December 12th – 18th, 2016

The astrology this week of December 12th – 18th can have us wanting to step away from our regular affairs, all the while that it would be wiser for us to tie up loose ends before next week’s Mercury retrograde that runs through the rest of December and through the first week of January.

As a side note, it is interesting [?] or fascinating or downright scary that Mercury turns retrograde on Monday, December 19th, the same day that the US Presidential electors gather to elect the next President of the United States. Whenever Mercury is in process of changing direction, whether from direct to retrograde or retrograde to direct motion, things can get highly convoluted. One relatively recent example of such a conundrum was on November 7th, 2000, the date of the US Presidential Election when Mercury turned from retrograde to direct motion and an election that was contested and eventually settled by one vote — that of US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. We’ll see what happens with this Mercury motion change on next Monday, the 19th, but as Yogi Berra would remind us: ‘It ain’t over till it’s over.’

We start this week of December 12th – 18th in search of avenues by which we can expand our interests, develop new projects, broaden our reach and have greater autonomy over our personal lives. We may all be looking towards the future with great anticipation, but we could also find outstanding matters and old issues demanding our attention.

With Mercury turning retrograde next week and the retrograde cycle lasting into the new year, we might consider dealing with those situations that we want to complete before year end and that we don’t want to be hampered by as we begin the new year. Let’s keep in mind that 2016 in numerology is a 9 year, the end of a nine-year cycle, and 2017 is a 1 year, the beginning of a whole new nine-year cycle. More so than usual, we might be considering ‘out with the old, in with the new.’

The latter part of the week can have us all over the place. We might feel as though our pace has quickened and we could have the sense that we are playing the arcade game of whack-a-mole, as we try to cover so many bases and address so many varied issues.

The more we can clear the decks before the weekend, the more we can take advantage of holiday events over the weekend. The weekend could be great fun, but as we come to the end of the weekend we might find ourselves scurrying around trying to tie up loose ends before we enter the dreaded Mercury retrograde cycle.

Monday, December 12th – Unique Panache – Venus, Neptune, Sun, Uranus. This past weekend could have taken us on a walk down Memory Lane. Reconnections or thoughts of the past might have reminded us as to where we have been and who we have been. This Monday starts the week with us wanting to throw off the capes of the past and engage a liberated sense of who we could become. The week begins with the Gemini Moon trine Venus and the Moon square Neptune. The Sun trines Uranus. This is a day when we may not know exactly who we are or what we should do, but we are willing to take machete in hand and carve our own path. Even if but a momentary respite from our usual routine, we could be wishing to do something offbeat, unexpected and out of character today. Someone we engage today might be a source to provide us a new sense of ourselves, giving us the clues as to how to explore and investigate interesting aspects of ourselves that we have never considered. It doesn’t matter where we go or where we wind up today, for today is not about completion or resolution but rather the intriguing process of self-discovery, self-expression and increased autonomy.

Tuesday, December 13th – Light of the Moon – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Gemini Full Moon, Sun. This Tuesday is one of those high energy days when anything, and possibly even everything, can be happening. The Gemini Moon today trines Jupiter, the Moon opposes Saturn, the Moon sextiles Uranus and the Moon opposes the Sun at the time of the Full Moon. The swings today can be extreme, and this is a day for us to watch ourselves regarding what we have to say and to whom we say it. The prescription for this day is to step away quietly every now and then and not to get embroiled in situations, whether old matters or new scenarios. We may have a head of steam going for us today but with little follow through. The swings might not only be emotional mood swings. We could also seem to be suffering from attention deficit as we go from thing to another to yet another but with little follow through. We might participate in projects with a gung-ho attitude only to find our enthusiasm waver and our commitment falling away. We might be far more attracted to new interests, but old matters may need to be attended. This is a day for us to play the xylophone rather than to assume that we can engage a one note samba. We can be all over the place today with little focus and minimal concentration. Let’s not place great expectations on ourselves to begin, follow through and finish any one thing. We may have a lot going on, so let’s keep all the balls that we’re juggling in the air.

Wednesday, December 14th – How Sweet It Is – Mars, Neptune. The past couple of days could have had us racing around, but this Wednesday allows us to slow things down and enjoy the serenity of spirituality and the sanctity of our home. Even with all the hubbub of these times, and the irony upon irony that we see played out on the world stage, we still can grab those moments of peace and quiet. This Wednesday could be one of those times. Late on Tuesday, early Wednesday morning, the Moon trines Mars before the Moon exits Aquarius and before the Moon enters Cancer today to trine Neptune in Pisces. We might have felt that we were doing a sprint the past two days but in the process we may have gotten a lot done. Wednesday allows us to cool our jets and give thought to how we nurture and are nurtured by other people. Some of the racing around the past two days could have put us back in contact with friends and relatives. Our sense of compassion for our fellow beings today can have us consider how by our thoughts, our actions and our own being we add to the light and sweetness of life. We may truly sense the spirit of this season, the birthing of the light, with the recognition that we too have the opportunity to grow ever more into our light. Wednesday is a day for a ‘time out’ and to give time to appreciate all the blessings that our life offers.

Thursday, December 15th – Back At It – Lunar Grand Cross, Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. Yesterday offered us a brief respite, a time when we could take moments to reflect and contemplate. Thursday has us back at it, back on the fast track with us doing our best at our juggling act. The Cancer Moon today triggers a Cardinal Sign Grand Cross with the Moon opposed both Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon square Jupiter in Libra and the Moon square Uranus in Aries. Late in the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost sixteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before the Moon enters Leo tomorrow. This is a day when we might be dealing with our responsibilities, taking time to address someone else’s needs and still making sure that we have some quality time for ourselves. Hopefully, we got a second wind yesterday, for this Thursday could have us scrambling. Whether we are cognizant of the start of the Mercury retrograde on this coming Monday or not, we could feel the impetus to clear the decks before the weekend with the hope that we can sneak away early on Friday or even this Thursday night to fully engage the holiday spirits this weekend and over the coming week. We might have a lot to get done, but it would be best for us to do it right or not do it at all.

Friday, December 16th – Contagious Good Cheer. No matter how we celebrate the holidays or even if we don’t celebrate the holidays, we could feel caught up in the holiday spirit with the desire to have some good times. The Moon moves into Leo today and for much of the weekend. We might be looking to enjoy ourselves, whether we take in the holiday displays, some fun events or get together with family and/or friends. There is a contagion to the holiday spirit and no matter how disgruntled at the world at large we may be, we don’t have to Grinch out but can engage the enjoyment of the season. This is a day for us to express our creative self, to find avenues for self-expression and to feel that we are shining in our light and helping to dispel the darkness in the world. More so tomorrow by planetary aspects but the Moon in Leo triggers by Sign a Fire Grand Trine with the two other Fire Signs being transited by Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. We can feel uplifted and look to draw upon our experiences to participate in new activities that are more representative of whom we are becoming. This weekend is a time for us to grab life and live it to its fullest. We might even find a smile cross our face or at the very least bemusement at the human condition.

Saturday, December 17th – All Together Now – Venus, Jupiter, Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Uranus. This Saturday can be a splendid day. The Moon in Leo opposes Venus, the Moon sextiles Jupiter and the Moon triggers the Fire Grand Trine with the Moon trine Saturn and the Moon trine Uranus. This is a day when we can connect with friends old and new. We could reconnect with friends that we haven’t seen since the last holiday season. There can be some wonderful surprises today. This time of year there is a sense that the veil between dimensions is a great deal thinner than usual. We have all been conditioned to this time of year being one when we see evidence of the magic and miracles in our lives. Let’s fully embrace the sense of uplift that comes with today’s energies and the season’s characteristics. Everyone can be upbeat today, conversations light and lively, especially if we concentrate on catching up with what has been going on in our personal lives and avoid discussions on politics or the crazies in the world-at-large. This is a day, a time and a season to focus on the true meaning of this time of year — the birth of light. So let’s keep it light and merry and enjoy the many varied spectacles of the season.

Sunday, December 18th – All Fun and Games Until – Sun, Mars. The morning hours of Sunday continue with the Moon in Leo with the Moon today trine the Sun and the Moon opposed Mars. The Moon then goes into Virgo but makes no connections to the planets today. We might feel on a roll of good times with good friends, and the morning hours can give us an optimism and confidence that we have turned the corner and are moving toward our own personal promised land. We may get together with people, and the opportunities of doing many varied things can present themselves for this Sunday. We could be pulled in many different directions as we see a kaleidoscope of holiday spectacles available to us. But as the day progresses, we might sense the impending Mercury retrograde that begins early on Monday. Suddenly, we could realize that we have various specific matters to deal with and our focus could shift from enjoying our holidays to taking care of business and tying up loose ends prior to the Mercury retrograde starting tomorrow and prior to the year’s end. We could also experience things getting more convoluted with us besieged by traffic delays, travel problems and an increased dysfunctionality in every day affairs. The more we can put our house in order on this Sunday, the less liable we could be to some of the screw-ups that often occur during Mercury retrograde.