May 1st – 7th, 2017

The astrology for this week of May 1st through the 7th has Mercury ending its three-week retrograde cycle and turning direct mid-week. After a three-week cascade of ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’ with this Mercury retrograde, we might be dancing in the streets and like the Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz singing ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’.

But as Yogi Berra once declared: ‘it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.’ The first part of the week provides the finishing touches to the Mercury retrograde, so it would be wise for us to be cautious and mindful as we start the week. And whenever Mercury is shifting direction, things can get especially squirrely. We shall still be in the ‘shadow’ of the Mercury retrograde until May 20th when Mercury will have returned to the degree of Taurus where Mercury first turned retrograde, so being cautious and mindful are watchwords for the next three weeks.

The beginning of the week may have us trying to cover any number of bases. We might be in high gear, even overdrive, as we deal with our routine matters while wanting to engage new directions or new ways of doing things. We can be champing at the bit as we begin this week, but we could also be skittish about any decisive action. We don’t want to go too far too fast at the starting gun of this week.

It would be advised that we lay low to start the week, make our plans and tidy up our surroundings. By cleaning up any accumulated messes, we can have clearer sailing as we come towards the end of the week.

The mid-week period has Mercury turning direct with us having a greater exuberance and a desire to express our creative talents and put our imprint on our personal world.

We might have a better sense of who we are and where we are going with the latter part of the week allowing us to fine tune, attend to the details and take care of specifics.

The weekend may have us participating in long-planned events, and we might wish we could be somewhere else, do something other than what we committed to long ago. Whatever we have scheduled could turn out far better than we could have imagined. There can be some hiccups with us running into people we would have preferred not to have seen, but the end of the weekend allows for real camaraderie and a special time with that special someone or those special people in our lives.

Monday, May 1st – Every Which Way But Loose – Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Mercury, Uranus. Monday begins the week with the Cancer Moon triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon opposes Pluto and the Moon squares Mercury and Uranus both in Aries. We may have various obligations to attend to as we start our week, and some of these situations may take longer than we like. We might feel that we’re tied down by responsibilities and unable to do what we want to do. Let’s be careful that we don’t use our routine tasks as an excuse and justification for not spreading our wings. Remember this is Spring, the season of rebirth, renewal and seed plantings. Even if we feel hampered by our familiar involvements, let’s at least consider options and alternatives that we might choose to engage at a more propitious time. We may not be looking at re-creating the past, but neither do we have to take a giant leap into a chasm. Let’s consider our possibilities with an appreciation that intention is often the starting point for implementation. Mercury is still retrograde so any major decisions or significant actions could either backfire or be encumbered by delays and frustrations.

Tuesday, May 2nd – Opening the Floodgates – Venus, Mars, Sun. With the caveat that Mercury is about to turn direct tomorrow and consequently things can be increasingly squirrely, this Tuesday is a day when we might be looking to shout out our talents and capabilities from the highest mount. The Moon moves into Leo where today the Moon trines Venus, the Moon sextiles Mars and the Moon squares the Sun. We might find a receptive audience to anything we say, for we have the passion, determination and the presence to charm and ingratiate ourselves with other people. This is a day when we can be feeling good and looking good and determined to virtually move mountains. We do need to watch our resources, since we could talk the big talk but might not have the resources to back up our bluster. Tuesday is a day to sparkle and dance and be at the top of our game. Let’s keep in mind that there are times when less is more, and this Tuesday could be one of those days. Whatever promises we make today, let’s be certain to have some wiggle room to negotiate or change the parameters of our commitment.

Wednesday, May 3rd – High in this Crazy World – Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Sun, Neptune, Mercury direct. Wednesday has the Leo Moon sextile Jupiter and the Moon trine Mercury and Uranus both in Aries. The Sun sextiles Neptune. And wait for it, wait for it… Mercury turns direct! What welcome relief with Mercury turning direct after a three-week period of head bangings and regular screw-ups. We can be flying high on this Wednesday. ‘Hump day’ might be takeoff day this week, for we are likely to be operating at our best, although with the recognition that our best-laid plans for this day could have various twists and turns that we had not accounted for. No matter, for this Wednesday might have us feeling as if we are operating at our full potential, no matter whether our clear thoughts are being expressed in gibberish or our actions are weavings like a drunken sailor. This is a day when we might feel divinely inspired and that everything is going according to some master plan. Shall we call it our personal destiny? We could be easily intoxicated by the energies of this day, so while we might have our head in the clouds, let’s try and keep our feet firmly planted on the ground. If we keep from flying off into the stratosphere, we may be privy to some interesting and wonderful surprises.

Thursday, May 4th – Maintaining the Focus – Saturn, Mars. Some of our ‘ah-ha’ moments from yesterday can be structured in a manner that works. We start the day in the early morning hours with the Leo Moon trine Saturn. We might have gotten the inspiration of new trajectories yesterday, but we can fashion them today in order for them to work, make sense and have a successful outcome. While we start the day with the last vestiges of the Leo transit of the Moon, much of this day has the Moon in Virgo. From the possibilities of yesterday, Thursday allows us to focus on the specifics and the particulars of what we wish to accomplish. We can make great headway if we keep our head down, attend to the details and not get overly distracted by extraneous matters. Towards the end of the day the Virgo Moon squares Mars, and we might have the liability of opening the floodgates to all sorts of prospects. Even if we were able to maintain our focus earlier in the day, the latter part of the day may have us intrigued by all sorts of diversions and distractions. Although it may take away from our concentration, such intrusions can also prevent us from getting locked into a ‘one way, my way’ approach that could have created a rigid template and may have led us down a dead alley. Fine tuning and tweaking might be necessary, and tomorrow provides us the energy to do just that.

Friday, May 5th – Neatly Together – Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Sun, Pluto. Friday is Cinco de Mayo, a day that has become synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day in the sense of PARTY. The tequila and margaritas may be flowing on this Friday, and there can be the tendency to take early leave from our normal tasks in order to join other people in a social gathering. While such celebrations can be great fun, they could also come at great expense, especially in consideration of the energies for this day. The Virgo Moon today opposes Neptune and the Moon triggers an Earth Grand Trine with the Virgo Moon trine the Sun in Taurus and the Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn. Either we tune out to the realities of our world and engage in the festivities to the point of intoxication, or we use this day to draw upon our foresight and ability to construct a best practices approach to realize our ambitions and work towards our long-term goals. Our choice, it is always our choice as to how to use the energies. While we can certainly enjoy the social occasions of this day, it would be wise to use the productive energies of this day to our advantage. We can blueprint by our intuitive sense and our focus on detail a best practices approach. And we can begin to implement the means to successfully and expeditiously achieve our aims. Today we can celebrate the unlikely victory of the Mexicans against the French at the city of Puebla on May 5th, 1862, and we can also celebrate our talent and capability to accomplish our goals no matter how unlikely our success might seem.

Saturday, May 6th – Do I Have To? – Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus. Saturday starts the day with the Virgo Moon square Saturn. We might have certain things we have to do today, things that we have committed to a long time ago, and things that we would prefer not to do today. We might feel a little groggy today if we celebrated too hard yesterday. Or we might feel resentment that we are being pulled away from continuing with the progress of yesterday on some of our projects if we used yesterday to be productive and highly effective. Either way, we could start this Saturday slightly disgruntled. And our disgruntlement could continue if we just don’t suck it up and accept that we had agreed to certain events or occasions. Let’s try and enjoy the day. After a start that might have us kicking and screaming, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over five and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before the Moon enters Libra. The afternoon hours may be far more pleasant, and we might enjoy time with that special someone or those special people in our lives. Late in the day the Moon opposes Venus. Our interactions with other people can be fun and enlivening, but we have to be wary that we don’t run into someone who is more of our past and not of our present and much less of our future. A push-pull between conflicting interests might arise in our personal interactions, so let’s avoid the tug-of-war and try to create a win-win scenario instead. We might have to do certain things today, engage certain people, but the lighter we can be about things, the less contentious and resentful we would be.

Sunday, May 7th – Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here – Mars, Jupiter. Whatever nastiness might have gone on yesterday, Sunday is a far brighter and sunnier and upbeat day. The Moon continues its transit of Libra with the Moon today trine Mars and the Moon conjunct Jupiter. Sometimes shifting our attitude and changing our focus can be hard. The latter part of the week could have had us operating at our full potential with our ability to virtually move mountains in a highly effective manner. The shift in energy whereby we may have had to engage certain social commitments could have proven hard yesterday with some resultant disagreement, but this Sunday can find us in full flavor of fun times with that special someone or those special people in our lives. We may be reaching out to various people today, whether we get together in person, contact them by phone, or just think about the good times with good friends that we have had in times past. We are likely to feel upbeat and wanting to engage anyone and everyone today. We might better appreciate how people add sparkle to our lives. This can be a fun day when we recognize the importance people add to enlivening and making our lives worth living. Let’s enjoy and celebrate those special people in our lives.