September 5th – 11th, 2016

The astrology this week allows us to pick up the pieces and concentrate on separating out the truly important from the meaningless in our lives.

The week begins in the US with the last day of the long Labor Day weekend, which has often been acknowledged as the holiday weekend that unofficially brings closure to the summer season.

We might start the week in slow gear. Whether we catch up on our sleep or have the day blank in our schedule, we are not looking to do a whole lot as we begin the week.

The early part of the week is a good time us to do inventory taking, consider what to be rid of and what to focus on in the days ahead. Some of our inventory taking can have us catching up with outstanding matters, tying up loose ends and also considering what the essence of our lives is all about. We might decide to prioritize our involvements, cut some off and determine the basic foundation stones of our lives. We may be more interested in pursuing those activities that offer true purpose and significant meaning to our daily routine. By our reflecting on the various stuff that make up our lives we could determine what the most important goals are for us.

Like an accordion with its contraction and expansion, from our own contractions we could move into giving thought to areas for expansion. If we clear space for the new and more intriguing engagements, we can be open to options and prospects we had no room for before clearing away the morass of the past. ‘Out with the old, in with the new’ as we begin the unofficial start of autumn.

The end of the week has a major energy shift with Jupiter ending its year-long transit of Virgo to enter its year-long transit of Libra. Jupiter is in Detriment in Virgo, where Jupiter is not at all comfortable. With Jupiter shifting Signs, the Mutable Sign T-Square that has dogged us with its whipsaws of extreme volatility and confusion comes to an end. Jupiter in Libra triggers a Cardinal T-Square by Sign as Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto and Jupiter opposes Uranus. We might have felt like victims of circumstance over the past year, but now we can be far more pro-active as we initiate and launch new directives and feel like we have our hands on the wheel of our lives even with radical alterations and directions as we proceed forward.

The weekend can prove dicey. Things hidden may see the light of day. Certain masks, deceptions or illusions, could be stripped away as we see the stark reality of situations. We might prefer the carnival of delusions, but hard cold reality could slap us in the face. Revelations might shine a light on the dark shadows of pretense and could trigger greater awareness as to what is really going on. Let’s allow the dust to settle before we come to judgment, for rash decisions may be based upon some information but not full disclosure as of yet.

Monday, September 5th – Take Five. Monday begins the week in the US as the last day of the long Labor Day weekend, which for many seems to unofficially end the summer season and the true start to getting back on track of our regular routines. The Moon moves into Scorpio in the early morning hours, and we might prefer some alone time, even to the point of hiding out. We could stay in bed longer today or just take a very slow start to this Monday. We’re not interested in jumping from the starting blocks to get this day going and participate in any number of activities. On the contrary, if we could take the day to sort through, clean up and clear out the clutter in our lives, we might choose to do so. We may look at this day as not only the unofficial end to the summer but as the beginning of a new year. With such a stance, we might be putting things away, throwing things out and preparing to add new ingredients to our lives. Now is not a day to add but rather to eliminate. We might be withdrawn, holding our cards close to our chest and not revealing a great deal even if we are in the company of others. More goes on within us on this Monday than we are likely to disclose. This is a day when we might sense that ‘still waters run deep’.

Tuesday, September 6th – Minimalist and Effective – Neptune, Sun, Pluto. Tuesday can be a highly productive day. The Scorpio Moon today trines Neptune and the Moon sextiles the Sun in Virgo and the Moon sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. We can draw on our intuitive sense, an inner knowing, to focus our energies. This is not a day to rely upon the empirical or reasoning mind. Rather, this is a day when we might feel guided by how we can be more effective with less expenditure of energy and how we can work smarter rather than harder. Things can fit neatly into place on this Tuesday. We are more interested in cutting to the core, prioritizing our activities and focusing on the truly important. Not only can we see the basic elements of any situation. We can then use the best practices approach to accomplish a great deal. This is a day when we can either lay down the foundation stones of new projects or hone the foundation stone already laid down. We can be very astute as to what we get done, but we might not be overly communicative. This is a day when the strong, silent types are at their best, doing what needs to be done without a whole lot of commentary about what they are doing. Few people will be interested in idle chatter today, for people are more likely to walk their walk than to talk their walk.

Wednesday, September 7th – Essential Ingredients – Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Pluto, Venus, Saturn. Wednesday continues with the Scorpio Moon with the Moon today sextile both Mercury and Jupiter. Late in the day, the Moon exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. The Sun trines Pluto and Venus sextiles Saturn. This Wednesday can be a highly productive day and continues with yesterday’s energies. Yesterday, everything may have seemed to fall neatly into place. There might not have been a great deal of celebratory noise or huzzahs going on, but we could have accomplished a lot. Today is in the same vein. We can effectively deal with the details of our projects and expand our interests. We may feel more invigorated, more powerful and more capable. Not that we are coming from ego. Rather, we are more in touch with our true being, who we truly are. Our focus is to come from our essence, from our soul, from the depths of our being. This is a day when we are far more real with ourselves and with other people. There’s no pretense today, and we might choose to focus on the truly meaningful, reach out to our ‘soulmates’, those people with whom we feel especially close with an ability to be totally open about everything and anything going on in our lives. From a concentrated focus earlier in the week, we may see ourselves expanding our interests and involvements as this Wednesday goes on.

Thursday, September 8th – Bumps in the Road – Saturn, Neptune, Venus. Thursday has the Sagittarius Moon conjunct Saturn, the Moon square Neptune and the Moon sextile Venus. We might wish to expand our involvements into new realms, but old issues and outstanding matters could put a dampener on our intentions. This is a day when we might come to realize and appreciate the importance of timing. It’s all about timing. If we try to push forward even through our obstacles, we could find ourselves heading off in wrong directions. Let’s keep in mind that during this paradigm shift it is NOT about us making things happen but rather our being in the right place at the right time for things to naturally unfold and move easily forward. We might want to draw upon the advice and counsel of a trusted friend today. Detachment and objectivity could provide us a clearer picture of what is going on and whether we are on the right track or not. Sometimes we are too involved in our plans to clearly perceive what we are doing. Any bumps in the road today may offer us the opportunity of re-evaluating our intentions.

Friday, September 9th – Full Speed Ahead – Sun, Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter Libra. Friday’s Sagittarius Moon squares the Sun and Mercury, the Moon conjuncts Mars and the Moon trines Uranus. Jupiter exits Virgo ending its year-long cycle through a Sign of its Detriment and also ending the Mutable Sign T-Square that has gone for the past year. Jupiter enters Libra and triggers by Sign a Cardinal T-Square with Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. This Friday may feel as though the starting gates have opened and we’re ready to run a sprint. We may have a vast amount of energy today, feel as though we could conquer the world and interested in whatever catches our fancy. Where a problem might arise is a liability to leap before looking. We might have boundless confidence today, but we might also neglect the itinerary and the direction. This is a day when our energy can get the better of us and we could negate the details, forego the specifics and be oblivious to the particulars. Fortunately, we could also be more considerate of other people, and even willing to listen to what they have to say, which might be a blessing for they might provide braking action to some of our more outlandish plans. We might want to start the weekend early, but it would be wise that we pay attention to what needs to be done. If we are going to gloss over things just to ‘complete’ them, it would be suggested that we postpone dealing with them until later, even next week, when we can give them the proper attention to do it right.

Saturday, September 10th – Hard Cold Reality Setting In – Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune. Saturday has the Moon entering Capricorn where today the Moon squares Jupiter. Saturn squares Neptune. Our tendency, and a liability, is to try to do too much with the assumption that it all works out in the end. In truth, things do work out the way they are supposed to, even if not in accord with our wishes or desires. This Saturday may demand that we attend to certain tasks and obligations. They might run counter to what we want to do or what someone else wants us to do. But responsibilities call for us to be responsible. Let’s attend to our errands and commitments but let’s also avoid confrontations with other people. We could have a certain belief or opinion that might be based on how we would like to see the world but that could be totally out of synch with true reality. This Saturday could be one of those days when we or someone else or the universe pulls back the curtain of the Wizard of Oz screen for us to see the little guy pulling the strings. Today could provide us with a wakeup call to what is really going on. We might have to dispense with our illusions, delusions and fantasies with a cold slap of true reality across the face or a lateral lobotomy, a whack on the side of the head. If we have been buying into images, appearances and projections, this Saturday could make us aware of the substance and essence of the situation and not merely the hype. We might be disappointed but it’s far wiser and safer to deal in reality than continuing to cavort in fantasyland.

Sunday, September 11th – Pulling Names – Neptune, Pluto, Venus, Sun. Sunday continues with the Capricorn Moon with the Moon today sextile Neptune, the Moon conjunct Pluto, the Moon square Venus and the Moon trine the Sun. Venus squares Pluto. Relationships could be dicey today. We might be expecting too much of someone. Yesterday’s wakeup call may trigger certain actions today from our being hypercritical to the extreme of pulling names from our contact list. We might have expectations of other people but also feel that they have exaggerated expectations of us. We have to watch for demands on us today. We could have a sense of being in a no-win situation. This day asks us to be diplomatic and avoid being reactive to whatever is going on. Any actions or reactions can be close to overkill. It would be best to allow the dust to settle before responding to any situation. The more we can feel things out, be reflective and draw upon our intuitive sense, the less likely we are to ratchet up the intensity and find ourselves in adversarial scenarios.