August 7th – 13th, 2017

The astrology for this second week of August from August 7th through the 13th can have us on wild swings of moods and feelings as we swing high, swing low.

The week begins with the Aquarius Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse. Talk might seem to be cheap but it could come with a heavy cost. Even the slightest misinterpretation could trigger a nasty blowback. People may be pontificating with opinions that could be totally unfounded and they may be willing to back up their stance with force if necessary. Although there can be a tendency to buy into the old aphorism ‘might makes right’, diplomacy is called for, especially in light of the present lack of clarity, the confusion and the misleading information that is circulating amongst the collective.

The mid-part of the week would be a good time to take a powder and step off into one’s own safe and happy space. Why engage the crazies when one can step away and enjoy the summertime re-creations?

In our search for serenity NOW, we could chance upon kindred spirits and enjoy the pleasantries of those who view life’s half glass of water as half full rather than half empty. Enough with the carping and whining! Let’s concentrate on the beauty and blessings and the gifts of our present.

The weekend can give us a second wind, and we might feel as though we want to start back up and get things going. Nice concept, but the weekend also has the start of Mercury retrograde with this Mercury retrograde going back through Mercury’s own Sign of Virgo. Mercury retrograde is akin to Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’. This Mercury retrograde in Virgo adds the additional warning: ‘the devil is in the details’.

We might want to initiate new endeavors, but it might be wiser to put off our launchings until we come into September, out of the Mercury retrograde. This three-week Mercury retrograde asks us to go back over things, deal with specifics we might have glossed over and tweak certain aspects of our projects. No rushing the river this week or for the next three weeks. Whatever we do, it would be wise to do so with awareness and mindfulness.

Monday, August 7th – Fixated – Mars, Aquarius Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Sun, Jupiter. Monday begins the week with a turbo thrust of energy. The Aquarius Moon opposes Mars and opposes the Sun at the time of the Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse. Later in the day, the Moon trines Jupiter. There can be a lot on our mind on this Monday. We might want to branch out, head off in new directions and all at a rapid pace. If we get something in our head today, it will be hard to shake it. We may feel a call to action, a desire to advance our future endeavors but with a liability of leaping without looking. Someone could prove a wise and savvy counselor, if we would only take the time to listen to someone’s objective perspective. With such a rush to do something, we could easily overlook pitfalls and might even head off in the wrong direction. This Monday calls for braking action, but we might have too much of a head of steam to apply the brakes. If we get swept up into today’s energy, we could be all over the place without accomplishing much.

Tuesday, August 8th – Grounded But Reaching For the Stars – Saturn, Uranus. Monday could have been a high energy day with us trying to do everything and more. Whether we accomplished all that we set out to do or wound up falling flat on our face, Tuesday allows us to put things together in a practical, systematic manner, all the while that we are exploring new options. The Aquarius Moon today sextiles Saturn and the Moon sextiles Uranus. Late in the day, the Moon exits Aquarius to enter Pisces. We can take care of what needs to be done, tie up loose ends of outstanding matters and then look to delve into new activities that seem more resonate with what we might want to do. If we start the day dealing with our responsibilities, we can use the latter part of the day to take the road less traveled and engage in some exciting new interests. This is a day when we could clear things out of our way and then be open to interesting surprises. We don’t have to force anything today. If we start the day putting one foot in front of the other, we may discover that later in the day we are able to jump off the track and discover exciting new trajectories for ourselves.

Wednesday, August 9th – Misty Morning, Dewy Days – Venus, Mercury, Neptune. Wednesday has the Moon in Pisces with the Moon today trine Venus, the Moon opposed Mercury, and the Moon conjunct Neptune. We could start this day slowly, preferring to lounge about in the comforts of home or relaxing wherever we might be. No rushing the river for us on this Wednesday. We can enjoy soft, lilting times this AM, but we are unlikely to push ourselves to do much. Our thoughts and feelings could be highly emotional today, and we might consider situations more from our feelings than rational thought. If we get a handle on our emotions, we could blend our intuitive sense with our reasoning mind and have incredible foresight with the ability of dealing with the essential specifics. Our sensitivity is likely to be ratcheted up. We might feel vulnerable. If we have a sense of someone criticizing us, we could become hypercritical or self-judgmental. Taking time to catch our breath and reflect on the big picture of our lives can give us a sense that we are loved and on the right track of our individual journey. We do not have to feel alone in the world with all the blessings around us. Our spiritual side can blend with our practical side today and we can truly balance the old saying of ‘render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s.’

Thursday, August 10th – Any Better Than This? – Pluto, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Jupiter. Thursday can be a highly pleasant day, although this second half of the week [Wednesday, Thursday and Friday] might not be the most energetic. It’s summer and we aren’t looking to push ourselves, especially since we might be feeling the onrush of autumn fast approaching. This Thursday has the Pisces Moon sextile Pluto and the Moon square Saturn before the Pisces Moon goes Void-of-Course for most of this day with the Moon Void-of-Course for almost sixteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Pisces and before the Moon enters Aries early on Friday morning. Mercury sextiles Venus, and the Sun sextiles Jupiter. Thursday is a great day for us to feel inspired and encouraged by someone we care about and trust. The day calls for conversations with those near and dear to us with a tendency to engage the Mutual Admiration Society. If we have had problems that have been challenging us, we can find both a shoulder to cry on and someone to give us the confidence that any bumps in our road shall soon pass. Even though we are still likely to be highly emotional, this is a day when we can be walking on the sunny side of the street. Not only can we get by, but we could truly enjoy this day thanks to a little help from our friend[s].

Friday, August 11th – Summer Friday. The Moon moves into Aries early on this Friday morning, but the Moon makes no connections to the planets today. There may not be a great deal of energy today, but we’re still in the last gasps of summertime, and we’re likely to take advantage of the summer Friday mindset where we take off early from our responsibilities to enjoy ourselves. This Friday is a ‘me’ day, a day when we want to do what we want to do and are likely to carry out such a plan. We might be gearing up for a long weekend or in the midst of autumnal preparations. No parade rainers for us on this Friday! Other people’s needs today are theirs to contend with. We are far more interested in what works for us. While demands might be placed upon us and we might have to go along with some commitments, let’s be sure to have some time for ourselves and time to recharge our batteries. Keep in mind that Mercury is turning retrograde late tomorrow, and this Mercury retrograde can be a doozey [as if any Mercury retrograde isn’t anything but a doozey]. Let’s add on time to whatever we choose to do today with the recognition that communications can be off and travel time might be longer than anticipated.

Saturday, August 12th – As the Worm Turns – Lunar Grand Cross, Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, Lunar Grand Trine, Mars, Sun, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury retrograde. Saturday could prove to be wild and wooly. Hopefully, we gave ourselves some time on Friday to recharge our batteries, do what we wanted to do, and focused on our personal self. For this Saturday ratchets up the energy severalfold. This is a day that could rival that classic Western movie The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The Good is the Aries Moon triggering the Fire Grand Trine with the Moon trine Mars and the Sun both in Leo and the Moon trine Saturn in Sagittarius. The Bad could be the Cardinal Grand Cross with the Aries Moon square Venus in Cancer, the Moon square Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon opposed Jupiter in Libra. The Ugly is Mercury turning retrograde in its own Sign of Virgo. This Saturday is a day when we might be in overdrive, feeling capable of conquering the world and taking on the universe. Unfortunately, the liability of mixed signals can be heightened significantly and we might start off in the wrong direction, find ourselves in shark-filled waters or just pacing back and forth as if Waiting for Godot. We may have a fire in our belly but we could find ourselves pushed and pulled in many varied directions. Meanwhile trying to get from here to there, attempting clear communication or being certain that we have dealt with all the specifics could test even the superhuman strength of Hercules. Often when Mercury is turning direction, things get convoluted at best and downright disastrous at the worst. This three-week Mercury retrograde can be an intense one [as if any Mercury retrograde is a walk in the park]. Mercury is retrograding through its own Sign of Virgo and later back into Leo. Details, particulars, specifics may all be lacking and might need focused attention. This Saturday could get away from us if we don’t work with the swirling energies going on around us. Things may take longer than we like but let’s try to slow things down and avoid glossing over details. The old idiom ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ could be no more true than during this Mercury retrograde.

Sunday, August 13th – Out and About – Uranus, Sun, Saturn. This week and especially yesterday could have had us all over the place, both physically and emotionally. Sunday is a day when we are more likely to take things step by step. The day begins with the Aries Moon conjunct Uranus. The Moon then moves into Taurus. Much of yesterday’s impetuousness can be tempered by greater patience. Whether we received a head banging yesterday or not, we are likely to be more appreciative of being in a Mercury retrograde where things can take longer than we might anticipate and that things can get off track very easily without our constant monitoring and tweaking. We might want to try something different today, but we’re not looking at moving at breakneck speed. The Sun trines Saturn. This is a good day for us to expand our activities but doing so in a well-organized manner and a practical approach. Even under the impact of Mercury retrograde, we can use this day to broaden our focus and widen our interests. Commitments made in the past can be met and we could find ourselves engaging in creative or re-creative pursuits on this Sunday.