April 24th – 30th, 2017

The astrology for this week of April 24th through the 30th has the last full week of Mercury retrograde and can continue with various hiccups as we make our way through the week. Let’s go cautiously.

For me, this Mercury retrograde has been a brain freeze, at least what I have encountered as evidence of brain freeze. I experienced traffic delays of two hours to go ten miles due to bridge construction on the Interstate. A check I made out for $135 was paid out at $235. And the phone company charged me twice for the same service. We have another ten days of this Mercury retrograde! What next?

While we might have to make our way through the week carefully, the energies are not brutal except for the banging and crashing of our trying to get through the Mercury retrograde without causing too much damage to ourselves or to our nerves or to other people.

The week begins with us taking matters seriously. Loose ends may need to be tied up or situations that have unraveled might need to be straightened out. If we take things step by step, maintain our focus and not be distracted by fascinating diversions, then we can stay on the straight and narrow and accomplish what needs to get done.

The mid-week gives us the Taurus New Moon and the imprint for the next two weeks. The main thrust of this New Moon is blending the best of the old with the most advanced innovations of the new and planting those seeds from the abstract of the concept, all with an appreciation that any project, event or activity has a life of its own. This is a time when we may have some startling revelations, those ‘ah-ha’ moments when all the pieces seem to fit neatly into the puzzle. What we cannot expect is the process being without unexpected variables or various twists and turns that are hard to even imagine. This is a time when life may have us by the tail rather than our having the tiger by the tail. We might have to be open to doing things on the spur-of-the-moment and drawing upon our experience, our wits and our curiosity to devise the best approach to the natural, although seemingly at times as unnatural, unfolding.

The end of the week has Venus exiting Pisces to re-enter Aries, a Sign where Venus is in Detriment and uncomfortable. Relationships might turn to more of a self-focus with everyone embracing a tendency towards narcissism.

Being open to input and thinking outside the box can make us aware of options and alternatives that we may not have considered. We could gain some startling insights if we keep aware, be mindful and open ourselves to peripheral vision. Our beliefs might be challenged, and so it would be wise for us not to get stuck into our own beliefs. Let’s keep in mind that our knowledge and understanding at one moment in time can radically shift as things progress and unfold and unexpected variables enter into consideration.

The weekend may have us out and about discovering new trajectories and open to future possibilities before choosing to stay around home base and contemplate all that has been revealed to us in the sanctity of our familiar space where we can filter the various new information provided us.

This can be a week of seed planting, a time of trying new approaches but all with the caveat that we are still operating under the vagaries of Mercury retrograde.

Monday, April 24th – Figuring It Out – Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn. The week begins with the Aries Moon with the Moon opposed Jupiter late in the day. Mercury, which is in orb of a conjunction with Uranus, trines Saturn. This is a day when we can draw upon our past experiences and yet still think outside the box. It is essential that we not get locked into dealing with issues based upon a ‘tried and true’ attitude. On the contrary, let’s be open to a best practices approach, an approach that allows us to consider a wide range of options and alternatives and then put the right ingredients into the mix to come up with a best practices approach. This Monday can be a highly creative day but also a day when it would be wise for us to trust our own instincts and not be dependent upon someone else’s critique. Someone could put a damper on our thoughts and ideas. If we enlist their input, then it is essential that we check the source and check their agenda. This Monday may seem like a ‘me’ day, but our concentration on what we want to do while being open to new insights could prove a highly effective day when we can figure out the best direction and best trajectory for our future movements.

Tuesday, April 25th – Push Back – Pluto, Uranus, Mercury, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course. Tuesday finishes the Moon’s transit of Aries and finds us on the dark side of the Moon prior to tomorrow’s New Moon in Taurus. The Aries Moon today squares Pluto, the Moon conjuncts both Uranus and Mercury, and the Moon trines Saturn before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for four hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aries and before the Moon enters Taurus late in the day. Although we might experience incidents that parallel the well-known saying of ‘the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions’, whatever frustrations to our new activities and intentions could block us or push back against our new plans, once we deal with the impediments and get them out of the way then we can proceed with our initiations and new projects. This may be a better planning day, lining our ducks up in a row, prior to implementation. Let’s keep in mind that we are on the dark side of the Moon, prior to tomorrow’s New Moon. Let’s wait until tomorrow to execute our plans. This day is better for strategizing, honing and developing the ways by which to accomplish our goals. The time of a waxing Moon between a New Moon and the Full Moon is far better for developments, while the time of a waning Moon between a Full Moon and a New Moon is better to rid ourselves of the extraneous, tie up loose ends and focus on completions and endings rather than beginnings and start-ups. We also need to remember that we are still in the midst of Mercury retrograde, so whatever we do it is best for us to check and re-evaluate with the recognition that not everything will go according to our plan.

Wednesday, April 26th – Seed Planting Time – Taurus New Moon, Sun, Neptune. Wednesday has the Taurus New Moon with the Taurus Moon conjunct the Sun and later in the day the Moon sextile Neptune. The Taurus New Moon imprints the next two weeks, and we are moving into seed planting time, no matter whether our garden be literal or figurative. Although we are still dealing with Mercury retrograde, and will do so until Mercury turns direct a week from today, this two-week period initiated on this Wednesday is a good time to put our plans into action. Although we might want to wait until after Mercury turns direct next Wednesday, we can prepare the soil now by giving thought to which seeds we want to plant and what activities we choose to engage. This New Moon and two-week period is also under the influence of a Mercury Uranus conjunction both trine to Saturn. If we don’t get in our own way and are willing to experiment with new methods, we might discover that we can streamline our operations and fast forward our progress in accomplishing our goals. This is a time to draw upon our experience and to be open to doing things differently and more effectively. Much can be accomplished over the next two weeks. We just have to till our soil, tread carefully and recognize that some of our first beginnings may need to be reworked, refined or tweaked in the process.

Thursday, April 27th – All Tied Up in a Pretty Package – Pluto, Venus. Thursday continues with the Taurus Moon with the Moon today trine Pluto and the Moon sextile Venus. Late in the day, the Moon exits Taurus to enter Gemini. We can be highly productive today. While we are willing to take things step by step, we’re keeping our eyes on the big picture, our intended goals, and figuring out how to prioritize our activities so that we can concentrate on the most meaningful. We could virtually move mountains today, for we have the persistence and determination to push forward our agenda. While this is a ‘can do’ day, as the day progresses, we might choose to make our case to other people. Social gatherings late in the day may be highly pleasant. Everyone seems to be in a ‘get along’ disposition. We might also find that what we are accomplishing is also being well received. This is a day when the substance and appearance could match. We can focus on the truly significant and present it in a most appealing manner. Thursday would also be a day for us to consider any type of personal makeover. We could find bargains and are unlikely to be swayed by the glitter and sparkle. Something has to have a true meaning and also a pretty package. Wednesday and Thursday of this week can have us achieving a great deal, so let’s take things step by step and focus on our priorities. We can be attentive to detail. The next two days might have us all over the place, so it would be wise to use Wednesday and Thursday with focused intent.

Friday, April 28th – Inspired Thoughts and Validation – Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Venus Aries. Friday can be a highly active day. We might feel that we have ratcheted up our activity level. The Gemini Moon today conjuncts Mars, the Moon squares Neptune and the Moon trines Jupiter. Venus exits Pisces to enter Aries, a Sign of its Detriment where Venus is not too comfortable with a liability of being a little too self-absorbed to the extreme of becoming narcissistic. Mercury conjuncts Uranus. We could be all over the place on this Friday, and it is suggested that we be open to the unexpected. Surprising events may occur, some of which might be truly enticing. Let’s allow ourselves some blank space in our schedule for us to be able to take advantage of fascinating surprises. We might hear about something or find ourselves in the right place at the right time to take advantage of unexpected situations. This is a day when we can get startling insights and amazing revelations. We might need to draw upon someone for their opinion regarding our ah-has — are they valid or delusional? Since there can be so much going on today, we have to be wary that we’re not distracted by interesting possibilities that might only lead us down a dead end. This is a day for exploration, investigation, getting outside of our comfort zone, but using a solid sounding board to help us figure out what is really going on. Magic is afoot. We just have to avoid shooting ourselves in the foot.

Saturday, April 29th – Breezing – Mercury, Uranus, Saturn, Venus. We begin Saturday with the Gemini Moon sextile both Mercury and Uranus. If we can blow off scheduled events in order to do whatever catches our fancy, we are likely to do so. We are more interested in being spontaneous, impulsive and open to any surprises. We might chose to take a drive, air out and enjoy the wide, open spaces. Whether we take a powder literally by engaging a grand adventure or do so figuratively by tuning out our mundane realities, most of this day is for us to enjoy and find our self in the right place at the right time. This is a day to be open to the unexpected and seize the day. Later in the day, the Moon opposes Saturn. Even if we have taken off for much of the day, the late day could have us back in harness of scheduled events. The Moon moves into Cancer late in the day where tonight the Moon squares Venus. The early part of the day can be a fun expedition that we choose, while the latter part of the day may have us back into our commitments. We have to be wary that we don’t bring any sense of resentment to our relationships. We might feel our obligations and responsibilities are putting a damper on our personal freedom and choices. But let’s keep in mind that most of this day can be a great time for doing whatever we want, so let’s not fall into a petulant mood later in the day when we might feel that our party is over and we have to deal with scheduled plans.

Sunday, April 30th – Kicking Back – Sun, Neptune, Jupiter. Sunday has the Cancer Moon sextile the Sun, the Moon trine Neptune and the Moon square Jupiter. We might prefer to hang around our home base today. Springtime cleanups and feathering our nest may be more in store for us than hopscotching about, as we might have done on Saturday. The comfort of home and family could be what we really cherish on this Sunday. We aren’t interested in pushing ourselves or exerting a great deal of energy today. Just kicking back and enjoying down time can be a refreshing and relaxing way to spend our Sunday. While we might welcome people into our home, we aren’t interested in anyone placing demands on us today. Let’s all enjoy ourselves and seek peace and serenity in the security of our home front. There’s no need to push ourselves or prove ourselves to anyone. It’s far better to use this day to laze about. Sunday is often considered a day of rest and that may be especially true for this Sunday.