January 16th – 22nd, 2017

The astrology for this week of January 16th through the 22nd can be largely pleasant with a few bumps in the road along the way.

The week starts off with our ability to concentrate on what needs to be done and focusing our attention on the quality of our life. We do have to be wary that we don’t engage more than we can handle. We might assume that we can virtually move mountains but our ‘to do’ list could be long and without our taking into account delays that could trip up our schedule or any past issues that could be demanding our attention. Once we get our bearings, we can easily move forward

The mid-part of the week might have us attending to other people’s needs or wishes. We might be more considerate of other people’s interests but it would be important that we not negate our own interests or add too much on to our plate of things to do. We might be in overdrive, which could eventually prove quite exhausting. Discernment and discretion are keys to our successfully navigating the realm of possibilities spiced with outstanding issues needing to be resolved.

Thursday has Mars square Saturn and the Sun exiting Capricorn to enter Aquarius. With the Sun entering Aquarius, we lose the Stellium of three planets in Capricorn, but we do gain the opportunity of stepping into a whole new realm with the ability of looking to the future. Unfortunately, as we look forward to prospects and possibilities, some people may be stuck in nursing old wounds, tied to the past and looking back rather than forward. Letting go of the past allows us to embrace our future without the same baggage dragging us down or our being hampered by the ties that bind.

Venus sextiles Pluto on Friday, which happens to be Inauguration Day of the 45th US President. Someone could prove an important support system for some of our greatest hopes and wishes. To indicate new beginnings, we might choose to do some sort of shakeup in our home or work environment that better reflects where we are headed more so than where we have been. This is a day when we get a greater understanding and appreciation for that person, or those people, who are there and have been there for us.

The early part of the weekend allows us to clean up and clear out the clutter in our lives. We can concentrate on how we want things in our life to look and to feel. We might embrace the concept that ‘less is more’, for we are looking for the quality of our living and consider downsizing or lowering the maintenance of our life.

Just as a cup has to be emptied before it can be filled, the end of the weekend gives us the impetus to add new ingredients or additional projects to our days. We might even give thought to getting out of Dodge to explore the four corners of the world.

Monday, January 16th – Good Intentions and Their Pathway – Pluto, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Saturn. In the US this Monday is a federal holiday celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Whether we have the day off or not, we could be highly productive on this Monday, IF we plan our day and focus on the most significant projects to attend to. The Virgo Moon trines Pluto early in the day, and we can use our morning hours to concentrate on both the big picture and the more salient details. It would be wise for us to take our time in strategizing before launching forward, since as the day progresses the Moon triggers a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Mars and the Moon square Saturn. We could find the truth to the concept that ‘haste makes waste’ as we look to take on too much or tend to gloss over specific details. Proper planning goes a long way on this Monday and prevents us from running around in circles later in the day like a dog chasing its tail.

Tuesday, January 17th – Quashing Self-Doubts – Sun, Mercury. Tuesday begins with the Virgo Moon trine the Sun. If we didn’t get sidetracked or knocked off the rails yesterday, we can start this Tuesday continuing to focus on the pieces that make up the puzzle. We can deal with various details and put the overall presentation in a very pretty package. This is a day when we can shine and more so if we consider our personal best. The Moon then moves into Libra where later in the day the Moon squares Mercury. We have to be wary of naysayers and those people who assume they know a better way. We could find ourselves in the midst of a parade rainer. Before we capitulate to someone’s suggestions or their opinion, I would advise that we check the source and check their agenda. There are people who often prefer to criticize in order to one up and make themselves feel better by making someone else feel worse. Let’s take anyone’s suggestions with a grain of salt. If we choose to entertain their ideas, then it would be suggested that we fully evaluate their thoughts before we engage them.

Wednesday, January 18th – Dizzying Effect – Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus. Monday had the Virgo Moon triggering a Mutable Sign T-Square with the likely effect of heightened anxiety and rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off. Wednesday has the Moon triggering another T-Square but this time in the Cardinal Signs as the Libra Moon squares Pluto and the Moon opposes Uranus. We could be encouraged to get involved with someone else’s project or ideas, thereby putting a lot of our own interests on the back burner. While this day is a good day to initiate, launch and begin, let’s be certain that whatever we endeavor to do has a reasonable chance of success. We have to be wary of harebrained schemes that seem good in the abstract but could prove to be a never-ending struggle with a trajectory to nowhere. We might be champing at the bit to start something today. If we go there, let’s just be fully aware of what we are getting involved with. Things always look the best and easiest from the outside, often prove to be far more difficult once we commit ourselves and get involved on the inside. A lot can be going on today. Let’s try and slow things down, consider the ramifications and also account for the law of unintended consequences.

Thursday, January 19th – Boomerang – Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars, Sun Aquarius. Thursday is a high energy day and a day of a major shift going on. The day begins with the Libra Moon conjunct Jupiter and the Moon sextile Saturn. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over thirteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before the Moon enters Scorpio. Mars squares Saturn and the Sun exits Capricorn ending the Stellium of three planets in the Cardinal Earth Sign. The Sun enters Aquarius and is then squared by the Moon moving into Scorpio. This Thursday can be a bit of a whipsaw. We might feel that we have lined up all our ducks in a row, feel confident about our abilities and our strategies, but then succumb to wrong actions with unintended consequences. This is a day for us to slow things down and not take anything for granted. We might feel that we are blending all the particular pieces into the larger puzzle, but there can always be something that impedes our progress or blocks our movement. We just have to be wary of boomerangs today, things we thought once settled that fly back into our face.

Friday, January 20th – Hail to the Chief – Mercury, Neptune, Venus, Pluto. This Friday is Inauguration Day in the US with the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. The Moon in Scorpio can certainly speak to the intensity surrounding the proceedings with some people celebrating, others protesting. The energy on a personal level for us can be quite pleasant despite all the craziness in the world-at-large. This Friday’s Scorpio Moon sextiles Mercury and the Moon trines Neptune. Venus sextiles Pluto. Due diligence can go a long way in determining how we want to prioritize our projects. We can virtually move mountains not only by reason of our own focused intent but with the support and encouragement from someone who might just have a better way. This is a day when we can call in our I.O.U.s and draw upon the talents of someone else to help us move things ahead. We may also take the time to show our appreciation and gratitude to that person who has stood by us through thick and then. While the world might be listening to the change in US management, it would be wise for us to use this day to concentrate on what we wish to bring closure to and what we choose to initiate. We can accomplish a great deal on this Friday and Saturday with energies reminiscent of the sentiment that ‘the cup has to be emptied before it can be filled’. This weekend provides the impetus for us to drain our own personal swamp.

Saturday, January 21st – Clean Up, Clear Out – Pluto, Venus, Mars. Saturday continues with the tenor of yesterday as the Scorpio Moon on this Saturday sextiles Pluto and the Moon trines both Venus and Mars. Friday and Saturday are great days energetically to get rid of the outmoded, clean out the clutter and clear up our space. Just as the Sun has exited Capricorn for the Sun’s month-long transit of Aquarius with the promise of new directions and innovative beginnings; we can use Friday and Saturday to bring closure and completion to matters that we would prefer to end rather than to continue ad infinitum. Drawing upon our intuitive sense and taking into account what might once have worked for us but no longer serves us, we can rid ourselves of the extraneous and situations that have seen their day come and go. Although we might be looking at releases and eliminations on these two days, let’s keep in mind that by clearing away the debris we are also creating space for new and exciting scenarios that are more in keeping with where we want to go rather than recreating the past and continuing where we have been.

Sunday, January 22nd – Up, Up and Away – Sun. After two days that might have seemed as though we were wading through the messes of our past and cleaning up our space — both external and internal; this Sunday provides an element of enthusiasm, exuberance and expansion. The Moon moves into Sagittarius on this Sunday, and the Moon sextiles the Sun in Aquarius. Not only are we feeling upbeat and inspired. We are also looking to our future. We might want to spread our wings today, consider new projects or activities that provide us greater autonomy and independence and are more aligned with our new sense of self. Someone may be encouraging us to ‘go for it’. Let’s keep in mind that during this paradigm shift we do not have to do it all. The universe works, and the new paradigm speaks to our being co-creators with the universe unfolding. We need to let go of our sense of control, manipulation and being sole masters of our destiny. The universe has just as much of a hand in the trajectory of our journey as we do. It’s important for us to work with the energies rather than bang up against the conditions and circumstance of the universe unfolding. One of the lessons of these times for us is to not push against the grain but rather work with the ways by which our lives are unfolding.