July 11th – 17th, 2016

While curve balls of unexpected situations might be thrown at us this week, we are likely to be ready to take on whatever comes our way even to the point of calling out to the universe: ‘bring it on’.

We have two major energy shifts this week as we end the Stellium of three planets in Cancer with Venus and then Mercury exiting Cancer to both enter Leo. We are moving more into summer fun times. This week is the last week before the next two weeks when the circuses are engaged, first in Cleveland from the 18th – 21st with the Republican National Convention and then in Philadelphia from the 25th – 28th with the Democratic National Convention.

This week might be a good week to focus on our own creative energies, our own particular talents, our own specific re-creational activities before we are exposed to too much hot air and not just the atmospheric temperatures.

This week begins with us likely to feel an itch under our skin. We might want to do something out of the ordinary, explore the possibilities. Travel plans could go slightly awry, and we need to be wary of any computer glitches that could cause disruptions or lost data in transmission. The start of the week calls for us to back up and confirm in order to be certain that nothing falls between the cracks or gets lost in translation.

The mid-part of the week can give us a jolt of energy. We might far prefer to be doing our own thing, but we could also experience unexpected situations or outstanding matters getting in our way. Nonetheless, we may embrace the sentiment ‘ain’t no stopping us now’.

No matter what our plans might be, we are likely to be looking to put our own personal imprint on whatever we engage.

The latter part of the week can be especially pleasant, for we could be stretching our wings and expanding our interests and activities. Whether we get away physically or stay put where we are, our perspective broadens and we take into account matters that we might not have considered earlier. We may be feeling at the top of our game towards the end of the week. The one caveat for us at the end of the week and over the weekend is to avoid us becoming legends in our own mind.

Overconfidence and irrational exuberance could lay the path of illusions and delusion. The weekend can have us in high gear but liable to miss the signals. We might be so caught up in our own thing, listening only to our own voice and unreceptive to input that we might easily trip up, take on too much or wind up going on wrong trajectories. Let’s rein ourselves in, plan our movements over the weekend and not get carried away by the energies ratcheting up.

The end of the weekend can have us looking to take a time out, do something completely different from our normal activities and engage new aspects of ourselves.

Monday, July 11th – What It Is, What It Isn’t – Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Sun, Mercury, Uranus. We may have our schedule well planned out as we start this week, but curveballs of unexpected situations and miscommunications could knock us for a loop. Monday starts with the Libra Moon sextile Saturn and the Moon triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Libra Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon squares the Sun in Cancer. Other people may be calling the shots and stepping on our toes. This is one of those days when we are not only flummoxed by the saying ‘if you want to make god laugh, tell god your plans’. Not only can the universe step in the way of our intentions, someone might require us to put our own interests on hold to take care of their demands or needs. Unfortunately, we also have Mercury square Uranus today, so communications can be anything but clear. There can be misunderstandings, miscommunications and a liability to head off in the wrong direction. The Mercury square Uranus is my least favorite aspect for travel and especially air travel. Things can take longer than we like with unexpected situations cropping up and frustrating our movements. We can experience computer glitches, so it would be wise to back up. [On a personal note, I have recently found certain information and files on my computer being inexplicably deleted without any action on my part. Automatic spell check changes our intended words. Welcome to the era of artificial intelligence and the impact of ‘Hal’ from 2001: A Space Odyssey].

Tuesday, July 12th – Twist and Turn – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Venus Leo. Yesterday we had Mercury square Uranus to start the week on a tripped up and tripping sort of day. Whether we got bowled over by unexpected situations or not, this Tuesday asks us to try and surf the waves once again. The Mercury Uranus square is re-engaged today due to the Libra Moon triggering another day of a Cardinal Sign T-Square, this time with Mercury and Uranus as the Libra Moon opposes Uranus in Aries and the Moon squares Mercury in Cancer. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost six hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before the Moon enters Scorpio late in the day, when the Scorpio Moon squares Venus which today has exited Cancer to enter Leo. Home and family matters may give us cause for concern and demand our attention. We might question whether we have the resources to do what we feel needs to get done. This Tuesday calls for us to count to ten before any response and to avoid feeling put upon by circumstance or by someone. With Monday and Tuesday liable to throw us curve balls we might need the patience of a saint. Failing our being patient, we might become obstreperous and create difficulties in our interactions with other people. With Venus entering Leo, we now have a Fire Grand Trine operational through the third week of August as the personal planets of Venus, Mercury and the Sun transit Leo and trine Saturn in Sagittarius and trine Uranus in Aries. Let the games begin!

Wednesday, July 13th – The Mighty Me – Neptune, Mercury Leo. Wednesday has the Scorpio Moon trine Neptune and Mercury exiting Cancer to enter Leo, thereby reinforcing the Fire Grand Trine. We could easily deceive ourselves into believing whatever we wish to see as our reality. There can be a secretive quality to this day, so we may have to draw upon our intuitive faculties to delve below the surface and become aware of what is really going on. People may feel their creative juices flowing, might want to engage recreational activities or find outlets for their creative self-expression. We do have to watch that we don’t make everything and anything about the mighty ME. We can draw upon our talents, be incredibly dramatic but it would be wise that we be a receptive listener and not merely pontificating our ideas as if solely directed to us from on high. Now is a time for fun activities and feeling good about ourselves but also realizing that we live in society and not isolated in our own personal world. We might want some quiet respites today to meditate or reflect or reinvigorate ourselves.

Thursday, July 14th – Adept with the Fine Points – Pluto, Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course. Thursday can be a highly productive day, a day when we can prioritize our time and concentrate on the minutiae that complete the whole. The Scorpio Moon sextiles Pluto in Capricorn, the Moon sextiles Jupiter in Virgo, the Moon trines the Sun in Cancer and the Moon conjuncts Mars. Late in the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost eleven hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before the Moon enters Sagittarius early Friday morning. We can be adept and focused today, highly expeditious in what we are doing and utilizing our resources at their optimum. We can accomplish a great deal today, but there may be a tendency early in the day to close off to any external stimuli in order for us to devote our attention to cleaning things up, clearing things out, and dealing with specific issues that we wish to complete before the weekend, and a weekend we might look to start late today or during the day tomorrow. We could virtually move mountains today, perhaps not literally but certainly figuratively.

Friday, July 15th – Out of Here – Mercury, Venus. The Moon moves into Sagittarius early on Friday and the Moon today trines Mercury and Venus both in Leo. This is a day when we are looking at walking on the sunny side of the street. We are not interested in any downers. We only want the upbeat, the spirit and to put FUN in capital letters on this summer Friday. We might choose to get out of Dodge today or else focus on our creative projects. We don’t want to be tied down by our mundane affairs, and it was suggested that we use yesterday’s energies to clear the decks in order for us to be able to ‘play’ on this Friday, no matter what our definition of play might be. This is a day to recharge our batteries, reinvigorate ourselves and stretch our wings. We are likely to be feeling good about whatever we might have planned as long as our plans incorporate having a good time. Even if we stay around our home base, our thoughts are likely to be elsewhere with the emphasis on enjoying ourselves. We are living for the weekend and starting it early on this Friday.

Saturday, July 16th – Beyond Expectations – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Sun, Uranus, Mercury, Venus, Mars. Saturday ramps up the energy with a few bumps in the road. The Sagittarius Moon triggers a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon conjunct Saturn, the Moon square Neptune in Pisces and the Moon square Jupiter in Virgo. The Sun squares Uranus and later in the day the Sun trines Mars. Mercury conjuncts Venus. We may have certain plans for this day, but we might wake up feeling our plans to be more obligatory than what we might prefer to do. We could have even committed to certain things that we had forgotten about until we’re reminded of them today. Saturday can have us all over the place, doing this, doing that, some of which may prove frustrating or exhausting. We could feel as though our life is not our own. But let’s leave any resentment behind, for as the day progresses we may get something of a second wind, find an audience that appreciates and even adulates us. We just have to be certain not to wear ourselves out early in the day since the end of the day can offer us some good times with someone special, or the significant people, in our lives.

Sunday, July 17th – Taking Our Leave – Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. Sunday begins the day with the Sagittarius Moon trine Uranus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for ten and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before the Moon enters Capricorn later on Sunday. This Sunday could prove a ‘time out’ kind of day, a day when we decide just to do whatever catches our fancy, no matter whether we have a ‘to do’ list or not. We want to enjoy ourselves and this Sunday bookends with Friday two days when things can go swimmingly well, and we can have a good time without the same of exertion or intensity we might have experienced on Saturday. If we did the dance yesterday with those people we were supposed to do the dance with sometime over the weekend, then this Sunday could allow us free space and free time to do whatever and participate in re-creational pursuits.