October 30th – November 5th, 2017

The astrology for this week of October 30th through November 5th of 2017 can have us traipsing through extra-worldly dimensions and a world revolving around our personal selves.

We begin the week with a sense of personal destiny. We can be feeling encouraged and emphatic about what we are here to do: our life purpose. We may believe that our life path is an individual one and that we are being divinely guided in the steps we take, even when we might assume that there have been missteps along our way. We can accept the idea that there are no mistakes in our living life, only lessons offered and hopefully learned in the classrooms of earth life.

While we could feel as if we have one foot on the earth plane and the other foot in some ethereal dimension as we begin the week, we can be brought down to earth mid-week with a greater sense of putting our own personal imprint upon our personal world. We may run afoul of societal standards or someone’s expectations, but our need to express our creative self and to march to our own drummer can outweigh any opposition to our intentions.

The energy ramps up as we come to the latter part of the week. Initiations and unexpected directions can have us coming and going. And yet with everything that is going on we seem to keep up the pace without stumbling or losing our rhythm.

A good friend could be quite significant in keeping us on track and encouraging our forward movement.

We have the Taurus Full Moon on Friday – Saturday and this Full Moon has the Virgo influence, so let’s avoid carping or finding fault with someone. Our sensitivity might be turned up, and we do have to be wary that we don’t overly personalize comments or critiques as we come into the weekend. We may prefer to get things done and focus on what we want to do, finding someone to be an unnecessary distraction.

Even if people are harsh early on the weekend, things might lighten up to end the weekend with us more amenable to doing this, doing that and doing something other. Every now and again it’s wise to engage spontaneity and choose to just air out. Sunday is a day for us to chill.

Monday, October 30th – Me and My Guardian Angel – Jupiter, Sun, Neptune. Monday begins the week with the Pisces Moon and with the Moon today trine Jupiter and trine the Sun both in Scorpio and the Moon conjunct Neptune. We can seem to be in seventh heaven as we start the week. Certainly, we might feel as though we are not totally grounded but rather engaged in some other-earthly dimension and experience. We can find ourselves imagining being in some happy place, an idyllic setting where everyone likes us. While we may not be focused on our mundane affairs, traipsing through the ideal and sublime could prove refreshing and a nice interlude from the hurly-burly of our daily earth life experience. This Monday can be a strongly internalized day. We may hold our cards close to our chest, not reveal much of what is going on with us but all the while feeling good, or as was said back in the 1960’s: ‘feeling groovy’. Our emotions can be heightened. While our moods could tend more towards the upbeat and optimistic, our sensitivity is increased and we may be highly susceptible to whatever environment we find ourselves in. This Monday can be a highly pleasant day, a day when we are unlikely to have our feet anywhere close to the ground and instead find ourselves drifting on our sensibilities.

Tuesday, October 31st – Treats Before Tricks – Pluto, Mercury, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course. Tuesday continues with the Pisces Moon with the Moon today sextile Pluto, the Moon trine Mercury and later in the day the Moon square Saturn just before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for nine and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Pisces and before the Moon enters Aries early Wednesday morning. Yesterday could have had us enjoying a romp through la-la-land with us floating through the day with an optimistic or at least a bemused attitude. Tuesday allows us to concentrate our sensitivity, imagination and laser-like vision on practical matters. We can blueprint and strategize a best practices approach to what we need to get done. We can accomplish a great amount on this Tuesday by prioritizing our activities and attending to the most significant. Towards the latter part of the day, we might be thrown off course by the necessary Halloween involvements. Old issues, past connections could get in the way and bring an abrupt halt to our effectively moving things forward. No worries though, for much of this day would seem to be best served by planning and getting ready and taking the first steps in advancing our interests. Tomorrow gives us the Aries Moon, a new Zodiac cycle, and greater energy to pioneer our personal interests.

Wednesday, November 1st – Me or You – Mars. Wednesday is the first day of a new month, November, and also the start of a new lunar cycle as the Moon enters Aries, the beginning of the zodiac cycle. Today, the Moon opposes Mars. After several days of meandering through possibilities and the other-worldly ethereal realm, Wednesday can have us fast out of the starting gate, machete in hand and prepared to slay the dragons. Well, it might not get to that extreme, but we are likely to be pumped and ready to initiate new projects, start things up, and all with our personal imprint upon our activities. The one hiccup to the day is the Aries Moon opposed Mars. Mars rules Aries but finds itself in the uncomfortable position of transiting Libra, a Sign where Mars is uncomfortable with Mars being in Detriment in Libra. We may feel as though we are to be the conductor and engineer of the bullet train we are on, but someone else could make similar demands, wanting to conduct and determine what track and what direction we should be going on. This day calls for collaboration, but we might only reach that point after a tussle of tug-of-war between our own personal interests and the interests of someone else. It would be wise for us to forego the tug-of-war and seek collaboration, or at least the input, of someone else. This day can be energetic, and we could discover that someone can smooth off our rough edges and refine our primal assertions thereby providing us the opportunity to tweak our enthusiasm and present ourselves in a palatable manner that wins the approval and support of our audience.

Thursday, November 2nd – Exhausting Ourselves Tilting at Windmills – Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Venus, Saturn, Uranus. Thursday could be one frenetic day. The Aries Moon squares Pluto to begin the day and the Moon triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon square Pluto early in the day and the Moon opposed Venus late in the day. After all the brouhaha on this Thursday the Moon trines Saturn and the Moon conjuncts Aries to end the day. We may start the day feeling blocked by impediments or having to deal with responsibilities. We could feel as though something or someone has applied the brakes to our forward movement. While we might prefer to be free and clear to do whatever we want and the way we want to do it, let’s hew to the necessary standards and seek the acceptance by other people. No matter how much banging and crashing we might do by our tilting at windmills on this Thursday, we end the day with various pieces fitting neatly into place and with obstacles out of our way so that we can in deed march to our own drummer and do our own thing.

Friday, November 3rd – Reliable Friend, Trusted Advice – Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Sun, Neptune. Friday has the Moon moving into Taurus where today the Moon opposes Jupiter. Venus sextiles Saturn, and the Sun trines Neptune. Late tonight on the West Coast US and early tomorrow elsewhere we have the Taurus Full Moon, but I’ll address that for Saturday. We can put one foot in front of the other on this Friday, but we do have to be wary with our finances. This Friday could have us spending up a storm with little regard to the expense or the impact on our credit card balance. We might connect with a good friend, someone we have known for awhile and someone we trust. They may offer us sound advice regarding what we are doing and our intentions for the future. Our emotions can be strong today with various mood swings. Not only are we feeling the influence of the Full Moon. We may also be influenced by the strong Piscean quality with the Scorpio Sun in the second decanate, the Piscean decanate, of Scorpio and the Sun trine Neptune in Pisces and Neptune being the ruler of Pisces. Let’s be careful about indulgences today. We might seek all the gusto we can grab today, and a good friend might turn out to be our designated driver or at least keep us from banging and crashing about.

Saturday, November 4th – Critical Mass – Neptune, Taurus Full Moon, Sun, Pluto, Venus, Uranus. Early Saturday morning the Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune and the Moon opposes the Sun at the time of the Full Moon. Later on this Saturday the Moon trines Pluto. Venus opposes Uranus. This Saturday can be a day of strange encounters. Whatever we imagine is going on, it would be wise for us to suspend judgment. This is a day when it is best for us to let the dust settle before reaching any conclusions. There can be a liability towards erring on the critical side, and we have to be wary in making definitive decisions when we do not have full information. Although we might bridle at our planned commitments for this Saturday, it would be wise that we suck it up and grin and bear it. Even in the most extraordinary circumstances we might discover a pearl. Let’s keep in mind the analogy of the diamond in the rough, for we could possibly come upon a diamond no matter how rough the conditions.

Sunday, November 5th – Does Anybody Know What Time It Is – Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Mercury Sagittarius. In much of the US, this Sunday ends daylight savings time with us turning the clocks back one hour. From now until the Winter Solstice, the days get darker sooner. It’s often difficult to adjust the body to this one hour shift of time. We tend to feel a little out of step for a few days until we acclimate to the time change. This Sunday seems appropriate for turning the clocks back. The Taurus Moon opposes Mercury early in the day just before the Moon exits Taurus to enter Gemini and before Mercury exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius, a Sign of Mercury’s Detriment where Mercury is uncomfortable. In Gemini, the Moon is in the Sign ruled by Mercury and this Sunday has the Gemini Moon trine Mars and the Moon square Neptune. We might be all over the place on this Sunday and wondering why. Not only may we feel disoriented due to the time change. We could feel discombobulated as to our schedules, our plans and our intentions. We are likely to have a lot on our plate today, so it would be a good idea to plan out the day the night before. That way we have our itinerary in hand, our direction in mind, and are less likely to be caroming between pillar and post.