August 15th – 21st, 2016

This week could be the start of something big. Unexpected situations that allow us to spread our wings wide and engage new activities or resuscitate familiar activities might highlight this week.

There’s a great deal of energy for us to step off into something new, even if that new is getting back on track with our regular routine but doing it differently. No matter what our involvements this week, it would be suggested for us to look in the mirror now and again to see a different aspect of ourselves. We may have changed even if only slightly, but we might not be carrying the same baggage we’ve been weighted down by in times past.

There can be a spring in our step this week, a sense of doing things our own way and a recognition that our way works with possible begrudging admiration from those who want to do things according to past standards or other than the way we’re choosing to do them.

While we might win the admiration of even naysayers this week, let’s not let our ‘feel good’ attitude go to our head. The universe doesn’t like a braggart and will often throw a curve ball that provides a large dose of needed humility.

The latter part of the week could have us running in circles, which may have us running early into the weekend. As the weekend progresses, we can get a better sense of things and look to spread our wings again.

This week we may feel like an accordion expanding then contracting and finishing up expanding once again.

Monday, August 15th – Fast out of the Starting Gates – Pluto, Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter. The Capricorn Moon starts this week with the Moon conjunct Pluto, the Moon trine both Mercury and Jupiter, and the Moon square Uranus. We may be concentrating on our goals and the specific ways to achieve our ambitions. We might have to hew the party line, go in accord with the standards of the system in which we’re operating, but the more we can acquiesce to what needs to be done the more productive we are likely to be. This is a day when we might need to put blinders on and not get distracted by those tantalizing diversions that can come out of nowhere. There are times when we just need to ‘grin and bear it’ and this Monday could be one of those times. We could feel as though our wings are being clipped but that may not truly be the case. We might have to do what we have to do but we need not lose sight of our vision for greater autonomy and self-expression.

Tuesday, August 16th – the Creative I – Mars, Sun, Uranus. Even if we got back on track yesterday and had to put our personal interests aside to concentrate on our usual responsibilities, this Tuesday can allow us to engage our free spirit. Today has the Moon moving into Aquarius and the Moon sextile Mars. The Leo Sun trines Uranus in Aries. Our creative side can find full expression today, especially if we are not hampered by having overly scheduled ourselves. New interests and new involvements can give us a second wind and bolster our desire to do our own thing no matter what that thing might be. We are looking to be free and spontaneous today, open to unexpected situations that could likely arise. While Monday may have had us making concentrated effort in dealing with our normal obligations, Tuesday provides the opportunity of spreading our wings and finding new trajectories to wander down. This Tuesday is an exciting day leading up to the Aquarius Full Moon on Thursday morning. Tuesday, Wednesday and early Thursday could make us aware of the magic and mini-miracles of these times during the paradigm shift from seguential progression into asequential reality. Anything can happen, so let’s keep our eyes open, work with peripheral vision and be ready to engage in a spontaneous, even impulsive, manner.

Wednesday, August 17th – Our Champion, Our Guardian Angel – Saturn, Venus, Pluto. The mid-part of this week can be exhilarating. It may seem as if we are in the right place at the right time. Let’s keep in mind that these times ask us to lessen our need for control and to be receptive to unanticipated and unexpected situations evolving. Wednesday has the Aquarius Moon sextile Saturn and Venus trine Pluto. This is one of those days when someone could step forward and offer extraordinary assistance to our achieving our ambitions. We may have an advocate, a champion, a guardian angel that supports our plans and backs up our capabilities. There are times when we may feel as if we have to go it alone, that we have to make things happen. It would be wise to drop such an attitude today, since our benefits accrue more through someone else and by someone’s assistance than through our own efforts. Let’s be open to receive with the recognition that we may have paid our dues and that the opportunities today are a result of our efforts and good works in time past. By combining our vision with a well-structured format we can gain admiration for our plans and intentions and our goals.

Thursday, August 18th – Importance of Connection – Uranus, Aquarius Full Moon, Sun, Lunar Eclipse, Moon Void-of-Course. Thursday brings a crescendo to the past two weeks with the Aquarius Moon today sextile Uranus and the Moon opposed the Sun at the Aquarius Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse. Projects started over the past two weeks can see greater movement and even completion and likely with the help of a friend. We may come to the realization that our social interactions provide us with the encouragement, support, advice and even assistance in our attaining our goals. This day could open up a door and allow for a new trajectory. Let’s not overly think our opportunities, for action and commitment is called for. We might not know the how or the why, but whatever grabs our passion and interest today is something for us to pursue. Unexpected calls could provide a new spin on things. The more open we are to the magic of these times, the more we are likely to receive. Even if we do not see it for ourselves, someone might be providing us the clue in our scavenger hunt. It would be wise to heed new information that allows us greater freedom and autonomy in our lives. After the morning’s Lunar Eclipse, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for seven hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aquarius and before moving into Pisces. Tuesday into Thursday of this week might have allowed us to step into a different dimension, a time-space place where things fell neatly together. Let’s embrace the magic of these days and not forget the mini-miracles as we step back into the hurly-burly of life on the earth plane.

Friday, August 19th – Back in the Jumble – Neptune, Pluto, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Saturn, Venus. The past three days might have been blissful. We may have stepped out of our ordinary reality and wandered into an idyllic dimension of future possibilities all seeming very real. It’s important that we not lose sight of some of the positive hits we could have gotten over the past three days. They can provide us encouragement and a nice respite from our normal, everyday world and the world around us, with the world-at-large being occupied by what seem to be a league of crazies. A few years ago, it would have been hard to imagine the level of bonkersness that we are traveling through. Despite those respites of pure idyllic, we do have to deal with some level of frenetic and frantic energies operating. This Friday could be one of those days when we might question what is up and what is down, all the while that we are in the midst of a jumble. The Moon in Pisces today sextiles Pluto and triggers a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon conjunct Neptune, the Moon square both Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius and the Moon opposed Venus in Virgo. This is a day when we need to keep our wits about us, not make any snap judgments and allow the dust to settle before we engage ourselves in any decisions or actions. It seems like a tall order and it is when we consider how emotional this day can be. Like a spoiled child, we might bemoan our circumstances, no matter how rosy they truly are. We can want more and more but finding fault in any little thing. It would be wise for us to focus and not get caught up in the whirlwind of emotion or running around. This is a day to count to ten before doing anything and not to overly critique what is going on, for if we critique, we are likely to be looking at the negatives and negating any positives.

Saturday, August 20th – Get Your Motor Running – Mercury, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course. Saturday begins with a continuation of the Pisces Moon with the Moon today opposed both Mercury and Jupiter. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for seven hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Pisces and before the Moon enters Aries later in the day. Friday could have had us running, and sometimes running in circles. We may have tried to accomplish a lot but wound up spinning our wheels or doing a great deal without fully completing much of anything. Saturday begins with us ready to tie up loose ends, continue with outstanding matters and dealing with necessary errands. We could start the day with frenetic energy and a long ‘to do’ list. We should probably question whether everything on our ‘to do’ list is truly necessary or even possible. This is a day when we might bite off more than we can chew. We are liable to put more pressure on ourselves than would be reasonable. Even if we start the day running around, let’s try and take a break, regroup, do the essential and let the other items on our ‘to do’ list slide. Late in the day, we are far more interested in what we want to do rather than what we feel we have to do. Saturday evening can be a nice break from our feeling pressured and we might engage the sentiments of Rhett Butler in the classic movie Gone with the Wind: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Sunday, August 21st – Up, Up and Away – Mars, Saturn, Pluto. Sunday is the last day of the Sun’s transit through Leo with the Sun moving into Virgo tomorrow. We continue this day with the Moon in Aries with the Moon today trine both Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius and the Moon square Pluto in Capricorn. If we can get out of town today, we would certainly consider doing so. We are more interested in spreading our wings and participating in matters foreign to our daily experience. This is a day for us to express our physical energy. We are not interested in being mere observers to life. Today, we want to be active participants. We could play sports, take part in re-creational activities and feel the wind to our back. We are likely to be feeling spirited and uplifted and wanting to broaden our reach. This can be an exciting day, but as we near the latter part of the day, we might feel our responsibilities encroaching upon us. Even if we have to prepare for the week ahead, this Sunday gives us a second wind and a greater appreciation for doing our own thing.