July 31st – August 6th, 2017

The astrology for this week of July 31st through August 6th provides an impetus for us to get out of town, participate in recreational activities, all the while that we might feel the beckoning of getting back into our usual routine.

The week begins with Monday being the last day of July. We may be sorting through our projects, our involvements and all the stuff that sometimes become the ties that bind. Although we don’t want to see summer slipping away, we might have a sense that summer is half way over and that our autumn routine is calling. Back to school sales, advertisements for a final summer fling and other enticements to grab all the gusto we can before the gusto is gone, could be pounded into our consciousness by newspaper ads, television and radio spots and by commentators counting down to the end of summer.

We may not want the summer to end, and during the mid-week period we could take a grasp at summer fun. State fairs, recreational activities and taking off for some far distant region can be some of the options we consider as we try to squeeze ever more fun from the summer sun.

Even if we get away during this week, the end of the week and the weekend can have us considering our goals and our greatest ambitions. Our responsibilities might demand our attention, even as we try to shut out our obligations and focus on summertime activities.

The end of the weekend is geared to get-togethers with good friends for good times. We may feel as though our wings are being clipped and that we are about to get back into harness of our usual engagements, but our sense of doing things on our own terms doesn’t have to be but a trace memory even if they become only interludes to our normal daily life experiences.

Monday, July 31st – The Wait Is On – Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus Cancer. Monday is the last day of July, and this Monday has the Moon in Scorpio. Early in the day, the Moon sextiles Pluto. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for close to twenty-five hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before the Moon moves into Sagittarius Tuesday morning. Venus exits Gemini to enter Cancer. We may start the day with an intention to cut away the dross and create space for us to focus on our primary goals. Monday might have us concentrating on cleaning things up and clearing things out. We could tackle the extraneous around our home whether in preparation of our autumn activities or in readying ourselves to take off out of town to partake in summer getaways. There is not a great deal of energy on this Monday, more like the ‘lazy, hazy days of summer’ when we just want to hang out and not overly exert ourselves. We may be thinking about family gatherings or some family event or having a good time. We don’t want any pressure applied to us but would far prefer hanging out even if only by ourselves.

Tuesday, August 1st – Out Of Town Or On the Town – Mercury. The Moon enters Sagittarius today, the first day of August. The Fire Grand Trine that has been operational since the third week of July when both Mars and the Sun entered Leo is given a boost today by the Sagittarius Moon. We may be on fire, wanting to spread our wings and expand beyond our usual parameters. We might wish to travel and get out of town. Or we could choose to stay around our home base but expand our activities. Feeling confident and enthusiastic, we could have an itch to broaden our reach and involve ourselves in creative pursuits, no matter what that creativity might look like. Late in the day, the Moon squares Mercury. This is a day when we might choose to leap before we look. Due diligence can be lacking and we could take actions that might be based more upon our optimism and our desires but without necessary consideration of the conditions in which we are likely to operate. But it is summer, a season when we all seem to get a transfusion of energy and a dose of self-absorption. No matter the red flags warning us against being impetuous, this Tuesday is a day when we might just go for it and cast our fate to the winds.

Wednesday, August 2nd – Ratcheting Up – Mars, Sun, Neptune, Jupiter. Wednesday continues with the Sagittarius Moon with the Moon today trine both Mars and the Sun both in Leo, the Moon square Neptune and the Moon sextile Jupiter. Tuesday and Wednesday are days when we might have a fire in our belly and could choose to push the envelope. Yesterday might have started some grand adventure without considering the possible consequences of our actions. Even if we started in the wrong direction yesterday, no matter, for today we can convince ourselves that whatever the conditions might be we can power through by means of our determination and passion. While this would be a day to pull in the reins and re-evaluate what we are doing and why we are doing it, someone could be egging us on, urging us to go for it, even if that ‘it’ is at the end of a very brittle limb. Yes, this is a day when we have to watch our own arrogance and someone’s encouragement, for we could easily head off full steam ahead without considering the ramifications of our actions.

Thursday, August 3rd – And Then There’s Reality – Saturn, Uranus, Uranus retrograde. Thursday could have us banging up against reality. No matter how impassioned we have been over the past two days, Thursday can pull us up short. We still have the Sagittarius Moon until the evening hours with the Moon today conjunct Saturn and the Moon trine Uranus with Uranus turning retrograde today. Late in the day, the Moon enters Capricorn. We might have acted like a rebel without a cause or even like a rebel with a cause, but that might not count for much on this Thursday. Our responsibilities and the phantoms of our past could put a damper, or even douse, much of our free-spirited qualities whereby we have been on some grand adventure, whether physically or just in our imagination. There are times when reality — our commitments, obligations and tasks — just get in the way. Even if we have to put some of our new ideas and new projects on hold, let’s always remember that intention is the starting point of any journey. We might have to postpone certain things, but that doesn’t mean that such abstract concepts cannot become reality in our future. Although we are often taught that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, such a belief does not conform to reality. Since we do not live in Flatland of a two-dimensional world but rather a four-dimensional world on an oblate spheroid of the Earth, the shortest distance becomes a curved line rather than a straight line. And in truth, things do not occur so much in a linear, sequential manner as we might have been conditioned to accept, but rather life occurs more like a zig-zag as revealed in the Jewish mystical system of the kabbalistic tree of life where things zig-zag between two outer pillars before finding balance in the middle pillar, somewhat similar to the Buddhist ‘middle way’. Tuesday and Wednesday could have had us blissed out in euphoria. Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week can have us take on a more serious tone.

Friday, August 4th – Snap! Out on a Limb – Venus, Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto. Friday’s Capricorn Moon opposes Venus, the Moon trines Mercury, and the Moon sextiles Neptune. Jupiter squares Pluto. Friday calls for us to have our wits about us, to strategize and plan and determine our own ‘right’ course of action. Whether family matters or at the urgings of someone, we could experience demands placed upon us that interfere with what we would prefer to do. While we might have to attend to certain responsibilities today, taking into account all the issues we need to address would allow us to engage effective time management techniques in order to get it all done. The question of how we do things is far more important than spending too much time on why we are doing certain things. Even if we are called upon to deal with someone else’s situation, let’s do so expeditiously and without getting entangled in their drama or their emotional morass. We could resent impediments placed in our way, but reflecting on such an attitude would only slow us down and liable to exhaust us. Let’s do what needs to be done, appreciate our effectiveness and then enjoy the evening hours doing what we choose to do.

Saturday, August 5th – There’s Always Something – Pluto, Jupiter. Friday had Jupiter square Pluto, a configuration that is replicated today by the Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto and the Moon square Jupiter. Yesterday might have had us needing to deal with someone else’s messes. We could have been helpful in clearing their path, whether by our objective perspective and our suggestions or by our providing a helping hand, even to the point of fixing things for them. Unfortunately, there are times when assisting someone can become a bottomless pit, where no matter how much we do for someone, they come to rely upon us and expect us to do more. Friday and Saturday may have us involved with someone else’s situation, and we might feel that we have to put our own interests on the back burner as we deal with their stuff. This first week of August could also find us involved in either preparing for our autumn schedule or getting back on track. For parents, the sense of the school year starting could have us engaged in getting school supplies or even traveling to get our child / children to school orientations. Autumn is fast approaching and may seem to begin even prior to the holiday weekend of Labor Day that used to signal the unofficial end of summer.

Sunday, August 6th – Push Back the Seriousness – Uranus. Sunday begins with the Capricorn Moon square Uranus. The Moon then moves into Aquarius but the Aquarius Moon makes no aspects to the planets today. Tomorrow has the Aquarius Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse. But this Sunday may have us throwing off the sense of what we should do, our responsibilities and tasks that seem like such obligations. Feeling like our wings have been clipped over the past two days, this Sunday could have us giving a push back and doing whatever catches our fancy. Even if we have made certain commitments for this Sunday, we are more likely to use this day spontaneously, engaging things on the spur-of-the-moment and embracing our impetuousness. There are times when we need to throw off the mantle of our identities, our responsibilities and the usual demands placed upon us. This Sunday can be one of those days. Get-togethers with friends and doing something with which we are not familiar could be the tenor of this Sunday. This is a day when we may want to feel unhampered and able to do whatever catches our fancy. The more we can have this Sunday as a blank page that we can fill however we wish, the more we may enjoy this Sunday. We might want the world to be our oyster with a broad palette of options open to us. Fun and having a good time are the tenor of this Sunday.