August 22nd – 28th, 2016

The astrology this week calls for us to accomplish as much as possible early in the week. Proper scheduling and time management allow us to be highly effective and expeditious in our activities.

This is also the last full week prior to the Mercury retrograde that begins next week and lasts through the third week of September. Mercury retrogrades tend to trigger mishaps in travel, communications and understanding. Akin to Murphy’s Law where ‘whatever could go wrong can go wrong’, Mercury retrograde increases the challenges of doing things correctly and getting things right. With this impending Mercury retrograde being in Virgo, a Sign Mercury rules, we could find that various details spin out of control with specifics lost to a broad brush of gobbledygook.

We may be feeling at the top of our game as we begin this week. We might conceive of some inventive ways of taking care of what needs to be done, all the while that we are looking at how we can be more autonomous, have greater freedom of movement and be able to enjoy some pleasant distractionary trajectories.

Monday through Wednesday give us the concentration to take things step by step. We just have to be wary not to bite off more than we can chew. We may have smooth sailing early in the week but then hit some rough waters during the second half of the week.

Did we get too full of ourselves and of our capabilities and then added ever more on our plate to achieve? The latter part of the week can have us juggling any number of things but not as effectively as we might like.

A cautionary note needs to be sounded for the end of the week, when we might act without thinking and the liability to accidents could be strong. We also have to watch for water issues, whether those water issues are mishaps on the waterways, flooding from intense precipitation from storm systems, leaks or plumbing issues.

The weekend can settle down, but we still need to avoid taking on too much or committing too much of our time or energy to too many different situations.

Braking action is called for during this week and especially the second half of the week. Let’s prioritize at the beginning of the week, focus on the most important, keeping in mind that significant decisions and important matters are better dealt with prior to Mercury retrograde, the next Mercury retrograde beginning next week.

Monday, August 22nd – My Way – Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun Virgo. The week begins with us determined to find alternative ways and options to increase our autonomy and be able to do things our own individual way. This Monday starts with the Aries Moon conjunct Uranus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for nine and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aries and before the Moon enters Taurus where today the Moon trines the Sun, which has exited Leo today to enter Virgo. The Stellium of three planets in Virgo is increased by the Sun joining Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in the Mutable Earth Sign. Mercury conjuncts Jupiter. We may feel like a rebel today, ready to focus on our own personal interests, but we are unlikely to be feeling like a rebel without a cause. Our rebellion has a cause: to increase our freedom of movement and pursue those interests that speak to our passion and allow us to put our personal imprint on our involvements. We may get a thrust of doing things our way, but we are also considering the best practices approach by which we can withdraw from obligations that no longer speak to us or initiate actions that provide us opportunities to do our own thing. We may feel upbeat and inspired and ready to step off the traditional track but we’re not leaping without looking. We can be very detail-oriented and consider all the intricate particulars to get us from where we are to where we want to go.

Tuesday, August 23rd – Feeling the Burn – Neptune, Pluto. Tuesday instills us with foresight and determination. We might virtually move mountains on this Tuesday. The Taurus Moon today sextiles Neptune and the Moon trines Pluto. The end of Monday through much of Wednesday triggers an Earth Grand Trine with the Taurus Moon trine the Virgo-transiting planets and the Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn. We can blend our intuitive sense with our passion today. If we would take the time to go into our own quiet mind space and draw upon our intuition, we can envision the steps necessary to achieve our long-term goals. Creative visualization could give us the template for our methods and also inspire us to embrace the sentiment of: ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’. By drawing upon a meditative and reflective state, we might ‘see’ how we can accomplish even the seemingly impossible. With our goal in mind, we could then take things step-by-step towards our intended goal. We might want to hold our cards close to our chest and not reveal our plans. We don’t need any naysayers to rain on our parade. And let’s keep in mind that we are moving into a paradigm shift where things can occur in a most unexpected manner to the point of what many would consider to be magical and miraculous.

Wednesday, August 24th – Fine Tuning – Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, Mars, Saturn. Wednesday continues with the Taurus Moon with the Moon today trine the Virgo-transiting planets Venus, Mercury and Jupiter. The Moon later in the day moves into Gemini where today the Moon squares the Sun. Mars conjuncts Saturn. We might feel as though we have expended the last ounce of strength trying to get things done and especially in shifting our trajectory to include certain new interests or develop new activities. But let’s keep in mind that we always have a reservoir of persistence and determination to draw upon, no matter how exhausted we might feel. Wednesday is a good day for us to fine tune the details, do what needs to be done to tie up loose ends and to recognize that we don’t have to do it all nor do we have to have it done in a few days, a month or even a year. Projects can take longer than we might like, are far easier to accomplish in the abstract of our mind’s conception, but once begun projects take on a life of their own. The main thing is for us not to rush the river, not force things to occur on our timeline and to assume, as we have been conditioned to accept, that we can make things happen. If we try to be too controlling and force issues today, things can spin out of control and we might find ourselves dealing with situations unraveling later on this Wednesday into Thursday and on into Friday. Let’s do what we can do today, always with a focus on the specifics and the particulars. We want to be certain that our ventures are solid in their basic foundation and that the details are all well-attended. If we push too hard or try too hard, we could be setting ourselves up for a nasty fall. The end of the day and the next two days could have us scurrying around without accomplishing much.

Thursday, August 25th – Tied Up in Knots – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Mars, Neptune. The first three days of this week might have felt sublime as we got a lot done and were able to create a solid and pragmatic program to realize newly found interests. This week has us going from the sublime to the ridiculous. Thursday and Friday could see some of our best efforts unraveling. From the influence of the Earth Grand Trine earlier in the week, Thursday and Friday feels the influence of a Mutable Sign Grand Cross. Thursday has the Gemini Moon opposed both Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius and the Moon square Neptune in Pisces. Tomorrow has the Moon squaring three of the Virgo-transiting planets. We could be all over the place today trying to do too much and often doing things that have little consequence except as unnecessary distractions. This is a day when we have to be wary of foot in mouth disease, where we say the wrong thing or the right thing is misinterpreted as wrong. We could easily feel on overload and wind up rushing around often in circles and winding up tying ourselves up in knots. While there can be a lot of frenetic energy today and tomorrow, we need to slow things down. Let’s consider our priorities, take things step by step and avoid being a dust devil whirring around and just pulling up a lot of dirt. Thursday and Friday demands that we count to ten before we react and to avoid creating greater difficulties for ourselves by impetuous actions.

Friday, August 26th – Accident Waiting to Happen – Uranus, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Neptune. Friday continues with an amped-up, whacked out kind of energy. The Gemini Moon sextiles Uranus and the Moon squares the Virgo-transiting planets of Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. Added to the liability of acting without thinking, we have Mars square Neptune. Being impetuous and wanting to do whatever catches our fancy today can lead us to chasing after activities, situations and scenarios that all seem good at first glance but could lead us down a brambled path. This is a day when we might act without considering what we are doing or where we are going. Leaping ahead without giving serious consideration to the parameters or the circumstances can have us landing in deep doodoo. We could easily forge ahead and end up creating havoc or hurting ourselves. We might assume that we have more strength and capability than is realistic. It is important that we put brakes on our intentions today. This is a day to evaluate, check and re-evaluate everything that we’re doing. Water sports could prove dangerous. There can be accidents waiting to happen and largely the result of our own bone-headed actions or the conditions in which find ourselves. Slow down!

Saturday, August 27th – Comforts of Home – Sun, Neptune, Venus, Jupiter. After a couple of harried days that seem so diametrically opposed to the first three days of this week, Saturday offers us a well-deserved and deeply-needed respite. The Cancer Moon today sextiles the Sun and the Moon trines Neptune. Venus conjuncts Jupiter. This Saturday is a good day to tend matters around the home or address family issues. We may feel nurtured and supported by our home base, our safe space. Although the calendar still indicates summer, we might use this weekend for home projects, putting away our summer furniture and preparing for the autumn. Having possibly dealt with some crazies the past two days, this Saturday might be a good time to chill, relax and regroup. Even if we have plans, we might not want to stray too far from our home base. Taking a ‘time out’ today allows us to appreciate all the good things in our lives. We don’t feel pressured to do much today, but rather have the sense that we can just loll about, get off the track and enjoy ourselves. If autumn activities have started up, we may have already taken care of much of the needed actions to get back on track. This Saturday is a day when we can breathe a deep sigh of relief and take the time to relax and reinvigorate.

Sunday, August 28th – Just One More Thing – Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter. Yesterday offered us a nice break from our fast-paced lives. Hopefully, we took advantage of yesterday’s energies to regroup, recharge and restore our semblance of balance. Sunday picks up the energy again as the Cancer Moon triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon squares Uranus in Aries. Late in the day, the Moon sextiles Jupiter. Even if we believed we covered all the necessary bases in preparing for the autumn ahead and fall’s activities, we might find that Sunday demands that we take care of just one more thing. While we may be called to attend to a matter unexpectedly, let’s deal with it and take care of whatever needs to get done. Let’s keep in mind that Mercury is about to turn retrograde, so it would be wise for us to complete important outstanding matters prior to the Mercury retrograde beginning on this coming Tuesday and lasting for three weeks until the official end of the summer season. Remember that Mercury retrograde is akin to Murphy’s Law where ‘whatever could go wrong can go wrong’. If we handle the expected and unexpected today, we may feel as though we have lined our ducks up in a row as we come towards the end of the day. We may have effectively cleared the decks prior to the beginning of this next week.