December 19th – 25th, 2016

The astrology for this week of December 19th through the 25th heralds the end of autumn and the beginning of winter with Mercury turning retrograde to begin the week and some very pleasant energies to end the week on Christmas Day and the 1st day of Hanukkah.

Monday begins the week with the start of the three-week Mercury retrograde cycle with Mercury retrograding back through Capricorn and then through the last degree of Sagittarius before Mercury turns direct on January 8th.

As if most people have not had enough of the political gymnastics that have resulted from the US presidential election, the final two certifications of the presidential results occur under Mercury retrograde. Although I had civics as a subject when I was in elementary school, it seems present day education skips the rules and regulations of civics in our society. It would not be a bad idea for people to familiarize themselves with how the system works.

The Electoral College meets to vote for the US President on this Monday the 19th, as Mercury turns retrograde. The US House of Representatives accepts the votes submitted by the Electoral College voters on January 6th, two days prior to Mercury turning direct.

As we all know by now, Mercury retrograde is akin to Murphy’s Law where ‘whatever could go wrong can go wrong.’

We shall see how it plays out regarding the US Presidency, but needless to say there will be protests and outrage no matter the outcome.

For ourselves, this Mercury retrograde asks that we tie up loose ends associated with this past year with a recognition that life does not occur in a straight-line fashion but often zig-zags or does a two-step of one step forward, two steps back; two steps forward, one step back.

Since this Mercury retrograde occurs during peak travel times, it would be wise for us to add on extra time getting from place to place, allow for delays and convoluted situations and have contingency plans in mind, just in case.

The mid-week presents us with the Winter Solstice as the Sun enters The Cardinal Earth Sign of Capricorn. In the Northern Latitudes this is also the shortest day of daylight. From here daylight increases until we reach the peak at the Summer Solstice in the third week of June.

This birth into the light is symbolized by the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus and in Judaism with the Festival of the Lights. Let us hope for each and every one of us that greater light is born into our world, for even a glimmer of light can dispel the darkness.

The latter part of the week may have us scurrying around preparing for a weekend of festivities. Holiday events and social gatherings can fill our days and evenings. Sharing with family members, friends, neighbors and strangers can find us in a celebratory mood over the weekend.

Sunday has some especially pleasant energies and not just because it is Christmas Day and also the first day of Hanukkah. The planetary energies align for pleasant get-togethers with old friends and unexpected visits. We are feeling the spirits of the season and more appreciative of the beauty we sense in one another. Even if but for a moment, a sense of peace may reign upon the land.

Monday, December 19th – No One Said It Would Be Easy – Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, Mars Pisces, Mercury retrograde. The Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune, and the Moon trines both Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn. Mercury turns retrograde and Mars exits Aquarius to enter Pisces. While there can be a great deal of confusion, handwringing and kvetching, if we don’t fall prey to our emotions we can find our sea legs and straighten things up. Things might begin in a haphazard manner on this Monday. We might feel overly sensitive even to the point of engaging the sentiment of ‘a strong offense is a good defense’. People may be highly critical, point out other people’s errors without acknowledging their own. While things can get jumbled up today, things can sort themselves out by the end of the day. I did mention that today is the day the Presidential Electors meet to elect the US President. There may be a great deal of criticism of the election, a call to change the electoral vote outcome by ‘voting your conscience’ but in the final analysis it might fall on deaf ears. Although I got a good deal of blowback regarding my rather innocuous article ‘Donald Trumps Goliath’ and while Clinton won the popular vote and Trump won the electoral vote, what Donald Trump accomplished was nothing less than a David and Goliath scenario. He was repeatedly discounted by all the establishmentarians. Of course, similar to the Brexit vote, which also was quite a surprise, there will be calls of ‘do over’, sadly a symptom of our entitled society and infantilized culture.

Tuesday, December 20th – Here But Preferably There – Saturn, Sun. The Virgo Moon today squares both Saturn and the Sun in Sagittarius. Late in the day, the Moon exits Virgo to enter Libra. This is a day when the big picture and the specifics don’t quite mesh. We may be more focused on the details and lose sight of the gestalt, the overall and the future possibilities. Although our interests could be far afield, we might feel as though we are tethered to our daily, mundane issues. If we are traveling or no matter our plans on this Tuesday, let’s on additional time since things today might take longer than we anticipated. Everyone may be feeling an itch under their skin, sensing that things aren’t quite right with a liability of looking at the downside and the negative rather than the upsides and the positive. People could be complaining about this, that or the other. Any little annoyance may be blown so totally out of proportion. This is a day when a bemused attitude to humanity’s foibles would be suggested. As the saying goes: ‘life’s too mysterious, don’t take it serious’. Late in the day, the Moon exits Virgo to enter Libra.

Wednesday, December 21st – Birthing the Light – Winter Solstice, Sun Capricorn. The Libra Moon today makes no aspects to the planets, but here comes winter. Today, the Sun exits Sagittarius to enter Capricorn. In so doing, the Sun triggers a Stellium of three planets in Capricorn as the Sun joins Mercury and Pluto in the Cardinal Earth Sign. While much of our attention can be turned towards holiday events and gatherings, we might also focus on what we want to achieve in the days ahead. This is a time for us to consider where we wish to go and what we want to do in the days ahead. If we can clean up some of our messes prior to the new year, we are less likely to be tripped up by outstanding and outmoded issues as we seek to start anew in 2017. Let’s keep in mind that with 2016 being a 9-year in numerology and 2017 being a 1-year, we may not wish to bring old baggage into our new year, a year of new beginnings. In the Northern latitudes, the Winter Solstice also represents the shortest day of daylight. From here, the daylight grows until we come to the Summer Solstice. It would be wise that we give at least momentary thought to this phenomenon, for it also reflects how we can move more into our own light and embrace those activities and projects that allow our true light to shine. We do not have to initiate but we can use this day and this time to plan, devise a best practices approach and clarify for ourselves our long-term ambitions.

Thursday, December 22nd – Hurry Up and Wait – Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Pluto, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. There is a saying in the movie industry: ‘hurry up and wait’. This sentiment could be a large part of our Thursday. The Libra Moon today trines Venus, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter and the Moon sextiles Saturn. The Moon also triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon square Mercury and Pluto both in Capricorn and the Moon opposed Uranus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for nineteen hours with the Moon making no further connection to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before the Moon enters Scorpio tomorrow. Much of the energy on this Thursday can be happening earlier in the day rather than later in the day. We might find ourselves scurrying around, and some people are likely to use this day as a get-away day for the holiday weekend. Much of our interest today can be associated with our intended holiday plans. We might have everything in mind, and in our mind’s eye things all seem to run smoothly with few, if any, hiccups. Needless to say, things are far easier in concept and in the abstract than the practical reality of everyday movements. And that could prove the case on this Thursday. While we might be set to go, assume that we have everything in order and under control, we can also run afoul of the reality of conditions and circumstances. Things may take longer than we would like today. There could be some curveballs thrown at us. Some of the frustrating matters might not be of our making but rather situations that we have to respond to and contend with. This is a day when we may need to be adept and flexible, twist and turn as situations demand. If we avoid getting frustrated by extraneous matters that might arise in our way, then we can find the way to get through. We may be in hyper-drive today but there can be times when we are merely gunning our engines, stuck in neutral and spinning our wheels. Let’s slow down, take a deep breath and work with the energies rather than fighting the energies.

Friday, December 23rd – Spirit Rising – Sun, Mars. Friday has the Moon moving into Scorpio where today the Moon sextiles the Sun and the Moon trines Mars. No matter how rushed or involved we might be on this Friday, this is a day when we can dig below the surface and apprise ourselves of what is really going on. Even if we get caught up in the hurly-burly of holiday shopping, holiday travel, holiday preparations, we might find that we are taking precious moments to reflect on the truly significant aspects of our lives. This is a day when we can delve below the surface, touch base with our spirituality, and consider what is truly meaningful in our lives. Our emotions can be strong today, but it is not so much a sappy, maudlin sentimentality. Rather, this is a day when we can put spirit in action, express our compassion and assist those less fortunate than ourselves. We are not looking for kudos and appreciation, but rather going the extra mile without the need for approval or commendation.

Saturday, December 24th – It All Comes Together – Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus. Saturday continues with the Scorpio Moon with the Moon today trine Neptune and the Moon sextile both Mercury and Pluto. Saturn trines Uranus. We may put a magical touch to our holiday preparations and gatherings. Everything seems to come together very neatly without a single thing out of place. We are looking to create a mood that impacts us and other people on a deep level and without extraneous matter getting in the way. This day also allows us to bridge old and new. We can draw upon our experience while we consider new trajectories that may be more in keeping with whom we have become. No need for us to throw out the baby with the bath water, for this day allows us a beautiful blend of our past with our future. Dickens’ Scrooge may have had his ghosts of Christmas past, present and yet to come, but for us we can reflect on what we have gained through our life’s events and project how we could increasingly carve our own path in the days ahead. Today is a day when we can see how our life’s journey has all come together to bring us to the present with incredible opportunities that lie ahead.

Sunday, December 25th – Merry, Merry – Venus, Moon Void-of-Course, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn. Sunday is Christmas Day and the first day of Hanukkah. The Scorpio Moon squares Venus before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost twenty hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before the Moon enters Sagittarius late this evening. The main energy ingredients to this day are all the Venus aspects made. While the Moon square Venus could make us aware that we might have spent too much on our holiday celebrations, there are so many other Venus aspects today to make the day merry and bright, scintillating with friends old and new, and even the possibility of a most interesting surprise before the day is through. Venus today trines Jupiter, Venus sextiles Uranus, and Venus sextiles Saturn. Whether we gather together with people in person or do a shout out to folks via text, email or phone, we may find ourselves enjoying conversations and discussions with various people. And the beauty of it all is that everybody may keep it quite light, focus on the good things in their lives and dispel the negative feelings or fixed opinions that some people seem to adhere to. It’s hard to imagine a day better than this, so let’s enjoy, show our appreciation to those special people in our lives and bask in the spirit of celebrating the light while discounting the darkness.