April 17th – 23rd, 2017

The Astrology for this week of April 17th through the 23rd may have us taking care of necessary matters before we launch ourselves, or are launched by the universe, into places unknown.

The week begins with us able to establish the template of our new activities. We can express our creative talents in a practical and grounded manner. We may seek to blend elements of our past with some of the developments we are initiating. We could create a schema for our plans with an appreciation of doing so in pencil with a large eraser allowing for the unexpected variables likely to arise during development.

Tuesday could prove a taxing day, especially in the US when federal income tax filings are due. The more we can accomplish on Monday and Tuesday, the better it would be, for the rest of the week could have some wild swings to it.

The mid-week of Wednesday through Friday has various Sign changes with the Sun exiting Aries to enter Taurus on Wednesday, followed by Mercury exiting Taurus to retrograde back into Aries on Thursday and culminating with Mars leaving Taurus to enter Gemini on Friday.

On the one hand, we might be looking at implementing some of the ideas we have conceived over the past few weeks of new directions we wish to develop. On the other hand, there can be an explosive quality where certain situations could blow up in our face. Pluto turns retrograde on Thursday. Whenever Pluto turns directions, whether turning direct or retrograde such as on Thursday, there are liabilities to explosions, bomb blasts, actings out, and geophysical or atmospheric intense activity.

In our personal world, we have to be careful that we don’t encounter the concept of the best-laid plans often falling apart. Let’s keep in mind that no matter how diligent we might be in devising our strategies, there can always be some unexpected situation that trashes our plans.

Friday has Mars exiting Taurus to enter Gemini and Venus square Saturn. We could be all over the place on Friday, trying to avoid our obligations, all the while feeling a good dose of ‘Spring fever’ and wanting to be here, there and everywhere. We could have a falling out with someone who might read us the riot act but with us having none of it. We are far more interested in scattering our energy in various directions than being tied down by our responsibilities. There is a liability to our materializing the concept that ‘haste makes waste’.

The latter part of the week might be rather dizzying and we might look to the weekend to regroup. The weekend can be a time for us to catch our breath, sleep in or utter the country song lyric: ‘make the world go away.’

Monday, April 17th – Taking Care of Business – Neptune, Sun, Saturn. Monday begins the week with a continuation of the Moon’s transit of Capricorn where today the Moon sextiles Neptune. The Sun trines Saturn. We can draw upon our foresight and our intuition to put things in their right perspective. This is a day when we can tie up loose ends, all the while that we are looking to clear the decks in order to make room for seed plantings of new concepts and different interests in the days ahead. In the US this is the day before federal income tax filings are due. The more we can get out of the way today, the less encumbered we shall be as we look to create greater foundation stones for our future. We might be looking to expand our projects and activities in the days ahead, and we just don’t want to be tripped up by past issues. Let’s take care of old business and start to consider the right template for our future endeavors. Not only can we be adept at developing the fundamental basics of our goals. We can also present things in an enticing and pretty package today.

Tuesday, April 18th – Too Much for Overload – Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus. Tuesday is tax filing day in the US. The taxman cometh. Many people may have already filed their taxes, but various commentators today are likely to remind us how much of our year is devoted to paying up to Uncle Sam. The Tax Freedom Day which accounts for the day when the US nation as a whole has earned enough money to pay its federal, state and local tax bill for the year comes at the end of April, virtually one-third of the year working to pay the taxman, really the taxmen. This Tuesday has the Capricorn Moon triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon conjunct Pluto and the Moon square Jupiter in Libra and the Moon square Uranus in Aries. We may be pushed and pulled in various directions today. Last minute maneuvers could keep us hopping as we try and close out outstanding matters. Someone could prove an interesting distraction to our planned actions today, or we might decide to do something unique and unusual for ourselves. Feeling a weight off our shoulders, we could embrace an impulsive and spontaneous attitude whereby we allow the day to unfold in whatever way it chooses. Let’s just avoid any tug-of-war with someone regarding what we intend to do. We could try and do everything and more today and might come down with a good case of overload.

Wednesday, April 19th – Devil in the Details – Venus, Mars, Sun, Mercury, Sun Taurus. Wednesday starts a round of Sign changes that continues through Friday. The day begins with the Capricorn Moon sextile Venus, the Moon trine Mars and the Moon square the Sun. The Moon then exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius, where today the Moon squares Mercury. The Sun exits Aries to enter Taurus. As the saying goes: ‘the devil is in the details’. It would be wise for us to make sure that we have covered all bases, dealt with all the particulars in matters that we would prefer to complete and get behind us. We can accomplish a great deal in the early morning hours if our focus doesn’t wander into fantasies and escapades. As the day progresses, we might lift our eyes and our interest into our goals rather than our responsibilities. Let’s take care of any obligations first in order to have the space to seriously consider our options and alternatives. Although we can give thought to what we want to do next, we may question whether we have the resources to carry out our intended projects. Fortunately, we might find ourselves less impulsive, less geared to fast forwarding our actions and more restrained and willing to take things step by step. We don’t have to leap the chasm when we can create a suspension bridge slat by slat to get us from where we have been to where we want to go. Let’s keep in mind Aesop’s fable of the tortoise and the hare. Step by step can win the race.

Thursday, April 20th – Implosions or Explosions – Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Pluto retrograde, Mercury Aries. We may be in high gear today, but it would be wise for us to maintain mindfulness and keep aware of our surroundings. The Aquarius Moon today trines Jupiter. The Taurus Sun conjuncts Mercury just before Mercury retrogrades back into Aries. And the kicker for this day is Pluto turning retrograde. We can be looking at our new interests and projects. We might be considering all facets of a situation and can give thought to how best to present ourselves. We could be encouraged by someone to push forward with our plans, but we are willing to give serious thoughts to the hows and whys of accomplishing our set of goals. Whenever Pluto turns direction, there can be implosions or explosions going on. Either there might be ‘all fall down’ or various intense blasts. Whatever could be happening, this is a day to tread carefully and maintain vigilance to what is going on around us. Let’s not get snookered by someone who says they have our best interests at heart, for we could otherwise find ourselves confidently marching to the end of a brittle branch.

Friday, April 21st – Ratcheting Up – Uranus, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mars Gemini. Friday could have us performing as a master juggler. We might have so much going on that we can hardly keep it straight. All we have to do is keep all the balls in the air, but that could prove a hard task due to distractions and other annoyances. The day begins with the Moon in Aquarius and the Aquarius Moon in the early morning hours sextiles Uranus, the Moon sextiles Saturn and the Moon sextiles Mercury. Venus squares Saturn and Mars exits Taurus to enter Gemini. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Pisces where today the Moon squares Mars and the Moon sextiles the Sun. Not only are we likely to have a lot of our own stuff going on. We might feel obligated to get involved with someone else’s drama too. Our empathy and compassion could be engaged, and we can find ourselves enmeshed in someone’s scenario where they say they want resolve a situation but are too emotionally attached to let it go. We could easily wear ourselves out by the end of the day with a sense of going around in circles without much relief and little resolution.

Saturday, April 22nd – No One’s Home – Neptune. With all the twists and turns of the past three days what with three Sign changes, Pluto turning retrograde and the usual bevy of crazy energies swirling around, this Saturday could be one of those days when we choose to hide out and pretend that no one is home. The Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune. We could be moody today and seeking escape from reality. We might indulge ourselves just to salve the pain. This Saturday is a good day to find solace and comfort in the natural cathedral. Often we are so disconnected from the natural world that we spin off into crazy-making antics and involvements. Today is a day to reconnect with the natural world. When we take the time to be one with nature, to truly connect with the trees, the ocean, lakes, streams, vegetation, clouds, blue sky and all the wonders of the natural world, there is a soothing and healing quality that we receive. We have the opportunity that in reality all is right in the world, that life itself is unfolding perfectly as it should, no matter how much we might try to muck it up. This Saturday is a day suggested for ‘time outs’, to recharge our batteries, and realign ourselves with the natural unfolding. This day is Earth Day, a good day for us to reacquaint ourselves with the ground we walk on and the environment which we habitate.

Sunday, April 23rd – Get It Together – Pluto, Saturn, Venus, Mars. Sunday continues with the Pisces Moon for much of this day with the Moon today sextile Pluto, the Moon square Saturn and the Moon conjunct Venus. Late in the day, the Moon moves into Aries where today the Moon sextiles Mars. Sunday can be a good Spring clean-up day, whether we are cleaning up around our home, clearing away the clutter, tilling the garden soil or just preparing for the warmer days of Summer ahead. We can concentrate on the truly important today, take the time to visualize our priorities and consider how best to achieve our intended goals. Old situations might pop up, and we might feel constrained in what we can do. Let’s keep in mind that proper order, and not always in a sequential manner, allows us to expedite the many matters of our affairs. We might focus on certain things, being pulled away by necessary demands, but at the end of the day we might find that everything is fitting neatly together. At the end of the day, we could get a second wind in eager anticipation of the week ahead and the many sundry events we might choose to engage.