April 3rd – 9th, 2017

The Astrology for this week of April 3rd through the 9th reminds us to get our affairs in order prior to the three-week Mercury retrograde that begins on this coming Sunday and continues into the 3rd of May.

This is a week when it would be wise for us to plan our ‘to do’ list before we start our week. We can accomplish a great deal this week, but we need to prioritize our plans and take things step by step. We could have the tendency to add ever more to our scheduled activities, and we would have to be wary of overloading ourselves and then running out of time to get done what we want to get done. And that’s where prioritization and time management come in. This is a week for us to ‘work smarter rather than harder’.

The week begins with a lot on our plate. Not only do we have our own activities to engage. Someone might add further responsibilities to our list of things to complete.

As the week proceeds, we can pick up steam and accomplish a great deal in a short period of time. The key will be for us to focus and concentrate on the truly meaningful. We can virtually move mountains in the early part of the week, which would be wise since the latter part of the week can have us trying to maintain balance under a whirlwind of shifting energies.

Let’s keep in mind that at the end of the week, on Sunday evening, Mercury turns retrograde for its three-week cycle that could jam up the works as we proceed under Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’.

Not only does this week end with Mercury turning retrograde. On Wednesday night – Thursday morning, Saturn turns retrograde until the latter part of August. We may feel up against the wall with deadlines, feel frustrated by delays and obstacles placed in our way. We might even experience during this four and a half month Saturn retrograde cycle that we are being asked to revisit, rework and refine matters we once thought completed and fully resolved.

As you can note, this week has two very significant shifts in energy with these energy shifts forecasting liabilities and potential problems in managing our affairs in the days ahead.

Prior to the Saturn retrograde and especially the Mercury retrograde, it would be wise for us to operate flat out with our itinerary and direction clearly in mind.

Sandwiched between Saturn turning retrograde shortly after mid-week and Mercury turning retrograde to end the week, we have to contend with the Sun transiting Aries triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Sun opposed Jupiter on Friday, and the Sun square Pluto on Saturday, Saturday also being a day when Venus squares Saturn.

The weekend of the 7th through the 9th can be dicey at best. We could be overconfident regarding what we can do, assuming that more is never enough. We might also experience someone calling in some form of I.O.U., a debt that we owe them that’s being asked to be paid by our participating in some tasks or obligation of theirs that would only get in our way and could even lead to a sense of resentment.

We have to be wary that we don’t feel taken advantage by someone over the weekend. If we have to grin and bear certain situations, it would be far wiser for us to do so rather than making an issue that could escalate to a downright nasty tirade that takes no prisoners and employs a scorched earth policy.

Diplomacy and patience are called for over the weekend but also liable to be in short supply. And then we have Mercury retrograde ending the week.

The first part of the week can be pleasant, but the second half of the week can have us running a maze with confused signals [and not a labyrinth that takes us to the center] or being subject to the whack-a-mole arcade game, with us being the mole and dodging various whacks or lateral lobotomies.

Monday, April 3rd – If Only Fancy Free – Neptune, Mars, Lunar Grand Cross, Sun, Jupiter, Pluto. Monday may be slow-starting, but it certainly doesn’t stay that way for too long. Monday has the Cancer Moon with the Moon today trine Neptune and the Moon sextile Mars. The Moon triggers a Cardinal Sign Grand Cross with the Cancer Moon square the Sun in Aries, the Moon square Jupiter in Libra, and the Moon opposed Pluto in Capricorn. We might start the day feeling all warm and fuzzy, sensing that everything will go according to plan, nice and easy. Such a nice concept, borders on the idyllic, but it could also be primed for a pathway into illusion. As the day progresses, the energy ratchets up significantly and it would be wise to heed the cautionary words: ‘be careful out there’. Our compassion might be heightened and our willingness to go out of our way to do things for other people may be engaged. If we lose the balance between appropriate action and doing too much, we could find ourselves going overboard trying to please everyone around us and taking on more than humanly possible. We then might find ourselves caroming from one situation to another with the liability of not doing any one thing effectively. This is a day for us to say ‘no’ to outlandish requests and for us to take things step by step. We may want to do more and we might realize the forthcoming retrogrades of Saturn and Mercury towards the end of the week. But too much can be too much, and today is a day for us to learn and enforce proper boundaries.

Tuesday, April 4th – Going Your Way – Uranus, Venus. Tuesday continues with the Cancer Moon with the Moon today square Uranus and the Moon trine Venus. Later in the day, the Moon exits Cancer to enter Leo. This is a day when we might have to put our own personal interests on the back burner and deal with someone else’s matters. We can score points by being there for someone, rather than concentrating on our own personal interests. While we might be of incredible assistance to someone today, with great appreciation for what we are doing for them, we also need to avoid getting involved with a bottomless pit where whatever we do is never enough. This day needs to complete a two-day service to others, times when we might have been accommodating and helpful to someone’s needs. Being of service is great, but being overly sacrificial is self-abusive. As the Moon moves from Cancer into Leo later in the day, we could be done with our service time, or sacrifice time, and can be more focused on our own personal interests. Whether we are looking to participate in fun activities or concentrate on our own creative projects, the shift of energy moves from being overly considerate of someone’s needs to giving attention to our own activities. The evening hours can provide a respite and time for some fun events.

Wednesday, April 5th – Moving Mountains – Mercury, Sun, Mars, Pluto. Wednesday has the Leo Moon square Mercury and the Moon trine the Sun. Mars trines Pluto. We could feel impassioned today, ready to take the world by storm. We might question whether we have the resources to accomplish our feats. If we would keep in mind the classic children’s story of The Little Engine That Could, we can forego our questioning of our resources and our abilities, and instead utilize our determination and our persistence, engage a best practices approach, and virtually move mountains today. Not only do we have the will to achieve remarkable accomplishments today. Today is a day to focus on our priorities and get as much done as possible. We are about to hit some headwinds, first tomorrow with Saturn turning retrograde and then on Sunday evening when Mercury turns retrograde. This is a day when we may have Herculean strength. We just need to engage the mind with the mantram: ‘I think I can. I think I can. I know I can.’

Thursday, April 6th – Power of Affirmations – Jupiter, Mars, Lunar Grand Trine, Uranus, Saturn, Saturn retrograde. The Leo Moon today sextiles Jupiter, the Moon squares Mars, and the Moon triggers a Fire Grand Trine as the Leo Moon trines Uranus in Aries and the Moon trines Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn turns retrograde, a retrograde cycle that continues on into late August. While there can be various delays and frustrations today, this is a day for us to place ourselves on center stage, engage our creativity and present our case in a dynamic manner. The more we can blend our experience with our insights, the better able we shall be to create a suspension bridge to a receptive audience of where we have been and where we intend to go. This is a day when we can win advocates to our side. Let’s recognize that implementation may have to wait for further down the road, but we can establish the planning and a comprehensive strategy that will effectively accomplish our goals. There may be frustrations along the way with things taking longer than we like, but careful planning that incorporates the best of the old with the best of the innovative could provide the template to engage when we decide to trigger the go-ahead.

Friday, April 7th – Out on a Limb – Mercury, Sun, Jupiter. Friday begins productively enough with the Moon in Virgo trine Mercury in Taurus. This is a day when we can take care of various details and present them in a pretty package. We could tie up various loose ends before the weekend, and it would be wise to do so. Let’s keep in mind that Mercury turns retrograde late on Sunday. Not only can we bring outstanding matters of the week to completion today, but we might be able to resolve various long-standing issues before our three-week Mercury retrograde when communications and movements could be hampered. The morning hours into early afternoon can be highly accomplished, but late in the day the train can run off the tracks. Later on this Friday, we launch into a weekend that might best be forgotten. Friday has the beginning of a Solar T-Square with the Sun today opposed to Jupiter and the Sun square Pluto on Saturday. Let’s try and keep everything pleasant and avoid the liable tug-of-war that could ensue between people. If we engage in a he said / she said or a push-pull of our own interests with someone else’s interest, it could devolve into a nasty confrontation as we come into Saturday. This weekend calls for us to be diplomatic and charming, cut everyone including ourselves some slack, and try to get through the weekend without wreaking much damage.

Saturday, April 8th – Pushing the Envelope – Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Pluto, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Sun. Saturday has the Virgo Moon opposed Neptune and the Moon triggering an Earth Grand Trine with the Virgo Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon trine Mars in Taurus. Venus squares Saturn and the Sun completes the Solar T-Square in Cardinal Signs with the Sun square Pluto today. This is a day for us to keep our head down and deal with what needs to be done. Relationships could prove dicey today. People can bring up past slights and harp on them as though they were fresh wounds. We can take care of various errands, accomplish much on our ‘to do’ list, and it would be wise to do so. The less engagements with other people today, the less likely we are to have some sort of flare-up. Don’t be surprised if we run into people from our past, whether bumping into them in the street, hearing from them or just thinking about them. We may be taking a walk down Memory Lane today, but it would be wise for us to avoid seeing only brambles in the pathway. Far better use of today’s energy is in preparation of tomorrow’s Mercury retrograde — doing what needs to be done without a great deal of personal interactions.

Sunday, April 9th – Under the Skin – Lunar T-Square Venus, Saturn, Mercury retrograde. If personal relationships were a little dicey yesterday, they can seethe on this Sunday. If we didn’t heed the suggestions of keeping our head down and avoiding confrontational situations yesterday, then today could continue the sparring. Sunday has the Moon in Virgo triggering a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon opposing Venus in Pisces and the Moon squaring Saturn in Sagittarius. The Moon then moves into Libra but the Libra Moon makes no aspects to the planets today. Late in the day, Mercury turns retrograde. Feeling out-of-sorts, everyone needs to avoid being critical or feeling criticized. This is a time that is liable to miscommunications and misunderstandings. The less we feel put upon, the better it would be. Travel plans can go awry with things taking longer than we might like. There can be traffic delays, computer glitches and other problems getting or receiving clear signals. A sense of bemusement to human foibles and life conditions would help us avoid taking things too personally. This is a time to shrug one’s shoulders, maintain a lighthearted attitude and go with the flow, even when the flow seems like rapids crashing over the rocks. This weekend is dicey so it would be wise to tread lightly and forget the big stick.