July 3rd – 9th, 2017

The astrology for this week of July 3rd through the 9th can have us soaking in the summer activities and stepping away from our routine matters.

In the US, this week celebrates the 4th of July, Independence Day, and the major summer federal holiday. Many of us may make this an extra long weekend with Independence Day falling on Tuesday.

We start the week looking to relax, indulging our spirits and recharging our batteries. Our emotions can be heightened, but the more effortless our involvements can be, the better we would like it.

Although we start the week purring nicely along, things going smoothly and little stress on us, such a disposition doesn’t last long. Suddenly, things can go awry with miscommunications, misunderstandings and various travel difficulties. If we are traveling or planning to meet up with people, having a smart phone is suggested whereby we can keep in continual contact with the people we are meeting or check alternate routes, if necessary, for where we are going.

The mid to latter part of the week could have us socializing with various people. Our creative juices may be flowing. We might enjoy being on center stage and using our talents to express ourselves. We could participate in a number of different fun events. It’s summertime, and this week is a week to celebrate the joy of the season with beach outings, times at the pool, trips to the mountains, barbecues and other wondrous summer activities.

If we are not in far-off realms, the weekend could have us taking care of things around our home environment. Watching our expenses would be wise, for there can be a liability to easily pulling out our credit card and spending too much. The weekend closes out the week with us dealing with obligations and possibly more than we wish to engage.

Monday, July 3rd – Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer – Lunar Grand Trine, Sun, Neptune. Monday starts the week with us feeling laid back and not wanting to expend too much energy. The Scorpio Moon triggers a Water Grand Trine with the Moon trine the Sun in Cancer and the Moon trine Neptune in Pisces. In the US, some of us may have the day off as part of a long Independence Day holiday weekend. Whether we are on holiday or immersed in our usual routine, this day can be one when we are not pushing ourselves to do much more than take it easy. We are likely to be highly emotional today, although possibly covering up our emotions. Nonetheless, still waters run deep today. We can be involved with family and loved ones, but we’re not revealing everything that is going on within us. We may feel compassionate and caring but with a certain intense demeanor. Our attitude could be one of keeping our cards close to our chest. Let’s take some time for our self, escape to our happy safe space and enjoy the sanctity of our own personal sanctuary.

Tuesday, July 4th – Mixed Signals, Irregular Movements – Pluto, Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Venus Gemini. Tuesday in the US is Independence Day and the July 4th holiday. Today, the Scorpio Moon sextiles Pluto, the Moon trines Mars and the Moon trines Mercury. Mercury squares Uranus, and Venus ends its transit of its own Sign of Taurus to enter Gemini. This can be a highly pleasant day, if only. Since the energy can be ratcheted up severalfold today, it would be wise for us to plan out our day before we start off on our day’s journey. Even if we have figured out our day to the smallest detail, the if only could prove to be the Mercury Uranus square, my least favorite day for air travel and an energy configuration that can cause unexpected curveballs to our plans, our communications, and our movement. Although we may have a great deal of energy and could be deeply passionate about our intentions, this is a day for us to maintain vigilance, be fully aware and to be mindful. Things can occur in a most unexpected manner, and some of the things may be curveballs that we might just have to deflect or dodge. Let’s enjoy the day and have a bemused attitude regarding the twists and turns that we might encounter on this Wednesday. Patience is called for, as is the ability to shift and change in a nanosecond.

Wednesday, July 5th – Never Enough – Venus, Sun, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury Leo. Wednesday has the Moon moving into Sagittarius where today the Moon opposes Venus. The Sun trines Neptune and the Sun squares Jupiter. Mercury exits Cancer to enter Leo triggering a Fire Grand Trine by Sign with Uranus in Aries, Mercury in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius. This is a day when we might be in a highly expansive mood and where we might assume that everything is going our way. We do have to avoid traipsing through a fool’s paradise where we see no problems, only marvelous prospects. If we forget due diligence today, we might take on more than we can handle. Overconfidence and false optimism could plague us today and they might lead us down the garden path all the while that we are humming and singing merrily along. Things may be coming at us fast and furious, some of it by our own exuberance and some of it by someone else’s instigation. This is a day for us to take things step by step, slow things down and not feel on overwhelm.

Thursday, July 6th – Sound Advice – Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn. Thursday has the Sagittarius Moon square Neptune, the Moon sextile Jupiter, and the Moon conjunct Saturn. We might feel a little out of sorts as we begin the day. Our sleep state could have had us running or, at the least, not as restful as we might like. We may have a lot on our plate or a lot that we want to do today. Utilizing someone as a sounding board could alleviate a great deal of our shifting from one foot to the other, shifting from one project to another, all the while that we are merely frantically running in place. Sound advice from someone would go a long way in helping us determine our direction today, provide us a trajectory and discount all the meandering, mental or physical, that we might otherwise do. Get-togethers with other people can be fun engagements. By the end of the day, our energy might be deflated with us feeling that our prospects are limited and our resources finite. Why go there when emotional doldrums might be caused by exhaustion. Bed time.

Friday, July 7th – Spreading Our Wings – Uranus, Mercury, Venus. Hopefully, we got a good night’s sleep, for we could awaken on Friday feeling upbeat and ready to take on the world. Friday begins the day with the Sagittarius Moon trine Uranus, and Mercury sextile Venus. Later in the day, the Moon exits Sagittarius to enter Capricorn. The beginning of this Friday can have us considering new trajectories and new involvements and those involvements that are foreign to our experience yet allow us greater freedom of movement. Our discussions can be lively, and we might be involved with someone who not only agrees with our perspective but adds kindle to the fires of our passion. No matter what we have scheduled for this Friday, we might take a different route, a different course than what we might have intended. We want to spread our wings today, and it would be a time when we could take into account all sorts of possibilities for future plans. We can begin this Friday putting our spirit into action. As the day progresses, we can determine the right structure and the appropriate template to make our dreams reality.

Saturday, July 8th – Trusting Our Instincts – Neptune, Jupiter. Saturday has the Capricorn Moon sextile Neptune and the Moon square Jupiter. This is a day when we can accomplish a great deal if we avoid needless distractions and the insistence of someone else. We can devise a best practices approach to realize some of our goals and our plans. We might want to keep our thoughts to our self, since someone could prove a naysayer looking to one up us without their having the relevant facts and figures. Pomposity might be running rampant on this Saturday evening. Let’s keep everything light and airy. No heavy discussions for us today. It would be wiser for us to trust our instincts and our intuitive sense than relying upon the suggestions or advice of someone else. I always suggest ‘check the source and check their agenda’ and that suggestion is especially relevant on this Saturday. This is a day when we can draw upon our foresight and our consideration of the big picture to lay down the foundation stones of certain projects and new activities.

Sunday, July 9th – All or Nothing – Capricorn Full Moon, Lunar T-Square, Sun, Pluto, Mars, Uranus. Late Saturday, early Sunday gives us the Capricorn Full Moon, and this Full Moon could be quite intense. The Moon opposes the Sun and Mars, both within orb of conjunction. The Moon conjuncts Pluto in a very close conjunction. And the Moon squares Uranus. The tides are high on this Sunday — both literally and figuratively. For those who dispute climate change, see what is happening to some of the towns in south Florida when the king tides overflow the local streets. This Full Moon could trigger extreme tidal action. I cannot discount the intensity of this Full Moon with the liability of triggering major extreme releases. These releases can come in the form of geophysical activity of triggering earthquake and volcanic activity. Storm systems could be intense with massive flooding. Geopolitical antagonisms could provoke ill-conceived actions. And on a personal level, we might feel as though we are under assault taking on the sentiment that a ‘strong offense is a good defense’. This is a day when we might need to count to twenty, not just to ten, before reacting to situations. Everyone could have a hair trigger response to incidents and events today. This is a day for us to be careful out there, to tone things down as much as possible, and avoid overspending. If we are feeling like our back is against the wall, we might have a tendency to spend and buy and shop all with the justification that
‘when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping’.