September 18th – 24th, 2017

The astrology for this week of September 18th through the 24th can have us focused on our work and responsibilities. We may be more in the swing of our routine activities.

The week begins with some surprising developments. We could encounter someone who makes us aware of options about which we had not known. While we might want to pursue new interests, our attention may be more concentrated on what we have to do rather than what we want to do.

Feeling as though we are being bombarded from all sides, we may find ourselves in a world of confusion. Instead of being too hard on ourselves regarding our own or other people’s expectations, let’s try to take some time to figure out what is going on, evaluate our conditions and then blueprint our trajectory. We can be highly astute regarding a best practices approach but we also need to keep in mind both the big picture and the details involved.

The mid-week period gives us both the Virgo New Moon, impacting the next two weeks, and Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Whether we have gotten back on track or not, this mid-week period seems like the starting gate opening up for us to advance our projects with careful attention to the specifics.

The end of the week brings closure to the summer season and brings us into autumn as the Sun exits Virgo to Enter Libra at the Autumn Equinox. Our mind is sharp and clear and we are able to strategize a best practices approach.

The weekend would be a good time for an autumn cleanup, putting away our summer toys, cleaning up around our home and preparing for the fall.

The weekend closes out with a liability to accidents and extreme storm systems. Whether atmospheric or our own emotions, the weekend ends with us acknowledging that ‘when it rains, it pours’.

Monday, September 18th – Finding Our Groove – Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Venus, Uranus. Monday begins the week with us feeling a thrust of energy to get moving on some of our most heartfelt goals. Venus trines Uranus and the Virgo Moon today conjuncts both Mercury and Mars and the Moon opposes Neptune. While we can have our blinders off and see a wide range of fascinating options, it would be wise that we maintain focus on what’s right in front of us. We could draw upon streamlined methodology to get things done, blend our foresight with our practical reasoning and accomplish a great deal. Planning before initiating might keep us from being distracted by unexpected situations that may arise and tempt us from straying off the straight and narrow. Today is better served in dealing with what needs to be done. Get-aways are better considered for another time.

Tuesday, September 19th – Enough Already – Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, Venus Virgo. Tuesday continues with the Virgo Moon with the Moon today trine Pluto and the Moon square Saturn. Mercury opposes Neptune and Venus exits Leo to enter Virgo with Venus adding to the Virgo Stellium as Venus joins the Sun, Mercury and Mars in the Mutable Earth Sign. If we didn’t lose our focus yesterday and were able to accomplish a great deal with some of the minutiae of our lives, then the early part of this day provides a crescendo to a highly productive time. Keeping our eye on the ball can have us achieving certain goals, complete various matters but might leave us somewhat exhausted. It would be important for us not to overly critique our efforts for a perfectionist quality could seep in and make us feel that either we didn’t do enough or we didn’t do it right. The liability to second-guessing ourselves can be heightened and it would be wise that we draw upon someone else for their evaluations of what we have done if we go into a hypercritical mode of our own efforts.

Wednesday, September 20th – All Stops Out – Virgo New Moon, Sun. Wednesday begins with the Virgo New Moon as the Moon conjuncts the Sun and imprints the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on the 5th of October. After the New Moon and later in the morning hours, the Moon enters Libra but makes no connections to the planets today. At Sunset, Rosh Hashanah begins in celebration of the Jewish New Year. With five planets in Virgo at the time of this New Moon and a Mutable T-Square by Sign with Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, our nerves could be quite excitable with our motor running and our intention to do whatever needs to get done. And there lies the catch! Unless we keep our eyes on the ball, we could be swayed by our anxieties, feeling as though there is always more to be done and questioning whether we are addressing the most appropriate issues. Add to our own self-criticism and confusion the trumpeting by media of this concern, that concern, and we could create a world of worry and apprehension for ourselves. We can take care of many matters and present them in an appealing package, but we do have to be wary of nit-picking and finding fault with our own or other people’s efforts. Let’s not exhaust ourselves by letting our imagination run wild or by harping on our own imperfections. Now is a time to embrace the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi and appreciate the perfection of imperfection.

Thursday, September 21st – Banging Up, Straightening Out – Pluto, Saturn. Thursday has the Libra Moon square Pluto and the Moon sextile Saturn. We all know and have experienced the reality to the idea that sometimes our best conceived plans just do not work out. We might feel that way as we start this Thursday. Certain obstacles, or various twists and turns, could have us feeling as though our intense work and efforts are banging up against impenetrable impediments with a fear that like a house of cards our endeavors are likely to all fall down. Astrology, and life itself, teaches us that timing is everything. Even if we find ourselves blocked today, waiting for better timing and maintaining our determination could win the day. Whatever we run up against earlier on this Thursday, we can rectify the situation later in the day and find a way to realize our intended goals. Someone might be a naysayer to our plans but might become our advocate if we persist and persevere. Any delays can be frustrating but they can also temper our enthusiasm and allow us to tweak, rework or do in another manner our plans. This Thursday calls for us to be respectful of the energies, work with the energies and not try to force issues but rather adapt to shifting conditions.

Friday, September 22nd – All This and More – Jupiter, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, Autumn Equinox, Sun Libra. Friday officially ends the summer season and begins autumn as the Sun exits Virgo to enter Libra at the Autumn Equinox. The Moon begins the day finishing its transit of Libra with the Libra Moon conjunct Jupiter and the Moon opposed Uranus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for four and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before the Moon enters Scorpio where today the Scorpio Moon sextiles Venus. Mercury trines Pluto. This Friday can be an action-packed day. We might enjoy the company of someone who suggests plans other than those we were intending. While we might be diverted from our schedule, someone’s suggestions can be exciting and enlivening and make our own plans seem pale in comparison. Let’s enjoy pleasant diversions on this Friday, for we could discover that an upbeat attitude and having some fun can go a long way towards our being highly effective and expeditious in what needs to get done. Nothing is likely to fall between the cracks on this Friday. We can enjoy unexpected encounters and yet be expeditious in what needs to get done before we start the weekend.

Saturday, September 23rd – Clean Up and Clear Out – Mars, Neptune, Pluto. This Saturday would be a good day for an autumn clean up. The Scorpio Moon today sextiles Mars in Virgo, the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces, and the Moon sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. This Saturday allows us to get rid of the extraneous and superfluous. Whether physical stuff or the cobwebs in our mind, we can clear away things that get in our way and concentrate on the truly meaningful. Our intuitive sense can be strong in our inventory taking and we could find things that have out served their usefulness. Clearing away debris provides space of the new and more significant to come into our lives. Let’s keep in mind that the universe abhors a vacuum. By eliminating things from our life, we provide room for things that are more meaningful and more significant to us for where we are presently and where we might be going in the future. Getting lean and mean provides a strengthening as we remove the draining and needless from our lives.

Sunday, September 24th – Banging and Crashing – Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars, Neptune. In the early morning hours, the Scorpio Moon sextiles Mercury. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for twenty and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before the Moon enters Sagittarius as we first enter Monday morning. The main energy configuration of this day is Mars opposed Neptune and raises a major red flag regarding our actions. Unless we take the time to consider our actions, we could have a strong liability to missteps and accidents. This is a day when our tendency would be to leap without looking. Hasty actions could prove to be accident-prone. There can be accidents on the water, and any storm systems could be laden with heavy precipitation. Let’s slow things down, take our time and question each step we take along the way.