February 20th – 26th, 2017

The astrology for this week of February 20th through the 26th speaks to mind over matter. We can be far more effective and successful by utilizing our mind’s reflections than drawing upon our physical body’s brawn. This week asks us to be open to the magic of these times rather than trying to control our time.

The week begins with us considering all sorts of possibilities, some of which we have never before entertained. It would be wise for us to have our antennae up and to work with peripheral vision. The start to this week is all about serendipity, being open to the possibilities, even seemingly impossibilities. There can be magic in the air, so let’s be open to receive some of those mini-miracles that are increasingly sparkling in our lives.

We can be upbeat as we start the week, but mid-week we have to be wary that we don’t fall back into our old mindset of ‘control mode’ whereby we assume that we can make things happen and that we can manipulate reality according to our whims and wishes. If we don’t trip over ourselves or get upset with some of the explosive incidents in the world-at-large, we could discover that by working with the universal unfolding we can neatly fit pieces into the puzzle, which is our life.

The weekend could prove confusing. We might have some rather strange occurrences to deal with, unexpected situations arising and interesting encounters with some fascinating characters.

We end the weekend with the Pisces New Moon and a Solar Eclipse with a tendency towards impetuousness that might increase the liability towards accidents. If we choose to be like a bull in a china shop, we could knock things over, break things and wind up worse than before. Why go there when things can go smoothly, if we meet the challenge of getting out of our own way?

Let’s enjoy the magic of these times but let’s not go hog wild in trying to squeeze the very last ounce out of every situation.

Monday, February 20th – The Universe Is Calling – Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn. Monday begins the week with a burst of creative energy. We can feel inspired and gung-ho as we start the week. The magic lies in our allowing things to happen, to let the universe take the lead and open some interesting, even magical, doors for us. The Sagittarius Moon today trines Mars, the Moon sextiles Mercury, the Moon trines Uranus, the Moon sextiles Jupiter and the Moon conjuncts Saturn. Mercury sextiles Uranus. We could have some very interesting insights today, be made aware of options and alternatives that we cannot see for ourselves, and have extraordinary opportunities open to us. What is essential on this day is to be certain that we don’t get in our own way. This day allows us to see that god and the universe have far better plans for us than anything we could have imagined for ourselves. We might need some free time and open space to take advantage of unexpected scenarios that arise, scenarios that are exciting and make us feel ecstatic to be alive. There’s no downplaying the ‘feel good’ quality of this day. We just have to make sure that our old mindset of control and victim doesn’t put a kibosh on the stunning surprises this day might offer us.

Tuesday, February 21st – World on a String – Sun, Mercury, Jupiter. The Moon enters Capricorn where today the Moon sextiles the Sun. Mercury trines Jupiter. Whatever mini-miracles we might have witnessed or experienced yesterday can be further drawn upon on this Tuesday. We have the ability of putting our foresight and vision into practical terms and in so doing create an effective template for future goals and our plans. We can be upbeat today and present ourselves in both a focused and visionary manner. Our persuasiveness can win advocates to our cause even to the point of someone wanting to assist us in realizing our dreams. Conversations can elicit further ideas and thoughts about innovative techniques and exciting new trajectories. Monday and Tuesday are ideal days in the mental realm. Our thoughts are scintillating, our conversations illuminating and we might feel jazzed and at the same time jazz someone else regarding possibilities for the future. Tuesday allows us to start to formulate the specific means and structure by which to realize our intentions. Monday and Tuesday are two days not to get lost in our routine operations. These are days to stretch beyond our usual parameters and include even the seemingly impossible into some of our thoughts and considerations.

Wednesday, February 22nd – Banging Up Against the Past – Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Venus, Pluto, Mars, Uranus, Jupiter. While Monday and Tuesday could have had us feeling like we were smoothly rolling along on greased wheels with little effort on our part and everything neatly coming together, Wednesday may have us experiencing some bumps in the road. The Capricorn Moon today sextiles Neptune, but the Moon also triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon conjunct Pluto, and the Moon square the three Aries-transiting planets of Venus, Mars and Uranus, and the Moon square Jupiter in Libra. Mars squares Pluto. There are times when we need to hold onto faith, even blind faith, when the energies shift and change and we face the intense pushback to the advance of new ideas, new ways of doing things and to dramatic change. If we are expecting the euphoria of the past two days to continue on indefinitely, Wednesday is one of those days when we might find ourselves being slammed and bounced around by our normal responsibilities and commitments, and by someone who feels they have the right and obligation to read us the riot act in order to get us back in line with the way things are or the way things were. This Wednesday can be a highly explosive day, a day of incredible actings out with everyone assuming that they are engaging right action but right action according to their narrow viewpoint. The less reactive we are today, the less damage we can inflict or be subject to. This is a day to tone things down, count to ten or more before responding, and to avoid contentiousness that could actually get physical. News headlines today could prove disturbing with bomb blasts, explosions, and extreme geophysical and atmospheric activity. Be careful and hold on during this Wednesday — the furies could be unleashed.

Thursday, February 23rd – Picking Up the Pieces – Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Saturn. After what might have been a highly active and intense Wednesday, Thursday seems an aftermath to stormy weather. Late on Wednesday, the Moon went Void-of-Course with the Capricorn Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Capricorn and before the Moon enters Aquarius midday on this Thursday. The Aquarius Moon makes no aspects today. This Wednesday provides us a quieter energy to pick up the pieces of whatever craziness and pushing the envelope might have gone on during Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday had the emphasis upon the Mercury qualities of mind and communication. Yesterday replaced brain with brawn as the day highlighted the physical releases triggered by Mars and Pluto. Thursday has us back with the Mercury quality as Mercury sextiles Saturn. No matter the Kali-like forces of destruction and upset that might have occurred yesterday, this Thursday allows us to better figure out things, to realize that we are looking to build a suspension bridge from where we have been to where we want to go by placing slat by slat down. Unlike yesterday’s attempt to jump the chasm and to bring about dramatic change in one fell swoop, today allows us to take into account and utilize our past and the wisdom of our experience and employ it wisely as far as the structure, or the suspension bridge, to get us into our future, into new and different trajectories that more reflect whom we are becoming.

Friday, February 24th – Personal Makeover – Venus. Friday has the Aquarius Moon sextile Venus. Whatever we want to change in the way we want to change it is favored on this Friday. Interactions with other people can be a Mutual Admiration Society, for we can appreciate and be appreciated for individual uniqueness. No cookie cutters for us today. We are more interested in people who are marching to their own drummer and doing their own thing. Encouragement can come from various quarters today. Someone could be a staunch ally for the shifts and changes we are contemplating for our days ahead. If we could step away from our usual responsibilities and engage in casual conversation, we might find ourselves hearing about things of which we know little but factors that could prove significant for us in the future. This is a day for us to enjoy the camaraderie of other people. We might be less focused on what we should be doing and giving more thought to what we want to be doing. This Friday may not be a day of rest but it does seem to be a day when we are not looking to over exert ourselves.

Saturday, February 25th – Get the Motor Running – Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Mercury Pisces. Thursday and Friday might have provided a healthy respite from the hurly-burly of these times. Those past two days may have also been necessary after the whirlwind banging and crashing that could have occurred on Wednesday. Saturday morning has us back at it, flipping into overdrive and trying to get as much done as possible. Much of the energy occurs early in the day. The Aquarius Moon sextiles Mars and Uranus both in Aries, the Moon sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius and the Moon trines Jupiter in Libra. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over six hours as the Moon finishes its transit of Aquarius without making any further connections to the planets and before the Moon enters Pisces late in the day where today the Pisces Moon conjuncts Mercury, which has just exited Aquarius to enter Pisces, a Sign of Mercury’s Detriment where Mercury is not at all comfortable. With Mercury entering Pisces, we now have a Stellium of three planets in the Mutable Water Sign as Mercury joins the Sun and Neptune in Pisces. We also have the Stellium of three planets in Aries with Venus, Mars and Uranus in the Cardinal Fire Sign. We can be covering a lot of bases on this Saturday, some scheduled, others not. We could be fast out of the gate in the morning engaging activities we truly enjoy and getting together with a special someone. If we plan out our schedule with space for the unexpected, then we don’t have to trip up. We might be like a well-oiled machine running at our optimum, at least during the first half of the day. Later in the day with both Mercury and the Moon entering Pisces, we could get moody, slightly confused and looking for escape valves, whether taking in a movie, getting down by the water or imbibing spirits. We are also on the dark side of the Moon prior to tomorrow’s Pisces New Moon, which is also a Solar Eclipse. While our emotions are heightened, let’s avoid falling into a victim role whereby we feel prey to the vagaries of these times with their ups and downs.

Sunday, February 26th – Wish Upon a Star – Pisces New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Sun, Neptune, Mars, Uranus. Sunday has the Pisces New Moon triggering the Stellium in the Mutable Water Sign. A Solar Eclipse, the New Moon conjuncts the Sun and the Moon conjuncts Neptune. This is a highly spiritual configuration, an energy pattern that allows our dreams to be made real, both by our own efforts and also with the aid of the universe unfolding. Mars conjuncts Uranus today. We may find ourselves impelled to follow a new trajectory, a new course, a new pathway on our journey through this life experience. Similar to the account given in Christianity’s Gospel of Matthew where the three wise men set off from the East when they see a star in the sky and journey forth, we too may feel divinely guided to set off in search of the true purpose, our spiritual destiny, of our life journey. This New Moon impacts the next fortnight [two weeks] up to the Full Moon on the 12th of March. If we would listen to our inner voice, accept our inner knowing, then we could put effort towards making the changes we feel necessary to fully embrace new trajectories and new directions. Even if we draw solely on blind faith, hoping and wishing that things would go right for us, it is essential that we keep in mind that we are co-creators with the universe unfolding and that the universe may have far greater plans for us than we could have ever imagined for ourselves. If we try too hard to force things according to our will, we might trigger a nasty pushback and a liability to accidents. Let’s keep in mind that the universe works and that everything does in deed work out in the end.