August 29th – September 4th, 2016

Is it Halloween yet? The astrology this week could be a little scary due to some of this week’s energy configurations, including the Solar Eclipse at the time of the Virgo New Moon accentuating the Mutable Sign T-Square that has been operational since August of last summer 2015.

This week can have us up down, spinning around. Not only is the Mutable Sign T-Square accentuated. Mercury turns retrograde in its own Sign of Virgo. And, remember, with Mercury retrograde Murphy’s Law is in effect where ’whatever could go wrong can go wrong’.

This is also the last week of the yearlong transit of Jupiter through Virgo. Next week, Jupiter enters Libra and takes away one of the key points to the Mutable Sign T-Square that has gone on since last August. With Jupiter moving into Libra next week, Jupiter ends the Mutable Sign T-Square and triggers by Sign a Cardinal Sign T-Square, but that’s next week and through the summer of 2017 and we’ll have to deal with that then.

The week begins with us looking to make impressions, and it would be wise to keep in mind that first impressions are often what matter most. We may be feeling at the top of our game and able to present ourselves in well-chosen ways with an ear to the choir in order for us to preach effectively to them.

Unfortunately, clarity of communication could be lacking, especially with Mercury turning retrograde on Tuesday. Although Mercury is in the last degree of Virgo and about to step into Libra, this three-week Mercury retrograde could prove a doozey with Mercury retrograding through its own Sign of Virgo. Due diligence may be lacking and critical thinking muddled. Such impairment, however, does not mean any lightening of being critical or hypercritical of what’s going on with other people or regarding the world-at-large. People could be snarky and downright nasty. It would be wise that we think before we speak, although such a tendency seems a lost art in today’s world.

Despite the Mercury retrograde, Venus can provide us with certain decorum of charm and grace as Venus enters its own Sign of Libra and makes us more attentive to what is going on with the other person. We might come to realize that it’s not all about us but that we live in a society with other people with whom we interact and that we are not living in isolation by ourselves on an island of our own. Let’s just watch the snarkiness.

Towards the latter part of the week, we have the Virgo New Moon and Solar Eclipse, at a time when the Mutable Sign T-Square is heightened by the Sun as the Sun squares Saturn and the Sun opposes Neptune. Confused and worn down, we might stumble into the weekend, which in the US in the long Labor Day holiday weekend and the unofficial end to the summer season.

Hopefully, we can use the weekend to rest up, take a breather from our normal routine and prepare for the autumn days ahead.

Monday, August 29th – Everything Neat and Tidy – Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Venus Libra. Monday begins the week with the Cancer Moon sextile both Venus and Mercury before the Moon moves into Leo early in the day. Mercury conjuncts Venus. Late in the day Venus exits Virgo to enter Libra and the Leo Moon trines Saturn. This is the day before Mercury turns retrograde tomorrow. Things can begin to get squirrely, but this Monday would be a good day to tie up loose ends, deal with outstanding matters and bring significant issues to completion. Not only can we deal with our specifics. We can present things in an appealing manner. We can take care of the details and wrap them up in a pretty package. Venus entering its own Sign of Libra puts focus on our relationships. We might look to connect with people far afield, people we might not have been in contact for a while. This is a good day to reach out and touch those people that we owe a call or an email. The more we put our house in order today, the less muddled we may be over the next three weeks.

Tuesday, August 30th – Stumbling In – Mars, Mercury retrograde. Tuesday is one of those days when we might try and reach for the gold only to fall flat on our face. The Leo Moon trines Mars, and we might be looking at expounding, pontificating and presenting ourselves in the very best light with the spotlight on us and us on center stage. Where a problem can arise is that Mercury is turning retrograde today, is retrograding through its own Sign of Virgo and will be retrograding until the end of the Summer and just before the Autumn Equinox on the 22nd of September. While we might be stepping to the forefront today, we have to be wary that what we have to say doesn’t come out in a garbled manner with us gesticulating but uttering monosyllables that hardly make any sense. This is a day when we might leap before we look. If we have to communicate anything of significance, it would be wise that we think it through and reflect on it before we shoot from the lip. Misunderstandings are likely. No matter how forceful our presentation, our thinking could be slightly muddled.

Wednesday, August 31st – Me and My Shadow – Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. Wednesday begins with the Leo Moon trine Uranus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for eleven hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before the Moon enters Virgo today. We are also on the dark side of the Moon prior to tomorrow’s New Moon. In a sense, this Wednesday has us betwixt and between. We are only starting to get our sea legs of the Mercury retrograde that began yesterday. Meanwhile, we are awaiting the Solar Eclipse and its new beginnings that might be a little dicey any way. This Wednesday could be a ‘me’ day, a day for us to entertain options and alternatives, even if such considerations are only flights of fancy, imaginary and provide a mental meandering through soothing meadows. We may have our schedule to deal with, but it would be important for us to allow ourselves even brief diversions and fun distractions that instill a sense of relief and uplift.

Thursday, September 1st – Ratcheting Anxiety – Virgo New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Neptune, Mars, Pluto. Thursday is the first day of September and with it crescendos the Mutable Sign T-Square that has dogged us since last August of 2015. This Virgo New Moon is a Solar Eclipse as the Moon conjuncts the Sun and the New Moon configuration squares Saturn and opposes Neptune. The Moon also squares Mars and the Moon trines Pluto. The Sun plays into this Mutable Sign T-Square with the Sun square Saturn today and the Sun opposed Neptune tomorrow. This is a day for us to try and stay grounded and recognize that we are susceptible, perhaps even easy prey, to deception, illusion, delusion, fear mongering with our nerves liable to becoming frazzled. Let’s keep in mind that the New Moon influence lasts for the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on the 16th and the Solar Eclipse impact can be felt until February 2017. While we are likely to be dealing from a high level of nervous energy, it would be wise for us to give serious thought to our health regimen and accept accountability for our own well-being, even if that well-being is threatened by the crazy-making and various crazies in the world-at-large. If we don’t jump to conclusions, avoid making snap judgments but keep a jaded eye as to what is being presented to us — the images and the appearances — then we are likely to maintain a semblance of balance despite the intense sways of ups and downs. This is a time for us to take everything with not only a grain of salt. We might need to take everything with a block of salt. Things may not be the way they appear to be, but people are likely to use anxiety and fear to win their point. We just need to find refuge in our happy place, our safe space and not buy into the promotions and protestations.

Friday, September 2nd – Figuring It Out – Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Neptune. The Virgo Moon today conjuncts both Mercury and Jupiter before the Moon exits Virgo and goes into Libra late in the day. Mercury conjuncts Jupiter and the Sun triggers the other point to the Mutable Sign T-Square with the Sun opposed Neptune today, the Sun square Saturn yesterday. We might question what we are doing and who we really are. Let’s keep in mind the tendency, really the liability, of our identifying ourselves by what we do rather than who are. We could feel incredibly vulnerable to whatever is going on around us. This is a day for us to avoid questioning our existence. On the contrary, the day is best served by our keeping our head down, our nose to the grindstone and taking care of the particulars, the details, the specifics. If we concentrate on what we need to accomplish, not only can we achieve a great deal, virtually clear our desk, but we could also free ourselves from tasks hanging over us as we enter the weekend, which in the US is the long Labor Day holiday weekend, often a final summer blowout. Some of us may choose to get out of town for the weekend, head to the shore or up to the mountains or even stay home with a sign out ‘gone fishing’. Late in the day we can be sociable and enjoy the company of other people or the company of our special someone.

Saturday, September 3rd – What a Day for a Daydream – Venus, Saturn. Saturday has the Libra Moon conjunct Venus early in the day, and the Moon sextile Saturn late in the day. This is a day when we can take a breather from our daily routine and even suspend our normal Saturday errands. We might want to loll about, relax and enjoy time spent with someone or our favorite people. We are looking at the bright side of life on this Saturday. We might feel that we have stepped away from our normal routine and engaged a more placid and appealing lifestyle. Whether we choose to go shopping for those Labor Day sales or enjoy a picnic or barbecue with family and friends, we are primarily interested in indulging ourselves today. There seems little to push us forward, rather a luxurious enjoyment of the good things in life. This day can be so pleasant that we wonder whether it can get better than this. The latter part of the day could have us getting together with old friends or considering how we can work with others to create win-win situations. There’s little animosity today but rather upbeat camaraderie. This Saturday plays to the classic Lovin’ Spoonful song: What a day for a daydream.

Sunday, September 4th – Run Around – Mars, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus. Saturday may have been especially pleasant, especially in our interactions with other people. Sunday could be a different story. We still have the Moon transiting Libra with the Moon today sextile Mars but the Moon also triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Pluto and the Moon opposes Uranus. If we were too accommodating yesterday or too willing to acquiesce to someone else’s interests, we could pay the price on this Sunday. We might experience people assuming that they hold an IOU on us, that they expect us to put down whatever we have planned or going on for ourselves and deal with their needs or interests. We might have gotten the run around yesterday whereby everybody was on the same page, nobody was looking to make waves and everything seemed extraordinarily pleasant. But was it all a setup whereby somebody was ingratiating primarily to get a leg up on us? This Sunday could have us dancing to someone else’s tune with us running around, doing this, doing that but largely doing whatever we’re doing in favor of someone else’s interests rather than our own. If we find ourselves on a fast track today, let’s try and slow it down, cut to the core and deal with only the truly necessary. We could otherwise exhaust ourselves and get resentful about how much we have, or someone else has, put on our plate. An appealing diversion in the evening would be a nice gift to ourselves.