August 21st – 27th, 2017

Here it is, what we have all been waiting for. The Great American Solar Eclipse begins the astrology for this week of August 21st through the 27th and what a week it could prove to be.

The week begins on Monday with the Leo New Moon and, wait for it, wait for it, The Great American Solar Eclipse. This New Moon is on the Leo – Virgo cusp with the Sun entering Virgo on Tuesday.

The likelihood of rash behavior cannot be discounted as we start the week and over the next two weeks up to the Pisces Full Moon on the 6th of September. Thanks to the Eclipse the influence of this New Moon and Solar Eclipse can go on and on.

It may be full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes and a desire to forge ahead no matter the consequences.

I wrote it before in my summer e-letter but the following bears repeating with what has been going on in our nation in recent days.

This Solar Eclipse falls virtually on top of Donald Trump’s ascendant and within orb of a conjunction to his natal Mars. The influence of the Solar Eclipse can be very trying for Mr. Trump. Not only can he act impulsively as if warding off attacks against him, but his physical being could be threatened. This Solar Eclipse also comes at a time when transiting Saturn is sitting exactly on top of his natal Moon and transiting Saturn is opposing his natal Sun. This can be a most challenging period for Mr. Trump. His public approval might slide significantly. We have already heard calls for his impeachment, and it is fairly evident that he has few allies among the powers-that-be. His array of opponents includes not only the Democrats but also Republicans, the Media, the Intelligence Community and others within the establishment cliques. If he can survive the assault lobbed against him, he will prove quite masterful and truly adept at the art of the deal.

On a side note, it is interesting to note that some of the people trying to dampen the rush to judgment against Mr. Trump are among some of the most politically liberal individuals in the US: e.g. Dennis Kucinich, Alan Dershowitz and Oliver Stone.

If Mr. Trump can survive the summer with another major bump in the road in October, his energies and his public approval can increase at the end of the Summer and into the Fall. Such a suggestion does not allay the realization of the vast powers aligned against Mr. Trump. If he makes it into 2018, despite the continuing harangue against him, he will have a Fire Grand Trine as both Saturn finishing its transit of Sagittarius and Uranus finishing its transit of Aries will both be trining his Ascendant. As Saturn comes into Capricorn late this year and Uranus comes into Taurus next year, Mr. Trump will have an Earth Grand Trine as Saturn and Uranus will trine his progressed Sun in Virgo. Should he be able to survive politically and physically the next six plus months, he could move into greater implementation of his policies notwithstanding the continual and constant assault against him. Time will tell.

For ourselves, on an individual basis, this Solar Eclipse can ramp up the energy, contribute to impetuous actions but also allow us to develop the template for expanding our activities and developing new trajectories that provide opportunities for us to be more autonomous and to put our individual mark on our life’s involvements.

This Solar Eclipse creates a Fire Grand Trine. We just have to be wary of rushing ahead without our doing the due diligence, leaping without looking, and assuming that by our will we can make it so. Let’s keep in mind that these times speak to us lessening our control on situations and recognizing the beauty of the magic and mini-miracles of the paradigm shift occurring at these times. We do not have to make it happen but rather to be open to the working of the universe and embrace the asequential reality of things occurring in a non-sequential manner.

Whether the Solar Eclipse influences us to be like a dog chasing its tail going around in circles or we can harness the energy and focus our intent, the mid-week offers us an opportunity to straighten things out. We may still have the passion and determination to advance our personal interests, but now we are less likely to be impetuous and impulsive and more likely to take things step by step and act in a strategic, best practices manner. Even if we look at leaping ahead, we are also more likely to check the coordinates, the conditions and the parameters of our forward movement.

Towards the end of the week, relationships might be a little dicey. Intolerance can be ratcheted up ever more with a sentiment that ‘either you’re with me or you’re against me’.

Presently, balance and equilibrium seem lost with people fixed in their opinion whether they have full information, no information, or take the attitude of ‘who cares about the facts’. Someone could do something that surprises us, gives us a different perspective on their character and makes us question whether our compassion and good nature are being played. Let’s not jump to conclusions, although there is the liability to do so. All of us have our off days. We might be upset by someone’s actions. Before reacting, it would be suggested that we consider the source and their possible agenda.

Saturn ends its almost five-month retrograde cycle to turn direct on Friday. Some of the delays and frustrations we might have encountered since the Spring can suddenly turn right. We could find that situations are more easily resolved with a greater ability to expand our activities without the same level of difficulties.

The weekend has our mind sharp and attentive to the details. We might take care of necessary errands. Although we are still in the summer season for the next four weeks, we might have the sense of the impending autumn. We are unlikely to let the summer go, even if we are straddling the summer and the autumn. We may have our mind on autumn preparations, all the while that we are choosing to grab the gusto that summertime activities offer. We may be juggling any number of things, and we can handle various things at the same time with a preference for more balls in the air than a singular focus.

This is a highly active week with its share of ups and downs.
Just keep in mind that we are in the midst of Mercury retrograde with its liability to miscommunications, misunderstandings and misinformation. Before jumping to conclusions, due diligence is called for and considering the consequences of our actions with an appreciation for the likelihood of unintended consequences.

Monday, August 21st – Heads or Tails, What’s Up – Grand Trine, Saturn, Uranus, Leo New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Sun. Like circus barkers; news commentators, sales people and our associates have all been talking up The Great American Solar Eclipse. And this week begins with the Solar Eclipse at the time of the Leo New Moon with the Moon not only eclipsing the Sun at its conjunction but the Leo Moon also triggering a Fire Grand Trine as the Leo Moon trines Saturn in Sagittarius and the Moon trines Uranus in Aries. The Sun trines Uranus. While the liability can be heightened anxiety, such concern is likely only if we have fallen into a reactive mode, being passive and an onlooker to life’s unfolding. If, on the contrary, we are ready to take machete in hand and launch forward, this can be a day that lights a fire in our belly, instills us with pioneering courage, and gives us the impetus to go off and do our own thing. With Mercury retrograde, we need to be wary of driving today and our communications. The Eclipse can throw us off balance, but that off balance quality can also get us moving in new directions. Change and transformation are upon us. The question is how we choose to act or react to the energies of this day, a day that impacts both the next two weeks up to the Pisces Full Moon on September 6th and influences the next six months. Intention is the first step along the pathway of realization.

Tuesday, August 22nd – Keeping It Real – Mercury, Neptune, Pluto, Mars, Saturn, Sun Virgo. Two hours after yesterday’s Solar Eclipse, the Moon exited Leo to enter Virgo. This Tuesday has the Virgo Moon conjunct Mercury, the Moon opposed Neptune, and the Moon trine Pluto. Mars trines Saturn, and the Sun exits Leo to enter Virgo. Whether we got an energy transfusion yesterday or continued to feel fatigued by all the craziness swirling in the world, this Tuesday allows us to slow things down, figure things out and come up with a best practices approach to our daily lives. We can prioritize our activities, develop a solid template and then move full speed ahead. If we jump the gun, we could set ourselves up for a fall. This is a day to make certain that we don’t get in our own way and that we take the time to draw upon our intuitive sense and our reasoning mind. Blending the two would be a winning combination and would then allow us to go into turbo-thrust with itinerary in hand, in the correct direction and with clarity regarding our intended destination. From the intensity of yesterday we can get practical and down to earth on this Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 23rd – Bumps in the Road – Saturn, Venus. Monday and Tuesday could have been two power-packed days, days when we got an incredible thrust of energy to go our own way, develop our own projects and put our mark upon our territory. And we might have done so in a systematic and focused manner. While it would be nice if everything could be smooth sailing, there are times when there are bumps in the road. And this Wednesday can be one of those days. We start the day with the Virgo Moon square Saturn. We might not have taken care of everything we needed to do, or some small issues might have fallen between the cracks. Suddenly, we may feel pulled back into old issues, outstanding matters or situations we thought resolved needing some reworking or tweaking. It would be wise to keep in mind that we are in Mercury retrograde, a Mercury retrograde going through its own Sign of Virgo and a Mercury retrograde that has Mercury opposed Neptune in its own Sign of Pisces. Not everything is going to work out easily and smoothly, despite what we might have felt on Monday and Tuesday. Serious evaluations and checking things regularly to be certain that we aren’t skipping important details can help us prevent having to go back over things. We may start this Wednesday with the wind knocked out of our sails, as demands and responsibilities impinge upon our plans for the day. Late in the day, the Moon sextiles Venus. Someone could offer us suggestions or an important detached perspective that clarifies some of our confused thinking. We need to be open to critiques since we could be too close to a situation and may have lost an objective discernment regarding what is truly going on.

Thursday, August 24th – Under the Bus – Venus, Uranus. Relationships may have been somewhat dicey or icy over the past two weeks. We have been contending with a Venus Grand Cross with Venus opposing Pluto and Venus squaring Jupiter last week. The fourth leg to this Cardinal Grand Cross comes today with Venus square Uranus. The Moon transits Libra, the Venus-ruled Sign, but the Moon makes no connections to the planets today. Situations could arise today where our relationships might provide us with a lateral lobotomy or whack on the side of the head. From the most unexpected source, we might discover uncharacteristic behavior and actions that could feel like a most trusted confidante is throwing us under the bus. Or we could be the thrower of someone under the bus. Either way, our connections today can be fraught with tensions and a sense of people not understanding each other. With all that is going on in the world, it is easy to understand people’s anxiety and reticence to take a stand other than what is acceptable to the collective. This is a day when we may be feeling as though anything we do could be criticized. Let’s not fall into a victim mode today nor hold the standards too high on someone else. We all need to chill, cut ourselves and other people some slack and get off this hypercritical mindset where ‘nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong’ [to borrow from the Buffalo Springfield’s classic song ‘For What It’s Worth’].

Friday, August 25th – Regrouping and Moving Forward – Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Saturn direct. Yesterday, we experienced the Libra Moon without the Moon making any connections to the planets. This Friday is quite different with the Libra Moon making a number of connections to the planets. The Moon today squares Pluto, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, the Moon sextiles Saturn, and the Moon sextiles Mars. Saturn ends its five-month retrograde cycle to turn direct. We may feel as if a major weight has been lifted from our shoulders. We may have to deal with certain matters early in the day just to get them off the table before the weekend. Let’s take care of our responsibilities first, for as the day progresses we are likely to want to enjoy time with friends or a loved one and we might even want to get out of Dodge in order to enjoy one of the last summer getaway weekends. Even though relationships could have been a little tense, or intense, over the past several weeks, this day allows us to embrace good times with good friends. We might feel a lot lighter, less entangled with the crazies in the world-at-large and more engaged with the sanctity of our own lives. Saturn turning direct is a major shift in energy and greases the wheels making things flow more smoothly with less frustrations and delays. Remember that whenever a planet is changing direction, whether from direct to retrograde or retrograde to direct motion, things can be a little convoluted. It would be wise to use this Friday to regroup, tie up loose ends and then ready to move ourselves more easily forward.

Saturday, August 26th – Grand Display – Uranus, Venus, Sun, Mercury, Venus Leo. Saturday begins with the Libra Moon opposed Uranus. Late Friday, early Saturday we might commit ourselves to doing something for someone without realizing that our agreement can dampen our own desire to have a day when we do anything and everything on impulse and on the spur-of-the-moment. The Moon then moves into Scorpio today where the Moon squares Venus, which earlier today had Venus exiting Cancer to enter Leo. The Moon also sextiles both the Sun and Mercury, which are in conjunction today. While our plans might go awry, Saturday is a day when we can focus on the truly significant and do so both with a certain panache and with everything fitting neatly together. This is a day when less is more, and we might find ourselves clearing away the dross in order for the truly brilliant to shine. Our conversations are likely to be to the point, concise with few details falling by the wayside. We may feel as though we are on center stage, although with no concern whether we have an audience of a multitude or speaking solely to ourself. Much can be accomplished by ridding ourselves of the shallow, extraneous and superficial. Like polishing a diamond in the rough, we can sparkle with clarity and put on a grand display.

Sunday, August 27th – All Together Now – Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn. Saturday and Sunday can be two pleasant weekend days if we will concentrate on the most meaningful and not get sidetracked by silly distractions. Sunday continues with the Scorpio Moon with the Moon today trine Neptune and the Moon sextile Pluto. Jupiter sextiles Saturn. This day can be a nice blend of doing things that we really enjoy and focusing more on the quality rather than the quantity. We can tie up loose ends but also look to develop our new interests. Everything and everyone can come together on this Sunday. We can be upbeat, appreciative of where we have come from, and excited about our prospects for our future. This could prove to be a nice weekend to count our blessings and fully appreciate the privilege of being alive — sun, fun and good friends. Nothing is too much but then on this weekend we could feel as though we don’t need a whole lot more than what we’ve got. Contentment is a reward in itself.