April 10th – 16th, 2017

The astrology for this week of April 10th through the 16th can be slightly muted after what might have been a rough and tumble weekend with the beginning of the Mercury retrograde thrown into the mix.

This week may be slow starting. We might feel the need to get our sea legs as we try and get a grip on the Mercury retrograde. The twists and turns of living life could be readily apparent with evidence of what we believed or did yesterday might be totally different today or tomorrow. Any sense of stability and security can be rocked by strange incidents and unexpected behavior.

The early part of the week has the Libra Full Moon with the Moon in the Gemini third decanate of Libra and the Sun in the Sagittarius third decanate of Aries. Relationships and the balance between our personal needs and those of someone else can be a focal point. Although much of our interest may be centered around our neighborhood and the home front, our attention might also be drawn to people from afar and situations foreign to our daily experience.

The mid-part of the week could have us doing some intense soul-searching. We may strip away the veneer to see what is truly going on. We might not be content to accept the appearance without considering the substance. Despite various mixed signals and a liability to judge based upon less than full information, we are looking to get to the heart of any matter.

The latter part of the week and the weekend is a time for us to stretch our wings, embrace our own resurrection and realize we are not who we have been. Whether kicking and screaming or just oblivious to the process, each and everyone of us has gone through changes, even if those changes are internal and hardly recognizable on the external level. We are not who we were.

This weekend is also quite a nice departure from what we might have experienced last weekend. If we didn’t get bloodied and bowed last weekend, we should count our blessings. And this weekend allows us to see our lives in a more upbeat, philosophical level with increased appreciation for the people in our lives. We might choose to get out of town or gather with loved ones in springtime celebration.

Let’s enjoy this week, engage some new aspect of ourselves but still continue to mumble the mantram to ‘be careful out there’.

Monday, April 10th – Keeping It Light – Jupiter, Pluto. There is not a great deal of energy as we start the week on this Monday. Maybe the weekend took it out of us or perhaps we are just trying to get our footing with Mercury having turned retrograde on Sunday night. Monday begins with the Moon in Libra with the Moon conjunct Jupiter and the Moon square Pluto later in the day. If we had dustups with anyone over the weekend, this Monday allows us to make amends and straighten out relationship issues. We are likely to be more interested in our interactions with other people and with our plans for the future than with our responsibilities. Let’s keep in mind with Mercury just having turned retrograde that we can be slightly confused, dazed and that things can be somewhat squirrely at the beginning of the retrograde. This Monday is a day not to force issues or push too far or too fast ahead. We might need to reflect on our plans and the ways to achieve our goals. Let’s engage this day slowly and look for clarity from a trusted confidante who is detached and objective and could possibly help us to cut through the fog.

Tuesday, April 11th – Me, You and Reality – Libra Full Moon, Sun, Uranus, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course. Late Monday, early Tuesday morning gives us the Libra Full Moon with the Moon opposed the Sun and later today the Moon opposed Uranus before the Moon sextiles Saturn. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost four and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before the Moon enters Scorpio later in the day. Today brings a crescendo to a two-week period that really allowed us to put our imprint on new beginnings for this Spring and for the start of the astrological new year. Our focus today may be on our relationships, both old and new. Our inquisitive nature reaches out to exciting adventures and broadening our perspective through contact with the people we know but also people we don’t know. We can be feeling upbeat and inspired and desirous of stretching our wings into unfamiliar terrain. We do have to be wary that we don’t get carried away with the energy with some people rabble rousing against the powers-that-be. The insistence on freedom and liberation could create a blank slate on which to draw fresh interests and alternative trajectories. Pushing the envelope might have a purpose or may even trigger a sense of a ‘rebel without a cause’. There’s a great deal of energy on this day, much of it focused on new beginnings but with a twinge of ‘putting it’ to authority figures. We may be questioning the balance between our personal needs and the needs of someone else, all with an attempt to find a happy medium. The evening hours and the next couple of days might seem far more contemplative with us holding our cards close to our chest.

Wednesday, April 12th – Trusting Our Senses – Mercury, Neptune. Wednesday has the Scorpio Moon today opposed Mercury and the Moon trine Neptune. We might be looking at paring down some of our expenses, our engagements and involvements, but we might do so kicking and screaming as if any elimination is like stripping us down to our core. While there can be concern about our material realm, our spiritual aspect can be strengthened today. This is a day for us to have a jaded eye towards the empirical and appearances. What we see might not be the true reality of the situation. While we could easily fall for consensus opinion about what is going on, it would be far wiser for us to avoid jumping to any conclusions or buying into the spin being presented. This is a day for us to trust our instincts, even if our intuitive seems diametrically opposed to accepted opinion. Keep in mind that the waning Moon is far better for releases and getting rid of, and with the Scorpio Moon the energy calls for us to do a good Spring cleaning. This is a day to avoid holding on to activities and situations that are more distraction than fulfilling. And by streamlining our involvements, we can focus on the truly meaningful and have space to add on any exciting new commitments.

Thursday, April 13th – Cutting to the Core – Pluto, Mars. Thursday continues with the Scorpio Moon with the Moon today sextile Pluto in the early part of the day and the Moon opposed Mars late in the day. This day provides the energy for us to cut to the core, eliminate the non-essential and operate in a lean and mean mode. Not that we have to be mean about it, but this can be a no-nonsense day. Pruning and paring down with a concentration on our priorities can be highly effective today, although by the end of the day we might feel somewhat naked or like the emperor with no clothes. Even if we feel that we have gotten rid of too much, let’s recognize that some of the removals may have been superfluous or needless distractions. This is a time for us to be resourceful, to focus on what we really want to do and to maintain a certain secretive quality. If we tell everyone what we have in mind, we could confront various naysayers or someone putting obstacles in our way. We might want to keep our head down today and just plow forward. Even if we feel that we’ve eliminated too much, we can always add on new and different ingredients to our mix.

Friday, April 14th – Self Aware, Self Awakening – Venus, Sun, Uranus. Friday begins with the Scorpio Moon trine Venus. The Moon then goes into Sagittarius where today the Moon makes no aspects to the planets. The Sun conjuncts Uranus. We may get a better understanding as to how much we have changed by using people we have known as a mirror to reflect who we have been while feeling somewhat different in regard to who we are becoming. A sense of newness with all its promise of new trajectories can grab our interest and attention. We might choose to get out of town in order to more fully appreciate how much we have shifted. This is a day for us to explore and not to be tied down by past obligations or responsibilities. We might choose to start our weekend early. Whether we travel physically or solely in our mind’s eye, our interest lies further afield than our regular mundane reality. There is something magical about this day, an upbeat feeling that we are no longer locked into who we have been or how we have been. Let’s keep in mind that these times talk to serendipity and synchronicity where we don’t have to do it all but rather can often find ourselves in the right place at the right time. Even if only symbolic, we may decide to buy something that corresponds with a sense of difference we are feeling within ourselves. Our awareness can be greater today, and it would be wise for us to keep our antennae up and work with peripheral vision, for we could experience some most interesting surprises today.

Saturday, April 15th – No Rush to Judgment – Neptune, Jupiter, Venus direct. Saturday continues with the Sagittarius Moon with the Moon today square Neptune to begin the day and the Moon sextile Jupiter later in the day. Venus ends its retrograde cycle and turns direct. We might start the day wondering what to do and where to go. We may have so many options that we just don’t know which one to pick. Why pick any one when this day can be a day to broaden our perspective and widen our involvements? This day might best be served by stretching beyond our usual limitations, engaging something unique and different from our familiar activities. Get-togethers with good friends or with a special someone can be enlivening times, especially if we choose to seek out greener pastures somewhere out of town or in a vibrant setting. This is a day to savor life, to feel good about ourselves and to enjoy those people who add sparkle, light and love to our lives.

Sunday, April 16th – At Our Best – Uranus, Sun, Venus, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Mars. Sunday is Easter Sunday and whether we engage in the religious services or just enjoy the chocolates and indulgences that this Sunday offers, there may be a sense of an awakening within us. The Sagittarius Moon today trines both Uranus and the Sun both in Aries, the Moon squares Venus and the Moon conjuncts Saturn. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for four and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before the Moon enters Capricorn later in the day where today the Moon trines Mercury. Venus sextiles Mars. We may want to be at our best on this Sunday, accentuating our individuality but still wanting to look good just as we are feeling good. Although we might prefer to be impulsive, spontaneous and do whatever catches our fancy on this Sunday, we might have made previous commitments, which might seem to impede our free spirit characteristics. Even if we have to deal with social obligations, we can still enjoy social occasions and might even discover that people are relishing new aspects of us that they were never aware of before. Late in the day our focus can turn to our goals and responsibilities as we prepare for the week ahead. If we prepare on Sunday evening for the week ahead, we can go like gangbusters through this next week accomplishing many of the steps along the way to the realization of our goals.