July 10th – 16th, 2017

The astrology for this week of July 10th through the 16th can have us off in new directions. We might feel the wind to our back and a more intense inner self that is propelling us forward.

The week begins with us looking to throw off the shackles of the inconsequential and rid ourselves of elements of our past that no longer serve us. We may feel uncomfortable in our own skin and, if we are, it is only an indication of shedding an old skin. We may not reveal all of our plans or intentions. Like the birthing of the light within ourselves, we may cherish the changes percolating within and nurture those changes in order for the flicker of light to grow to full flame without being doused by naysayers, those people who have known us but are unwilling to let us grow out of our old self and into a new sense of our own being.

This week could see a significant person, or significant people, leaving the stage.

While removals can be a part of this week, so too can explorations into new terrain, stepping out of the familiar and investigating the far reaches of our universe.

Social gatherings can be fun interchanges, times when we enjoy the camaraderie with other people and with no one getting too serious about their personal endeavors or the craziness occurring in the world-at-large. We want to keep everything pleasant and enjoyable. No heaviness, please.

The latter part of the week may be highly emotional with everyone getting moody, yet keeping a lot of what is going on for them deep within the confines of themselves. This may be a time when we are formulating plans, giving thought and energy to our deepest-held dreams and desires, and appreciating the serendipity of these times when we don’t have to do it all but rather can draw upon the workings of the universe. Our inner being may be highly active and more may seem to be going on than would be evident on the external.

The end of the week and the weekend could have us throwing wide open the starting gate as we participate in new activities, engage in uplifting encounters and shine with the radiance of our own being reflected in the admiration of someone who cares deeply for us.

The weekend comes to closure with us liable to be racing around, some of which may feel like a dog chasing its tail but could be a prescient sense that the coming week might not be a walk in the park.

Monday, July 10th – Twist and Shout – Venus, Mercury, Sun, Pluto. Monday begins the week with the Moon moving into Aquarius where today the Moon trines Venus and the Moon opposes Mercury. The Sun opposes Pluto. If we would draw upon someone’s suggestions or their objective perspective as to what is going on for us, we could come up with greater clarity regarding what works for us and what is detrimental to us. We may not want to hear some of the opinions of someone else, but their casting clear light on various personal matters could go a long ways towards our resolving issues that are only impeding us, and that may be creating grave difficulties in our daily life. We are all going through major transformations, whether we are conscious of them or oblivious to them. This is a day for some intense soul searching. We might not like the process. We might feel as though we are like christianity’s biblical camel squeezing through the eye of the needle, but the end result is our connecting ever more with our essence and reengaging the true purpose of our life path. Someone significant might leave the world stage or move out of our life. This could be a time when we do some serious inventory-taking and rid ourselves of certain ingredients of our life that no longer serve us. Even if we go kicking and screaming through our transitions, let’s be sure to go and not remain stagnant in the complacency of discontent.

Tuesday, July 11th – Clearing the Way – Jupiter, Saturn. Tuesday continues with the Aquarius Moon with the Moon today trine Jupiter and the Moon sextile Saturn. If we didn’t trip over ourselves yesterday, got in our own way, but instead clarified what we are doing and what we want to do, this Tuesday gives impetus to putting spirit into action. We might enjoy time spent with that special someone. Often, we get caught up in the frenzy of the world and of our lives that we don’t take a ‘time out’ in order to savor our personal connections. This Tuesday is a day for us to ‘stop and smell the roses’. Someone can not only inspire us today. We can feel encouraged by their support and have a sense that what we are doing is the right direction for our future. Someone can also provide us with strong suggestions regarding the right template for our plans. This is a day when we can feel more confident and optimistic about our intentions and also create the right format to achieve our goals. Yesterday could have had us doing some soul-searching, even feeling somewhat disempowered, but this Tuesday gives us a second wind whereby we gain a sense that we can successfully slay any dragons along our way.

Wednesday, July 12th – New Trajectories and Reflections – Uranus. Wednesday begins with the Aquarius Moon sextile Uranus. The Moon then exits Aquarius to enter Pisces where the Pisces Moon today makes no connections to the planets. We may want to explore new opportunities or take a different tack to some of the projects we are working on. We want the sense that we are independent, able to call our own shots and doing things that truly reflect our interest and our passion. We might start the day with a spring in our step and with a determination not to allow our schedule to get in the way of our doing things spontaneously and on the spur of the moment. As the day progresses, we could become more emotional. Our proactive stance might shift into a more reactive mode. While our moods can be heightened, we may also feel as though some of our new plans and intended projects need time to percolate, that they are just not ready for us to fully engage. Taking time to reflect on what we are doing and how we are doing it might allow us to reframe and tweak both what we intend to do and also develop the right approach to achieving our goals. Similar to the tidal actions of the oceans, we too go through tidal actions, times of incredible exertion and high involvement, other times when the energy is just not there and we tend to lie low. As this Wednesday progresses, we may have the tendency to lie low, contemplate and recharge our batteries through rest and relaxation.

Thursday, July 13th – Trust in One Self – Venus, Neptune, Pluto. Thursday continues with the Pisces Moon with the Moon today square Venus, the Moon conjunct Neptune and the Moon sextile Pluto. Something we hear or become privy to could knock the wind out of our sails as we start this Thursday. Let’s not be overly impacted by opinions or by information that we might not be able to corroborate. We may be thrown off center today, so it would be important that we watch our mood swings. Concerns can ratchet into anxieties. Our imagination could run rampant and our mood swings could be volatile. Taking some alone time, getting down by the water or listening to uplifting music might soothe our soul and put our aggravations aside. We can have a strong intuitive sense about things if we avoid distractions and too much information. Drawing upon our intuitive without heavy emotions would allow us to devise a best practices approach by which we can realize our ambitions. This Thursday is a day for us to trust in our self and not be swayed by input from the outside world.

Friday, July 14th – Taking Time – Sun, Saturn, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Jupiter. Friday has the Pisces Moon trine the Sun and the Moon trine Mars with both the Sun and Mars transiting Cancer. The Moon squares Saturn. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost eight hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Pisces and before the Moon enters Aries late in the day. Mercury sextiles Jupiter. We might wake up to a schedule of tasks to be performed, obligations to be met. If we can deal with outstanding matters and get them out of the way, we can use this Friday as one of those summer Fridays where we slip out the door and give ourselves an extended weekend. This is a day for us to clear the decks before heading out with the intention that this weekend is geared for fun in the sun. Late in the day, we might enjoy taking in a show, getting together with good friends or participating in recreational activities. After a few days when our emotions might have been heightened and we might have felt we were in reactive mode, the evening and the weekend allows us to pioneer into areas that excite us, thrill us and allow us to let off steam.

Saturday, July 15th – Doing Our Things – Venus, Jupiter. Saturday has the Moon in Aries with the Moon today sextile Venus and the Moon opposed Jupiter. We might have a great deal going on during this Saturday. We could be buzzing from one fun event to another, alighting briefly before heading off to our next grand adventure. We are more interested in covering all bases and then some, engaging any number of people, rather than a solitary focus or involvement with one person. Today is a day when we are up for ‘the more the merrier’. Our attitude may not play well with someone who might feel slighted or have the attitude that they should have sole possession of our attention and our time. We might step on toes today, but we are far more involved in having a good time than how we are impacting someone else.

Sunday, July 16th – This And More – Lunar Grand Trine, Mercury, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Sun, Mars, Uranus. Sunday could be one high energy day, a day when we are firing on all cylinders and have all flags flying. The Aries Moon triggers both a Fire Grand Trine and a Cardinal Sign T-Square. Can we say ‘over the moon’? For this Sunday has the Aries Moon conjunct Uranus, the Moon trine Mercury in Leo, and the Moon trine Saturn in Sagittarius for the Lunar Grand Trine. The Aries Moon conjuncts Uranus, the Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon squares the Sun and Mars both in Cancer. Sunday is often considered a day of relaxation, but not this Sunday. We could be up and at it from early morning to late at night, and we might not feel exhausted in the slightest. We can do a great deal of running around today, dealing with our commitments, enjoying family affairs, all the while that we are still able to sneak in some spontaneous events. This is a day when we can spread our wings and soar with the eagles. We can cover all bases and still have time to explore unfamiliar realms. The tenor of the week might not compare with this Sunday when we are going for the gold, grabbing all the gusto and enjoying ourselves to the max. What a wonderful world, what a wonder-filled day!