January 2018

January 2018 begins with us resolved to draw upon our experience and developed expertise to launch into new directions and engage consideration of all options, all alternatives.

Numerologically, we are moving from the beginning of a nine-year cycle in 2017 [2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1], a one year, into a two year in 2018 [2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2] but also the Master Number of an 11 year. 2018 allows us to embrace the visionary qualities of what could be or on a lower level may have us dependent upon someone or some thing to get us through our life’s ups and downs. It may be hard to live up to a Master Number, but in either case we can incorporate much of this past year’s initiations and self-discoveries to plant the seeds and lay down the foundations of the transformations we have all experienced these past two years [2016 when we completed a nine year cycle with the intention to close certain doors, rid ourselves of the extraneous and prepare ourselves for the new beginnings, and then the initiations and launches in the one year of 2017].

We can start the new year of 2018 in January with determination and commitment, drawing upon but not encumbered by our past. We may feel divinely guided in our steps along the journey with an appreciation that the paths we choose to take are in truth the right paths along our own individual way. There are times when we might not like the landscape or backdrop of our journey but in retrospect we can always come to a recognition of the importance in our life’s events — the good times, the bad times, all leading us to detachment and a balanced approach as indicated in the Buddhist ‘middle way’ and the central pillar in the Judaic mystical system of the kabbalah.

The 1st of January gives us a Super Moon at the time of the Cancer Full Moon. Not only do we have a Super Moon with this Full Moon. The astrological chart of this Full Moon gives us a unique chart pattern — a Kite chart. The Cancer Full Moon opposes three of the four transiting Capricorn Planets [the Sun, Venus and Pluto], while the Cancer Moon also triggers a Water Grand Trine with the Moon trine Neptune in Pisces and the Moon trine Mars and Jupiter both in Scorpio and both trine the Neptune. Neptune in Pisces sextiles some of the Capricorn-transiting planets, as do the Scorpio-transiting planets of Mars and Jupiter.

This Full Moon is a powerful energy configuration and coming as it does on the 1st of the 1st month in 2018, numerologically we are dealing with the Master Number of the Master Builder, the 22 [1 + 1 + 2018 = 2020 = 22]. If we cannot reach for the Master Number, then this first day of the new year would reduce down to a 4, a lot of work.

With so much emphasis on the Earth and Water elements [the feminine elements] to begin this year of 2018, we might see this year to be the year of ‘womb-man’.

Drawing upon the intuitive sense with foresight and determination, the start of this year can give greater impetus to laying down the foundation stones of our future and building upon rock rather than upon sand, transforming old ways into new parameters more resonant with these times.

Mr. Trump has called for a commitment to rebuilding the US infrastructure, perhaps akin to FDR’s WPA [Works Progress Administration, later renamed Works Projects Administration] that put millions of Americans back to work. China has already committed US$1 trillion to its belt and road infrastructure program to reestablish the overland and maritime trade routes to China with some seventy nations agreeing to cooperate in the plan.

Based upon the astrological energies for this year of 2018, the incentive is certainly there for rebuilding, restructuring and drawing upon the most innovative procedures to accomplish what might seem like gargantuan goals.

Each of us during 2018 has the opportunity and ability to restructure our lives — to build solidly upon rock.

The first week of January begins with the Supermoon on the 1st, followed on the 2nd by the Sun sextile Neptune and Uranus turning direct. We may feel a thrust of energy to determine our new year resolutions and to give greater commitment towards accomplishing them.

Neptune is engaged both on the 2nd and 3rd when the Sun sextiles Neptune on the 2nd and Venus sextiles Neptune on the 3rd. We may come to a greater appreciation that in this paradigm shift we do not have to push forcefully our interests. On the contrary, by listening to our inner voice, our inner knowing, and drawing upon the serendipitous moments when clues are provided to us like some magical scavenger hunt, we can fully embrace the concept of ‘being more effective with less expenditure of energy’.

The 6th of January has Mercury trine Uranus and Mars conjunct Jupiter. Surprising news and developments can occur at this time and provide the impetus for us to push forward our interests. We may need to be receptive to those flashes of insight that can provide the pieces to the puzzle. By being zen-like and highly aware, we could draw upon the tai chi moves to accomplish a great deal.

The first week of January 2018 can provide a ‘feel good’ quality, a disposition that continues on into the second week of January.

The 8th of January has both the Sun and Venus sextile Jupiter and Mars sextile Pluto. We can feel upbeat and inspired and looking to put our spirit into action. As if divinely guided, we could accomplish a great deal, a propensity that continues on the 9th when the Sun conjuncts Venus and they both conjunct Pluto and into the 10th with the Sun sextile Mars.

If there were ever a time to move mountains, the 8th through the 10th, would be a time to do so. And the moving of mountains might not necessitate a lot of huffing and puffing, especially if we choose to use a winch and work smarter rather than harder. The 10th is also the day when Mercury comes out of its retrograde ‘shadow’ and comes to the degree at which Mercury had turned retrograde in early December.

While these three days can be incredibly strong days and could prove highly beneficial in establishing the template for our year and for our future, there could also be a downside to these days. With such an intense concentration of energy, the liability to extreme action cannot be discounted. The energy might feel as if it’s too hot to handle with some people acting out or betting the ranch on their plans. We might also witness powerful storm systems and the release of pressure in the geophysical activity of earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

Irrational exuberance without the proper formatting could lead to circling the drain. Let’s take the time to determine a best practices approach, be aware of the specifics involved, evaluate and re-evaluate as we go along, and be determined to lay down solid foundation stones in everything we do now.

The 11th of January has Mercury exiting Sagittarius, a Sign of Detriment for Mercury, where Mercury is uncomfortable and tends to be diffuse. With Mercury entering Capricorn the Capricorn Stellium is enhanced with five planets in the Cardinal Earth Sign as Mercury joins the Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

Just as the 8th to the 10th may have been primo days for us, highly effective and productive, the 13th and 14th might be more difficult with a heaviness, even depression, as we deal with various curveballs and unexpected situations. Mercury conjuncts Saturn and Venus squares Uranus on the 13th, followed by the Sun square Uranus on the 14th. This is a time for us to keep alert and maintain vigilance as things that may have been going smoothly could spin out of control and wreak havoc. We may be startled by the turn of events and need to act suddenly to avoid chaos.

Jupiter sextiles Pluto on the 15th, and we can be resourceful by focusing on our priorities and accomplishing a great deal at minimal cost. We are on the dark side of the Moon prior to the Capricorn New Moon on the 16th, so it might be wise to resolve matters rather than to initiate projects.

The Capricorn New Moon on the 16th imprints the next two weeks up to the Full Moon, another Supermoon and a Lunar Eclipse, on the 31st.

While the weekend of the 13th – 14th could have been dicey, this New Moon configuration replicates the prodigious energy of the 8th to the 10th. We may feel as though our desires for new adventures and different trajectories might have to be put on hold, but a willingness to take care of business can expedite any number of matters and be an incredible boost to accomplish much of our day-in, day-out matters. The Capricorn New Moon in the 3rd decanate of Capricorn [the Virgo decanate] has six planets in Capricorn in sextile to the Jupiter Mars energies in Scorpio but square to the Uranus in Aries. If we are willing to put our head down and focus on our routine tasks, we can be highly effective and impressively productive. We may have to take things step by step, but nothing is likely to fall between the cracks, and we can still by incredibly resourceful.

A shift in energy occurs on the 17th and 19th as both Venus and the Sun exit Capricorn to enter Aquarius, Venus on the 17th, the Sun on the 19th. The Capricorn Stellium is lessened but maintained with Mercury, Saturn and Pluto transiting the Cardinal Earth Sign. The 19th also has Mercury sextile Neptune.

We may have had nose to grindstone during this early part of the new year, but with the Aquarian energies we can raise our eyes to the distant horizon, work with peripheral vision and consider options and alternatives we wish to pursue for our future. Like a horse with blinders being removed, we may see more than what is just in front of us. This period would be a good time to blueprint and plan our itinerary for our steps ahead. Our intuitive sense may be heightened, yet with a very practical approach. Nothing airy, fairy for us but rather drawing upon our attuned instincts to develop and engage a best practices approach.

This best practices approach seems heightened on the 24th and 25th thanks to Mercury conjunct Pluto on the 24th and Mercury sextile Jupiter on the 25th. Our mind is sharp, incisive, able to cut to the core and present things in a most pleasant and appealing manner. Now would be a good time for us to strategize and budget, to prioritize our activities and determine the most effective ways to achieve results.

On the 26th Mars exits Scorpio, a Sign that Mars co-rules with Pluto and where Mars is strong in its passion, persistence and perseverance. Mars enters Sagittarius adding to the Aquarian energies of looking further afield than just right in front of us.

The 28th has my least favorite energy for air travel, Mercury square Uranus. Communications can be off, misunderstanding ratcheted up. We have to be careful with high technology since we might have issues with the Internet and computer backups. This is a time for us to avoid immediate reactions and to be cautious in what we are doing and how we are doing it. There is a liability to being accident-prone under this configuration.

The month of January ends on the 31st with the Leo Full Moon, another Supermoon and a Lunar Eclipse. This is the same day that Mercury exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius. In so doing, Mercury ends the Stellium in Capricorn but creates a Stellium in Aquarius as Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in the Fixed Air Sign. There can be greater emphasis upon our future goals rather than stuck in our present circumstances. We are increasingly looking for venues in which to express our voice and put our personal imprint upon our engagements. As this year could be considered ‘the year of woman’, there can be greater focus on different women’s accomplishments in the creative arts and in social justice involvements.

January 2018… Solid Planting of New Beginnings…