May 22nd – 28th, 2017

The astrology for this week of May 22nd through the 28th can be fast and furious with some brief interludes before screeching into the weekend, the long Memorial Day weekend that unofficially is the start of Summer.

We begin this week like a bull in a china shop — impulsive, perhaps even reckless, knocking things about in our haste to step on the gas and get going. The where and why of our impetuous behavior could be lost in the frenzy of movement and the joy of ‘Spring fever’ as we look to grab all the gusto we possibly can in our day. ‘Carpe diem’ may be our mantram during this week.

With the transiting Sun having come into Gemini as of this past Saturday, the Mutable Sign T-Square with the Sun and Mars in Gemini, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, along with the Cardinal Sign T-Square with Venus and Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn are accentuated. With the concentration of planetary energy on initiations and adaptations, we may be lacking in the follow through. We may find ourselves running around, adding ever more to our list of activities and events. We are captivated by all prospects, are likely to discard none, but in-depth involvement might prove lacking.

Our initial thrust to begin the week on what is likely a ‘manic Monday’ tones down on Tuesday and Wednesday when we can slow things down, take things step by step and put things in their proper perspective and right order. Such an attitude may be short-lived as we come into Thursday, when the Gemini New Moon imprints the next fortnight up to the Full Moon on June 9th.

The desire to try everything and leave nothing behind could be heightened by this Gemini New Moon. While we have an intense rush of getting going, with direction and itinerary not especially relevant as far as we’re concerned, we have to avoid banging up against accepted ways and any sense of entitlement. Doing what we want and doing it the way we want without considering the consequences could have us tilting against windmills and becoming exasperated by our refusing to take into account the specifics of our engagements.

If we would slow things down, take into account the ramifications of our decisions and our actions, and engage our intuitive sense, we could avoid running ragged.

The weekend, the long Memorial Day weekend, can have us focusing on family gatherings and enjoying cookouts, barbecues and social get-togethers. We might not be slowing down on the weekend, for we have the sense of the impending Summer and this weekend unofficially kicks off a season of ‘fun in the sun’. We may want to be here, there and everywhere, but every now and then we might just kick back, take things slow, enjoy the camaraderie of family and friends, and knock back a beer or two.

Monday, May 22nd – Banging and Crashing – Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto, Mars. Monday starts the week with the Moon in Aries and the Moon today triggering the Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon conjunct Venus, the Moon opposed Jupiter and the Moon square Pluto. The Moon sextiles Mars. This is a day when we might throw ourselves into overdrive trying to do this, that and the other. Not only are we trying to do what we want to do for ourselves but we might also find ourselves involved in other people’s matters as well. Unfortunately, our tendency might be to try to do whatever enters our mind in any random order instead of prioritizing and using time management skills. This is a day that can have us rushing around, pulled in various directions and being impulsive in what we take on and the ways that we deal with it. If we don’t exhaust ourselves by the late afternoon, then we might get a second wind in the latter part of the day and could be a little more effective. We can avoid all the racing around if we would take the time to schedule our day, deal with our own projects and then take on other people’s issues. We might want to shrug off our responsibilities today but it would be wise that we give them at least some acknowledgement, even if we choose to put off for tomorrow the tasks asked of us today.

Tuesday, May 23rd – The Best Laid Plans – Saturn, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury. After what might have seemed like a ‘manic Monday’, Tuesday can have us lining our ducks up in a row, scheduling our time effectively and devising a best practices approach. The day begins with the Aries Moon trine Saturn and the Moon conjunct Uranus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for five and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aries and before the Moon enters Taurus. Late in the day, the Taurus Moon conjuncts Mercury. All the planning we do for this Tuesday could come to naught, as unexpected variables crop up. Situations might arise that force us to recalibrate our day or we might find it all too boring to just follow our schedule when the sirens of springtime frolics are beckoning us to play hooky and do whatever we damn well please. Even if we veer totally away from our intended route today, any off the road adventures could add both panache to our day but also make us aware of options we might not have taken into account. Late in the day, we can begin to plant the seeds of new thoughts and alternatives that might have suddenly cropped up. We may live for today on this Tuesday, but we are also looking to broaden our focus before narrowing our efforts.

Wednesday, May 24th – Practical Intuition – Neptune, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course. Wednesday is a day when we can draw upon our feeling sense of what is right and what is wrong in regard to moving ahead with our agenda and long-term goals. The Taurus Moon today sextiles Neptune and the Moon trines Pluto. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for seventeen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Taurus and before the Moon enters Gemini on Thursday. This Wednesday also has us on the dark side of the Moon prior to tomorrow’s New Moon. If we would take our time today to plan and devise a best practices approach, then we could come up with the right means to accomplish our goals. Let’s remember that strategizing in a quiet manner allows us to consider what is truly important and how best to proceed with our intentions. Although we often draw upon our reasoning mind, the empirical approach of ‘tried and true’, this Wednesday calls upon us to draw upon our intuition, that sixth sense that offers us the sense of inner knowing without the confusion of what has worked in the past while it might not be at all relevant in the present, much less the future. We often ‘know’ without knowing, and this Wednesday allows us to reflect on how best to achieve our goals, all the while focusing on the substance and the essentials without being swayed by the appearance or the images. Wednesday can be a highly effective day, but perhaps not a day to implement some of our ‘ah-ha’ realizations. Tomorrow’s New Moon can open wide the gate of possibilities, so it would be wise for us to use this Wednesday to consider the possibilities and recognize the truly possible as opposed to the harebrained.

Thursday, May 25th – World of Possibilities – Gemini New Moon, Sun, Venus, Pluto. Hopefully, we used the past two days to give thought to where we want to go and how we wish to proceed, for this Thursday throws open wide the realm of possibilities. Thursday has the Gemini New Moon with the Moon conjunct the Sun. Venus squares Pluto. We may feel so buoyed by our prospects that we might feel as though we are a gourmand at a smorgasbord whereby we take some of this, some of that — or is it all of this, all of that? — and do so to the extreme and to excess. We may want it all as we start this two-week waxing Moon. We could also want what we want with little regard to ‘right action’ or to the rules and regulations of the games we play. On the contrary, we could feel like a law unto ourselves willing to push the envelope and then some to achieve what we wish to achieve. This two-week period could open times of major actings out, personal extremes and collective protestations. There can be the liability towards knee-jerk reactions, acting without thinking and immediate responses with little consideration of long-term implications much less unintended consequences. Welcome to the crazy world of the twenty-first century where what is up often seems down and where reality is twisted and turned into a bizarre kaleidoscope of incidents and events. Life may seem increasingly reminiscent of the 1982 experimental film Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance with music score composed in 1983 by Philip Glass.

Friday, May 26th – Me and My Buddies – Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Mars. Friday continues with the Gemini Moon with the Moon today trine Jupiter, the Moon square Neptune, the Moon sextile Venus and the Moon conjunct Mars. We might be especially impressed with someone and open to following their lead. This is not a day for us to go it alone, for we could feel dazed or confused by our options, and might need someone to set us on the right track. Our engagement with someone today can be most affirming. We could find ourselves in a Mutual Admiration group where everyone appreciates the individuality and quirkiness of each other. We may feel upbeat and inspired. Optimistic and confident, we might sense the wind to our back with various people stepping forward to ease our way. Get-togethers today can be fun events. Communications can be strong and in our conversations we might become aware of directions we could pursue and interests we might wish to develop. This is a fun day with various encounters. We are more interested in many connections and a multitude of engagements rather than staying at one party for too long. Today is a day when we embrace the sentiment that variety is the spice of life.

Saturday, May 27th – Taking It Home – Saturn, Uranus. One of the beauties of astrology is the recognition of cycles, phases and the reality of energy shifting and sometimes shifting in a nanosecond. Yesterday might have had us wandering through a paradise of sweet delights. We could have enjoyed someone’s company or the company of various people. The energy on this Saturday can shift dramatically. If ‘spring fever’ got the better of us over the week and we put aside some of the matters that needed attention, this Saturday may ask us to get down to business and deal with outstanding matters. The day begins with the Gemini Moon opposed Saturn and the Moon sextile Uranus. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Gemini to enter Cancer. Whether we take care of errands and situations needing to be addressed or put them on our ‘to do’ list for some later time, we are not looking at clipping our own wings on this Saturday. We might want to take on some adventure today, do something a little bit different and explore an option that we have recently become aware of. Much of this day can find us involved with home and family matters. A good Spring cleaning or some family celebration could be part of our Saturday. Whatever we participate in on this Saturday, let’s use this day to recharge and reinvigorate ourselves.

Sunday, May 28th – Smarter Rather Than Harder – Neptune, Mercury, Lunar Grand Cross, Jupiter, Pluto, Venus. Sunday continues with the Cancer Moon with the Moon today trine Neptune, the Moon sextile Mercury and the Moon triggering a Cardinal Grand Cross as the Moon squares Jupiter in Libra, the Moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon squares Venus in Aries. Mercury sextiles Neptune. We can draw upon our critical thinking, analytical mind and also on our perceptive, intuitive sense to devise a best practices approach to accomplish our varied involvements today. If we take a moment or two to consider our trajectories and work with effective time management, we can get more done than we might have thought possible. If we merely launch into our Sunday activities, we could be caroming from one thing to another without proper method or smart rationale. By taking the time to consider all that we wish to achieve today, we can in deed work smarter rather than harder and be more effective with less expenditure of energy.