to devise a best practices approach to achieve phenomenal results. Before starting off on this Monday, a little quiet time to visualize our intended trajectory today would be advised. Similar to many sporting events where players often visualize plays, moves and outcomes, we can do the same in our preparation for starting out this week. With clarity driving us, we could prioritize our affairs and focus on the truly meaningful. Not only can we be highly effective today, but we might also be incredibly resourceful. No excess for us today. On the contrary, we can cut to the core in the most expeditious manner and with the least effort imaginable. This Monday is a day for us to work smarter rather than harder and be phenomenally effective with the least expenditure. Yes, this Monday could prove to be a phenomenal day.

Tuesday, February 13th – Knocked off Center – Uranus Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun. Today is Fat Tuesday, and hopefully we took care of what we needed to accomplish yesterday. This Tuesday begins with the Capricorn Moon square Uranus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for nine and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Capricorn and before the Moon enters Aquarius. Mercury squares Jupiter and the Sun sextiles Uranus. No matter what our schedule or responsibilities might be, we might find ourselves wishing to run the other way. If demands are placed upon us today, we may address them but do so with an undercurrent of grumbling and growling. We would far prefer to be out and about, doing our own thing and doing so even to the extreme of negating or postponing the drudge work. The next few days might have us more interested in getting together with friends, taking time to explore possibilities, and reenergizing our future plans. We do have to be wary that we don’t assume that everything is going to work out the way we want it to with no input other than hoping and wishing on our part. Astrology and the energy configurations justify stepping off the track, taking times for ourselves and enjoying ourselves, for we are coming to the dark side of the Moon, the waning Moon, prior to the New Moon on Thursday.

Wednesday, February 14th – Reach For the Whatever – Mars. Wednesday continues with the Aquarius Moon with the Moon today sextile Mars. Whatever catches our fancy today, we’re likely to pursue and do so passionately. We don’t want to be hemmed in, but would rather broaden our reach and widen our engagements. This is a day for us to be spontaneous, even impulsive. We could start off without even an itinerary in mind and wind up way, way far afield. We’re not so much interested in the destination as in spreading our wings and soaring with the eagles. If there are certain plans we wish to initiate, this might be the day that we get things going. Let’s not assume that everything is going to fall neatly into place. We may not have devised the means to accomplish our goals. But like any journey, everything begins with a first step. We might be far more interested in running today rather than taking things step by step. Perhaps we just need to let off some steam, appreciate our ability to determine our own times and direction and not be sequestered by either our responsibilities or our expectations. We are more interested in being out and about. The more we can engage the awe and wonder of childhood, the more we could be privy to startling revelations and doors opening to us unexpectedly. Let’s just keep in mind that we’re on the dark side of the Moon prior to tomorrow’s New Moon, which will trigger a major influence for the next two weeks and impact the next six months.

Thursday, February 15th – New Days Dawning – Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, Aquarius New Moon, Sun, Solar Eclipse, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Saturn. This Thursday and its influence over the next few months may feel like we are stepping across the threshold into a whole new dimension. Certainly the impetus for serendipity and synchronicity may be strong and can give us repeated incidents of the paradigm shift with the tendency for things to occur in a non-sequential manner with a myriad of random happenings. The Aquarius Moon today squares Jupiter, the Moon sextiles Uranus and the Moon conjuncts Mercury and the Moon conjuncts the Sun at the Aquarius New Moon, a Solar Eclipse. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for five and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aquarius and before the Moon enters Pisces late in the day. Mercury sextiles Uranus, and Venus sextiles Saturn today. We could have some fascinating ‘ah ha’ moments, those times when the light bulb goes off in our head or is turned on by someone’s conversation. Encounters with other people can be scintillating and may reveal some startling insights from those we know or bumping into fascinating people we don’t know. Magic is afoot, so it would be wise for us to keep our antennae up, our options open and be willing to explore new realms and different possibilities. Let’s keep in mind that we’re crossing the threshold of a paradigm shift and moving from sequential, linear reality into an asequential, non-linear reality where things can occur in the most inexplicable manner.

Friday, February 16th – Bark, Bark, Says the Dog – Saturn, Venus, Mars, Neptune. We are at the start of the Chinese New Year, and this new year being the year of the yang brown earth dog. The dog offers us unconditional love but can also be highly protective, even to the point of aggression against any who would jeopardize safety and security. This Friday has the Pisces Moon sextile Saturn, the Moon square Mars and the Moon conjunct both Venus and Neptune. Our compassion and sensitivity can be fully engaged on this Friday. We could be interested in helping various people and being of service. Let’s avoid spreading ourselves too thin. We could have great intentions today, but unless we plan out our schedule we could experience the push – pulls of someone, perhaps even everyone, wanting a piece of us. With the strong Aquarian and Piscean influences now, we are in the universal phase of the zodiac year. Our idealism and our spirituality could be heightened with a tendency for us to look to see how we can put our spirit into action. While change with a liability to turmoil might be happening, it is essential that we not give in to our fears or anxieties. Now is a time for us to embrace the sentiment that ‘all things work out for the best’.

Saturday, February 17th – Staying Adept – Pluto, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars, Neptune, Sun, Mercury, Mercury Pisces. Saturday continues with the Pisces Moon with the Moon today sextile Pluto and the Moon trine Jupiter. Late in the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost fourteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Pisces and before the Moon enters Aries Sunday morning. Mars squares Neptune, and the Sun conjuncts Mercury just before Mercury exits Aquarius to enter Pisces, triggering a Stellium in the Mutable Water Sign as Mercury joins Venus and Neptune in Pisces. Mercury is in Detriment in Pisces, where Mercury is not comfortable with a liability to diffuse thinking spiced with fears and anxieties. This is a day when we have to be careful, very careful, in how we proceed. Impetuous actions could be fraught with dire consequences. Our emotions can go through extreme whipsaws today and much of the swing based upon hopeless despair to extreme ebullience. This is a day for us to try and keep a handle on our emotions and our actions. As the Chinese proverb, some would call a curse, states: ‘may you live in interesting times’. In deed, we do. These are incredibly dynamic times and times with acute volatility but also times when things may change dramatically and suddenly in a nanosecond.

Sunday, February 18th – On Your Mark, Get Set, Wait – Saturn, Sun Pisces. After a raucous week, highlighted with various unexpected incidents, this Sunday could take the energy down a notch or two. The Moon moves into Aries where today the Moon squares Saturn late in the day. The Sun exits Aquarius to enter Pisces, the last Sign of the Zodiac. With the Sun entering Pisces, preceded by Mercury entering Pisces yesterday, we now have a Stellium of four planets in the Mutable Water Sign as the Sun joins Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Pisces. We may be champing at the bit to get on with things today, and the mind might be willing but the body not necessarily as strong. We might have enjoyed the cavalcade of surprises and mini-miracles we could have encountered this week, but this Sunday could have us slightly exhausted by it all and needing to focus more on our responsibilities, planning to tie up our loose ends, and having to put our new engagements on the back burner. Let’s keep in mind that we are coming to the end of the astrological year with the new astrological year beginning with the Vernal Equinox next month as the Sun exits Pisces and enters Aries. But that is then, this is now, and we are in the last innings of the year. This period may seem karmic when much of this astrological year seems to parade past in our mind’s eye. A good clean out is called for in order to prepare the way for the new and the new astrological year. This Sunday may be best served catching our breath, considering both our past and also the glimmers of our possible futures. No rushing the river for us today, for movement may be more meandering or even still allowing us to consider any impediments in our ways, obligations still needed to be attended to, and the unexpected trajectories we might have become aware of for our future.