January 9th – 15th, 2017

The astrology for this week of January 9th through the 15th highlights Mercury direct and a desire for us to put the pedal to the metal and get on with our new year and any new resolutions.

The week begins with the first full day of Mercury direct, and it would be wise for us to keep in mind that whenever Mercury is changing direction things can get especially squirrely. We might start the week with all sorts of great intentions and with a sense that the more, the merrier. Unfortunately, such an attitude could have us spinning our wheels or going from pillar to post with no clear direction or clear itinerary. We could just be off and running with the final result being a race to nowhere.

While the first week of Mercury direct can also feel like the first real week of the new year, the impulse to start up, begin, launch and engage the new can be heightened by the
Sun triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Capricorn Sun squares Uranus on Tuesday and the Sun squares Jupiter on Wednesday, followed by the Cancer Full Moon on Thursday.

We may be champing at the bit to put into place some of our new ideas and some of our new interests. Not only may we feel impelled by our own desire to have greater autonomy over our lives and greater freedom of movement where we can put our personal mark and imprint on our daily life. We could also find someone encouraging us, but we would have to be wary that their suggestions don’t have us going too far out on a limb. If we can restrain our impetuousness, take the time for due diligence and serious consideration of our plans, then with the right approach we could virtually move mountains. For Wednesday also gives us Mars sextile Pluto and the determination and belief of infallibility to achieve our goals.

The Cancer Full Moon on Thursday is a Cardinal Sign Grand Cross with the Sun Moon opposition squared by Jupiter in Libra and squared by Uranus in Aries. We may have our motor running, ready to flip into overdrive and forge ahead. Thursday also has Mercury coming back into Capricorn and re-creating the Capricorn Stellium as Mercury joins both the Sun and Pluto in the Cardinal Earth Sign. Venus conjuncts Neptune. This Full Moon can be a highly productive time. If we are open to unexpected opportunities arising with a recognition that often our opportunities come about by ‘being in the right place at the right time’, then we might find ourselves more in love with our lives and appreciative of this new paradigm whereby we don’t have to do it all but we do need to be open to the magic in order to receive the surprising blessings.

Relationships now can be close to idyllic largely thanks to our being in a far better place emotionally and mentally than we might have been for quite some time.

The latter part of this week can be highly creative, whether we participate in self-expressive outlets or enjoy the creative work of other people.

The weekend can have us exploring interesting new diversions and adding some spice to our life. With a Fire Grand Trine on Saturday, we can be widening our scope and broadening our interests and engagements. Not only can we enjoy scheduled activities but spontaneous events can also grab our attention. We may be feeling at the top of our game and enjoying the games we engage.

The weekend closes out with us concentrating on the specifics and the details that we might have overlooked in our rush to begin, start and leap, even to the detriment of not looking before we leapt.

Monday, January 9th – World in a Spin – Venus, Neptune, Mars. Monday begins with Mercury having turned direct yesterday and the Moon transiting Mercury-ruled Gemini today with the Moon square the transiting Pisces planets of Venus, Neptune and Mars. As though our mind has been unleashed, our thoughts can encompass all sorts of possibilities, some of which might border on fantasy or even delusions. We could be raring to go but our direction and itinerary might be nonexistent. This is a day when we can easily slip into overdrive trying to take on as much as possible without evaluating what we are doing or why we are doing it. Our communications can be a torrent of ideas, various non-sequiturs and a hodge-podge of concepts, many of which may not be particularly well grounded. Let’s enjoy the cascade of ideas without fully committing to any one thing today. We could be in a world of a spin, and it might be best to wait until we become more focused and grounded. Today may not be that day.

Tuesday, January 10th – Jumping the Bungee with the Snap Back – Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Sun. Tuesday continues with the Gemini Moon with the Moon today sextile Uranus, the Moon trine Jupiter and the Moon opposed both Saturn and Mercury. The Sun squares Uranus and begins the Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Sun square Uranus today, the Sun square Jupiter tomorrow and on Thursday the Cancer Full Moon triggering the Cardinal Sign Grand Cross. This Tuesday is a day when we might be a little more discerning regarding what we want to accomplish in the days ahead. Yesterday could have had us rifling through the multi-pages of the catalogue of wild possibilities without settling on any one thing but possibly earmarking any number of things. Today, we are looking for something different, something unique, something that we can make our personal own. A close friend could encourage us to ‘go for it’ no matter how wildly inappropriate the ‘it’ might be. With friends like that, we can get involved in any number of bad situations. Even if we err on the side of excess today, the liability of a harsh snapback might limit our extremes. Past situations and normal standards could restrict any outlandish actions on our part. We may be looking at pushing the envelope or jumping to the outer limits, but we are also liable to find that no matter how far we go out on a limb we are prevented from going so far as to break the branch.

Wednesday, January 11th – Adept at Walking the Tightrope – Venus, Neptune, Pluto, Mars, Sun, Jupiter. While Tuesday could have had us employing the concept of ‘from the sublime to the ridiculous’, Wednesday provides the opportunity of going from the ridiculous to the sublime. The Moon in Cancer today trines the Pisces-transiting planets of Venus, Neptune and Mars. The Moon also opposes Pluto. The Sun continues with the trigger of a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Sun squares Jupiter today. To offset the craziness of other people’s expansive suggestions or our own self-absorbed antics, Mars sextiles Pluto. Wednesday allows us to walk the fine line between abstinence and excess. Like a Wallenda walking easily across a tightrope, we have the ability today of drawing upon our intuitive sense and finding the right pace, the right step and the right direction to accomplish a great deal today. We may not need the kudos or the appreciation of other people. We might be fully satisfied by our innate ability to thread the needle and accomplish our plans in an expeditious and minimal manner. This Wednesday can be a highly productive day, but we might need to close our ears off to the static of other people’s suggestions or opinions.

Thursday, January 12th – All Together Now – Cancer Full Moon, Cardinal Grand Cross, Sun, Uranus, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Neptune, Mercury Capricorn. The past two days have emphasized the Cardinal Signs with the Sun square Uranus on Tuesday, the Sun square Jupiter on Wednesday, with the Sun creating a Cardinal Sign T-Square. This Cardinal energy crescendos on this Thursday with a Cardinal Sign Grand Cross with the Cancer Full Moon with the Cancer Moon opposed the Sun and the Moon square Uranus in Aries and the Moon square Jupiter in Libra. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for twelve and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before the Moon enters Leo later in the day. Venus conjuncts Neptune. Mercury exits Sagittarius, where Mercury is in Detriment and uncomfortable, to enter Capricorn and in so doing creates a Stellium of three planets as Mercury joins the Sun and Pluto in the Cardinal Earth Sign. This Thursday allows us to put all the pieces together of whatever projects we wish to initiate and begin in this new year. We are cognizant of our personal desires for greater self-expression, acknowledge the nurture and comfort of our home and family, appreciate the support and encouragement of that special person, or those special people in our life, and are ready to take on a grand ambition for this new year. Our thoughts may be clearer, and we can see not only the big picture of our intentions but also the details and specifics that make up the successful manifestation of our goals. With a greater inner peace and sense of true purpose, we can also be more open and loving with other people. We do not have to move mountains today, only to know that we have the ability to do so with the recognition that we are not fighting against the world but rather that we are working with the universe as a willing participant in the co-creation of our destiny. Our emotions are likely to be heightened so let’s look at the beauty and wonder of it all.

Friday, January 13th – Nothing to Fear. This week up to this point has been a highly active and energetic week. The energy drops off on this Friday, but there is nothing to fear on this Friday the 13th. On the contrary, the Moon in Leo today accentuates the concept of the number thirteen being indicative of transformation, the alchemical process of realization. Today is a day for us to find outlets for our creativity, to engage all the blessings of our daily lives and to fully savor the good things of doing life. Whether we express our talents in whatever form that might take today, or we enjoy the skills of other people expressing themselves; this is a day when we might not feel the need nor the pressure of push pulls that often plague us in our daily existence. This Friday is a day to embrace la joie de vivre, the joy of living. We can feel buoyed on this day with a new spark of life and a sense of greater exuberance. It has nothing to do with winning or accomplishing but rather the beauty of just being.

Saturday, January 14th – Up, Up and Away – Jupiter, Lunar Grand Trine, Uranus, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course. This Saturday continues with the ‘feel good’ sense that might have inspired us yesterday. Saturday continues with the Leo Moon with the Moon today sextile Jupiter and the Moon triggering a Lunar Grand Trine in the Fire Signs as the Moon trines Uranus in Aries and the Moon trines Saturn in Sagittarius. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for twelve and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before the Moon enters Virgo late in the day. This is a day when we can blend the best of the old with the exciting of the new. We don’t have to throw baby out with bath water but rather can be inclusive rather than exclusive. We can draw upon our experience and expertise to carve new paths, encounter different scenarios and enjoy the creative thrust of living. The greatest art in life is the art of truly living, and we might fully embrace this sentiment today. This is a day for us to be spontaneous and motivated by whatever moves us. We can see the grandeur in the most complex and the simplest things today. We can be an observer to the process or we can dive into the deep end and express our own creative talents.

Sunday, January 15th – Stitching Together – Mercury, Neptune, Venus. Friday and Saturday could have given us an incredible burst of life-affirming energy. We might have felt as if we had stepped away from all mundane concerns, any insignificant problems that sometimes trip us up, and found ourselves in something of a reverie of inspiration and creative expression. No form of creative expression is insignificant, for each is a reflection of our spirit, soul and essence. Whether baking bread, fixing a meal, writing a poem, sketching a drawing, showering someone with our smile; no matter what or how we expressed ourselves over the past two days, we may have added greater light to our surrounding environs and to the planet itself. Let’s always keep in mind that the light, even a tiny glimmer, dispels the darkness. This Sunday has the Moon in Virgo with the Moon trine Mercury and the Moon opposed both Neptune and Venus. From the thrust of energy instilled in us over the past two days, we can use this Sunday to bring that energy down into our daily affairs. This is a good day for us to plan and devise a best practices approach by which we can make our dreams come true. Today is a day for us to draw upon our foresight and focus on the details and the specifics that will go towards manifesting the big picture of our goals and ambitions. We can stitch it all together on this Sunday.