June 26th – July 2nd, 2017

The astrology for this week of June 26th through July 2nd can be a highly active week with us having one foot in our ordinary reality and the other foot in idyllic unfamiliar terrain. We just have to watch our footing.

The week begins with us musing in reveries. The summer sun could have us thinking of faraway places and spiritual retreats where we can be who we are without any intrusion of the distractions and diversions of our everyday life. Even if we don’t leave our home base, we are likely to find escapes into our sanctuaries.

We can see possibilities and prospects that we might not ordinarily consider. An escape into the idyllic can be refreshing and reinvigorating. We might better appreciate the paradigm shift where we no longer have to feel as though we have to control everything in order to make things happen. On the contrary, we might embrace and bear witness to the serendipity and synchronicity of these times, whereby things occur by our being in the right place at the right time.

Our mind this week can be racing with all sorts of thoughts, many of them stirred up by our wild imagination. No raining on our parade of possibilities, even impossibilities, for us this week, for our intuitive sense can affirm the idea that all things are possible.

The weekend might be spent with social interactions, getting together with that special someone and engaging any number of summer activities. We just have to avoid overconfidence or trying to take on too much. Under the guise of doing what we want and the way we want to do it, we could easily trigger a dangerous pushback that might put us in harm’s way. Let’s keep in mind that words and actions have consequences, some of which might not always be evident — the law of unintended consequences.

We may feel that we can do and say whatever we wish in the early part of the week with little regard for ramifications. But the latter part of the week could find us reaping what we have sown. Let’s enjoy the realm of potentials this week but always with a keen eye on our due diligence.

Monday, June 26th – By the Grace Of – Jupiter, Mars, Neptune. The week begins on a high note. The Leo Moon sextiles Jupiter, and Mars trines Neptune. This Monday can be a day when we might feel as though we can do no wrong, a sentiment likely encouraged by a friend or significant other. We might stretch beyond our usual parameters, feeling largely invincible and guided by forces that seem divinely inspired. This can be a highly pleasant day but one when we might lose sight of the prevailing conditions and circumstances. Nothing may be done in half measure today. This Monday could be a day when it’s full speed ahead. If there are storm systems in our vicinity, they can be intense with the precipitation hard and fast. While the energy today could have us feeling highly motivated and willing to forge ahead on a ‘wing and a prayer’, it would be suggested that we not leap before looking. Instead, it would be wise for us to have our hand on the brakes and willing to slow down our trajectory. Too far could be too fast today.

Tuesday, June 27th – I Think I Can, I Know I Can – Venus, Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune. Tuesday continues with the Leo Moon with the Moon today square Venus and the Moon triggering a Lunar Grand Trine in Fire as the Leo Moon trines Saturn in Sagittarius and the Moon trines Uranus in Aries. Mercury squares Jupiter, and Mercury trines Neptune. Tuesday can be a highly effective and successful day. Although we might have a naysayer to our plans, this is a day when our intuitive sense, our inner knowing, can be spot on. We may be at our creative best on this Tuesday with an ability to blend old and new. We can draw upon our experience and our expertise based upon our developed skills to set forth onto a new trajectory. It would be better for us to trust our own instincts rather than relying upon the advice of someone else. If we are able to focus and not be influenced by diversions and distractions, this Tuesday is a day when we can stand out, take center stage and show ourselves off as both highly capable and also highly creative, putting forward our talents in a unique and highly individualistic way.

Wednesday, June 28th – Mind Over Matter – Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Mars. Wednesday has the Moon in Virgo with the Moon today sextile the Sun and the Moon opposed Neptune. Mercury conjuncts Mars. It would be important that we not rush things on this Wednesday, nor fall into a self-critique wondering whether we can pull off our intentions. Planning our actions before engaging them would go a long way towards a successful trajectory. We need to be wary that we don’t jump too soon. If we can hold back on our desire to get going from the start on this Wednesday, and instead take the time to develop our itinerary and direction, then once we take action our path can be smooth and flawless. The other alternative is just to push forward, assuming that everything will go right but without taking into account the conditions and circumstances of our environment. This is one of those days when we might heed the suggestions of the lyrics in a classic popular song: ‘slow down, you move too fast. You’ve got to make the morning last.’ Preparation before initiation is essential on this Wednesday, and planning our schedule could reap productive results. Either we can have the foresight of right action or we can just launch forward without due consideration. Our choice, always our choice.

Thursday, June 29th – Nary a Bump in the Road – Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Lunar Grand Trine, Pluto, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course. There can be a great deal of activity on this Thursday, much of it largely pleasant and highly productive. The day has the Virgo Moon sextile Mars and sextile Mercury both in Cancer, the Moon square Saturn and the Moon triggering an Earth Grand Trine with the Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon trine Venus in Taurus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for ten and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before the Moon enters Libra early on Friday. Mercury opposes Pluto. We may have a lot on our agenda for this day, and we can accomplish it all successfully. We are highly capable in dealing with the big picture, all the details and presenting things in an appealing manner. We may find that we have to deal with outstanding matters, but let’s not allow any demanding issues to get in our way. Even if our pace is interrupted or slowed, it doesn’t need to be halted. This Thursday is a day when we can initiate, implement and execute, and work with time in a qualitative manner getting more done in a shorter period of time than usual. Our mind can be sharp and incisive, but we’re unlikely to accept questioning our methods or our motives. We might have our head down and our focus straight ahead with us unwilling to brook any interference. Should anyone get in our way, we are liable to read them the riot act.

Friday, June 30th – Serenity Now – Sun. This week may have proven to be highly active, our adrenaline racing and our pace fast and swift. Friday could offer a brief interlude to the hectic activity that our lives have become. The Moon moves into Libra where today the Moon squares the Sun. While our natural inclination can be to keep up the pace, this Friday would better serve us taking things slowly and spending time with that special someone over a leisurely lunch and a lengthy coffee break or just some downtime from our normal activities. In the US, Independence Day is on Tuesday, but some of us may choose to take this weekend as an extra long weekend with people starting their July 4th weekend festivities as early as this Friday and running through Tuesday, the 4th. Fixing things around home, entertaining with friends and loved ones, or taking a quick escape out of town can be some of the options we engage on this Friday. Even if we are at our daily tasks, we are less likely to be attentive to everything that needs to be done. On the contrary, we are more likely on this Friday to embrace the sentiments of enjoying the ‘lazy, hazy days of summer’.

Saturday, July 1st – Late for an Important Date – Jupiter, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Pluto, Mercury. Saturday could have us feeling like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland with a sense of overwhelm with everything we imagine we can and should do. Saturday has the Libra Moon triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon conjunct Jupiter, the Moon square Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon square Mars and Mercury both in Cancer. Late in the day, the Moon sextiles Saturn. Whether self-propelled or triggered by someone, we could be fast out of the gate today trying to cover ever so many bases. Our follow through can be lacking and it would be suggested that we make a list of everything we want to do, or need to do, on this Saturday and use time management skills to develop our itinerary. Failing to take some time early in the day to plan our trajectory, we could find ourselves racing around and like the White Rabbit feeling that we are late for a very important date. There can a lot of starts and initiations on this Saturday, but the follow through without proper planning could be lacking. As the day progresses, we may find that we have a better handle on things, although we might have glossed over some of our earlier actions.

Sunday, July 2nd – Explosive Actions – Uranus, Mars, Pluto. The Libra Moon today opposes Uranus before the Moon exits Libra to enter Scorpio, a Sign ruled by Pluto, co-ruled by Mars. Those two energies, Mars and Pluto, are opposing each other today. This is a day when we might experience some unexpected situations that could seem like curveballs thrown at our head. I cannot downplay how intense this day could be. This can be an explosive day with geophysical activity, explosions, bomb blasts, extreme atmospheric systems and people acting out. I’m not a shutter the windows and bar the door kind of guy, but if I were, this day would be one of those days. It might be wise to stay in the comfort of home, the sanctity of our ‘safe space’, and avoid the hurly-burly frenzy of this Sunday. If we do choose to venture out, let’s maintain awareness and be mindful of everything going on around us. Friday had Mercury opposed Pluto when conversations might have turned into arguments and then degenerated into aggressive quarrels. Today with the Mars opposed Pluto we have to be wary that frustrations and anger aren’t expressed physically with people losing their composure and venting their rage in physical actions. This is a day for us to be careful out there. If we are feeling angry and frustrated, let’s find healthy ways to let off steam. And let’s not react or respond to anyone’s belligerence today.