July 25th – 31st, 2016

The Astrology this week is fiery with some exciting surprises during the mid-week followed by some unexpected hiccups to end the week.

This is the last week of July, and we might feel the end of summer fast approaching. We still have August and officially much of September for our summer season, but even as we come towards the end of this week we might be giving thought to getting back on track and our regular routine duties. Already, newspaper flyers are hawking back-to-school sales. Yeah, autumn is fast approaching.

Last week had the circus in Cleveland with the Republican National Convention. This week, the circus is in town in Philadelphia with the Democratic National Convention with the added attraction of Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein leading a march through the streets of Brotherly Love on Monday. The two major US political parties have made their picks and it’s an interesting tag team of major Gemini energy with the Republicans and major Water energy with the Democrats. By the end of the week, these traveling circuses are on the road, a road tour that will last into early November. O, Canada.

The week begins with us looking to start up new projects, getting things going even if it’s only initiations with little follow through. We do have to avoid being too much for someone, virtually everyone. We may have a spring in our step as we start the week, but we could also be pushing against the grain. No matter, for we could be in a world of our own and a world where everyone likes us.

After a flurry of activity to begin the week, we may settle down into a regular pace, focusing on doing things with a steady hand, our priorities in line and without any slight detail falling between the cracks. Our insights are spot-on and we might learn some exciting news. Startling surprises could enliven the proceedings.

We can accomplish a lot mid-week, but the latter part of the week might see things going downhill, even to the point of spinning out of control. We may be all over the place, literally and figuratively. We might be driven by nervous energy, juggling this, juggling that but perhaps without any coherent plan in mind. Even if we ourselves question what we are doing and why we are doing it, we certainly don’t want other people to question our intentions. If people raise issue with our actions or our opinions, we are likely to read them the riot act.

We can get a grip at the end of the weekend, on Sunday, the last day of July, when we might choose to take time for ourselves, ratchet down our activities and decide to cull certain involvements from our life.

Monday, July 25th – Firing on Cylinders – Pluto, Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Venus, Mercury. Monday begins the week with the Aries Moon square Pluto and the Aries Moon triggering a Fire Grand Trine as the Moon trines Saturn in Sagittarius and the Moon trines Mercury and Venus both in Leo. We may have a fire in our belly, but we could also be spitting fire. We could easily engage a sense of being a legend in our own mind with a willingness to disregard accepted standards in order to do what we want and the way we want to do it. We could feel like a law unto ourselves. With the wind to our back, we might be infused with a great deal of energy today, looking to accentuate our own personal interests and perhaps in a collaborative attitude. This is a day focused on the individual I. With the energy and drive we are likely to have today, we could virtually move mountains. Let’s enjoy our creative spirit, advance our interest, but in the process avoid stepping on other people’s toes.

Tuesday, July 26th – The Road Less Traveled – Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun. Tuesday continues with the Aries Moon with the Moon in the early morning hours conjunct Uranus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over nine hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aries and before the Moon enters Taurus. The Moon in Taurus squares the Sun today. We can take some of yesterday’s thrust of energy with our desire to put our personal imprint on new trajectories and engage a more methodical approach. We are more attentive to the practical ways and means of realizing our ambitions. No longer content to solely cry out ‘I gotta be me’ from the highest mountaintop, we are looking to take our passion and determination and move from the abstract into manifestation. While our concepts and ideas may be easily realized in a perfect world and in our own mind, we could discover that our resources are not as flush as we would like. Today calls for us to be resourceful, utilize what we have available and to work smarter rather than harder. We can go off in our own directions but we do need to know what we can draw upon as we move forward.

Wednesday, July 27th – Out of Nowhere – Neptune, Venus, Lunar Grand Trine – Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus. Wednesday can be an exceptionally productive day and even more so if we are willing to get out of our own way. Today the Moon sextiles Neptune, the Moon squares Venus and the Moon triggers an Earth Grand Trine as the Taurus Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon trines Jupiter in Virgo. To add fuel to the fire, Mercury trines Uranus. If we don’t get too self-adoring and lost in our own narcissism, this Wednesday is a day when things flow smoothly and we can accomplish a lot. By drawing upon our intuitive sense, our inner knowing, and by being open to unexpected opportunities and some remarkable insights, we can make some quantum leaps today both in getting things done and in becoming aware of possible trajectories that might truly speak to our passion. Let’s not overly schedule this day, for opportunities might pop up virtually out of nowhere. Even our plans for the day need to be made in pencil with a large eraser so that we are not locked into a prescribed itinerary but rather can take advantage of some exciting surprises. A day like this Wednesday occurs once in a very long while, so it would be wise for us to have our antennae up, work with peripheral vision and be ready to engage whatever captures our fancy. This is a day of magic, of the universe stepping in and our stepping up, but it’s not a day for us to lord our good fortune over other people. After all, each one of us might be favored by mini-miracles today.

Thursday, July 28th – Sisyphus-like – Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Mars. Yesterday may have proven to be one of those magical days when nearly everything went right and no matter what we did or how we did it, things just fell neatly into place of their own accord. Wish that we had every day like yesterday, but this Thursday not so much. While there could have been incredible moments of smooth sailing yesterday, Thursday could have us banging our head against the wall and then caroming to bang the other side of our head against the opposite wall. The day begins with the Taurus Moon triggering a Fixed Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Mercury in Leo and the Moon opposes Mars in Scorpio. We might find that some of our recent involvements came with a cost that we might have been able to put off… until today. This is a day when we could discover that by dancing to the music, the piper had to be paid and the piper could come calling on this Thursday. There can be stuck energy today, things moving like molasses with various bumps along the way. It would be wise for us to watch our reactions to situations for our frustration could lead to a sharp tongue and even belligerent actions. This is a day for us to count to ten but also to wait out our delays and frustrations. As the day progresses, there can be a snap, a breaking point, and we could find things freeing up as the Moon exits Taurus to enter Gemini. The day might lighten up, but we have to be certain there is no carryover to tomorrow of our frustrations or anger.

Friday, July 29th – Loose Lips – Sun, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury, Mars, Uranus retrograde. Friday is a day when we need to keep ourselves in check, although such restraint may be unlikely. The Gemini Moon sextiles the Sun and the Moon triggers a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Saturn and the Moon square Pisces. Mercury squares Mars and Uranus turns retrograde. We could get so caught up in frenetic activity that we don’t consider what we are doing or how we are doing it. We might just know that we are doing, and doing many things at once. We could easily say something without thinking it through beforehand. We also have to watch that we are not trying to put our point across by being obstreperous and assuming that the force of our presentation will win our argument and gain acceptance from our audience. Life can be heady today but without much clarity. We might overlook significant aspects of situations and could easily make some wrong decisions today and then forcefully back them up no matter any evidence to the contrary. With a desire to clear the decks prior to the weekend, we might gloss over any number of matters. It would be far wiser for us to postpone significant decisions and important matters until we are more clear-headed. Rushing things could prove a prescription for disaster. Let’s keep in mind the wise words of craftspeople: ‘measure twice, cut once.’

Saturday, July 30th – This and More – Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Mercury Virgo. We could be fast out of bed in the early morning hours of this Saturday. We start the day with the Moon finishing its transit of Gemini with the Moon square Jupiter, the Moon sextile Venus in Leo and the Moon sextile Uranus in Aries. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost nine and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Gemini and before the Moon enters Cancer were today the Moon sextiles Mercury, which today has just exited Leo to enter its own Sign of Virgo. We may feel on overload as we start the day with everything we might have planned for the day. We might also have the attitude that plans are meant to be broken especially if something wonderful comes up that diverts our attention and grabs our interest. This is a day when we might have all sorts of intentions but decide to follow our passion and have a good time instead of worrying about getting ready to get back on track. Mercury exiting Leo ends the Stellium of three planets in the Fixed Fire Sign. With Mercury entering its own Sign of Virgo we could be more conscious of what needs to get done. Back-to-School sales may be harkening us to get prepared to get back on track. Even if we feel pulled into dealing with our responsibilities, we are likely to take at least some time to do something fun and unfamiliar.

Sunday, July 31st – Catching Our Breath – Neptune, Pluto. Sunday is the last day of July and has the Cancer Moon trine Neptune and the Moon opposed Pluto. This can be a dreamy kind of day, a day when we want relax at home or take a leisurely walk by the seashore. Sunday could have us catching our breath, not pushing ourselves and just enjoying the comforts in our life. Our sensitivity can be heightened and we might find ourselves lifted away into a dreamworld. A productive use of today’s energy would be something akin to a vision quest, stepping out of our own mundane reality to consider all the blessings in our lives and to harness our spiritual energy for our intended future activities. From the intuitive considerations early in the day, we can propose a strategic plan of action to realize our goals in the latter part of the day. Let’s keep in mind that the key aspect to maintain is balance and the art of balance to create harmony.